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"ecretary. 'I kne.v in m^ own heart that the ellow lied, and yet his prAmife gave me plea'uve, there was 6'inething fo magnificent in he f/mnd. 'I fairly, therefore, divided m$ ialf guinea fee hilf of which went to be adJed to his thirty thonfand pounds, and with hte father hUf 1 refolvfed to go to the next ivern, to" be there more hippy than he\"

,,'As 1 Wps g'v>ing out with that refoliition, I Was met at the door 1)-^ the captain 6f a fhip, vith whom I hid formerly fome little acquaint ance, and he agreed to be my companion over i howl punch. 'As VI never chofe to make i fecret of my circumftances, he affured mi hat 'I was upon the very point 61 ruin, in Iftening t6 the office-keeper's q) promifes: for hrit he only defigned to fell me to the plawations. But, continued he, 1 fancy you aiight, by a much fhorter voyage, be very •alily put into a genteel way 61 bread. Take tnf advice. My fhip fails to - morrow f6r Amfterdam: What if you go in her i) as a paftenger? The moment you land all you have to do is to teach the Dutchmen 'Engltfh, and "I'll warrant you'll get pupils and m6ney enough. I fuppofe you underhand 'Englifh, added he,

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by this time, or the device is in it. 'I confidently allured hiin of that; but expreffed i d6ubt whether the Dutch would be willing to le&rn 'Englifh. He affirmed with an oath that they were fond of it to diftraction; and upon that affirmation 'I agreed with his propofa],; and embarked the next day to teach the Dutch *Englifh in Holland. The wind was fair, our voyage fhort, and after having paid paffags with half iny moveables, 1 found myfelf, fallen as from the Ikies, a ftranger in 6ne the principal ftreets of 'Amfterdam. 'In t finuation 1 was unwilling to let any time p unemployed in teaching. 'I addreffed. inyfel therefore to two 6r three of thofe I met, whofsj appearance feemed moft promiiing; biit it w imp6fIible»to make ourfelves mutually underftool^ 'It was not till this very moment 1 recollected^ that in order to teach Dutchmen 'Englifh, was neceffary that they fhould firft teach Dutch. How 'I came to overlook fo obvioi an objection, is to me amazing; but ce; it is 1 overlooked it."

„This fcheme thus blown up, 'I had foma ihoughts of fairly fhipping back to "England again; biit happening into c6mpany with an "Irifh ftiident, who was returning from Louvain s) , our converfation turned upon topics of literature, (f6r by the way it may be obferved, that 'I always forgot the meannefs 6f circumftances when 'I could converfe upon filch Subjects) from him 1 learned that there were not two men in this whole univerlity who underftood Greek. This amazed me. "I in


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Santly refolded to travel to Louvain, and there jre by teaching Greek; and in this defign I as heartened by my br6ther fttident , who revv out fpme hint's that d fortune might be I by it."

„'I fet boldly forward the next morning, ery day leffened the burthen of my. moveles,' like \Aefop and his bifket of bread ); it 'I paid them for my lodgings to the Dutch 'I travelled on. When 'I came to Louvain, was refolved not to go fneaking to the lower jWeffors , but openly tendered my talents to je principal u), himleif. 'I went, hid admitpce; and offered him my fervice as matter the Greek language, which, lI had been told »s a defideratum in his univerfity. The prinbal feemed at ffrft to doubt of ray abilities; ft 6f thcfe T offered to convince him, by ping a part'' &f any Greek author he. fliovdd f upon into Latin. Finding me perfectly :rneft;in my propofal, he addreffed ine thus: TM(feejjme, young man, continued he; 'I

Atfop wurde eivft, ivie, et in dem bekannten M'dhrthtn vm itm j_tben diefes atten Fabuliften heifst, neb/i mehxtm andern Sklaven verfchickt. Jeder derfelttn fillte eine Laft tragen; Aefip nahm Jich die fchwerfte and ti/iirrfe deshalb verlacht. Man fund abet bald, dafs tr nicht ubel gewahlt, denn er hatte Jich dm Brodkorb Snommen, der, gann. natmiick, mit jeder Tagereife I'ichttr wurde,

u) Den Namen Principal fiihrt anf Englifcken Univerfi. tittu der Vorfteher von einigen JCallegien; in andern heifit er Warden, Prafident, Probft «. /. w. In

. "w/ercr Stelle, wo von der Univerfitat zu Lbwen die Rede-ijty viird Principal vermuthlich eben das bedeuU>1 follen, was wir den Prorektor einer Univerjitdt "nnen; wemi andeis nicht auf diefer Univerfitat, welrte finft vier gut fundirte Kollegia hatte, eine, der Enllifihtn ahnliche Einrichtung Statt gefunden hat,


never learned Greek, and 'I don't Find that i have ever milled it. 'I have hid a doctor's oi And gown *•) without Greek; 'I have te thoufand florins a year without Greek: 1 ei heartily with6ut Greek; and in fhort, coni nued he, as 'I don't know Greek, 1 do a believe there is any good in it."

„1 was now too far from home to tblsl of returning; fo 1 refolved to go forward, had fome knowledge of mufic, with a tolerail voice, and now turned what was once t amufement into a prefent means of fubfifteno '1 palled among the harmlefs peafants 6f Flai ders y), and among fiich 6f the French were poor enough to be very merry; for ever f6und them fprightly in proportion to tbi wants. Whenever 'I approached a pealarf houfe, towards night - fall, 1 played one I xafy moft merry tunes, and that procured "> n6t only a lodging, but fubfiftence for the na day. 'I once 6r twice attempted to play people of fafhion; but they always thought a performance odious, and never rewarded s even with a trifle. This was to me the wort

x) In England, befieht die akadcmifche Tracht dtt Dii» ten der Gotteigelahttheit in tinem Gown (d. h. e»* Mantel mit langen, weiten aufgefchlitzten Etvuli ant Scharlach mit fchwarzem Sammtt; femer in en" Cap (d. h. eiver fchwarzen Miitze mit tinem M eckigen flachen Deckel') and tinem Band (d. h. ei** ftitfturhdlichen). Wit fithrtn dies datum hier ft weil Goldfraith viahtfcheiniich bey diefeT Stelle Wm an die Engtijche akademifclu Tracht gedacht hat, an die zu Loiven itbliche, v/iewohl et auch an in," letztetJi Otte gcwefen war.

y) Flanders, Flandem, themalt tint zu dtn OeftttiiP fchen Niederlanden, gegenwattig zur Ftanzififchtn P pnblik gehorige Provinz, .

extraordinary, as whenever 'I ufed in better Bays to play for company, when playing was my aimifement, m^r inufic never failed to trow them into raptures, and the ladies efpeiaily; but as'it was n6w my only means, it fas received with contempt; a proof h6w lady the world is to tinder-rate thofe talents f which a man is fupported."

,,'ln this manner 'I proceeded to Paris, (ith no dellgn but juft t6 look about me, and pen to go forward. The people 6f Paris are Mich fonder of ftrangers that have money, han 6f thofe that have wit. 'As 'I could not waft much of either, 'I was n6 great, favourite. \fter walking about the town four or five fos, and feeing the 6utfides_6f the beft huuE'i 'I was preparing to leave this retreat 6f <^nal hofpitality, when galling through one 6£ U principal fleets, whom fhould 'I meet but ft coufin, to whom you "firft recommended Be. This meeting was very agreeable to me, nd 'I believe n6t difplealing to him. HA nquired into the nature of my journey to Pals i and informed me of his own bufinefs here, which was to collect pictures, medals, ntaglios z), and antiques 6f all kinds, f6r k • entleman in London, who had juft ftept into iite and large fortune, 'I was the more furled at feeing 6ur coufin pitched upon for liis 6fiice, as he himfelf had often affured me e knew n6thing of the matter. Upon afking

I) Edelfieine , iveiche die Piguren eingegriibeit und tertieft find, heifsen bey den Italiatiern intagli, bey den trauztfen' gravures cri creuX, und diefe find in fnferer Stelle gemeint; die, in uiekhe die Figuren erlioien oder Ueriiorragend gefihnitten find, heifsen bey itn ItaliUnem camei> Kameen,

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