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London, Corn Erehange, July 5.

Liverpool, July 3. s.// Wheat, s. d.

9. d. $. d Wheat, Red 60 to 66 Boilers

48 to 52
per 70 lbs.

Pease, for. 36 0 to 38 0 68 to 70 Small Beans 42 to 44 English . 11 0 to 11 9 Rice, p.ewt. 18 0 to 22 O Superfine 79 to 74 Fine.

41 to 48 Scotch . 11 0 to 11 6 Flour, English, White .. 64 to on Tick

36 to 40 Welsh ... 0 0 to 0 0 p.280lb.fine 60 0 to 61 0 Fine • 72 to 74 Fine

42 to 41 Trish .. 10 0 to 10 9-Seconds. 32 0 to 54 O Superfine 76 to 78 Feed Oats . 18 to 21. Dantzic · 11 0 to 11 6 Irishp. 2101b. 19 0 to 51 o Foreign 56 to 76 Fine.

bl. 40 0 to 19 0 -2 to 25 Wismar..11 0 to 11 6 Ameri. Rye

32 to 31 | Poland do 23 to 25 Ainerican. Fine 33 to 39 | Fine 27 to 29 Quebec ...90 to 10 0

Clover-sced, P. bush.

White Barley .. 94 to 28 Potato do. ..

0 25 to 27 Barley, per 60 libs.

0 to

O to 0 Fine 51) to 33 Fine.

28 to 32 English,grind.5 0 to 6 0 -- Red Superfine ...35 to 38 Flour, p, sack 60 to 65 Ma'ting. 60 to 7o Oatmeal,per 210 lb. Malt, .....50 to 50 Seconds . 50 to 60 Irish

4 6 to 5 o English

30 0 to 390 Fine

60 to 63 North Country 50 to 60 Scotch 0 0 to 0 0 Scoich ... 28 0 to 30 O Hog Pease . 44 to 46 Pollard 20 to 28 Foreign

5 0 to 6 o Irish .... 26 0 to 99 0 Maple 48 to 50 Bran

14 to 15 Maltp.gls. 90 to 9 6 Butter, Beef, de White 12 to 45

Rye, foreign 32 to 36 Butter, per cwt. s.
Oats, per 45 ih.
Sceds, fc.--July 2.

104 to Eng. new 5 9 to 4 0 Newry,

107 to 0

8. Scotch pota. 5 9 to 4 0 Waterford,new 98 to 0 Must. Brown, 20 to 0 Hempseed 50 to Welsh 3 9 to 4 O Cork, 3d

86 to

0 -White. 18 to 0 Linseel, crush. 56 to 65 Irish, 3 6 to 5 8 Pickled, 94 to 0 Tares 8 to 10 New, for Seed to


32 w3 4 Beef, p. tierce 85 to 95 Turnips 0 to 0 Ryegrass,

36 to
Foreign ..
3 0 to 3 4
- p. barrel

55 to 63 -New 10 to 16 Clover, Red, . 100 to

Beans, pr er:

Pork, p. brl, 85 to 9) -Yellow


105 to English 41 0 to 46 0 Hams, dry, . 64 to 66 Carraway ..

60 to

0 Coriander 29 to 30 Irish .. 42 0 to 44 0 Bacon, Canary 115 to 0 Trefoil 63 to Pease, per quar.

Short middles 66 to 68 Now Rapeseed, 240 to £

Boiling . '38 0 to 10 0 Long

62 to 61 Rapeseed, £

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to £ .

Average Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended 26th June 1819. Whoat, 69s. %d.-Rye, 46s. 3d.-Barley, 39s. 3d.-Oats, 975. 6d.-Beans, 50s. 3d.Pcase, 435. 100.

Beer or Big, Us. Od. ---Oatmeal, 278. 4d.

Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Buskels,

and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the four

Weeks immediately preceding the 15th June 1819. Wheat, 60s. 114.-Rye, 47s. Id.-Barley, 364, 0d.-Oats, 22s. 5d.-Bcans, 40s. 2d.-Pease, 40s. 70.

Beer or Big, 32s. Id.-Oatmeal, 19s. 24.


Our report for the month of June will be found rather discouraging to such of our readers As are disposed to cherish the expoctation of a favourable change in our climate. The maximum temperature has never approached nearer than eleven degrees and a half to the maximum of June 1818, and eighi degrees to that of 1817. The mean temperature has also declined 45 degrees, and is actually a degree lower than that of 1817. The minimum has never been lower than 41} ; but in consequence of a clear atmosphere, the ground has been frequently at the freezing point, and vegetation, especially during the last part of the month, has made little progress. The mean of the extreme temperatures differs, from that of 10 morning and evening, only by three tenths of a degree. The daily range of the Thermometer is almost exactly the same as June last year. The mean height of the Barometer is nearly the annual average, and the fluctuations have been rather less than usual. Of the rain, about an inch and a half fell on the 20th, and three following days. On the day that the rain began, the Hygrometer stood higher than at any other period during the month; and the Barometer, which had previously sunk about three tenths, began again to rise, and continued to do so till the rain was over. The average quantity of moisture, in a hundred cubic inches of air, is somewhat less than June 1818, the one being .21 and the other .23 of a grain. The relative humidity, however, is three degrees greater, owing to the higher temperature of last year. The point of deposition, at 10 A. M. coincides exactly with the mean minimum temperature, and affords another proof of the accuracy of Anderson's Principles of Hygrometry. The temperature of spring wator, which, in consequence of the mildness of the winter and spring, had been con siderably higher than during the corresponding months of 1817, has now fallen behind that of last year, being about four degrees lower than at the same period last sunmer. The increase, however, since the month of May, has been considerable.

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.

JUNE 1819.



Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat,

62,6 Maximum,

18th day,

68-0 ....cold, 45.8 Minimum,


41.5 temperature, 10 A. M. 57.4 Lowest maximum, 7th

57.5 ..... 10 P. M. 50.3 Highest minimum, 23d

52.0 ..... of daily extremes, 54.2 Highest, 10 A. M. 21st

64.0 ............ 10 A. M. and 16 P. M.' 53.9 Lowest ditto, 7th

50.0 4 daily observations, 54.1 Highest, 10 P. M. 21st

56.0 Whole range of thermometer,

503.5 Lowest ditto


46.0 Mean daily ditto, 16.8 Greatest range in 24 hours, 24th

23.0 ........ temperature of spring water,

51.7 Least ditto,



Inches. Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 59) 29.662

Highest, 10 A. M.


30.190 ............ 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 59) 29.675 Lowest ditto,


29.175 ......... both, (temp. of mer. 39)

Highest, 10 P. M.


30.185 Whole range of barometer,

5.510 Lowest ditto,


29.310 Mean ditto, during the day, .948 Greatest range in 24 hours, 6th

.630 night,

L.east ditto,


.020 ............... in 24 hours,


HYGROMETER. Degrees. HYGROMETER. Degrees. Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 20th

55.0 Rain in inches,

.......... Lowest ditto,


6.0 Evaporation in ditto,

......... Highest, 10 P. M. 16th

27.0 Mean daily Evaporation,

........... Lowest ditto, 23d

5.0 Leslie. Mean, 10 A. M.


Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A M. 21st 54.8 ...................... 10 P. M.


Lowest ditto, 20th 31.4 both,


............................. Highest, 10 P.M. 23d 51.2 Anderson. Point of Dep. 10 A. M.


... Lowest ditto, 12th 38.0 ....... 10 P. M.


............ Relat.Hum. Highest, 10 A.M. 7th 92.0 both,


............................ Least ditto, 20th 42.0 Relat. Humid. 10 A.M.


?............................ Greatest, 10 P.M. 230 94.0 ........................................ 10 P. M.


............. Least ditto, 16th 67.4 76.3

Mois. 100 cub. in. Greatest, 10 A.M. 21st .284 ............. Grs. mois. in 100 cub. in air, 10 A.M..216

.......... Least ditto, 20th .132 .........10 P.M. .204

............ Greatest, 10 P. M. 23d .253 .................. both, .210

............ Least ditto, 12th .165 Fair days, 17; rainy days, 13. Wind west of meridian, 22; east of meridian, 8.


METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill.

N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, after. noon. The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first coluinn, is taken by the Register


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A. 44

June 16{



M.57 A. 15 M.58 A. 45 (M.59 18

A. 46

A, 47


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.640 M.61 s.w. Clear.


UA. 46

21 M.59

A. 453

22 / M.59

Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Rain foren.
June 1 { 1.45 29.466 M.52

.540 A. 56 )


clear aftern.
M.58 .593 M-59
A. 16

s.W. Clear
.593 A. 59
M.60 .180 M.62


Do. foren.
A. 49

.480 A. 58S rain aftern.
M.56 .591 M.61

S.W. Clear. A. 41) .591 A. 61 ) ${


A. 42 .737 A. 60) 6{ M.58

.582 M.61 E. A. 46 .522 A, 63)

Clear. M.53 7X .101 M.59

s.W. Showery. A. 48

.244/A.56 M.55

Fair foren.

.232 A.58) rain after,
.227 M.63

A. 162 .191 A. 58)

Cloudy. M.53 10{

.205 M.59


Rain foren.
A. 45 .460 A. 61

clear aftern.
M.54 .632 M.60


Clear foren.
A. 42 .678 A.-9

showers after
M.50 .686 M.57


Thun. fore.
A. 40 .7 45 A. 59

clear aftern.

.686 M.57


Cloudy, .686 A.57

showers. M.54 144

.566 M.59

S.W. Clear.
A. 411 .392 A. 51)
M.53 .4,6 M.59)

W. Clear.
A.11 .176A. 58

A. 443

:} S.W.

23 M.54

A. 48 24 M.58

.867 A.58

Cble. Showers
.945 M.62
.996 A. 58

N. E. Clear.
.958 M.64
.931 A. 65

.976 M.62
.886 A.62

.958 M.64

W. .726 A. 64

Clear. .694 M.64

W. .733 A. 58

.733 M.571
.733 A. 56)

.634 M.571
.212 A. 56

W. Showery.
.241 M.60
.310 A. 60

W. Showery .381 M.60 .192 A. 57

S.W. Cloudy.
.221 M.60
.205 A. 60

S.W. Clear.
.259 M.52
.291 A.51

S.W. Clear.
..342 M.59
.396 A. 59

S.W. Showers.
.516 M.53
.116 A, 62

W. Clear, .579 M.63 -360 A. 59 }(N. W.Showers,

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25 {


A, 413
A. 44
A. 44



A. 431

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A. 59

Average of Rain 1.6 inches.




MARRIAGES. Dec. 21. The lady of William Mackenzie, Esq. Dec. 2. At Columba, in the island of Ceylon, surgeon to the Governor's body guard, Madras, a Mitchel Gibson, Esq. to Miss Thomson, only child son.

of Captain Thomson of the 83d regiment. May 17. At the manse of Kilconquhar, Mrs Fer- 19. At Calcutta, Daniel Elliott, Esq. son of the rie, a daughter.

late Sir William Elliott, Bart. of Stobs, to Georgina, 21. At Perth, the lady of Lieut. Acheson French, youngest daughter of Lieut.-General Russel, of the 80th regiment, superintending officer at that sta- Honourable East India Company's service. tion, a son.

March 11. At Cape Town, Cape of Good-Hope, 25. At Edinburgh, the lady of John Stewart, Robert Shand, Esq. surgeon, R. N., to Margaret, Esq. a daughter.

second daughter of the late Alexander Millar, Esq. - At Young's-strect, Edinburgh, Mrs Watson, a of Montrose. son.

26. At Biggar, John Minto, for fifty-three years 27. Mrs Dundas, Albany-street, Edinburgh, a carrier on the road between Glasgow, Biggar, and

Edinburgh, to Kathrine Ritchie. The bridegroom - At Dundas-street, Edinburgh, Mrs A. Gilles- was seventy-three, the bride fifty-three, and the pie of Sunnyside, a son.

bridegroom's eldest son by a former marriage, for- At Broomhill-house, Mrs Bruce, a daughter. ty-three years of age.

28. At Rosebank, near Wick, Mrs Macleay, a 30. At Malta, Lieutenant Robert Tait, R. N., to daughter.

Lucy, eldest daughter of John Allen, Esq. physician At Birmingham, Mrs Shortt, 6th dragoon there. guards, a daughter.

April 14. At Cadiz, Mr Daniel Macpherson of At Gifford, the wife of David Crie, a labour- Inverness, to Miss Josepha Hemas of Cadiz. ing man, three sons, who, with the mother, are all May 17. At Stonehaven, Mr J. Tindal, writer, doing well.

to Jessic, youngest daughter of the late William At Erracht, the lady of Lieut. Col. Cameron,

Park, Esq. C.B. Kt. St. A., a son and heir.

20. At Clerkseat, William Straton, Esq. to Mary, 30. At Newbattle-manse, Mrs Thomson, a son. eldest daughter of Thomas Black, Esq. of WelJune 1. At George-street, Edinburgh, the lady ridgemuir. of Major-General John Hope, a son.

23. At Cabra, James Christie, Esq: surgeon, 3. At St John's-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Carteret Deer, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr Scott, a daughter.

James Smith of Milhill. - At Ruchlaw-house, Mrs Robert Hawthorn, a 24. Andrew Sword, Esq. Mungall-head, to Mrs daughter.

Brock, Falkirk. 1.° At Carriden-manse, Mrs Fleming, a daughter. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Auld, manufacturer, - At Irvine, Mrs Sillar, a daughter.

Saltcoats, to Jane Mercer, daughter of Mr J. Find- At Chevening, the Countess Stanhope, a son. lay, accountant, Glasgow. 6. At London, Lady Catherine Halkett, a son. 27. At Glenstockdale, Appin, Lieutenant Donald 8. At Ashby de la Zouch, the lady of the Rev. Campbell, late of the 57th regiment, to Jessey, William Macdonald, a daughter.

eldest daughter of the late Captain Anderson. 9. Mrs James Simpson, Northumberland-street, 28. At Moreland-cottage, Canaan, Alexander Edinburgh, a daughter.

Zeigler, surgeon, to Miss Ann Zeigler, daughter of 10. Ai Edinburgh, the wife of Mr John Menzies, Mr William Zeigler, goldsmith. engraver, a son.

31. At Orchardton, Lieutenant-Colonel Maxwell, - At Eskbank, Mrs Wood, a daughter.

of the 30th regiment, to Miss Douglas, daughter of 12. Mrs John Brougham, a son.

James Douglas, Esq. of Orchardton. 13. At Portsmouth, Mrs Captain Dalzell of June 1. Åt Leith, Mr Archibald Brown, mer Glenae, a daughter.

chant, Leith, to Miss Mary Johnston, eldest daugh. 15. Át Ruchill, the lady of Duncan Campbell, ter of Mr William Johnston, merchant there. Esq. of Barcaldine, a son.

At London, John Whyte Melville, Esq. of - At Stirling, the lady of John Cusine, Esq. a Bennochy and Strathkinness, to the Right Hon. daughter.

Lady Catherine Osborne, only daughter of her At Edinburgh, Mrs Cochrane of Ashkirk, a Grace the Duchess Dowager of Leeds.

At Knockbrex, Jonathan Brown, Esq. White 17. Mrs Campbell, Picardy-place, a son.

haven, to Miss M'Haffie, niece of the late Sir Wil18. The Countess of March, a daughter.

liam Douglas, Bart. Castle-Douglas. At Milton, Lady Hunter Blair, a son.

- In St John's-chapel, Edinburgh, John Cay, 19. The wife of Murray, journeyman Esq. advocate, to Emily, second daughter of wilweaver, Citadel, Leith, three daughters, who, with liam Bullock, Esq. secretary of the Island of Jatheir mother, are doing well.

maica. - In Cleveland-row, St James's, London, the - At Edinburgh, Mr John Duncan, manufas lady of John Craufurd, Esq. of Auchenames, a son. turer, Kirkaldy, to Mrs Elizabeth Graham.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Peter Macdowall, a daugh- 2. At Tiviot-row, Dr James Sanders, lecturer an ter.

the Practice of Medicine, to Miss_Megget, only 20. In London-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Joseph daughter of the late John Megget, Esq. merchant Gordon, a daughter.

in Edinburgh In Charlotte-square, Edinburgh, the lady of 3. At Leith, Mr Robert Liston, surgeon, EdinH. St. G. Tucker, Esq. a son.

burgh, to Christiana, daughter of Mr John Craw. - At Edinburgh, the lady of Anthony Maxtone, ford, Leith. Esq. of Cultoquhay, a son.

- At Blackford, William More, Esq. to Mary 21. At Edinburgh, the lady of Alexander Ste- Elizabeth, daughter of John Forbes of Blackford, phen, Esq. a daughter.

Esq. At Corsbie, Newton Stewart, the Hon. Mrs - At Oatridge, Linlithgowshire, Mr Archibald Montgomerie Stewart, a son.

Prentice, merchant, Manchester, to Jane, second 22. Mrs Douglas, the lady of the late Lord Res daughter of the late Mr James Thomson, Oatton, a daughter.

ridge. - At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. the Countess 1. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Grant, R. N. to of Airly, a daughter.

Miss Dorothy Brown, only daughter of Mr J. 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Gillespie, York-place, a Brown, Leith. son.

7. At Perth, Mr Matthew Walker, wine-mer- At Rome, the lady of Thomson Bonar, Esq. chant, Edinburgh, to Emily, eldest daughter of Mr

James Davidson, Perth.


a son.

- At Dumfries, John Symons, Esq. M. D. to In March last, Mr Alexander Gillies, late superHarriet, youngest daughter of the late Hugh Max- visor of Excise. He was amanuensis to Dr Adam well, Esq.

Smith, and transcribed for him his celebrated work, - At Carnegie-park, John King, Esq. of Sher- “ The Wealth of Nations." For some time past wood-park, in the island of Tobago, to Margaret, he was supported by the Doctor's nephew, Lord only daughter of James Foster, Esq. of Carnegie Reston, who but a very short time survived him. park, near Port-Glasgow.

April 29. At Nice, of a deep decline, the Hon. - At the manse of Newton-upon-Ayr, the Rev. William Brodrick. William Robison, minister of Stair, to Mary,

- At Portaskaig, island of Islay, Mr John Hill. daughter of the Rev. Dr William Peebles.

May 1. At Spring-bank, John Taylor, Esq. mer8. At Boreland, John Menzies, Esq. to Miss chant, Glasgow Sarah Lucy Campbell, daughter of John Campbell, 3. At Loanhead, Mr Robert Riccaltown, Esq. Esq. of Boreland.

surgeon, R. N. 10. At Ruletownhead, the Rev. Andrew Scott, 5. At Jedburgh, Mr J. Thomson, town-clerk, Cambusnethan, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the which office he held nearly thirty-five years. late Mr Thomas Laidlaw.

8. At Bath, Matilda, wife of Colonel Robison, - At Macduff, George Hunter, Esq. inerchant,

21th regiment, and niece of the Right Honourable Aberdeen, to Helen, daughter of David Souter, Lord Colville. Esq. of Gauldwell, Banffshire.

10. At Glasgow, Mr R. Lindsay, many years a 12. At Queen's-square-chapel, Bath, Sir Thomas

partner in the house of James Lindsay & Co. Ramsay of Balmain, Bart. to Mrs Chisholm of

12. At Inzievar, James Harrowar, Esq. of InzieChisholm.

var. 14. At Edinburgh, Captain A. Campbell, of the

13. At St Bris, near Auxerre, in France, EupheHonourable East India Company's artillery, to

mia Jane, daughter of the late John Hunter, M.D. Margaret, youngest daughter of Charles Hay, Esq.

and F.R.S. and niece of the late Lieut.-General Great King-street. 15. At London, Colonel Sir Dudley St Leger

Hunter, governor and commander in Chief in Up

per Canada, Hill, to Caroline Drury, third daughter of Robert Hunter, Esq. of Kew, Surrey.

15. At Maddington, Mr Alexander Whyte, baker,

George-street, Edinburgh. 16. At London, the Honourable Henry F. C. Cavendish, M. P. major in the 9th regiment of

16. At Edinburgh, Jane Hamilton Craufuird, Lancers, to Frances Susan, widow of the Honour

daughter of Archibald Craufuird, Esq. writer to the

Signet. able Frederick Howard. - Alexander Oswald, Esq. to Miss Dalrymple,

17. At Berwick, Mrs Helen Home, relict of A. youngest daughter of the late Sir H. D. Hamilton

Home, Esq. of Bassendean. of North Berwick and Bargany, Bart.

At Kippen, Christiana, daughter of Alexander 17. At Aberdeen, Dr Blaikie, R. N. to Eliza,

Graham, Esq. of Kirkhill. eldest daughter of Captain Livingston.

18. At Spearvale, county of Cavan, William At Church of Lerwick, Mr Lewis Macdonald,

Spear, Esq. aged 81. one of the oldest lieutenants surgeon, Coldstream, to Alice, second daughter of

in his Majesty's service. James Bell, Esq. Woodside, Northumberland.

At Perth, Jane, daughter of Alexander Mal- At St George's, Bloomsbury, Robert Lowis,

colm, Esq. supervisor of Excise. Esq. younger of Plean, to Margaret, eldest daugh

19. At Inveresk, Archibald Skirving, portraitter of David Hunter, Esq. Montague-street, Rus

painter sel-square, London.

At Perth, Major Cristopher Seton of Ballin

blae. 19. At London, the Honourable Robert Clive, youngest son of the Earl and Countess Powis, to

20. At Wootcot, near Stonehaven, Mrs Garden, Lady Harriet Windsor, daughter to Lord and Lady

relict of William Garden, Esq. Braco-park. Amherst.

21. At Kennet, James Bruce, Esq. naval officer,

Leith, 21. At London, Charles Pascoe Grenfell, Esq. M.P. to the Right Honourable Lady Georgina Isa

- At Manse of Rayne, in the 76th year of his bella Frances Molyneux, eldest daughter of the

age, and 44th of his ministry, the Rev. Patrick DaRight Honourable the Earl of Sefton.

vidson, D.D. upwards of 40 years minister of that - At Merksworth-cottage, Dear Paisley, James

parish. Maxwell, Esq. younger of Brediland and Merks

- At Brighton, John Stirling, Esq. of Blackworth, to Anna Maria, daughter of the late John

grange, third son of the late John Stirling, Esq. of Ainslie, Esq. M.D.

Kippendavie. 22. At Birkwood, James Moore Nelson, Esq.

22. At London, of a rapid decline, Robert Hume writer, Glasgow, to Miss Ann Hennery:

Brown, youngest son of the late Mr William Brown - At London, Edmund Hungerford Lechmere,

of Trinidad. Esq. eldest son of Sir Anthony Lechmere, Bart. of

- At the house of Greyfriars, near Elgin, Mrs. the Rhyd, in Worcestershire, to the Hon. Maria

Munro of Newmill, aged 84. Clara Murray, maid of honour to her late Majes

- At Grant-lodge, Miss Jane Grant, daughter of

of the late Sir James Grant of Grant, Bart. and sisty, and second daughter of the late David Murray, Esq. brother to Lord Elibank.

ter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield. 29. At Leith, by the Rev. Dr Johnston, Mr John

- At Bridport, Dorsetshire, Anne, second daughGillon, wine and spirit-merchant, lo Jane, eldest

ter of the late Simon M‘Tavish, Esq. of Montreal, daughter of Robert Douglas, Esq. of North Leith.

Lower Canada.

23. At Paris, Miss Margaret Grant, daughter of William Grant, Esq. of Congalton. 24, At Ayr, Miss Kennedy of Drumellan.

At his house in Charlotte-street, Edinburgh,

John Ferrier, Esq. late of the island of Jamaica. DEATHS.

26. At Islington, the Rev. Dr Jarment, many

years pastor of the Scottish-chapel in OxendonNov. 5. At Badulla, in Ceylon, Thomas Wyllie, street. Esq. surgeon in the service of the Honourable East - At Dalmarnock, near Glasgow, in the 81st India Company at Madras.

year of his age, the Rev. Dr James Playfair, Prin19. At Ellickpore, in the East Indies, Lieute- cipal of the United College, University of St Annant Alexander Tweedie, 6th regiment Madras na- drews. tive infantry, third son of the late Alex. Tweedie, At Summerfield, in the 71st year of her age, Esq. of Quarter.

Mrs Jacobina Todd, wife of George Fulton, Esq. At Calcutta, in November last, Andrew Johnston - At Grange, Burntisland, aged 8 years, SamueHenderson, in the twenty-third year of his age, as- lina Paterson, youngest daughter of the Rev. Rob. sistant-surgeon of the Marchioness of Ely East In- Culbertson, Leith. diaman, son of the Rev. John Henderson, minister - At Leith, Mrs Elizabeth Martin, relict of the of Queensferry, a young man of promising hopes. late Mr Adam Watson, Dunbar.

Dec. 7. At Caira, in the Presidency of Bombay, At Greencroft, near Annan, Mrs Douglas, Caroline, wife of George William Anderson, Esq. wife of Colonel Douglas of Greencroft. of the East India Company's civil service.

- At Hayfield, Christian Maclagan, youngest Jan. 7. At Jamaica, in the 24th year of his age, daughter of ihe late Mr J. Maclagan, Carse of Gow. Mr Donald Macqueen, surgeon, son to the late rie. Rev. Edmund Macqueen, minister of the island of 27. At Rome, Robert Dinwiddie, Esq. of G? Barra.


29. At Auchtermuchty, Ebenezer Marshall Gar. 17. At Spleenhill, Berks, Miss Ann Wilson, diner, Esq. of Hilcairnie.

daughter of the late Alexander Wilson, Professor At Lochmaben, in the 71st year of his age, of Astronomy in the University of Glasgow. Mr John Gardiner, late bailie of that burgh.

- At Arniston, the Right Hon. Robert Dundas 30. At Dumfries, Mrs Dick Glencross, daughter of Arniston, late Lord Chief Baron of the Court of of the late Alexander Ferguson, Esj. of Cailloch. Exchequer,

- At Ashgrove, Jane, daughter of James Coull, 18. At Edinburgh, John Anstruther, Esq. of ArEsq. of Ashgrove.

dit. 31. At Edinburgh, William Lawson, Esq. late of - At his house at Hawkfield, Mr John Crokat. Girthead.

20. Mr Robert Howdon, farmer, West Garleton - Edward, infant son of Robert Forsyth, Esq. 21. At Duddingstone, Edward, youngest son of advocate.

Mr Edward Sandeman, Forth-street, Edinburgh. - At Dornoch, John Law, Esq. advocate in - At Newton Stewart, Mrs Jean Scott, widow Aberdeen, sheriff-substitute of the county of Suther- of the late Rev. Dr Scott of Foulshields, minister land.

of Twynholm. June 1. In consequence of a fall from his horse, - At London, a few days after his retum frota aged 30, Mr James Weir of Clonkeen, surgeon. India, Lieut. Thomas Carmichael, of the Hon.

- At Cassencarie, Mrs Campbell, wife of Geo. East India Company's service. Muir Campbell, Esq. writer to the signet.

At Glassinount, Alexander, youngest son of - At his house, Howard-place, Edinburgh, the the late Burridge Purvis, Esq. of Glassmount. Rev. Thomas Miller, D. D. minister of Cuinnock, - At Edinburgh, Mrs Marion Begg, widow of Ayrshire, aged 80 years.

William Begg, Esq. Leith. - At her aunt's house, Thistle-street, Edinburgh, - Mrs Isabella Webster, wife of Mr Charles Elizabeth Campbell Dallas, aged 4 years and 10 Campbell, teacher, Canongate, Edinburgh. months, only child of the late Torquill Dallas, Esq. 22. At Leith, Alison, youngest daughter of Mr

2. At Lauder, Mrs Jessy Allan, spouse of Alex. William Lindsay: Dawson, Esq. chief magistrate of that burgh,

- At Leith, Margaret, third daughter of Mr 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Graham of Orchill. Thomas Newbigging, wine-merchant. - At Cockenzie, William Thornburn, Esq. late At Grange, Burntisland, Jane, youngest of the North West Coinpany.

daughter of Mr James Hamilton, accountant-gene - At Kilmarnock, Thomas Greenshields, Esq. ral of Excise.

1. At Anderston, the Rev. James Stewart, mi. 24. At Edinburgh, aged 85 years, Gavin Ralston, nister of the relief congregation there, in the 74th Esq. of Ralston, barrackmaster of Piershill bar year of his age, and the 14th of his ministry. racks. He was the chief of the very ancient and re

5. At London, Lieutenant General Sir James spectable family of Ralston of that ilk, who held Campbell of Inverneil, Bart. G.C. H. and K. S. F. Jarge estates in the county of Renfrew and Ayi.

- At her house, James':-square, Edinburgh, Mrs From his social and convivial disposition, and the March, in the 80th year of her age, much regretted. genuine goodness and benevolence of his heart, he

6. At Barnton house, Jean, fourth daughter of was highly esteemed during life, and his death rethe late George Ramsay of Barnton, Esq.

gretted by his friends. - At Sanquhar, Mr William Otto, lately pro- Lately-At his lodgings on the North Parade, vost of that burgh.

Bath, Dr Samuel Solomon, of Gilead-house, Le-- At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Tait, spouse of Mr verpool. William West, St Andrew's-street.

The Earl of Stamford and Warrington, Lord - At Edinburgh, John Young, Esq. of Bell- Lieutenant of the county of Chester. His Lordwood, Perthshire.

ship was the fifth Earl of Stamford, and first Earl - At Kirkhill, aged 15 months, Jane Mary, of Warrington. He is succeeded in his titles and youngest daughter of John Tod, Esq. writer to the estates by his eldest son, George Harry, now Earl signet.

of Stamford and Warrington, bom in 1765. 7. At the manse of Leuchars, Isabella, infant At Saint Maur, near Paris, aged 20 years, Madaughter of the Rev. David Watson.

dame the Countess Jules de Polignac. 8. At Bowmore, in Islay, Mr Fulton, for many At London, Phillip Dauncey, Esq. King's counyears schoolmaster of the parish of Killarrow. sel, and a distinguished ornament of the English

- At Sunnyside, Samuel Sandys, Esq. formerly of Liverpool, aged 85.

Stamp, Esq. of Queenborough, aged 80, - At Warriston-crescent, John Drummond Orr, who had been mayor of that burgh several times. the infant son of Mr John Orr.

He is reported to have died worth £30,000, but his - At Edinburgh, Charles Augustin Hallard, appearance indicated even abject poverty: he has eldest son of Mr Hallard, George-street.

left no issue, and is said to have bequeathed his sis9. At Beverley, aged 86 years, General George ter (the inmate of a neighbouring poop-house) the Garth, colonel of the 17th regiment of foot. interest of only £500; the rest to persons of Do

11 At Portobello, aged 17 months, William, kin : he put on a new suit of clothes to die in. eldest son of Mr William Watt, surgeon.

At the Royal Military College, London, Janet, - Mr Archibald Dickson, junior, seedsman,

the wife of Colonel Butler, the fieutenant-governor. Hawick.

At a very advanced age, at his residence in Po - At Ludin-house, James Mayne, Esq. late of land-street, London, the reverend and venerable Powis and Logie.

Dr Strickland, grand provincial of the English Je 12. At Edinburgh, suddenly, Mrs Janet Strath- suits, and rector magnificus of the great college of enry, Nicolson-street.

Stoneyhurst, in Lancashire. Dr Strickland being 13. At Edinburgh, William Arnot, Esq. of Lum- the head of the very ancient family of Strickland, quhat.

of Sizher-park in Westmoreland, and Standish-hall - At Orchardhead, in the parish of Interkeith- in Lancashire, inherited an estate of upwards of ing, Mrs Alison Cunninghame, spouse of Mr Wil- £16,000 per annum, which he relinquished in fa liam Walker, fanner there.

vour of his second cousin, the present Mr Standish - At Walkinghaw, Miss Campbell, Blythswood. Strickland, as his vows as Jesuit would not permit

11. At Edinburgh, Graham Craufuird, daughter of his having any worldly property. of Archibald Craufuird, Esq. writer to the signet. At Highfield-park, Hants, the Hon. Lady Pitt,

- At Tillery, John Chambers Hunter, Esq. of relict of General the Right Honourable Sir Wilham Tillery.

Augustus Pitt, K. B. &c. and sister to the late Ad. 15. In her house, North St David-street, Edin- miral the Earl Howe. burgh, Mrs Georgina Wa ker Wilson, widow of At Mansfield, George Cartwright, Esg. aged 80, James Fraser, Esq. treasurer to the bank of Scot- formerly aid-de-camp to the Marquis of Granby in land.

Germany, and afterwards author of a Journal of - At Colebrook-terrace, London, John Gardner, his Residence and Adventures for some years in Esq. late banker in Edinburgh.

Labrador. At Aberdeen, Mr Williain Knight, bookseller. Al Brook-green, London, aged 19, Willian, 16. Alexander, eldest son of Mr James Dickson, eldest son of Lieut.-Colonel John West, late comPilrig-street. Leith-walk, Edinburgh.

manding the 3d royal veteran battalion. 17. At Saw-mills, Leven, Mr John Balfour, in At Lane-lodge, at the advanced age of 105 years. the 89th year of his age.

Major Leary.


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