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i make a paufe In the general fatisfaction. "lie butler, who was now become my friend I the family, informed me with a whisper, rat the 'Squire had already made fome overires to Mifs Wllmot, and that her aunt and ncle feemed highly to approve the 'match. Jpon M'r. Thornhill's entering, he feemed, t feeing nry fon and me, to flirt back; - but L readily imputed that to furpiV/.e, and not lifpleafure. However, upon our advancing o Talute him, he returned our gr^eding with he inoft apparent candour; and ,'ifter a fh'rt lme his prefence ferved only to encreafe the general good humour.

'After tea he called me afide, to enquire ifter my daughter; but upon my informing him hat my enquiry was unfuccefsful, he feemed greatly furprized; adding, that he had been .'Ince frequently-at my houfe, In order to comfort the reft of my family, whom he left perfectly well. He then afked If "I had commvinic*ted her misiortune to Mifs Wllmot, or my fon; and upon my replying that 'I had not told them as yet, he greatly approved my prudence and precaution, dePiring me by all means to keep it a fecret: ,,F6r at beft," cried he, „It is but diviilging one's own infamy; and perhaps Mifs LIvy may n6t be fo guilty as we all imagine," We were here interrupted by a fervant, who came to &fk the 'Squire In, to ftand up at country dances; fo that he left me quite pleafed with the Intereft he feemed to take in my concerns. His addrefes, however, to Mifs Wllmot, were too obvious to be miftaken: and yet fhe feemed n6t perfectly pleafed, but bore them rather In compliance to the will of her aunt, than from real inclination. 'I had even the fatisfaction to fee her lavifh fome Kind looks upon m$r unf6rtunate I6n , which the other could neither extort by his fortune nor affiduity. M'r. Thornhill's Teeming compofure, however, not a little furprifed me: we had now continued here a week, at the preffing Inftances of M'r. 'Arnold; but each day the more tendernefs Mifs Wilmot fhewed my fon,' M'r. Thornhill's friendfhip feemed proportion ably to encreafe for him.

He had formerly made us the moft kind affurances of ufing his Intereft to ferve the family; but now his generality was not confined to piomifes alone: the morning "I deflgned for nry departure, M'r. Th6rnhill came to me with looks 61 real pleafure to inform me of i piece 6f fervice he had done for his friend, George. This was nothing lefs than his having procured him an enfign's comtmffion in one of the regiments that was going to the Weft 'Indies, for which he had promifed but one hundred pounds, his Intereft having been fufficifent to get an abatement of the other two h). ,,'As for this trifling piece 6f fervice," continued the young gentleman, defire no other re

ward but the pleafure 6f having ferved m\f friend; and as for the hundred pounds to be paid, if you are unable to raife It yourfelves, 'I will advance It, and you fhall repay me at vour leifure." This was a favour we wanted words to exprefs our fenfe 6f: 1 readily therefore gave my bond for the money, and testified as much gratitude as If lI never intended to pay.

h) Noch jetzt wtrAen die meiften Ojfizitrftellen in itr Englifchen Armee verkmft.

George was to depart for town the next ay to feciire his commiffion, in pnrfuance of is generous patron's directions, who judged : highly expedient to life difjpatch left in the lean time an6ther fhould ftep in with more dvantageous propofals. The next m6rning, herefore, our young foldier was early preared lor his departure, and Xeemed the only erfon aiming us that was not affected by it. leither the fatigues and dangers he was going :> encounter, nor the friends and miftrefs, for Hfs Wilmot actually ]6ved him, he was leaving . •ehind, any way damped his fpi'rits. 'After le had taken leave of the reft of the company, I gave him nil 'I had, my bleffing. ,,'And , low, my boy," cried 'I, „thou art going to lght. for thy country, remember how thy brave [randfather fought 16r his facred king, when o-^alty am'ng Britons was a virtue. Go, nvjr >o^r, and imitate him In 411 but his misfor:unes, if It was a misfortune to die with Lord Falkland i)< Go, my bo^, and If you Tall, though diftant, expofed and unwept bty thofe that love you, the moft precious tears are thofe with which heaven bedews the unburied head 6f a foldier."

i) Luciii9 Cary Vicomte von Falkland, gebtren itio *» Burford in Oxfordfhire, Staatsfekretair von England, wnrde in dun bkrgcrlichen Vnrnhen im Trefftn bei Newbury am i+Jien September 16$$ im 33ften Jahrt feines Alters erfihojfen, indent er fich frtituillig in'c crfte Clied des Byronifihen Regiments geftellt, Wj« die Sache ftines Konigt (Karls I.) ** verfechten. Er ftarb, fagt der Gefeluchtfchreiber Clarendon von ihm, mit der Unfchuld der linen, welche den friihern Jahren, unfers Lebem eigen ift, fo wit mit den Eivfichtcn nnd Erfahrungen, welche gewbhnlich nur die Frttcht det rtifirn Alters find.

The next morning "I took leave of the good family, that had .been kind enough to entertain me £6 long, not without feveral exprelfions 6f gratitude to M'r. Thornhill for his late bounty. 'I left them in the enjoyment 6f all that happinefs which affluence and good lire* ding procure, and returned towards home, defpairing of ever Finding my daughter more, but fending a figh to heaven to fpAre and to forgive her. VI was now come within alv'mt twenty miles of home, having hired an horfe to carry me, as 'I wis yet but weak, and comforted myfelf with the hopes of foon feeing all 'I held deareft upon earth. But the night coming 6n, 'I put up at a little public-houfe by the road, and afked for the landlord's company over a pint of wine. We fate befide his kitchen fire, which was the beft room in the- h6ufej and chatted 6n politics and tie news 6f the country. We happened, among 6ther tipics, to talk of young 'Squire Thornhill , who the hoft affiired me was hated as much as his uncle Sir William, who fametimes came down to the country, was loved. He went on to obferve, that he made it his whole ftudy to betray the daughters of fiich as received him t6 their houfes, and after a fortnight or three weeks poffefiion, turned them 6ut unrewarded and abandoned to the world. 'As we continued our difcourfe in this manner, his wife, who had been 6ut to get changel returned, and perceiving that her hiifband was enjoying a pleafure in which fhe was not a Xharer, fhe afked hhn, in an angry tone, what he did there, to which he only replied in an ir6nical way, by drinking her health. „M'r. Symmonds," cried fhe, „you ufe mc ery ill, and Til bear it no linger. Here hree parts 6f the biifinefs is left for me to do, nd the fourth left unfinifhed; while you do othing but foak with the guefts all day long, whereas if a fpcionful of liquor were to cure oe of a fever, "I never touch a drop." 'I now ound what fhe would be at, and immediately lovtred her o'ut a glafs , which fhe received Pith a cou'rtefy, and drinking towards my good Lea 1th, «Slr," relumed fhe, „it is n6t fo nuch for thi Value Af the liquor 1 am angry, iut one cannot help it, . when the houfe is I'jing out of the windows k). 'If the ctiftomers ir ''•guefts are to be dunned, all the burthen ies upon my bid;, he'd-as lief eat that glafs s budge after them himfelf. There now above lairs,""we have a young woman who has come o take up her lodgings here, and 'I don't lelieve fhe has got any money by her over fivility. 'I am certain fhe is Very flow of payrient, and 'I wifh fhe were put in mind of ft.4* „What figmfies minding her, cried

the hoft, ,,if fhe be flow, fhe is fure." — „'I don't know that," replied the wife; „but 'I know that 1 am litre fhe has been here a fortnight, and we have not yet feen the crofs'l) of her money." — „'I fuppofe, . my dear," cried he, „we fhall have it all in a lump." —

k) the houfe is going out of the windows, es geht drunter und driver.

1) the crofs of her money. Ob fich viilUicht auf tint, gen Evglifchen Aliiiizen die Oeftalt eines Kreuzes befindet oder fon/t befunden haben mag? Dann liefie Jich damns audi die im zehnten Kafitel S. 7;. 1-orkom* mende Redeniart: to crofs the hand With filver, befl'tr trklare*. Man konnte the crofs of her money atlenfatlt nberfetzen: das Geprtige thru Celdes.

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