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mocleft, and alluring. The one vanquifhed b^? a iingle blow, the other by efforts fuccefsfully repeated. ,

The temper of a woman is generally formed from the turn of her features, at lcaft it was Id ■frith my daughters. Olivia wifhed for many lovers, Sophia to fecure one. Olivia was often affected from too great a defire to pleafe. Sophia even repreft excellence from her fears to offend. The one entertained me with her vivaeity when 'I was gay, the other with her fenfe when "I was ferious. Biit thefe qualities were never carried to excefs in either, and 'I have oftenj^fecn them exchange characters for a whole day together. "A fuit of mourning has Vtttisformed my coquet into a piiirle, and 4 new fet of ribbands has given her younger ffltjf rutjre than natural vivacity. My eldeft fon Gt/rgc *vas bred at 'Oxford m), as "I intended for one of the learned profeflions r>). M% fejsond boy, JVlofes/, whom 1 defigned for hufi, received, a firt of mifcellaneous education i6rhe. But it if needlefs to attempt defcrlbparticular characters 6f young, people . feen bin very little of the world. 'In , a family likenefs prevailed through all,

Oxford, eijle'fy Englifche Meilen von London 'evt«--•♦« liorznglich Hirev Univerjitat uegai beruhvttt

n) Es ift noch nickt beftimnit, welt hem gelehrten Standi Primrofe feinev Snhn gewidmet habe; denn auf den Englifchen UniverfitHten befchafftigt fich tin juvget Menfch gewohnlich erft vier Jahre mit andern wiffenfchaftlichen Gegenftdttden, und pflegt erft nach Verlnuf iiefer Z*H, wenn er Baecalaureus ArriuttJ geworden, fti» Stndjunt auf tine gewiffe nnd faftimmte Pnfeffion »H richten.


and properly fpeaking, they had but one criar

ractcr, th4t of being all equally generous, ci-edulous, finiple , and inoffenlive.


Family misfortunes. The Infs of fortune only ferves to envrcafe the pride of the worthy.

T he temporal concerns of our family were chiefly committed to my wife's management, as to the fpiritual 'I took them entirely under nrjr own direction. The profits of my li^kg, which amounted to btit thirty - five pound's | year, 'I made over to the 6rphans an (^widows of the clergy of our diocefe: for having a fuffiWent fortune of m^r own, 'I was carelefs 6f temporalities, and felt a fecret pleafm e in doing'my daty without reward. 'I alfo fet a refolution V>f keeping no curate °), and of being acquaint^


O) Der Name Curate bezeichnet einen Amtsvertreter 01 Subftituten tines eigentlichen Pfaryeri, Viele Recto n&mlick befttchen littr tin oder eivige male jahrIM Hire Pfarren und halten fich den iibrigen Tjieil des Jahres in London, oder wo ei Jilmen fovft belieb't, a»f. Der Curate muff, unttrdejfim. alle Amtsverrichtungen verfihtn. Auch die Vicars , welche indejfen vom Wfchofi zur Rcfidenz i. i. zum Auf'eitthalt anf ihren

. Pfarren geztuungen werden konnen, halten fich Curates. Ein folcher Curate viurde fovft nur fehr karglich beEfflft/et, und erhitlt etwa jo bis 40 Pfund jakrlich; jetzt, feitdem die Sache nicht mehr blofs zuiifchen den Rectors und Vicars abgemacht wird, fondern auch die Bifihbfe an der Unterhandlung Theil nehmen, iji die Lage der Curate* tveit beffer, und Hire Einkiinfte fiehen mit deuen des eigentlicheH Pfarrers mehr im Vcrk&ttnifi.

with ^very man in the parifh, exhorting the married men to temperance, and the bachelors to matrimony; fo that in I few years it was a common faying, that there were three ftrange wants At Wake Held, a parfon ') wanting pride, young men wanting wives, and alehoufes wanting ciittomers.'

Matrimony was^ always one of my favourite topics , and "I wrote feveral fermons to prove its happinefs: but there was a peculiar tenet which 'I made a point of fupporting; for'i maintained with Whifton 1), that it was unlawful for a priela^^^^e church of 'England, after the death hisfmt wife , to take a fecond , 6r to it in 6xi£ word , "I valued myfelf upon i'trict meNiogajuift r), .1

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"I was early initiated into this important tHifpute, on winch fo many laborious volumes have been written. 'I publifhed fome tracts ujjon the fubject myfelf, which, as they never fold, 'I have the confol.ition 6f thinh_ing are read only by the happy Few. Some of mjr friends called this my weak fide; but alas! they had not lire jme made it the lubject of long contemplation. The more 'I reflected upon it, the more important it appeared. 'I even went a ftep beyond Whifton in difplaying mf" principles: as he had engraven upon his. wife's 4) tomb that fhe was the only vvi&jgjf^i?i\\\am Whifton; io lI wrote a fimilar epitaph tf<r mf wife, tho ftill living, in which T extolled her prudence, oeconomy, wrd obedience%tI(I •death; and having got It copied fair, wi elegant frame, It was placed lover the chiirrn piece, where it anfwered few?ral. very vjf< purpofes. 'It admonifhed my Wife of her I ty to me, and n:y fidelity to her; It infpire her with a paffion ior fame, and conftantJy pi her in mind of her end.

'It was thus, perhaps, from hearing ma: riage fo, often recommended,• ihat my elde ton, juft upon leaving college? t), fixed h


der in ietMittt des "jcrigen Jahrhnndehs in England iibet die Frags em ft and, oO die vweyte Ehe einem Geiftlichen erlanbffey oder nicht. Die, vielche das erftere bekanftt' ten, nannte man De uler o garni ft en.

S~) Sie hiefs, wie ich in einer Riegraphie Whifton's fivdt, Antrobus, und war die Tothter feinet Stnulmcifia* Tamworth.

t) Wir warden fagen: ah er die Univcrfitlt verliefs. College namlich bezeichnet eins von den 20 Kollegien, uelcheu die Univerfitat Oxford beftehet. Diefe Colleges

affections up6n the daughter 6f a neighbouring clergyman, who was a dignitary u) in the church, and in clreumftances to give her a large fortune: but fortune wis h<?r fmalJ|fc accomplifhment. Mi'fs Arabella Wilmot was allowed by all, except my two daughters, to be completely pretty. Her youth, health, and innocence, were ftill heightened by a complexion ib transparent, and fuch an happy fenfibility of look, as even age eould not gaze on with indifference. 'As 'Mr. *) Wilmot knew that 'I could make a very handfome fettlement 6n my/ £6n, he was not averfe to the match; f6, both families lived together in all that harmony which generally precedes an expected alliance. Being convinced by experience that the days 6f courts fhip are the moft happy 6f 6ur lives, 'I was willing enough to lengthen the period; and the various amiiiements which the young coiiple every day fhared in each other's company, feemed to encreafe their paffion. We were generally awaked in the morning by mufic, and on Fine days rude a hunting. The hours between

find Gebandefjin welchen tine beftimmte Anxahl Studietender wohnt ,%»elche theils die Wohhhaten der Stiftung geniefsen, thefts in denfetben fitr ihr Geld Wohnung und Kqji erhaiten. Aujier diefen 20 Kollegien giebt es in QxfifjrJ/loch fiinf J'ogenannte Halls (Jtialten'), die keine Stiftung haben.

«) Die Engli/che Geiftlichkeit wird in die hiihere nnA niedere eingetheilt, jeuer, dcren Mitglieder dignitaries hiifsen, gehoren die Bifchofe , Dechanten, Vrabendaren mid Archidiakonen, zu diefer, oder the inferior clergy, rcchnet man die Rektors, Vicart nnd Cnrn» '! ten.

*) Mr. gleichfalls tint tekannu Abkirzmg fir Matter,

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