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propofal was almoft madnefs. 'I deflred to aart. 'As 'I was going he offered me a piirfe; )iit 'I flung it at him with indignation, and jurft fr6m him in a rage, that for a while s.ept me infenlible of the ihiferies of my iitua:ion. Biit lI f6on looked round me, "and law myfelf a vile, abject, guilty thing, without one riend in the world to apply to. Jiift in that nterval, a ftage - coach r) happening to pais by, [ took a place, it being my only aim to be Iriven at a diftance from a wretch 'I defpifed ind detefted. 'I was fet clown here, where, ."ince my arrival, my own anxiety, and this ivoman's unkiiulnefs, have been my only comaahions. The hours 6i pleafure that I have palled with my IViainma and lifter, now grow painful to we. Their forrows are much; but niue is greater than theirs; for mine are mixed ,-vith guilt and in:amy."

„Have patience, my child," cried 'I, „and 1 hope things will yet be better. Take fome repcife to-night, and to - mirrow Til carry you borne to your mother and the reft of the famiy, from whom, you will receive a kind reception. Poor woman , this has gone to her heart: but fhe loves you ftill, Olivia, and will 'orget it."

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Offences &re pardoned where thSre is i at, bottom.

The next morning 'I took mf daughter bell me, and fet out on my return home. 'As travelled al'ng, 'I ftiove,' by every perfuaf to calm her f'rrowS and fears, and tA; her with refolution to bear the prefence 6f I offended mother. 1 took every opportun from the profpect 6f a fine country, thro which we paffed, to obferve how much kin heaven was to us, than we to each other, i that the misfortunes 6f nature's making w very few. 'I affured her, that fhe fhould ne perceive any change in nrjr affections, and t during mf life, which yet might be long^jl might depend up6n a guardian and an! I ftructor. 'I armed her againft the cenfures the world, fhowed her that books were fw unreproaching companions tA the miferable, a that if they could not bring us to enjo^ E they would at leaft teach us to endure it. 1 The hired horfe that we rode was tA' put up that night at an inn bf the way,, n hin about five miles from my- houfe, and is was willing to prepare m^r family for i daughter's reception, 'I determined tA lea I her that night at the inn, and to return ] I her , , acc6mpanied bty mfy daughter Soph I early the next morning. 'It was night bei? I we reached 6ur appointed ftage; howefl I after feeing her provided with a decent apii I ment, and having 6rdered the hoftefs tA g pare proper refrefhm.en.ts, 'I kiffed her, TM


sroceeded towards home. ' 'And now m^r heirt 3aught new fenfations of pleafure the nearer I approached that peaceful mdnfion. 'As a >ird that had been frighted from its neft, iny/ affections outwent mjr hafte, and hovered v'und tny little firehde, with all the rapture of expectation. 'I called tip the many fond things I had to fay, and anticipated the welcome "I ix'as to receive. "I already felt my wife's tender embrace, and fouled at the joy of my little ones. 'As'I walked but flowly, the night cvained apace. The labourers of the day were ill retired to reft; the lights were out in every cottage; no founds were heard but of the LhrfJling cock, and the deep - mouthed watchdog., at hollow d'ftance. VI approached my little abode of pleafure, and before 1 was within a Furlong of the place, our h>'neft maftitf came running to welcome me.

'It was now near mid - night that 'I came to knock at my door: all was frill and filent: my heart dilated with unutterable happinefs, when, to my amazement, 'I faw the houfe bnrfring out In a blaze of lire, and every aperture red with conflagration! 'I gave a loud conviilfive outcry, and fell upon the pavement infetifibhj. Tiiis alarmed my fon, who had till this been afleep, and he perceiving the flames, inftantly waked, my wile and daughter, and all running out, naked, and wild with apprehenfion, recalled me to life with their anguifh. But it was only to objects of new terror; for the flames had, by this time, caught the roof of our dwelling, part after part continuing to fall in, while the family ftood, with filent agony, looking on, as if they enjoyed the blaze. 'I g ized upon them, and up6n it by turns, and then looked round

me for my' two little ones; hut they Were not to be feen. 'O mifery! „Where, cried % where Are mf little ones?" — „They are burnt to death in the flames,'' fays my wife calmly, „and 'I will die with them." — That moment 'I heard the cry 6f the babes within, who were juft awaked the Fire, and nothing could have ftopped me. „Where, where, are nrjr children?" cried 'I, riifhing through the flames, and burfting the door of the chamber in which they were confined. „ Where are my little 6nes?" — „Here, dear Papa, here we are," cried they together, while the flames were juft catching the bed where they lay. "I caught them both in my arms, and matched them through the Fire as faft as p6f(ible., while juft as "I was got out, the roof funk in. „N6w," cried I, h61ding up my children, „now let the flames burn on, and all my poffeffions perifh. Hers they are, 'I have faved my treafure. Here, my deareft, here are our treafures, and we fhall yet be happy." We tiffed our little darlings a thoufand times, they clafped us round the necl<, • and feemed to fhare our transports, while their mother laughed and wept by turns.

"I now ftood a calm fpectator of the flames, and after fome time, began to perceive that mjr arm to the fhoulder was fcorched in a terrible manner. 'It was therefore out of mf power to' give my fon any affiftauce, either in attempting to five 6ur goods, 6r preventing the flames fpreading to our corn. By this time, the neighbours were alarmed, and came running to our affiftance; but all they could do was to hand, like us, fpectators of the calamity. My goods, among which were the notes 'I had referred for my daughters fortune, were entirely conmned, except a box, with Come papers, that fiood In the kitchen, and two or three things pore of little confequence, which nrjr C6n fought away In the beginning. The neighlurs contributed, howewer, what they could to shten uur diftrefs. They brought us cloaths, Id furnifhed one of our out- houfes s) with Stchin- utenfils; Co that by day - light we had Mother, though a wretched, dwelling to retire iVly honeft next neighbour, and his chll|fen, Vere not the leaft affiduous In providing I with every thing neceffary, and offering patever coni'olation untutored t) benevolence fldfuggeft.

j When the fears of my family had fubfided, wiofay to Know the caufe of my long ftay |gan to take place; having therefore informed Jhh of every particular,. 'I proceeded to preve them for the reception of our 16ft one, id though we had nothing but wretchednefs w to impart, 'I was willing to procure her

welcome to what we had. This tafk would *ve been more difficult but for our recent canity, which had humbled my wife's pride, W plunted It by more poignant afflictions. ;ing unable to go for my poor child myfelf,

my arm grew very painful, 'I fent my fon H daughter, who Coon returned, fupporting e wretqlied delinquent, who had not the courp to look .Hp at her mother, whom no inactions of "mine could perfuade to a per fee conciliation; for women have a much ftrongfenfe of female error .than men. »Ah>

) outhoure, Nebengebande. ) untutored, migekiinftelt.

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