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breakfaft and dinner the ladies devoted to drel's and ftiirly: they ulually read a page, and then gazed at theiwfelves in th£ glafs, which even jj^jftufophers might 6wn often prefented the page oFqreateft beauty. 'At dinner my wife took the lead; fir as fhe always infifted up6n carving every thing herfelf, it biing her mother's way, fhs gave us upon thefe occafions the hiftory of every difh. When we had dined, to prevent the ladies leaving us y), 'I generally ordered the table to be removed: and fometimes, with the unific matter's affiftance^ the girls would give us a very agreeable concert. Walking out, drinking tea z), cbtintry dances a), and forfeits b), fhortened the reft of the day, without the affiftance of cards, is.^I hated all manner of gaining, except back gammon v ), at which my old friend and 'itometimes t^jftk a twopenny d) hit. Nor can 'I here pals ovejf an

y) Ei ift mmlicli Evglifchc Sitte, iafs *'fic)i die Fra zimmet nach aufgehobener Tafel eitfenien, Jtidejj'n t Mtmnsperfonen noch fetzen bkiben^ n,n zu trinken tin Jich £« nnterhalten. • A,"TM'^'

z) Bekawntlich gtltbrt der Gennfs dss}Thees in^iglanfL zu den e.i gent li chen Bedwfnifl'enbics bey vieitem grofseren Theils der Nation, daher ilk/; die Confumtien dejfelben fo ungthtuer grojs ift. »kfr

a) Country dances, tigent licit! landlicntTiinze. Es find die, bey mis unter dem Namen der ComrVtanze bekannten, Nationaitiinze der Englander gemeint.

b) Forfeit, Ffdnderfpiele,

c) B«ct<gaminon , Toccadillt.

. d) Twopenny, eine Silbermimze von ttwa it Pftnnige* nach unferm Geldt; man fiehi diefelbe fehr felten. Ebtn das ift der Fall mit den Stiicken von drey mid vier?encti die, nur bey gewijfen Gtlcgenheiten geprdgt werden.

ominous circumftance that happened the laft time we played together-, 'I only wanted tA fling a (juatre, and yet 'I threvV deiice ace fiva times running -).

S/jme raAnths were elapfed in this manner^ till at laft It was thought convenient to fix a day for the -nrptials 61 the yo"n£> couple, whA feeined earneftly to defire it. Dining the preparations f6r the wedding, 1 need not defcriba the Inify importance 6f my wife, nor the fly looks of my daughters: in fact, niy attention was fixed on another object, the completing a tract which 1 intended fhortly to phbJifh ill defence of my favourite principle. 'As "I looted up6n this as k tnafter - piece both for argument and ftyle, 'I could not In the pride 6f irrfy heart avoid fhowing it to my old friend M'r. Wilmot, as 1 made no doubt of receiving his approbation; but not till too late 1 difcovered that he ""JS^S* violently attached to the contrary opinion,"and with good reafon; f6r he was at that time actually courting a fourth wife. ThiSj as may he expected, produced a difpiite attended with*».f6me acrimony, which threatened tA interrupt our intended alliance; but on the day befo^» that appointed f6r the ceremony, yvi agree^ to difcufs the fubject at large*

«) DmSinn ditfer Stelle ift: Aurch einen tVnrf Von Vitt, viiirVe er zu gemacht haben; Dans Es (i und i) aber, die er funf mat hvter eivdndtr warf, liefsen ihn wegen der Stellung der Steint diefen Zweck nicht trreU then. Eine nature Auseinanderfetzvtig ditfer Stellt wurde unt tief in das Wejen des Toccadillenfpieli fAhren j welches tvtr bey mifem Lefern nicht als ailgentein bckannt voravsfetzen ditrfen. ff ahrfcheinlich foil **f Ominofe des Wurfs darin liegev , dajs er feincm Ziele Jo nahe war, und doch dutch dtn Eigtnpnn dtr Witrfe von demfelben fo entfernt blieb.

'It was managed with proper fpirit 6n both fides: he afferted that 'I was heterodox, 'I retorted the charge: he replied, and 'I repined. Tn the mean time, while the controverfy was hotteft, "I was called 6ut by one of mf relations, who , with a face of concern, advifed me to give up the difpute, at leaft till my „f6n's wedding was over." „H6w," cried "I, „relinquifh the caufe of truth, and let him be an hufband, already driven to the: very verge of abfurdity. You might as well advife me to give tip myr fortune as my argument." „Your fortune," returned my friend , „'I am n6w forry to inform you, is almoft nothing, „The merchant in town, in whofe bands your money was lodged, has gone off, to avoid a ftatute of bankruptcy ), and is th6ugbt not to have left a Hulling in the pound 8). 'I was unwiJling to fh6ck you or the? Family with the account till after the wedding: but n6w it may ferve to moderate your wiimth in the argument • for, 'I fuppofe, youf^own prudence will enforce the neceffity 6f diffembling at leaft till your fon has the young lady's fortune feciire." — „Well," returned 'I, „if what

Hi you

f) To avoid a ftatute of bankruptcy *. / iv. Dtt Sinn

der Stelle ift ohne Zweifel folgender: der Kaufmann hatte
fich mit dtm , was er avnoch bejafs , fortgemaeht, um
der Anviendung des Gefetzes, nach welchem ihm ah einevt
Bankcrottbr alle Habjeeligkeiten genommen warden
ren, zu entgehen.

g) Ein Shilling ift, wie oben erinnert warden, eine Enghfcht Silbermiinze, der zwavzigfte TJieil eines Vfunit Sterling. Der Sinn der Stelle and is thought not to have left a fhilling in the pound ift: der Kanfmartn hat tinen folchen Jlavkerott gemacht, daft man glauit, lf merit uicht ;t van Hundirt bezalihn kSnntn.

you tell ine be true, and, if 'I am to be a beggar, it fhAll never make me a rAfcal, 6r induce me to difavow my principles. TH go this moment and inform the company of my circumftances; and as for the argument, 'I even here retract my former conceffions in the old gentleman's h) favour, nor will I allow him now to be an hufband in any fenfe of the «xpreffion."

'It would be endlefs to defcribe the different fenfations of both families when 1 divulg. ed the news of our misfortune: but whit others felt was flight to what the IcVvers appeared to endure. M'r. Wilmot, who feemed before fufficiently inclined to break 6Fi'thii match, was by this blow foon determined; one virtue hi had,'in perfection, which was prudence, too often the' only one that is left us at feventy- two.

<£h A P. nr.

'A migration. The' fortunate circumftances of our lives hre generally found' at lift to be' of our own procuring.

: % I

Thef only hope of our family n6w was, that the" report of our mijf6rtunes might hi malicious

h) Gentleman ift int gemeinen Leben die Benennung tinei jeden rechtlichen Manner t tier tvohl gekleidet ift und full foizii betragen weifs,n>ie er einem Mamie von Erziehung gebiihret. In Rechtrfachen aber ift er ein Titel, **d bedeutet eintn Mann, dejfen Vorfaliren dnrch drey Generaiionen dat Recltt hatten, ein IVapfen *w fkhren; diefes Recht nun kaben eigentlich vnr Hiejenigen, deren Name" mit dem IVapfen in der Her aid'f hammer (JHerald'j office) einregiflrirt find,


'6r premature: but a letter from my agent in t6wn foon came with a confirmation of every particular. The lofs of fortune to myfelf alone would hive been trifling; the" only uneafinefs 'I felt was for my family, who were to be | humble without an education to render them callous t6 contempt.

Near a fortnight had paffed before 'I attempted to reftrain their affliction; for premature confolation is but the remembrancer of forrow. During this Interval my thoughts were employed on Lome future means of Supporting them;'and at lift a fmall Cure of fifteen pounds a year wis offered me in a dlftant neighbourhood , where 'I could ftill enjoy my principles without moleftation. With this propofal 'I joyfully doled, having determined to increafe my falary by managing a little firm '.

Hiving taken this resolution, my next care was to get (together the wricks 6f my fortune; and all debts? collected ind paid, out 6f fourteen thoufand pounds we had hut four hundred remaining. My chief attention therefore was now to bring d6wn the pride of my family to their clrcumftances; for 'I', well knew that afpiring beggary is wretchedness itfelf. „You

i ) Der Crund, warum Primrofe feine bisherige Pfarre verlafst, iff wohl kein anderer , als der, dafs es fur ihn krankend war, da in durftigen Umftanden zu lebev, wo er Jich bitiier als ein wo hi ha bender Mann aufgehalten hatte. 'Sachfldem both jich ihm vielleicht auch in der Cegend feines alten Wohnorts keine Gelegenheit da r, feine F.inkunfte dutch die Pachtung einiger Hufen

Landes zu verbejfern. Uebrigens verdient noch bemerkt

B.u werden, dafs Kuttner, in den bereits angefhhrten Beitr a gen, ^lftes Stuck S. 7^.) den Ertrag der getingften Pfarren doch auf jo oder 40 Pfund angiebt; die vorzuglichften bringen wohl 2000 Pfund ein.

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