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Oliver Oat-meale. Lond. by I. G. 1595, 4to.

A poetical tract. Bindley, pt. iv. 527, 10. 10s. Perry, 77. 10s. Jolley, 131. 5s.

OBADIAH. Abdias the Prophet interpreted by Thomas) B(ras-rious plates. bridge), Fellow Magdalene College in Oxforde. Lond. by Henry Binneman for Geo. Bishop, 1574,


A--G, in eights, dedicated to the Earle of Huntingdon, and one leaf containing errata. Williams, 3, morocco, 17. 18.

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- Rev. Paul. A practical Grammar of the Irish Language. Dub. lin, 1809, 8vo. 15s.

Lusorium; a Collection of Convivial Songs. 1782, 16mo. cu

Phoenician Ireland; translated from the Spanish of J. L. Villanueva, and illustrated with Notes. Lond. 1833, 8vo. 12s.


Heber, pt. vii. 8s.

OBSEQUENS, Julius. De Prodigiis. Oxon. 1703, 8vo.

A good edition, subjoined to Hearne's edition of Eutropius.

OBSERVATOR, The, by Sir Roger L'Estrange. folio.

This periodical paper, written to vindicate the measures of the court and the character of the king, from the charge of being popishly affected, commenced April 13, 1681, and was continued for some years. Heber, pt. ii. (2 vols. 1681 to 1685,), 5s. 6d. and vols. 2 and 3, 1687, 1s.

The Observator, with a Summary of Intelligence. This paper, the first number of which appeared Oct. 24-31, 1654, was continued for several years.

The Observator, for 1702, 1703, and 1704,

folio. By John Tutchin. Field, 971, 10s. This paper commenced April 1, 1702, and was published every Wednesday, at one penny. It excited much attention, and was extremely obnoxious to the Tories. It expired in 1712.

O'BRIEN, Henry. The Round Towers of Ireland; or the Myste-5 ries of Free Masonry, of Sabaism, and of Budhism for the first time unveiled. Prize Essay of the Royal Irish Academy, enlarged. Lond. 1834, 8vo. plates, 17. 10s. Bliss, 198.

OBSERVER, The, A Collection of moral, literary, and familiar Essays. (By Richard Cumberland.) Lond. 1785-90, post 8vo. 5 vols.

vols.-1798, 6 vols.-Third edition, 1808, Second edition. Lond. 1791, post 8vo. post 8vo. 3 vols. An esteemed work, since reprinted in the British Essayists.

OCCASIONAL PAPERS.-A Collection of the Occasional Papers. Lond. 1716-19, 8vo. 3 vols.


The authors of the Occasional Papers were the Rev. Joshua Barnes, Benjamin Avery, LL.D., Benj. Grosvenor, D.D., Sam. Wright, D.D., John Evans, D.D., Mr. Eames, and the Rev. Moses Lowman:

J. Focaloir Gaoidhilge-Sax- the initials of their names forming the Bhéarla; or, an Irish-English Dic-word Bagweel.'-MS. note by Dr. Henley. tionary. Paris, 1768, 4to. 37. 3s Hollis, 288, 7s. 6d. Gosset, 3776, 7s. Vol. i. -Second edition, revised and cor-i, to. xii. with a preface and a table of 1716, Nos. i. to xii. Vol. ii. 1717-8, Nos. rected by the Rev. Robert Daly. Dublin, 1832, 8vo. 18s.

contents to both volumes. Vol. iii. 1718-19, Nos. i. to xii. Heber, pt. vii. 7s.

In this edition each language is printed in its proper characters, not, as before, all in roman. For English-Irish part, see M'CUIRTIN, H. p. 1435.

The Occasional Paper, in ten Numbers. Lond. 1697-8, 4to. An anonymous publication by Richard Willis, Bishop of Win


OCCAM, or OCKAM, William of. Disputatio inter Clericum et Militem super potestate Prelatis ecclesiæ atque Principibus terrarum commissa in forma dialogi; et Compendium de Vita Antichristi. Colon. 1475, 4to.-Paris, 1498, 4to. and other editions.

A Dialogue betwene a Knyght and a Clerke concerninge the Power spiritual and temporal, by William Occham, the great Philosopher, in English and Latin. Lond. Tho. Berthelet, s. a. 12mo.-Again, 1540. This notable little tract was written in 1305, to silence the clergy, and answer

their unreasonable expectations that the Pope might exercise jurisdiction over the temporalities of Princes, and the Church be exempted from contributing to the relief of the poor or the security of the nation. See Oldys' B. Libr. 6-10. Fox's Martyrs, vol. i. 510. Caldecott, 17. 12s.

Dialogorum libri septem adversus hæreticos; et Tractatus de dogmatibus Johannis XXII. s. 1. [Paris, Stoll], 1476, fol. FIRST EDITION.-Lugd. 1495 and 1498, fol.

Opus nonaginta dierum et dialogi, compendium errorum contra Johannem XXII. Lovan. 1481, fol.-Lugd. 1495 and 1496, fol. Compendium Errorum Johannis Pape XXII. Lugd. 1496, fol.

Scriptum in primum librum sentenciarum, in quo theologica simul et arcium atque philosophie dogmata usque ad principia resolvuntur stilo clarissimo facili et apto. 1483, (s. 1.) folio. A copy is in the Lambeth Library.

Quodlibeta septem. Paris, 1487, 4to.Idem, cum Tract. de sacramento altaris. Argent. 1491, fol.

De sacramento altaris. Paris, 1513, 8vo. -Venet. 1514, fol.

Tractatus Logicæ divisus in tres partes. Paris, 1488, fol. Centiloquium Theologicum. Lugd. 1494, 5, 6, fol.

Summa totius logicæ. Bon. 1498, fol.Ven. 1508, 4to.-Ven. 1532, fol.-Oxon. 1675, 8vo.

Summulæ in libros physicorum. Bon. 1494, fol.-Ven. 1506, 4to.

Quaestiones et Decisiones in quatuor libros Sententiarum. Lugd. 1495, 6, 7, fol. Expositio aurea super totam artem Veterem, continens hosce tractatus. I. Super Porphyrii Prædicabilia, II. in Aristotelis Prædicamenta, III. in libros duos Teр punvelas; una cum Quaestionibus Alberti Parvi de Saxonia; studio Marci de Benevento Cœlestini. Bon. 1495, fol.

Super potestate Pontificis octo quæstionum Decisiones. Lugd. 1496, fol.

Occam was the only schoolman whose writings Luther studied or kept in his

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Fouretene Sermons, concerning the Predestinacion and Eleccion of God: very expediente to the settynge forth of hys Glorye among his Creatures, Translated out of the Italian into oure natyue Tounge by A(nne) C(ook), (one of the daughters of Sir Anthony Cook, afterwards wife of Sir Nich. Bacon, and mother of the great Sir F. Bacon). Lond. by John Day, sm. 8vo. The whole contains H 7 in eights, Dedicated by A. C. to her Mother, the Lady F. Bliss, 16s.

A Dialogue of Polygamy and another of Divorce, rendered into English by a Person of Quality. Lond. 1657, 12mo. Bright

3s. 6d. Bliss, 3s. To this translation, dedicated to the author of 'Advice to a Son' (Francis Osborne), Madan in his Thelyphthora was under great obligation.

Two Dialogues on Polygamy and Divorce, with some Memoirs and Testimonies of the Life and Writings of Bernardino Ochin, will be found in Select and curious Cases of Polygamy, Concubinage, Adultery, Divorce, &c. seriously and learnedly discussed.' Lond. 1736, 12mo.

OCKLEY, Simon. History of the Saracens, containing the Lives of Mahomet and his immediate Successors, an Account of their most remarkable Battles and Sieges, and of the Religion, Rites, Customs, &c. of that warlike People. Third edition, with additions by Dr. Long; and a Plan of the Temple of Mecca, &c. Lond. 1757, 8vo. 2 vols.

A curious and very entertaining work. Heath, 2672, 17. 10s. Nassau, pt. i. 2449, 17. Hibbert, 5758,,1l. 7s. Williams, 1263, blue morocco, 47. 10s.-First edition, 1708. 8vo. 1 vol. Roxburghe, 8845, 98. 6d. Vol. ii.

appeared in 1718.-Second edition, 1718, 8vo. 2 vols. Willett, 1852, 178. LARGE PAPER. Bindley, pt. ii. 2037, 11. 3s.Fourth edition, in one volume, with Notes from the Works of later Writers, a Memoir of the Author, Synoptical View of the later Saracenic History, Index, &c. edited by Henry G. Bohn. Lond. (Bohn's Standard Library), 1847, post 8vo. port. 3s. 6d. Fifth edition, 1848.-Sixth edition, 1857.

Introductio ad Linguas Orientales. Cantab. 1706, 8vo. Hibbert, 5756, 2s. 6d.

History of the present Jews. With Fa. ther Simon's Account of the Samaritans and the Sect of the Carraites. Lond. 1707, 12mo, Reed, 5290, 6s.

An Account of the Authority of the Arabick Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, controverted between Dr. Grabe and Mr.

Whiston. Lond. 1712, 8vo.

An Account of south-west Barbary. Lond. 1713, sm. 8vo. Nassau, pt. i. 2451, 2s. Roxburghe, 7323, 3s. 6d. See ALI. JAAFAR, Abi.

OCLANDUS, Christoph. Anglorum Prælia, 1327-1558, Carmine perstricta. Item, Eircnarchia, sive de pacatissimo Angliæ Statu, imperante Elizabetha Narratio. Lond. excudebat R. Neuberie, 1580, 4to.

Editio altera. Hijs Alexandri Neuelli Kettum adiunximus. Lond. Nubery, 1582, 12mo. 3 parts.

Each of the pieces has a title-page so as to sell separately. The work was appointed by Q. Elizabeth and her privy council to be received and taught in every grammar and free-school within the kingdom, 'for the remouing of such lasciuious poets as are commonly reade and taught in the said grammar schooles.' Dent, pt. ii. 39, 4s. 6d. Bliss, 28. Nassau, pt. i. 2452, 9s.-Lond. 1580, 4to. Hibbert, 5845, morocco, 17. 11s. 6d.-1582, 4to.

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O'CLERY, Michael. Lexicon Hibernicum præsertim pro Vocabulis antiquioribus et obscuris. Lovanii, 1643, 8vo.

In this work many of the obsolete words in the Irish language are explained by modern words in common use. Gen. Vallancey, 61. 6s. Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June 25, 1858, 137. 5s. A transcript sold at Mason's sale in 1857, for 71.

Speculum vitæ, vel Desiderius. Lovan. 1616, 8vo. Printed in the Irish character. Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June 26, 1858, 31. 3s. In the Grenville Collection.

O'CONNOR, The. Chronicles of Eri: being the History of the Gaal Sciot Iber, or the Irish People. Translated from the original Manuscripts in the Phoenician Dialect of the Scythian Language. Lond. 1822, 8vo. 2 vols. portrait of the author, 10s. LARGE PAPER, 15s. Arthur. The State of Ireland. (Lond. 1798, 8vo. Not published.) Translated into French. Paris, 1804, 8vo. See BEAUTIES of the PRESS, 1800, page 140. Works; with an Abstract of Irish History, and of the Monarchs of the Belgian Dynasty. Cork, n. d. 8vo. 2 vols. A scarce work.


O'CONOR, Charles. Dissertations on the History of Ireland. Dublin, 1766, 8vo.

An elegant and valuable work. Garrick, 1698, 7s. Gosset, 3780, 9s. 6d. Boswell, 2082, 15s.

Towneley, pt. ii. 895, 199. Dublin, 1753, 8vo. a, b, c, B-R r, in fours. At page 43 a folding leaf of The Scotish Feadha or Letters, at p. 171 a map of Scotia antiqua, or Ireland. Lloyd, 400, 58.-1794, new title only.-Dublin, 1812,


An Account of the Nature and Conditions of a Charter to be granted for the working and manufacturing Mines and Minerals in Ireland. 1754.


- E. A Grammar of the Gaelic Language. By E. O'C. Dublin, 1818, 12mo. 4s.


- et Daly. La vie e le martyre du Rev. P. Frere Corneille O'Conor et du Frere Eugene Dalii, Religieux de l'ordre de Saincte Trinité et redemption des captifs au pays d'Hybernie, par F. J. de Vilette. Paris, 1645, 8vo.

Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June 25, 1858, 57. 7s. 6d.

OCTAVYAN. Here begynneth
Octavyan the Emperoure of Rome.
with a wood-cut on the title.
Lond. (probably by Copland), 4to.

Charles, D.D., Member of the Academy of Cortona. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the late Charles O'Conor, of Belanagare, Esq. M.R.I.A. Vol. I, (all printed.) Dublin, 1796, 8vo. portrait.

This biographical and genealogical work is of great rarity, a few copies only having been printed for circulation amongst the friends of the author. By some it is said to have been suppressed. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 568, morocco, 147. resold Heber, pt. iv. 61. No second volume appeared. Octauian Imperator. An ancient EnColumbanus ad Hibernos, or, seven Let-glish metrical romance printed in the third ters on the present Mode of appointing volume of Weber's Collection. It is reCatholic Bishops in Ireland, &c. Buck-markable for the singularity of its stanza, ingham, 1810-16, 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d. 'A sin- and its giving a curious specimen of the gular work, abounds with information.' Hampshire dialect, nearly as it is now C. Butler. Answered by Dr. F. Plowden. spoken.

Rerum Hibernicarum Scriptores. 181425-26, 4to. 4 vols. See IRELAND.

A Narrative of the most interesting Events in modern Irish History. 1812, 8vo. 7s.

Heber, pt. iv. imperfect at the end, 21. 11s.

OCTAVIAN, Emperor of Rome, a Romance. Oxford, 1809, post 8vo. Fifty copies of this elegant translated abridgment, from a French MS. in the Bodleian Library, were printed for private distribution by the Rev. J. J. Conybeare. Bindley, pt. iii. 268, 15s. Inglis, 1070, 17. Boswell, 2472, 1, 4s. Bishop Randolph, 931, 27. 2s. Bright, 98..

Another version, from MSS. at Lincoln and Cambridge. See PERCY SOCIETY, APpendix.

OCTOBER CLUB. History of the Lond. 1711, 8vo.

Appeal to the Pope. Lond. 1822, 8vo. Bibliotheca MS. Stowensis: a descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the

O'DALY, Dom. de Rosario. Initium, Incrementa et Exitus Familiæ Geraldinorum Desmoniæ Comitum, Palatinorum Kyerriæ in Hibernia, ac

nor, D.D.

Stowe Library, by the Rev. Charles O'Co-Persecutionis Hæreticorum descriptio, ex nonnullis Fragmentis collecta, ac Latinitate donata. Ulyssip. 1655, 8vo.

Buck. 1818-9, 2 vols. and an Appendix, 4to. Eyton, in 1848, russia,

157, 15s. Of this elaborate and valuable catalogue 200 copies were printed at the expense of the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. [The MSS. are now in the possession of the Earl of Ashburnham, who purchased them in 1849 for 8000l. after they had been catalogued for public sale by Messrs. Sotheby and Wilkinson. His Lordship, at the same time, obtained nearly the whole impression of the auction catalogue, of which some copies were on LARGE PAPER, sm, 4to.]

Collation. Pp. 1-403; title and prefatory matter, 41 leaves; index, &c. 9 leaves. Bindley, pt. ii. 2186, 217. resold Heber, pt. iv. 127. Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June 25, 1858, 157.

ODDITIES.-Book of Oddities, or wonderful Story-teller, by Jacky Strange. Lond. Cooke, n. d. 12mo. Nassau, pt. i. 285, 12s.

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The compleat Office of the Holy Week, with Notes and Explications out of Latin and French (by Walter Kirkham Blount). Lond. 1687, 8vo. With plates by Hollar.

Office of the B. V. Mary. Antwerp, 1604 and 1615, sm. 8vo.-Rouen, 1632.-St. Omers, 1651.-Antwerp. (Lat. and Eng.) Hawtrey, pt. ii. 17. 2s. The Roman Ca1652.-Lond. by Henry Hills, 1687, 8vo.

tholic form of prayer published by order of King James II. Garrick, 1704, 2s.

Modern editions of all the Roman Catholic Service Books are kept in print.

of this Roman Catholic Service are noted..

by-In English, 1531, 8vo.-Latin, 1534, 8vo, -Latin and Eng. 1535, 8vo.-Latin and Eng. Lond. 1536, 8vo.-Rothomagi, Lat. and Eng. 1538, 8vo.-Rothomagi, Lat. and Eng. 1556.-Lat. and Eng. Lond. 1557, 8vo.

Also three other editions in 8vo and 4to. printed at London without dates.

The Office of the Holy Week. Paris, by the widow Chrestien, 1670, 8vo. with plates by Hollar. Bliss, 5s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 569, 17. 2s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2030, 14s. 6d. White Knights, 3149, 17. 11s. Nassau, pt. i. 2454, morocco, 17. 15s. Towneley, pt.-. 567, 5l. 2s. 6d.

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See Bibl. Harleiana, 8vo. vol. i. p. 90, where a copy of this date is described as being on VELLUM, and other impressions

O'FLAHERTY, Roderic. Ogygia, sive Rerum Hibernicarum Chronologia. Lond. 1685, 4to.

A great fund of knowledge and information relating to Irish transactions and æras. Hibbert, 5847, 17. 6s. Heber, pt. i. fine, morocco, 21. 12s. 6d. The volume consists of pages 44 and 700, not including title, epistola dedicatoria Jacobo Duci Eboracensi et Albaniensi, approbatio Dom. Dudlei Loftus D. Richardi Belling litera, seven leaves.

Ogygia; or, a chronological Account of Heley, A.B. Dublin, 1793, 8vo. 2 vols. Irish Events, translated by the Rev.James Sotheby's in 1825, 11. 3s. Collation.-Vol. I. pp. lxxxiii. and 288,also a list of subscribers and errata, 8 pages. Vol. II. pp. 418, with title and contents, two leaves.

Ogygia vindicated against the Objections of Sir George Mackenzie, by C. O'Conor. Dublin, 1775, 8vo. Garrick, 1703, 11s. 6d.

O'GALLAGHER, Felix. An Essay on the Investigation of the first Principles of Nature; together with

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