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ám, still 'I mnày bè yoúr friend, and that per háps when you least expéct ít.“

We were now prevented from fúrther con versàtion, by the arrival of the gaoler's servang whó cảme to call òver the prisoners námes, ám lóck up for the night. A féllow also, with bundle of straw fór my bed atténted, who led me along à dárk nárrow passage into à room paved like the cominon prílon, and in óng corner of this 'I spread my bed, and the clờaths given me bý mỳ féllow prisoner; whích dóne, iný conductor, who was cívil enough, både me à good night. 'After iný usual meditations, and hắving praised mỳ heavenly corréctor, I làid myself down and slept with the utmost tranquillity till mórning.

mny familie gloom and daunteduring the

CHÁ P. XXVI. 'A reformation in the giol. To make laws com

plète, théy should reward as well as púnish. The next morning early 'I was awakened by my family, whóm 'I found in tèars át mỹ béd side. The gloomy strength of every thing about ús, ít seems, hád dáunted them. I gently rebùked their sórrow, alluring thém 'T hád never slept with greater tranquility, and next enquired after my eldest daughter, who was not among them. They inforned me that yetterday's uneasiness and fatigue hád increased her féver, and it was judged proper to leave her behind. My next care was to send mỳ són tó procùre à room or twó tò lódge the family in, ás near thé príson ás conveniently could be found. Hè obeyed; but could only find one

{itle brétbecse prepared chlught aver previous

pártment, which was hired át a small expence, fór hís móther and sisters, thé gàoler with humánity consenting tó lét hímn and his two ittle brothers lìe in the prison with me. A béd was therefore prepared for them in a corner If the room, whích 'I thought answered very onveniently. 'I was willing however prèviously o know whether my little children chose to je in a place whích seemed to fright thém pón entrance. Ī „Well,“ cried 'I, „good boys, how do jou like your béd ? 'I hope you are not afraid to lìe in this room, dárk'ás ít appears." 1,Nò, l'apá,“ says Díck, „I am not afraid, o lie ány where you are."

„And 'I,“ sáys Eíll, who was yét bút four years òld, „love every place best that my Papá is ín.“

'After this, 'I allotted to each of the family whát they were to do. Mỹ daughter was para fícularly directed to watch her declìning sister's héalth; my wife was to attend me; my little boys were to read to me: „And ás fór you, mỹ són,“ continued 'I, ,,it is by the labour of your hands, we must all hope to be supported, Your wages, ás à dày • làbourer, will be fúll ufficient, with proper frugálity, tò maintain ús dl, ánd comfortably too. Thóu árt now sixteen cars old, and hást strength, and it was given hèe, iný són, fór very useful purposes; fór ít núst sàve fróm fámine your helpless parents nd family. Prepare then this èyening to look jut fór work against to inórrow, and bring lòme every night whát, móney you earn, fór jur support.“ _Háving thús instructed hím, and settled the ést, 'I walked down to the common prison,

where 'I could enjoy more air and room. Bú 'I was not lóng there whén thé execràtions lewdness, and brutálity that invàded mé ól évery fìde, dróve me back to my apártınen again. Here 'I fàte fór fóme time, pondering upon the strange infatuation of wretches, whi finding áll mankind in open arms against then were labouring to make themsélves à fùture and à tremendous énerny. .

Their insensibility excited my highest com pálfion, and blotted my own unealiness fróm my mind. 'It éven' appeared à dùty incumbent upón mě to attempt to reclaim thém, 'I resól, ved therefore once mòre to return, and in spite of their contempt to give thém my ad vice, and conquer thém bý perseverance. Going therefore among them again, 'I informed Mi Jenkinfon of my defign, át whích hè laughed heártily, bút communicated it to the rest. The proposal was received with the greatest good hùmour, ás ít promised to afford à new fúnd of entertainment to persons whó hád now nà other resource fór mírth, bút what could be derived from ridicule ór' debauchery.

'I therefore réad thém à portion of the sérvice ) with à loud unaffected 'voice, and found my audience perfectly merry upon the occasion. Lewd whispers, groans of contrition burlesqued, wínking and coughing, alternately excited laughter. However, I continued with mỳ natural Tolemnity to read on, fenible that

fpite of efore once more claim them.

e) Aus dem common - prayer- book, X einem Buche, in

welchem alle Sprüche, Kollekten, Gebeté ; Episteli, Evangelien, Psalmen, und alles das steht, was beint Gottesdienste gelesen und gebetet wird, und nicht sit 01 dentlichen und eigentlichen Bibellektion gehört..

whát 'I did might aménd sóme, but could it. félf receive no contamination from any. I 'After reading, I entered upon my exhor. tàtion, which was rather calculated áť first tó amuse thém thán tó reprove. 'I previously ob. terved, thát nò óther mòtive but their welfare could indùce me to thís; that I was their fellow prisoner, and nów gót nóthing by preaching. 'I was Córry ,- 'I said, tó hear then 0 very prophine; because they got nothing by ít, bút might lose à great deal: „Fór bě allùred,“ inỳ friends, cried 'I, „, fór you are mỹ friends, however the world may disclaim your friendship, though you swóre twélve thoutand baths in a dày, it would not put one pénny in yoúr púrse. Then whát signifies cál. ing every mòment upon the devil, and courting his friendship, since you find hów (cúr. Tily hè ùles you. He has given yoú nóthing here, you find, hút à móuthful of oaths and in empty bélly; and by the best acóunts 'I have of him, he will give you nothing that's good hereafter." ., „If ùled all in our dealings with óne mán, We naturally go elfewhere. Were ít not worth, pour while P) thén, júst to try how you may ike thé usage of another máster, whó gives you fáir promises át least to come to him. sürely, my friends, óf áll stupidity in the world, hís múst be greatest, whó, áfter róba ling, án hóuse, rúns to the thief - takers fór protection. And yét hów are you more wise? fou áre, áll seeking comfort from one that has wready betrayed you, applying to a mòre ma

P) were it not worth your while, sollte es sich niclat

der Mühe verlohnen ?

lícious being than any thief - tåker of them áll; fór they only decoỳ, and then háng you bút hè decoùs and hangs, and what is wird of all, will not let you loose after the háng man hás dóne.“ i

When 'I had conclìded, 'I received the compliments of my audience, some of whóm cime and shook me by the hand, swearing thát 'I was à véry hónelt féllow, and that they desired my further acquaintance. 'I therefore promised to repeat my lecture next day, and actually conceived some hòpes of making reformation here; fór ít had ever been my opinion, thát nò inán wás pást the hour of amendment, dévery heart lying open to the Tháfts of reproof, if the archer could bút take à próper aimn. When 'I had thús játisfied my mind, 'I went back to iný apartment, whére my wife prepared à frugal inèal, while Mr. Jenkinson bégged leave to add hís dínner to burs, and partake of the pleasure, ás he was kind enough to express ít, óf my conversation. He had not yet fèen my family, fór as they came to my apartment hý à door in the nárrow pássage, already described, by this means they avoided the common prison. Jenkinson at the first interview therefore seened not a little struck with the beauty of my youngelt daughter, whích hér pensive air contributed to heighten, and mỹ little ónes did not pass un. nòticed. ,

„Alás, Doctor“ cried hè, „thèse children áre too handsome and too good fór súch a place as this !"

„Whý, Mr. Jenkinson,“ replied 'I, „ thánk heaven my children are pretty tolerable


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