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In several former preliminary notices I have called attention to some of the more important of my additions, and think it as well to continue the practice. I have therefore to state that the present part is increased full one-fourth on the original work, and every page materially enlarged, as reference to the following names, some of which are entirely new, will testify :M'CULLOCH, J. B. MACGREGOR, John. MACKINTOSH, Sir James. MALCOLM, Sir John. MANTELL, Dr. MANUALE AD USUM SARUM. MARKHAM, Gervase. MARRYAT, Capt. MARTIN, R. M. MARY STUART. MASSACHUSETTS. MATHER, Cotton and Increase. MENDHAM, Jos. MILMAN, Rev. H. MILTON John. MISSALE. MITFORD, Miss. MONTGOMERY, James and Robert. MOORE, Thos. MORE, Hannah. MORGAN, Lady. MORMON, Book of. MURRAY, Lindley. NAPOLEON. NEWMAN, J. H. NEWTON, Sir Isaac. NICHOLS, John. NICHOLSON, Peter. NICOLAS, Sir Harris. NORTON, Hon. Mrs. NowELL, Alexander. OLIVER, Rev. George. ORDNANCE SURVEYS. ORMEROD, George. OSSIAN. OTTLEY, W. G. OVID. OWEN, Rich.

It was not my original intention, as stated in a Notice to the Second Part, to introduce any names which had not already been given by Lowndes, taking it for granted that he would be complete to the date of publication, 1834, and that I should



merely have to continue his lists; and to this rule I at first adhered, but afterwards found so many important omissions in the department of contemporary Literature, that it became necessary to abandon the prescribed limit. Accordingly, the present part will be found to contain many such additional names as Capt. Marryat, Dean Milman, John Henry Newman, Sir Harris Nicolas, and Professor Owen; all of whom had acquired literary reputation before the period in question, and were better entitled to mention than some who have been included. The next part is in progress, and will, I hope, be published in the ensuing spring.

December 26th, 1860.




A. A true and admirable Historie of a Mayden at Confolens, in the Prouince of Poictiers, that for the space of three Yeares and more, hath liued, and yet doth, without receiuing eitherMeat or Drinke. Lond. 1604, 12mo.


Contains verses by Thomas Decker. Dedicated to the barbers-surgeons, by A. M. Bindley, pt. iii. 1296, 1. Gordon

stoun, 1192, 17. 6s.

M. A.-Falsehood in Friendship: or, Union's Vizard: or Wolves in Lambskins. Printed for Nat. Fosbrooke, 1605, 4to.

This discourse


Seventy-three leaves.
is otherwise called 'The Masque of the
League and the Spaniard discovered.'
M. A.-The Reformed Gentle-
Lond. 1693, 8vo.
Bliss, 3s. 6d.
M. A.-See MUDIE, Alexander.


M. C.-The second part of the historie, called the Nature of Woman, contayning the end of the strife betwixt Perseus and Theseus.

Lond. by the widow Orwin, 1596,


M. E.-See MANNING, Edward. M. F. F.-See MATTHEWS, Francis.


M. G.-See MARKHAM, Gervase. MARSHALL, George. MERITON, George. MYNSHUL, Geffray.

M. G.-The seconde and last part of the first Booke of the English Arcadia, making a compleate end of the first history. Lond. 1623, 4to.

Bright, 17. 13s.

M. G.-Hobson's Horse-load of Letters; or, a President for Epistles. Lond. 1617, 4to. Two parts.

Black letter. Caldecott, 17. 1s.
M. G. L.-See MEASON, G. L.
M. H.-See MORE, Henry.
M. H. A. T. H. P. See MAC-
MAHON, Hugo.

M. I.-The Funeral Sermon
preached at the Burial of the Lady
Jane Maitland, by Mr. I. M.
Edinb. 1633, 4to. See MAITLAND,
Lady Jane.

M. I.-Bachelour of Divinity. A Patterne for Women; setting forth the Life and Death of Mrs. Lucy Thornton, of Little Wratting in Suffolk. Lond. 1619, 12mo.

Bliss, morocco, 10s. 6d.
M. I.-The younger Brother his
Apologie. Oxford, 1634, 4to.

In the Malone collection.


M. E.-See MARBURY, Ed. M. E.-Saint Cicily, or the converted Twins, a Christian Tragedy.

Inglis, 949, 9s. M. I.-A breefe Directory, and M. C.-See MARLOWE, Christo-playne way howe to say the Rosary of our blessed Ladye with Meditations, &c. whereunto are adjoyned the Prayers of St. Bryget. Bruges Flandorum excud. H. Holost, 1576, a diminutive volume, size

Lond. 1666, 4to. 3s.

This play was published by M. Med-four inches by three. bourne.-1667, 4to. 3s.

Bliss, fine, in morocco, 31. 5s.

M. J.-A Healthe to the Gentlemanly profession of Serving men, or the Serving-Man's comfort, with other things not impertinent to the premises, as well pleasant as profitable to the reader. Lond. by W. W. 1598, 4to.

Black letter. Bright, the margin stained, 17. 16s. In the Malone Collection.

M. J.-News from Hell, Rome, and the Innes of Court: wherein

is set forth the Coppy of a Letter written from the Devil to the Pope, &c. &c. published for the future Peace and Tranquillity of the Inhabitants of Great Britane, by J. M. 1642, 4to. woodcut on


This tract has been attributed to John Milton. White Knights, 3133, 13s. King and Lochée's in March, 1810, 11s. 6d. Skegg, 5s. Heber, pt. vii. 6s. It is reprinted in the seventh volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

A Reply to the Answer (printed by his Majesties Command at Oxford) to a printed Booke intituled 'Observations upon some of his Majesties late Answers and Expresses.' By J. M. Lond. 1642, 4to. Milton might be supposed to have been the author of this tract, were it not for the following passage at p. 20:'What have we to do with Aristocracy or Democracy? God be blessed, we nor know, nor desire, any other government than that of Monarchy !'

Salve for ye Blind, a Def. of ye Parlamt. by J. M. 1643, 4to. This tract has been erroneously attributed to Milton.

Jus Populi, 1644, 4to. This tract, containing many energetic sentiments and expressions, has been erroneously attributed to Milton.

Neutrality is Malignancy. By J. M. 1648, 4to.

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Lond. for John Perrin,

1591, 4to.

In the Malone Collection.
M. I. or J.- See MAIDMENT,

James. MARKHAM, Gervis, or Jer-

M. Sir J.-See MENNIS, Sir John.

M. L.-See MASCAL, Leonard.
M. M.-See CULROS, Elizabeth

Melvill, Lady. PARIS and VIENNA.
M. M. T.-See MORE, Thomas.
M. P.-Sundrie pleasant Flowres
of Poesie, newlie plucked from the
Hill Parnasse, by the Hand of
P. M. and very goodlie to smelle.

Lond. 1576. 4to.

for the Rev. Peter Hall. Two copies only. Said to be unique.-reprinted, 1823, 4to.

(Perhaps only a jeu d'esprit by the Rev. P. Hall. He presented one of the copies, said to be reprinted, to Mr. Grenville, in whose collection it has since passed to the British Museum.)


M. P.-The powerfull Favorite, the Life of Elius Sejanus. Paris, 1628, 4to.

satire against the Duke of Buckingham, Pp. 124. This tract, supposed to be a is the subject of a paper in the Craftsman. It has been ascribed to Pierre Mathieu, the French historian, and to Philip Massinger, our English dramatist. Gordonstoun, 1597. 78. Inglis' Old Plays, 7, 8s. 6d.-First Edition. Paris, 1628, 4to. pp. 62. Gordonstoun, 1596, 2s. See MATHIEU, P.

M. P.-King Charles his Birthwright. Edinb. 1633, 4to.

Four leaves. Bindley, pt. iv. 1072, 11. 16s. Reprinted in Various Pieces of fugitive Scotish Poetry,' edited by Laing.

M. P. D.-See MOULIN, P. du. M. R.-A newe Ballade, (beginning O dere Lady Elysabeth).

Without Place or Date.

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