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madam," cried her mother, ,, this is but i poor place you are come to after £6 muci Finery. My daughter Sophy and 'I can afford but Ktle entertainment to perfons who hart kept company only with people 6f diftinctioi Yes, mifs Livy, your poor father and 'I han fullered very much of late; biit 'I hope hea?ea will forgive yeii." — During this reception, the unhappy victim ftood pale and trembling unable to weep 6r to repty; but 'I could nil continue a Tilent fpectator of her diftrefs, wheie fore affuming a degree 6f feverity in my voia and manner, which was ever f611owed wltl jnftant fubmiffion , „'I entreat, woman, that my words may be now marked once for aft 'I have here brought you bach a poor deluded wanderer; her return to duty demands tM revival 6f 6ur tendernefs. The real hardfbips of life are now coming faft up6n us, let »' not therefore encreafe them by diffention among each other. 'If we live harmonioufly together, we may yet be contented, as there are enough of vis to fhut 6ut the cenfuring world, W keep each other in c6untenance. The kindneS 6f heaven is promifed to the peniterit, and 1& ours be directed hf the" example. Heaven, are affured , is much more pleafed to view I repentant finner, than ninety nine perfons wW have fupported a courfe of undeviating rectitude. 'And this is Tight; f6r that fingle effort by which we ftop fhort in .the down - hill path to perdition, is jtfelf a greater exertion 6f virtue, than a hundred acts of juftice."


,'one but the guilty can be long and completely miferable.

36rae afffduity was now required to mike our >refent abode as convenient as poffible, andre were foon again qualified to enioy our forf^ tier ferenity. Being difabled myfelf from iXfiftftil* - my fon in our ufual occupations, "I •ead to my family from the few books that vere faved,, and particularly from fuch-, as, l-y/ amufing the imagination , contributed to eafe he heart. 'Our good neighbours too came jvery day with the kindeft condolence, and "ixed a- time in which they were all to affift at repairing my former dwelling. Honeft farmer Williams was n'it lift among thefe vifitors; but heartily offered his friendfhip. He would even have renewed his addreffes to my daughter; biH fhe rejected them in fuch a manner as totally repreft his future folicitations. Her grief fp.emed formed for continuing, and fhe was the only perfon of our little foeiety that a week did not reftore to chearfiilneis. She now loft that unblufhing u) innocence; which 6nce taught her to refpect herfelf, and to feek pleafure by^ pleafing. Anxiety now had taken ftrong poffefiion of her mind, her beautj hegan to be impaired with her confutation, and neglect ftill more contributed to diminifh it. 'Every tender epithet beftowed on her filter brought a pang to her heart and a tear to her eye; and as one vice, thuugh cured, ever plants

u) unblufhing, mibefangen, friimiithig.

others where it has been, fo her former gulM though driven out by repentance, left jealoul and envy behind. 'I ftrove a thoufand wal to leffen her care, and even forg6t my oil pain in a concern for her's, collecting ful amiifing paffages of hiftory, as a. ftrong memo] and fome reading could fuggeft. ,,'Our hipJ nefs, my dear," 1 would fay, „is in the powej <jf one' who can bring it about a thoufand forefeen ways, that mock our forefight. exAmples be neceffary to prove this, TH*{_ you a ftory, my child, told us by a grave, though a romancing, hiftorian." „Matilda was married very young to a Neaolhan nobleinann 6f the flrft quality, and und herfelf a widow and a mother, at the age of fifteen; 'As fhe ftood one day careffin' her infant fAn in the open window of an apartment, which hung over the river Volturna *h the child, with a hidden fprin'g, leaped from her arms into .the flood below, and difappeared in a moment. The mother, ftriick with inftant furpi lze, and making an effort to five him,* plunged in after; but, far from being able to afflft the infant, fhe herfelf with great difficulty efcaped to the oppolite fhore, jnfi when fome French foldiers were plundering the country on that fide, who immediate])' made her their prifoner.'

,,'As the war was then carried on between the French and Italians with the utmoft inhumanity, they were going at once to perpetrate thofe two extremes, fuggefted by appetite and

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x) Volturna, Voltorno, ein Flufi im tJeapoUtanifchm, welcher aus Aen Apenninen kommt, und fich in &m Golfo di Gaeta ergiefst.

rnelty. This bale rcfolution, however, was Bpufecl by a young officer, who, though leir retreat required the utmoft expedition, jaced her behind him, and brought her in fety to his native city. Her beauty at firft tight his eye, her merit foon after his heart, tey were married; he rofe to the higheft Its; they lived long together, and were ppv. — But th^ felicity of a foldier can never callW. permanent: after an interval 6f fever fl years: the troops which he commanded Wing met with a repiilfe, he was obliged to ie fhelter in the city where he had lived ith his wife. Here they fuffered a fiege, and ie city at length was taken. Few hiftories jn produce more various inftances of cruelty, San thofe which the French and Italians at ■ time exercifed upon each other. 'It was efolved by the victors, upon this occafion; to ft all the French prifoners to death; but parEularly the hufband 6f the unfortunate Matilda, !'he was principally inftrumental in protracting ie fiege. Their determinations were, in genetl, executed almoft as foon as refolved upon. Ie captive foldier was led forth, and the secutioner, with his fword, flood ready, hile the fpectators in gloomy filence awaited ie fatal blow, which was only fufpended till ie general, who prePided as judge, fhould ve the fignal. 'It was in this interval of anlifh and expectation, that Matilda came .toke her laft farewell of her hrfband and deliver, deploring her wretched fituation, and e cruelty 6f fate, that had faved her from •rifhing by a. premature death in the river olturna, to be the fpectatcr 6f ftill greater ilamities. The general, who was a yoiing man, was ftruck with furprize at her beaut and pity at her diftrefs; but with ftill facing emotions when he heard her mention her f irier dangers. He was her fon, the infs for whom fhe had encountered fo much dang He acknowledged her at once as his m<'th| -and fell at her feet. The reft may be eat fuppofed: the captive was fet free, and the happinefs that love, friendfhip, and d£ could confer on each, were united." *

'In this manner 1 would attempt to ami m^r daughter; but file liftened with div'ioj attention; for her own misfortunes engri'O all the pity fhe once had f6r thofe of anothj and n6thing gave her eafe. 'In company 1 dreaded contempt; and in f/ilitude fhe oi found anxiety. Such was the colour of 1 wretchednefs, when we received certain inS mation, that M'r. Thornhill was going to I married to Mifs Wilmot, for whom 1 al«| fufpected he had a real paffion, though heM every opportunity before me to exprefs M contempt both of her perfon and fortune. 11 news only ferved to encreafe poor Olivia',; J fiiction: filch a flagrant breach of fidelity, A more thin her courage could fupport. 'I A refolved, however, to get more certain inff mation, and to defeat, if poffible, the c<^ pl^tion of his defigns, bf fending my f"" 1 old M'r. Wllmot's, with inftrtictions to knoj the truth of the report, and to deliver W Wilmot a letter, intimating M'r. Thornhiii c6nduct in my family. Mf fon went, in ^ Xuance of my/ directions, and in three ik] returned, affuring ii$ of the truth of the »c 66unt; but that he had found it impoflible' deliver the letter, which he was therefore »»

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