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1: „Whát! my friends,“ cried 'I, Jánd ís this the way you love me! 'Is thís the manner you obey the instructions 'I háve given you fróin thi púlpit! Thús to fly in the face of justice, ind bring dówn rùin on yoursélves and me! Thích is your ringleader? Shèw me thé mán hát has thús seduced you. 'As fùre as he lives hè Tháll feel iný resentment. Alás! my dear Pelùded flóck, retúrn back to the dùty you we Gód, to your country, and tó mè. 'I háll yét perhaps one day see yoů in greater felícity here, and contribute to make your ives more happy. Bút let it at leaft be my Dómfort when 'I pén my föld f) fór immortality hát nót óne here shall be wanting.

They nów seemed áll repentance, and méltIng into tears, came one after the other to bid me farewell. 'I shook each tenderly bý the hánd, and leaving thém mý blessing, proPeeded fórward without meeting any farther nterruption. Sóme hours befòre nìght wè reèachd the town, or rather village; fór ít consisted pút óf à few mean houses, háving lost all its brmer úpulence, , and retaining nổ márks of ts ancient Tuperiority bút the giol. .

. Upon entering, we put up at an inn, where ve hád lúch refreshments ás could most readily lé procùred', and 'I súpped with my family víth iný usual chéarfulness. 'After seeing thém roperly accommodated fór thát night, I next ttended the Thériff's g) officers to the prison,

f) to pen a fold, eine Heerde Schaafe in die Hürden

einschliessen. 8) Sheriff. 'In ganz England ernennt der König jährlich,

in jeder Grafschaft, Westmoreland und Middlesex ausgenòmnien, eine vornelime Gerichtsperson, welche den

whích hád fórmerly been built for the purpo ses of war, and consisted of one large *apárt. ment, strongly grated, and paved with stone, cómmon tó bòth félons and debtors at certain hours in the four and twenty. Besides this évery prisoner hád à séparate cell, where he was locked in fór the night.

I expected upon my entrance to find nòthing bút lamentations, and various sounds of inísery; bút ít was very different. The pri soners seemed all emploġed in one cóminon design, thát óf forgetting thought in mérriment ór clámour. 'I wảs h) apprized óf the usual perquisite required upon thèse occasions, and immediately complied with the demand, though the little money 'I had was very near being a exhausted. This was immediately sént awar fór líquor, and the whòle príson was soon filled with riot, laughter, and prophàneness.

„Hów,“ cried 'I to myself, ,Cháll mén só véry wicked bè chéarful, and shall 'I bè més

Namen High - Sheriff führt. Das Ansehen und die Ge walt cines solchen Mannes find grofs. Vermöge seines Antes muss er dahin sehen, dass alle Königliche Befelle und die, welche von dem Gericht der Königlichen Bank koinmen, in der Grafschaft, die unter seiner Gerichtsbarkeit steht, gehörig ausgerichtet werden. Er snufs die 7u70s bei den gerichtlichen Verhören zusammenforderu, hind alle zuerkannte, sowohl Leibes - els Lebens/trofen vollziehen lassen. Er hält auch ein eigner Gericht, darin er entweder selbst, oder sein UnterSheriff, Klagen anhoret und darüber entscheidet. Einige Städte, dalin London vorzüglich gehöret, ernennen ihre eigee ! nen Sheriffs. (S. Wendebora's Zustand u. S w.

Von Grossbritannien, zweiter Theil, S. 10.) h) Es ist in England Sitte, den Gefangenen beim Eil.

tritt ins Gefängniss etwas zullen zu lassen, 1000M sich die übrigen Gefangenen gütlich thun.

Ancholy! I fel only the same confinement with them, and 'I think 'I have mòre reason to be happy.“

With lúch reflections 'I laboured to become bhéarful; bút chéarfulness was never yét proluced bý éffort, which is itself painfal. As I was sitting therefore'ín à corner of the gåol, h à pénsive pòsture, one of my féllow príloiers cáme úp, and sitting by mè, entered into onversation. 'It was mỹ cónstant rule in life lever to avoid the conversation of any man who seemed to desire ít: fór if good, 'I might prófit by hís instrúction; if bád, he might be prísted by mìne. 'I fóund this to be a knowing mán, of trống unlettered fểnfe; but a thệ. rough knowledge of the world, ás ít is called, ór, mòre properly speaking, óf hùman nature on the wrong side. Hè álked me if I had taken care to provide myself with à béd, which was à circumstance I had never ónce attended to.

„Thát's unfórtunate," cried hè, „ás you áre allowed here nothing bút straw; and your apártment is very large and cold. Howéver you seem to be something of a gentleman, and ás 'I have been one mysélf in my time, párt of mỹ béd - clùaths are heartily át your férvice.“

'I thánked hím, profésfing iný surprize át finding súch humanity in à gaol in misfortunes; adding, to let him Tee thất I was a fcholar.

Thát the rage ancient feemed to underftáng the value of company in afflíction, whén hè laid, Ton kosmon aire, ei dos ton etairon i); and in fáct," continued 'I, „what is the world if it affòrds only fólitude ?“

1) TO'Y XOOMOV Qipɛ El SOS TOV ETOIQOV, nimiu mir die

Welt, wenn dxi mir den Freund läsfest.

„You talk of the world, Sír,“ returned mj féllow prisoner, „the world is in its dotage, and yét thë cofinógony or creation of the world has púzzled the philósophers of every age. What à inédley óf opinions have théy not broached upor the creation of thë world. Sanconiathon, Manetho Berosus, and Océllus Lucànus have all attempted it in vàin. The latter has these words, Anarchor ara kai atelulaton to pan, which implies k)." ,,'I álk párdon, Sír,“ cried 'I, „fór interrupting so múch learning; bút 'I think 'I háve heard all this before. Have 'I not had the pleasure of ónce seeing you át Wélbridge fàir, and is not your naine Ephraim Jenkinson?“ 'At thís demand he only sighed. 'I suppose you must recolléct,“ resumed 'I, óne Doctor Primrose, from whóm you bought a hórse.“

He now at once recóllécted inè; fór the gloominess of the place and the approaching night hád prevented his distinguishing my features befòre. „Yės, Sír, retúrned Mr.“ Jenkinsom, ,, 'I remember you perfectly well; 'I bought án “hórse, bút forgót tó pày, fór hím. Your neighbour Flámborough is the ónly proSecùtor 'ám ány way afraid of at the next aslices 1): fór hè intends to swear m) pófitively.

k) Siehe, oben Seite 96. 1) Allizes nennt man diejenigen Königlichen Landgerichte,

welche auf dem platten Lande von Englaud jährlich zweimal, in der Fastenzeit und im Sommer ( daher lent und summer assizes), von den zwölf Königlichen Richtern in den Distrikten, welche sie unter fich vertheilt haben, gehalten werden. In London und Midd. lesex finden diere Criminalgerichte alle sechs Wochen


m) Die Klage wird nämlich nicht eher als gültig angenom

men, bevor der Kläger dieselbe nicht beschworen hat.

against me as à coiner n). 'I am heartily fórry, Sír, 'I ever deceived you, ór indeed any .mán fór you see, ci continued hè, Thòwing his sháckles, whát mị trícks have brought me to.“

„Well, Sír,“ replied 'I, „your kindness in Sffering mè allístance, when you could expect to return, shall be repaid with mỳ endeavours

sóften ór totally suppress M'r. Flámborough’s vidence, and 'I will send mỹ són tó hím fór hát púrpose the first opportùnity; ņór dó 'I in hé lèast doubt bút he will comply with my request, and ás to my own évidence, you need bé únder nò uneasiness about that." 1. „Well, Sír,cried hè, ,all the return 'I cán màke shall be yours. You shall have more thán hálf my béd. cloaths tó night, and I'll take care to stand your friend in thė príson; whére 'I think 'I háve some influence.“ ! 'I thánked him, and could not avoid being urprised at the présent youthful change in his Alpect; fór at the time I had seen híin befòre lè appeared at least sixty. – „Sír,“ answered lė, you are little acquainted with thė world; ! hád át that time false hàir; and have learnt bė árt óf counterfeiting every age from seveneen tó féventy. 'Ah, Sír, hád I bút bestowed sálf the pains ín learning à trade, that 'I have n learning to be à scoundrel, I might have | been a rích mán át this day. Bút rògue as

n) Nirgends, versichert Wendeborn, giebt es mehr falsche Münzer, als in England. Es vergeht fast keine Sechswöchentliche Exekution zu Tyburn, dabei nicht falsche Münzer sich unter den hinzurichtenden Mise. thätern befinden sollten. Derselbe Schriftsteller meint, dass der grösste Theil der in England gagigbaren Silberund Kupfermänze nachgemacht sey.

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