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Monasteries in Devon. 1820, 8vo.

Privately printed. Hibbert, 5771, 15s. Monasticon Dioecesis Exoniensis; being a Collection of Records and Instruments illustrating the ancient conventual, collegiate, and eleemosynary Foundations in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon. With a SUPPLEMENT, comprising a List of the Dedications of Churches in the Diocese. Exeter, 1846, folio, pp. 493, besides title, dedication, contents, a list of subscribers, xii leaves; 2 plates of illu

minated letters from an ancient Psalter belonging to the Dean and Chapter, and three of engraved seals. The book pub. at 47.; the Suppl. at 12s. 6d.

Collections towards illustrating the Biography of the English, Scotch, and Irish members of the Society of Jesus. Exeter, 1838, 8vo.-Lond. Dolman, 1845, 8vo. pp. 282, only 250 printed.

Exeter, containing the Traditions of Lincoln Heath. 1838, 8vo. 5s.

The History and Antiquities of St. James's Church, Grimsby. 18-,8vo. 1s. 6d.

Ecclesiastical Antiquities in Devon, being Observations on several Churches in Devonshire, &c. Lond. Nichols, 1844, 8vo. 3 vols. 3 plates, 17.

Exeter, 1821, 8vo.
Exeter, 1821, 8vo.

Visit to Exeter. Hibbert, 5772, 8s. History of Exeter. Drury, 2909, 8s. 6d. Collections illustrating the History of the Catholic Religion in the Counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, and Gloucester, (in two parts) Historical and Biographical; with Notices of the Dominican, Benedictine, and Franciscan Orders in England. Lond. Dolman, 1857, 8vo. pp. 576, 12s.


OLIVER, Rev. George, D.D. tory and Antiquities of the Town and Minster of Beverley, in the County of York. Beverley, 1829, 4to. 2 vols. (generally bound in 1), numerous plates, 21. 2s. LARGE PAPER, 31. 3s.

An historical and descriptive Account of the collegiate Church of Wolverhampten. Wolv. 1836, Evo. plates, 7s.

The existing Remains of the ancient Britons, within a small District lying between Lincoln and Sleaford; in a Letter to Sir E. F. Bromhead. Lond. 1847, 12mo. 1s. 6d.

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Masonic Works.

The Antiquities of Freemasonry; comprising Illustrations of the five grand Periods of Masonry, from the Creation of the World to the Dedication of Solomon's Temple. Lond. 1823, 8vo. four maps, 12s.

New edition, improved. Lond. 1843, 8vo. 10s. 6d. LARGE PAPER, roy. 8vo. 16s.

reduced 12s.

The Star in the East, shewing the Analogy which exists between the Lectures of Freemasonry. The Mechanician of Initiation into its Mysteries, and the Christian Religion. Lond. 1825, fcap. 8vo. 5s. 6d.-New edition, revised and enlarged. Lond. 1842, fcap. 8vo. 5s. 6d.

Signs and Symbols, illustrated and explained in a Course of twelve Lectures on Freemasonry. (Vol. I.) Grimsby, 1826, 8vo. 9s.-Second edition. Lond. 1837, 8vo. 9s.-New edition. Lond. 1857, 12mo. 7s.

Signs and Symbols, Vol. II.; or the History of Initiation, in twelve Lectures; comprising a detailed Account of the Rites, Ceremonies, &c. of all the Secret Institutions of the ancient World. Lond. 1829, 8vo. 7s. 6d.-New edition. Lond. LARGE PAPER, 16s.; 1841, 8vo. 10s. 6d. reduced, 12s. Illustrations of Masonry. By W. PresFourteenth edition, with copious Notes, and bringing the History of Freemasonry down to the Year 1829, by the Rev. G. Oliver, D.D. Lond. 1829, 12mo. 8s. Fifteenth edition, 1840, 9s.- Sixteenth edition, 1849, 9s.


Masonry, in XII Lectures. Lond. 1840, The Theocratic Philosophy of Free 8vo. 10s. 6d. — New edition, with additional notes and Illustrations. Lond. 1856,

12mo. 7s.

Brief History of the Witham Lodge, Lincoln. Lond. 1841, 8vo. 1s. 6d.

History of Freemasonry from 1829 to 1841. Lond. 1841, 12mo. 4s.

The Historical Land Marks, and other Evidences of Freemasonry explained in a series of Practical Lectures, with copious Notes, Portrait, and Illustrations. Lond. 1844-6, 8vo. 2 vols. 2, LARGE PAPER, roy. 8vo. 31. 6s.

Jacob's Ladder; the Ascent to Heaven plainly pointed out in a Series of practical Sermons. Lond. 1845, 12mo. 4s. red. 2s. 6d.

An Apology for the Freemasons. Lond. 1846, 8vo. 1s.

Some Account of the Schism during the last Century amongst the free and accepted Masons in England, &c.; in a Letter to Dr. R. T. Crucifix. Lond. 1847,8vo.2s. 6d.

OLIVER, Rev. Geo.-continued. The Origin of the Royal Arch Degree; the Insignia of the Royal Arch Degree illustrated and explained. Lond. 1847, 8vo. woodcuts and plate, 5s. 6d. A Mirror for the Johannite Masons. In a Series of Letters. Lond. 1848, fcap.

8vo. 5s.

Institutes of Masonic Jurisprudence; being an Exemplification of the English Book of Constitutions. Lond. 1849, 12mo. -Again, 1859, 12mo. 9s.

Book of the Lodge, or Officers Manual. Lond. 1849, 12mo. 4s.-New edition, to which is added A Century of Aphorisms, 1856, 12mo. 5s.

The Symbol of Glory, showing the Object and End of Masonry. In thirteen Lectures. Lond. 1850, 8vo. front. 10s. 6d.

The Revelations of a Square, exhibiting a graphic Display of the Sayings and Doings of Masons. Lond. 1855, 12mo. with curious engravings, 9s. 6d.

Portrait of the Rev. Dr. Oliver in Masonic Costume, engraved on steel, 9 by 5 inches, 1s. India paper, 1s. 6d.

The Golden Remains of the early Masonic Writers. For this, and other books on Freemasonry edited by Dr. Oliver, see FREEMASON, p. 838.

OLIVER, Peter, LL.D. The Scripture Lexicon: or, a Dictionary of above 4000 proper names of Persons and Places mentioned in the old and new Testament; divided into Syllables with their proper Accents. Oxford, 1810, 8vo. 6s.

A useful work. With an Appendix. Birmingham, 1784-5, 8vo. 4s.-1792, 8vo. Williams, 1267, 12s.-Oxford, 1818, 8vo. 8s.-Lond. Washbourne, 1843, 18mo. 3s. 6d. --Edited, with an explanation of obsolete words, by the Rev. H. C. Cotton. Oxford, 1832, 12mo. 68.

Thomas. The new Handling of the Planisphere. By Thomas Olyver. 1601.

- William, M.D. A practical Dissertation on Bath Waters. Lond. 1707, 8vo.

'A full and finished practical discourse.' -Nicolson.

OLIVER of Castile. The Historye of Olyuer of Castylle and the fayre Helayne. Lond. by W. de Worde, 1518, 4to.

Heber, pt. vi. 67. 16s. wanting title-page. It ends on the reverse of the fourth leaf after sign. Qiiij. The signatures run in fours and eights alternately.

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ONESIMUS, (i. e. P. L. Courtier). The Pulpit; or a biographical and literary Account of eminent popular Preachers; interspersed with occasional clerical Criticism. Lond. 1809-14, 8vo. 3 vols. 18s.

This work occasioned some controversy. ONOSANDER. Onosandro Platonico, of the generall Captaine and of his Office, translated by Peter Whytehorne. Lond. 1563, 12mo.

17. 18.

BLACK LETTER. Dedicated to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk. 136 pages, besides 3 leaves of preface, 3 of table, and 1 of imprint.

OPENSHAW, Robert. Short Questions and Answeares, conteining the Summe of Christian Religion, newly enlarged with the nies of Scripture. 16mo.

E 7, in eights. The dedication is dated 28 Jan. 1584.

O'PHELAN, John. Epitaphs on the Tombs in the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny, with a Preface, and Observations on the Round Towers of Ireland. Dublin, 1813, folio, 9s.

The Testimonies of Scripture quoted in Pagets Catechisme. Lond. 1582, 18o. Meditations on eternal Judgment. Lond. 1587, 16mo.

OPIE, John, R.A. Lectures on Painting, delivered at the Royal Academy of Arts; with a Letter on the Proposals for a public Memorial to the naval Glory of Great Britain. To which are prefixed, a Memoir of his Life, by Mrs. Opie, and other Accounts of his Life and Character. Lond. 1809, 4to. portrait, 10s. 6d.

Dent, pt. ii. 864, 6s.

OPPIAN'S Halieuticks; of the Nature of Fishes and Fishing of the Ancients, in five Books. Translated from the Greek; with an Account of Oppian's Life and Writings, and a Catalogue of his Fishes. Oxford, 1722, royal 8vo. 7s. 6d.

The translators of this celebrated work were Messrs. Diaper and Jones, M.A. both of Baliol College, Oxford. Nassau, pt. i. 2466, 6s. Hibbert, 5785, 8s. 6d. Stanley, 139, morocco, 11. 3s. Dent, pt. ii. 45, morocco, 17. 15s.

The first Book of Oppian's Cynegetics: or Poem of Hunting; trans. into English Verse; with a Dissertation and Oppian's Testimo-Life prefixed, by John Mawer, A.M. York, T. Gent, 1736, 8vo. 6s.-New title, Lond. Lond. 1590, 1736, 8vo.

OPUSCULA MYTHOLOGICA, Ethica et Physica, Gr. et Lat. a Tho. Gale. Cantab. 1671, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

A much-improved edition of this work appeared at Amsterdam, 1688, in 8vo. Contents.--Palæphatus, Heraclitus & Ano

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nymus de Incredibilibus; Phurnutus de Natura Deorum; Sallustius de Diis; Ocellus Lucanus; Timæus Locrus de Anima Mundi; Demophili, Democriti et Seeundi Philosophorum Sententiæ; Joannis Pedrasimi Desiderium de Muliere bona et mala; Sexti Pythagorei Sententiæ; Theophrasti Characteres ; Pythagoreorum Fragmenta, et Heliodori Larissæi Capita Opticorum. The latter is not included in the Amsterdam edition of 1688, which in all other respects is the best.

Opusculum de universali Mundi Machina. Lond. R. Pynson, n. d. 4to. In a volume. Heber, pt. iv. 2820, 67.

ORANGE, House of. Lives of the Princes of the illustrious House of Orange. Lond. 1734, 8vo. 6s. with portraits.

Williams, 1192, morocco, 17. 1s. Copies on FINE PAPER. See MAURIER, Baron.

A Declaration and Publication of the Prince of Orange, contayning the Cause of the necessary Defence against the Duke of Alba. Lond. by John Day, 16mo. Eleven leaves, dated 'Geven the 20 of July, 1568.' Inglis, 1074, 5s.

The Prince of Orange's royall Entertainment of the Queen of England. Lond. 1641, 4to.

An Ordinance of the Prince of Orange in Behalf of the Queen of England, forbidding Delinquents to come within ten miles of her Majesty's Court. Whereunto is added the Manner of settling her Majesties Court at the Hague. Lond. 1641,

Inglis, 1075, 11. 6s. Sotheby, Apl. 1857, 137. 10s.-Lond. 1547, 12mo. In University Library, Cambridge. - Lond. Gul. Seres, 1560, 12mo. This appears to be the first Latin Prayer Book printed in Q. Elizabeth's Reign. Seres was suspended printing during the reign of Mary I., but regained his privileges after her death. 16mo. L 4, in eights. Heber, wormed, pt. v. in lot 5192.-Lond. Petyt, n. d. 4to. In King's Coll. Cambridge.

ORATIO Dominica, plus centum Linguis, Versionibus, et Characteribus reddita et expressa. Lond.. 1700, 4to. 7s. 6d.

Nassau, pt. ii. 575, 16s.

Oratio Dominica in diversas omnium fere gentium linguas versa, et propriis cujusque linguæ characteribus expressa; una cum dissertationibus nonnullis de linguarum origine, &c. ; editore Jo. Chamberlayno, [sive potius D. Wilkins]. Amst. 1715, 4to, 15s. A few copies were printed on LARGE PAPER, one of which, at Cail lard's sale, sold for 240 francs.

Supplication to the King of Spayne made by the Prince of Orange, &c. Translated by W. T. Lond. 1573, 16mo. 5s.

A Justification or Cleering of the Prince of Orendge against the false Slaunders wherwith his Illwillers goe about to charge him wrongfully. Lond. Day, 1575, 16mo. This was the famous justification by the Prince on the throwing off the allegiance of Spain. It consists of ninety-four leaves. Reed, 4505, 7s. Heber, pt. v. 2941, 2s. 6d.

The Prince of Orange's Supplication to the King of Spain. Lond. 1576, 4to.

The Apologie or Defence of Prince William of Orange, &c. against the Proclama-1823, Isæus, Eschines, Lycurgus, Dinartions and Edict, published by the King of chus, 6s. 6d. Vol. IV. (in 4 parts) 1823, Spaine. Delft, 1581, 4to. Bright, 2s. Re- Demosthenes, Bekkeri. printed in the Phenix.

A true Discourse of the Assault committed upon the Person of the Prince of Orange. Lond. 1582, 16mo. Gordonstoun, 807, 3s.


See BURTON, W. MEARES, W. WILLIAM III. King of England. ORARIUM, seu Libellus Precationum. Lond. Grafton, 1546, 16mo.

ORATIONES ex Poetis Latinis ex cerptæ. Oxon. 1711, 8vo. vol. 1. See BENTHAM, Edward. ORATORES ATTICI, Gr. ex recensione Immanuelis Bekkeri cum Indicibus a Tho. Mitchell. Oxon. 1822-28, 8vo. 10 vols.

In 1823, four leaves of addenda and corrigenda were published. Fifty copies of these 10 vols. were printed on LARGE PAPER, at 167. 10s. Contents. Vol. I. 1822, Antiphon, Andocides, and Lysias, 6s. 6d. Vol. II. 1822, Isocrates, 6s. 6d. Vol. III.

To these so-called 4 vols. which are in reality 7, are to be added the following 3 vols. of INDICES, which make up the 10 vols. enumerated in our leading title:

Indices Græcitatis in Oratores Atticos a T. Mitchell. Oxf. 1828, 8vo. 2 vols. 13s. Indices Græcitatis Isocraticæ a T. Mitchell. Oxf. 1828, 8vo. 6s. 6d. Nearly twenty years after the publication of these 10 vols. Bekker's Demosthenes having become out of print, Dindorf was employed to re-edit it, and in doing so added Annotations and Scholia, and subsequently Scholia to Eschines. The vols. are thus stated in the Oxford Catalogue:

DEMOSTHENES, ex recensione G. Dindorfii. Tomi IV. 1846, Svo. 21.

Tomi V. VI. VII. Annotationes.

Interpretum (in Demosthenem), 1849,

12. 14s. 6d.

DEMOSTHENES, Tomi VIII. et IX. Scholia (in Demosth.) 1851, 14s.

Scholia Græca in Eschinem et Socratem ex codd. aucta et emendata. Ed. Gul. Dindorfius. Oxf. 1852, 8vo. (a very thin volume) 3s. 6d.

It will be seen that, with Dindorf's additions, the Oxford Oratores Attici now form 16 vols. 67. 11s. No LARGE PAPER copies of Dindorf's volumes have been printed. ORATORES ATTICI et quos sic vocant Sophiste. Cum notis Reiskii, Schæferi et Variorum. Opera et studio Guil. Steph. Dobson. Lond. J. F. Dove, 1828, 8vo. 16 vols. (pub. at 91.) 31. 3s. LARGE PAPER (pub. at 137. 13s.) 47. 4s, LARGEST PAPER, only 25 printed, (at 167. 16s. each) 67. 6s. Contains: Eschines, Andocides, Antiphon, Demades et Sophistarum, (Lesbonactis, Herodis, Antisthenis, Alcidamantis, Gorgie), quæ extant; Demosthenes, Dinarchus, Isocrates, Isæus, Lycurgus, Lysias.

ORCHARD of Sion. The Orcharde of Syon, in the whiche is conteyned the Reuelacyons of Seynt Katheryne of Sene, with ghostly Fruytes and precyous Plantes for the Helthe of Mannes Soule, Lond. 1519, folio.

An elegant specimen of W. de Worde's press, with cuts. By signatures it contains to B 4 in the second alphabet, in sixes, but the first alphabet has three characters after z. Prefixed are 9 leaves, containing prologues, &c. Sotheby's in 1823, wanting the prologue, 57. 15s. 6d. A copy on VELLUM. Dent, pt. ii. 930, with the plates illuminated, bound in velvet, 651. 2s.

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ORDINANCES and Orders. - All the several Ordinances and Orders made by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, concerning sequestring the Estates of Delinquents, Papists, Spies, and Intelligencers, together with Instructions for such Persons as are employed in sequestring of such Delinquents' Estates. Published by order of the House of Commons. 1650, 4to.

This compilation contains some Acts not to be found in Scobell's Collection. See HUSBAND.

ORDINARY OF CHRISTIANS.-The Ordynarye of Crystyanyte or Crysten Men, newely hystoryed and translated out of Frenshe into En

glysshe. Lond. by W. de Worde, 1502, 4to.

This work was of high reputation; being very frequently printed in the original French. A copy of the second edition, printed on VELLUM by Verard (in 1492, French), is among the choice books in the Grenville Collection. The English translation extends to U 4, in sixes, with a table 4 leaves; is adorned with cuts. Towneley, pt. i. 725, 77.-Lond. Worde? 1506, 4to. 218 leaves, including the table, adorned with cuts. White Knights, 4208, russia, 187.18s. Inglis, 1125, 27. 6s. Hibbert, 6025, russia, 117.12s. Kerr, 217. Sotheby, April, 1857, 16. 10s.

here in this Vale of Miserie. Translated

The Ordenarye for all faythfull Christians to lead a vertuous and godly Lyfe out of Doutch into Inglysh by Anthony Scoloker. Lond. by Anthony Scoloker for William Seres, 8vo. With a number of woodcuts. Lond. by Tho. Marshe, 1578, 16mo.

Ordynaries. Lond. by me Elysabeth Pykerynge, late Wyfe to Robert Redman, 1541, sm. 8vo, BLACK LETTER.

ORDNANCE SURVEYS AND MAPS. The Trigonometrical Surveys of Great Britain and Ireland, made by roval authority, were commenced as early as 1784, under the direction of General Roy; and the County of Kent was completed in 1790. The Surveys were continued by Capt. Colby and Capt. Mudge, and their Maps published in 1819, and seq. For been published under the direction of many years past, the Ordnance Maps have Lieut.-Col. Sir H. James, R.E., who is

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