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kaflifulnefs, and foinetimes t6 his fear 6f efpidina his uncle. 'An occurrence, however, ikh happened foon after, put It bey6nd a Subt, that he defigned to become one 6f our, knily; niy- wife even regarded it as an abfo» te pr-'mife. . •

I, My wife and daughters happening to return infit t6 neighbour Flamborough's, found that toily had lately got their pictures drawn b^r limner-who travelled the country, and took eneffes for fifteen fhlllings a head. 'As this ily and ours had long a fort of rivalry la ilnt if tafte, our fplrit took the alarm at Ctolen march upon us, and notwithftanding T could fay, and "I faid much, It was puked that we fhoidd have our pictures d6ne ». Having, therefore, engaged the limner, what could 'I do? our next deliberation to fhew the fuperiority of our tafte In the tudes. 'As for our neighbour's family, "e were feveri of them, and they were wn with feven oranges, a thing quite out tafte, 116 variety In life, no compolltion ki the world. We defired to have fomething I a brighter £tfle, and after many debates, f length came to an unanimous re.Coliition 6f king drawn together, In, 6ne large hiftorical fnily piece. This would be cheaper, fines pe frame would ferve for allv and It would infinitely more genteel; for all families of 7 tafte were n6w drawn In the fame manner* we did riot immediately recollect an hifto* feal ftibject to hit lis, we were contented fa* with being drawn as independent hift6ri1,1 figures. My wife defired to be reprefented Venus, and the painter was dePired not t<i too frugal of his diamonds In her ftomacheiand hair. Her two little ones were to be id Cupids b-Jr her Tide , senile 1, in m^r gown*! and band n), Was to piefent her with lrvty boolT 6n the Whiftonian controverfy. Olivia woulj be drawn as an 'Amazon, fitting upi'n aba of flowers, dreft in a green Jofeph °), rich laced with gold, and a whip in her ha Sophia was to be a fhepherdefs, with as ram fheep as the painter could put in for nothhr and Mofes was to be dreft out with, an h and white feather. 'Our tafte £6 much pleafei the 'Squire, that he infifted on being put as one of the family in the character 6f 'Ale ander the great, at Olivia's feet. This confidered by us all as an indication of defire to be introduced 'into the family, could we refiife his requeft. The painter wi therefore fet to work, and as he wrought wi|| afliduity and expedition, in lefs than four da; the whole was compleated. The piece w large, and it muft be owned he did not fpari his colours; for which my wife gave hunt great encomiums. We were all perfectly fit tisfied with his performance, but an unfortunate circumftance had not occurred till the picture was finifhed, which now ftruck us with difmay. 'It was fo very large that we

m) gown, tin Stuck des Ornats finer Geiftliclmi von der bifchoflichtn Kirche, Man denke Jich darunter «• lien, aus leichtem jchwarzen Zeuge verfertigten fritJunnantet, welcher iibtr die iihrige Kleidnng gewcrft* tiird.

n) band, Ftijfcheri, viie unfere Cciftliche fie tragen, W* etwys kltiner.

p) a Jofeph, cine Art Kkii, dejjin Jkh die Damen bti» Rift en bedienen.

I had no place in the houfe to fix if. ' How we 111 came to difregard fi> material a. point is Iconceivable; but certain it is, we had been pi greatly remifs. The picture, therefore, kftead of gratifying our vanity, as we h6ped, pned, in a m6ft m6rtifying manner, againft K kitchen wall, where the canvas was ftretchI and painted, much too large to b^ got 6ro" any of the doors, and the jeft of all 6ur ISigbours. 'One compared it to Robinfon Crule's 16ngb6at p), too large to be removed; mother thought it more refembled a reel q) p a b6ttle*; fome wondered how it could be fct out, but Mil mure were amazed how it !ver got in.

But though it excited the ridicule 6f f6me, • effectually raifed more malicious fuggeftions p many. The Squires portrait being found piled with ours, was an honour too great to ■cape envy. Scandalous whifpers began to Krcnlate at our expence, and our tranquillity fras continually difturbed by perfons who came is friends to tefll tis what was fold of lis b^r Snemies. Thefe reports we always relented WtK becoming fpirit j but fcandal ever improves iy oppofition.

We once again therefore entered into a

p) Robinfon Crufoe hohlte Jich bekanntlich aus dent Stammt tines grofsen Bannus mit vieler Muhe tin Boot uns, and "— konnie es no cither nicht von der Stelk bewegen.

1) Man kennt die %lafernen Flafchen, in welchen fich bald Chriftus am Kreuze, bald, wit hier, tin Hafpel Oder andere Cegenjtande befinden, die, da fie grojser als die Oeffnmig des Gefdfses find, nicht gan'z, fondern in ihren Theilen durchgebracht, tmd hiernaehft 'rft wiedet z% Emem Ganztn znj'ammmgejetzt werden niijjen.

confutation upon obviating-Hie malice 6F 6nr enemies, and at lafi came to a refolinion which had too much cunning to give ma entire fatisfaction. 'It was this: as our principal object Was tr> difcover the honour of Mr. Thornhill's addreffes, my wife undertook to found him, by pretending to afk his advice in the choice of an hufband for her eldeft daughter. 'If thii,, was not found fufficient to induce him to a declaration, it was then refolved to terrify him with a rival* To this laft itep, however, 'J would by no means give my content, till Olivia gave me moft foleinn affiirances that ftis Would marry the perfon provided to rival him npon this oecafion, if he did not prevent it, by taking her himfelf. Such was the fcheme laid, which though 'I did not ftrenuoufly oppofe; 'I did not entirely approve.

The next time, therefore , that M'r. Thornhill came to fee lis, my girls took care to be out 6t the way, in order to give their mamma an opportunity of putting her fcheme in execution; hut they only retired to the next room, from whence they could over-hear the whole converfation: My wife artfully introduced it, by obferving, that one of the iVlifs Flamboroughs was like to have a very good match of it in-M'r. Spanker. To this the 'Squire affenting, fhe proceded to remark, that they who had warm fortunes were always lure of getting good htifbands; „But heaven help," continued fhe, „the girls that have n6ne. What fignifies beauty, M'r. Th.6rnhiU? 6r what fignifies all the virtue, and all the qualifications in the world, in this age 61 felf-intereft? 'It is not, what is fhe? but what has fhe? is all the •ry."


„Madam," retivrned he, „1 highly approve lie jiiftice, as well as the novelty, of your remarks, and if 'I were a king, it fhould be tlierwife. 'It fhould then, indeed, be Fine mes with the girls without fortunes: our two Oung ladies fhould be the firft for whom 'I oiild provide."

,,'Ah, Sir!" returned my wife , „you are eafed to be facetious: but 'I wifh 1 were a leen, and then 1 know where my eldeft taghter fhould look for an hufband. But n6w, at you have put it into my head, ferioufly, |'r. Thornhill, can't you recommend me a ffoper hufband for her? The is now nineteen tars oJd, well grown and well educated, Id, In my humble opinion, does not want F parts."

[ „Madam," replied he, ,,if 'I were to ■fe,1 1 would find out a perfon poffeffed of Wry accomplifhment that can make an angel ropy, 'One with prudence, forune, tafte, ftd lincerity; filch, madam, would be, m ft opinion, the pr6per hufband." ,,'Ay, Sir," iid fhe, ,,but do you know of any filch peril?" — „No, madam," returned he, „it is tapoffible to know any perfon that deferves to ^ her hufband: fhe's too great a treafure for •ne man's poffeffion: fhe's a goddefs. Upon oy foul. 'I rpeak what 1 think, fhe's in iogel." — ,,'AhM'r. Th6rnhill, you only 'atter my poor girl: „but we have been think&g of marrying her to 6ne 6f your tenants, fhofe mother is lately dead, and who wants : manager: you know whom rI mean, firmer Williams; a warm man, M'r. Th6rnhill, able J give her good bread; and who has feveral toes made her propofals:" (which was ac

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