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Crinoids of the Natural History Museum at Hamburg. Clark, A. H. IO C.

Smithsonian Inst.

Crooked trails. Raine, W: M. $1.25 n. Dillingham. Crookshank, F. G. Flatulence and shock. Chic., Chic. Med. Bk. 47 p. 8°, 80 c. n. Crowe, Jos. Archer, and Cavalcaselle, Giovanni Battista. A history of painting in north Italy, Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Ferrara, Milan, Friuli, Brescia, from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century; ed.

by Tancred Boremius. In 3 v. N. Y.,

Scribner. 12+300; 10+458; 11+581 p. (27 p. bibl.) pls. O. $18 n.

Crown and palms. De Waal, A. 25 c. n. Herder. Crowning phase of the critical philosophy. Macmillan, R. A. C. $3.25 n. Macmillan. Crystal stopper. Leblanc, M. $1.25 n.

Doubleday, Page. Cudahy, Patrick. Patrick Cudahy: his life. Milwaukee, Wis., Burdick & Allen. 5+13290 p. pls. pors. fold. facsim., 8°. (Priv. pr.) Cultivating the school grounds. Judd, Z. Gov. Pr. Off. Cummings, H: W., ed. See Blood, W: M., ed.

Cummings, W: Hayman. Dr. Arne and

Rule, Britannia. N. Y., H. W. Gray Co. 4+146+2 p. pls. pors. facsims. (1 fold.) D. $1.75.

Cumulative index and table of cases of the Harvard Law Review. Harvard Law Reiew. $1.50. Harvard Law Review Assn. Currey, J. Seymour. Chicago; its history and its builders; a century of marvelous growth. 5 v. Chic., S. J. Clarke Pub. c. il. pls. maps, 4°, $25.

Currier, Edn. Martin. Address or historical sketch delivered at a Currier family reunion, Toledo, O., October 31, 1910. Lowell, Mass., Courier-Citizen Co. c. 19 p. 8°, $1. Cushing, Harry Cooke, jr. Standard wiring for electric light and power as adopted by the fire underwriters of the United States; containing the national electrical code, explained and illustrated; together with the necessary tables and formulæ for outside and inside wiring and construction for all systems. 19th year, 1913, 19th ed. N. Y., H. C. Cushing, Jr. c. 188 p. il. tabs., diagrs., 16°, $1.

Custer, Milo. The Custer families. Bloomington, Ill., [The author.] 2+3-22 p. pls. pors. facsim., 8°, pap., $1.50.


Atkinson, Mrs. E. S. How and why library. $3.95. F. E. Compton & Co. Business man's encyclopedia. 2 v. $2. A. W. Shaw Co. Standard reference work. $21.75. Welles Bros. Pub. Cyrano. Damrosch, W. $4 n. G. Schirmer. Daily song; a yearbook of spiritual cheer. Howard, J: R., comp. $1.50 n. Dairy fundamentals. Erf, O. 50 c. O. Erf. Dairy technology. Larsen, C. $1.50 n. Wiley.


Dale, T: Nelson. The commercial marbles of western Vermont. Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 170 p. (6 p. bibl.) pls. fold. maps, diagrs., (part fold., part col.) 8°, (U. S., Geological. Survey, bull. 521.) pap.

Dalton, W: "Coon-can." Phil., Lippincott. 16°, 40 c. n.

Damrosch, Wa., and Henderson, W. J. Cyrano; opera in four acts, by Wa. Damrosch; book by W. J. Henderson, after the drama by Edmond Rostand; vocal score arranged by the composer. N. Y., G. Schirmer. 411 p. F. pap., $4 n.

Dana, R: H: The Trent affair; an aftermath. [Fenway, Bost., The author.] 20 p. 8°, pap. (Priv. pr.)

Dargan, Olive Tilford. The mortal gods and other dramas. N. Y., Scribner. 303 p. 8°, $1.50 n.

Dark, Sidney. The man who would not be king; being the adventures of one Fenimore Slavington, who was neither born great, nor achieved greatness, but had greatness thrust upon him, much to his own discomfort and the discomfort of many others. N. Y., J: Lane. 29+298 p. D. $1.25 n.

Dassler, C. F. W., rep. See Kansas. Supreme ct. Repts.

Daughter of Brahma. Daughters of dawn.

Data for use in designing culverts. Moorefield, C: H. 15 c. Gov. Pr. Off. Daughter of a rebel. Tyler, G. V. $1.25 n. Duffield. Wylie, I. A. R. $1.25 n. Bobbs-Merrill. Carman, B. $1.50 n. Kennerley. Davis, C: Gerard. Motor boating for boys. N. Y., Harper. c. 85 p. il. figs. D. 50 c. n. Davis, Edith Smith. A manual for the public schools explaining the use of the graded set of charts and giving supplementary lessons to aid in the teaching of the nature and effects of alcohol and tobacco. Evanston, Ill., Nat. W. C. T. U. c. 152 p. charts, 8°, 50 c.

Davis, Fs. Marion. A discussion of the proposed Oklahoma tax law: a plan providing for the self-assessment and self-collection of taxes on natural wealth and natural opportunity. Local tax, county and city option. Business men's relief. Laboring men's emancipation and nobody's oppression. Muskogee, Okla., Tax League. c. '12. 32 p. 8°,


Davis, Gherardi. The colors of the United
States army, 1789-1912. N. Y., Gilliss Press.
16+80 p. pls. (5 col.) 4°, pap. (Priv. pr.)
Dearmer, Percy, D.D. Everyman's history
of the prayer book; with 99 illustrations.
Milwaukee, Young Churchman. 23+256 p.
D., bds., 40 c.
Death by wrongful acts.

Tiffany, F. B. $6. Vernon Law Bk. Co. Debt, The. Westrup, W: $1.35 n. Crowell. Debussy, Achille Claude. Twelve songs; ed. and with preface by C: Fonteyn Manney; for high voice. Bost., Ditson. c. 50 p. F. pap., $1.25.

De Forest, Lockwood. Illustrations of de-
sign, based on notes of line as used by the
craftsmen of India. Bost., Ginn. c. '12. 8 p
pls. f°, $2.

De Gibergues, Bp. Holy communion; from
the French of the thirtieth thousand. N. Y.,
P. J. Kenedy & Sons. 187 p. S. 75 c.

Deibler, F: Shipp. The Amalgamated Wood

Workers' International Union of America;

a historical study of trade unionism in its

relation to the development of an industry.

Madison, Wis., Univ. of Wis. 237-211 p. (8

p. bibl.) O. (Bull. Economics and Political

Science ser.) pap., 40 c.

Thesis (Ph.D.), Univ. of Wis.

DEITZ, John F.

Phillips, T: W. Story of John F. Deitz.

50 C.

T: W. Phillips.

Delano, Edith Barnard. The land of con-

tent. N. Y., Appleton. c. 333 p. front. D.

$1.30 n.

De Leon, Edn. W. Some phases of work-

man's compensation in the United States;

address delivered before the Insurance So-

ciety of New York on December 17, 1912.

N. Y., Insurance Soc. of N. Y.

II p. O.

pap., gratis.

Delong, G: Keller.
Poems. 3 v. Penns-
burgh, Pa., The author. c. 06, '11-'13. pap.,
10 C.; 15 c.; 25 c.

Contents: Arm most strong, 25 c.; Darr Friar und

de Friary (in Pennsylvania Dutch), 10 c.; Idylls of

a lover, 15 c.

De Luxe Building Co., Los Angeles, Cal.

"Plan-kraft"; more homes by the De Luxe

Building Company for progressive people

who wish to build homes that are different;

introducing our latest and newest modified.

Swiss châlet and Japanesesque architecture,

together with a newer creation of the bun-

galow; two-story homes.

1913 ed. Los

Angeles, Cal., De Luxe Bldg Co. c. 56 p. il.

plans. obl. 12°, 25 c.

Demmon, F. N., ed.

General catalog of

officers and students, 1837-1911. Ann Arbor,

Mich., Univ. of Mich. 1096 p. 8°, $2.

Demorest, Dana Ja. The bismuthate meth-

od for manganese and A new method for the

determination of vanadium. Columbus, O.,

Ohio State Univ. 3-7 p. 8°, (Bull., v. 16, no.

27.) pap., gratis.

Demosthenes. Demosthenes on the crown;

ed., with introd. and notes, by Milton W.

Humphreys. N. Y., Am. Book Co. c. 306 p.

D. (Greek ser. for colleges and schools;

ed. by Herb. Weir Smyth.) $1.25.; Text ed.,

pap., 30 c.

Denison, T: Stewart. The Mexican-Aryan

sibilants; the noun endings, prefixes, posses-

sive pronoun compounds, etc.; with an ap-

pendix on comparative syntax. Chic., T. S.

Denison & Co. c. '12. 44 p. 8°, $1.

De Quincey, T: De Quincy's English mail-

coach and other writings; introd. by J. Hill

Burton. N. Y., Dutton. 16+340 p. 12°,

(Everyman's lib.) 35 c. n.; 70 c. n.

Descendants of Thomas Beach. Beach, M. E.

(Priv. pr.) Case. Lockwood & Brainard Co.

Descendants of William Shurtleff of Plymouth.

Shurtleff, B: $15.

B: Shurtleff.

Descriptive geometry. Millar, A. V. $1.50 n.


Desha, Orville U. Progressive, lessons in
Desha tangent shorthand. 8 v. Fort Col-
lins, Colo., Desha Pub. c. il. 8°, pap., $2.75.
De Shields, Ja. T. Border wars of Texas;
being an authentic and popular account, in
chronological order, of the long and bitter
conflict waged between savage Indian tribes
and the pioneer settlers of Texas. Matt
Bradley, revising editor and publisher. Ti-
oga, Tex., Herald Co. c. '12. 400 p. il. pls.
pors. maps, 8°, $2.10; mor., $2.75.

Design of simple steel bridges. Usborne, P.

O. G. $4 n.

Van Nostrand.

Detection of faulty sizing in high-grade pa-

pers. Sammet, Č: F.

Gov. Pr. Off.

Development of the human body. McMur-

rich, J. P. $2.50 n.


Development of the incandescent electric
lamp. Barham, G. B. $2 n. Van Nostrand.

Development of secondary school agriculture.

Babcock, E. B. gratis.

Univ. of Cal.

Devries, Ralph P. Comparison of five

methods used to measure hardness. July 22,

1912. Wash., D. C., Gov. Pr. Off. 27 p. il.

4°, (U. S., Bu. of Standards, Technologic
pap. no. II.) pap.

De Waal, A. Crown and palms; drama in
4 acts, adapted from the German, by a
Benedictine father from Conception Abbey.
St. Louis, Herder. 31 p. 8°, pap., 25 c. n.
De Weese, H. H. A man's measure. Co-
lumbus, O., [The author.] 23 p. S. pap., 25 c.
Diabetes. Macleod, J: J. R. $3 n. Longmans.
Dibblee, G. Binney The newspaper. . Y.
Holt. 256 p. S. (Home university lib.)

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with an introd. by R: Burton. Minneapolis,
Minn., E. D. Brooks. 73 p. S. bds., 75 c. n.
Diploma series. 8 v. Bost., Small, May-
nard. f°, ea., 25 c.

Contents: 1. Funny zoological A B C; 2, Jappy
jingles; 3, Little Red Riding-Hood; 4, Musical nurs-
ery rhymes: 5. Nursery alphabet: 6, Romps; 7,
Round the world in puff-puffs; 8. Tiles and tales.

[blocks in formation]
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Influence of the drama.
S. French.

Sutro, A. Open door. 25 c. Draper, W: H. Sir Nathan Bodington; a memoir. N. Y., Macmillan. 10+256 p. por. 12°, $1.75 n.

Dream of blue roses. Barclay, E. N. D. $1.25 Doran.


Dreamer, The. Meyer, Mrs. A. N. $1.

Broadway Pub.

Dreaper, W. P. Introduction to chemical research. Phil., Blakiston. 8°, $1. Drew, Monsignor Fs. Bickerstaffe-. "Ayscough, J:," pseud.


Drewry, G: J: Pick out your job; the new red book, giving a list of thousands of government positions not under civil service, and salaries. Wash., D. C., Nat. Pub. c. 104 p. 8°, $1.

Drews, Arth. The witnesses to the historicity of Jesus. Chic., Open Court. 320 p. 8°, $2.25 n.

Drift of romanticism. More, P. E. $1.25 n. Houghton Mifflin. Drug store bookkeeping. Cook, E. F. (Priv. pr.) E. F. Cook. Druliner, G: Washington. Druliner's price and profit tables; an accurate calculation of prices and net profits, as shown on a given price when a certain per cent. is allowed to conduct a business. Omaha, Neb., Omaha Pr. c. 59 p. tabs. obl. f°, $5.

Dryden, J, and others. Selected lyrics from Dryden, Collins, Gray, Cowper, and Burns; ed., with introd. and notes, by C: Swain Thomas. Bost., Houghton Mifflin. c. 6+89 p. D. (Riverside literature ser.) 25 c. n. Dublin University Press ser. O. Longmans. -Apollonius Rhodius. Argonautica. $4.50 n. Dubois, Paul, M.D. The psychological origin of mental disorders; auth. tr. by E: G. Richards. N. Y., Funk & W. c. 87 p. D. 50 c. n.

"Duchess," pseud. See Hungerford, Mrs. Marg. Wolfe Hamilton.

Duhm, Bernard. The twelve prophets; a version in the various measures of the original writings; auth. tr. by Archibald Duff. N. Y., Macmillan. 8+263 p. 12°, $1.25 n. Dujardin, Edouard. Source of the Christian tradition; a critical history of ancient Judaism. Rev. ed. Chic., Open Court. c. '12. 16+307 p. 8°, $1.50 n.

Dumas, Alexandre. Le chevalier de maison rouge; introd. by M. Julius Bramont. N. Y., Dutton. 14+356 p. 12°, (Everyman's lib.) 35 c. n.; 70 c. n.

Dunn, Allan. Care-free San Francisco. San Francisco, A. M. Robertson. 3+3-83 p. il. 8°, $1.

Dunne, Edm. Michael, Bp. Polemic chat. St. Louis, Mo., Herder. c. '12. 3+154 p. 8°,

50 c.; pap., 25 c.

Duval, Georges R. Written in the sand. Phil., Winston. c. 335 p. front. D. $1.20 n. Dwight, Herb. Bristol. Transmission line formulas for electrical engineers and engineering students. N. Y., Van Nostrand. c 6+137 p. D. $2 n.

Dyke, And. Lee. Dyke's automobile encyclopedia. 3d ed., rev. and enl.; in 40 parts, containing 239 charts; with a dictionary and index treating on construction, operation, repairing of automobiles and gasoline engines. St. Louis, Mo., A. L. Dyke. c. 4+ 557 p. il. 4°, $3.

[blocks in formation]


Eaton, Ja. Shirley. Handbook of railroad expenses. N. Y., McGraw-Hill. 559 p. 12°, $3 n. Eaton, Rev. Rob. Sing ye to the Lord; expositions of fifty psalms. 2d series. Louis, Mo., Herder. 10+402 p. 8°, $1.50 n. Ebin, Alex. B. "Fedia"; a comedy in three acts, four scenes; from modern life in New York; based in part on Tolstoy's tragedy, "The living corpse." N. Y., [The author.] 59 p. O. pap., 25 c.

"Portia in politics"; a play in 3 acts. N. Y., [The author.] 64 p. O. pap., 25 c. Ecce deus. Smith, W: B: $2.25 n.

Open Court. Am. Book Co.

Eclectic English classics. S.
-Stevenson. Treasure Island. 20 C.

Beveridge, W: H: Unemployment. $2.80 n.; formerly $2.40 n. Longmans.

Church, F. P. Modern credit methods.
Modern Methods Pub.

50 c.

[blocks in formation]

Fisher, I. Will the present upward trend of world prices continue? gratis. I. Fisher. Gibbon, I. G. Medical benefit. $2 n.

Dutton. Hobson, J: A. Causes of the rise in prices. Gov. Pr. Off.

International trade in farm and forest products, 1901-1910. Gov. Pr. Off.

Philadelphia. First National Bank. Credit service. gratis. First National Bank.

Ring, W. Selling in foreign markets. (Priv. pr.) Alexander Hamilton Inst. Seebohm, F. English village community. $2 n. Longmans. U. S. Congress. Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce. Trusts in foreign countries. Gov. Pr. Off.

U. S. Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Chemical industries of Belgium. - Cotton goods in Egypt.-Packing and marketing of cotton.-Shoe and leather trade in Scandinavia. Gov. Pr. Off. U. S. Dept. of Justice. Data relating to national banks. Gov. Pr. Off. Wrightington, S. R., and Rollins, W. A. Tax exempt and taxable investment securities. $5. Financial Pub. Edridge-Green, F. W. The Huntarian lectures on colour-vision and color-blindness. Chic., Chic. Med. Bk. 76 p. il. 8°, $1.50 n. EDUCATION.

Bachman, F. P. Attaining efficiency in city school systems. 25 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. Bone, W. A. Service of the hand in the school. $1 n. Longmans. Bryant, L. S. School-feeding. $1.50 n.

[blocks in formation]
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Oklahoma. Dept. of Education. Oklahoma high school manual. 35 c. n.

Harlow-Ratliff Co. Phipps, C: R. Ornamental and vegetable planting on the school grounds.

Pyle, W: H: chology. $1.25. Reber, L: E. schools. gratis.

Kan. State Norm. Sch. Outlines of educational psyWarwick & York. Industrial and continuation

Wis. State Bd. of Indust. Educ. Russell, J. E., and Bonser, F: G. Industrial education. 65 c.; 30 c.

Teachers' Coll. Columbia Univ. Sage (Russell) Foundation. Division of Education. Comparative study of public school systems. 5 c.

Sage (Russell) Found., Div. of Educ. Scott, W. World education. (3 p. bibl.) $1. W. Scott. Stevens, E. Y. Guide to the Montessori method. $1 n. Stokes.

Strayer, G: D., and others. Reports of the investigations by members of the Society of College Teachers of Education. 50 c. n. Univ. of Chic.

Sutton, W: S. Problems in modern education. $1.35 n. Sherman, French. Updegraff, H., and Hood, W: R. Comparison of urban and rural common-school statistics. Gov. Pr. Off. Werner, C. Bringing up the boy. $1 n. Dodd, Mead. For a complete list of the month's publications on EDUCATION see, besides the above, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES.


Edwards, Alb., pseud. See Bullard, Arth. Edwards, Matilda Barbara Betham-. Betham-Edwards, Matilda Barbara. Edwardes, Marion, and Spence, Lewis, comps. A dictionary of non-classical mythology. N. Y., Dutton. 12+214 p. il. (Everyman's lib.) 35 c. n.; 70 c. n. Effect of certain pigments on linseed oil. Boughton, E. W: 5 c. Gov. Pr. Off. Effect of lime sulphur spray manufacture on the eyesight. Withrow, J. R. gratis. Ohio State Univ.

Effective Bible study. Goodman, F. S. 25 c. Assn. Press. Efird, C. M. See South Carolina. Supreme ct. Repts. Egbert, Thdr. Baker. Egbert's parcel post directory and rate book for Chicago district. Chic., Egbert & Leonard, c. '12. 107 p. 8°, $4. Egbert's parcel post directory and rate book for New York district. N. Y., Egbert & Leonard. c. '12. 122 p. 8°, $4. Ego and his own. Stirner, M. $1.25.


Open Court. Leeder, S. H. Veiled mysteries of Egypt. Scribner. $3.75 n. Eigenmann, Carl H. The freshwater fishes of British Guiana, including a study of the ecological grouping of species, and the relation of the fauna of the plateau to that of the lowlands. Pittsburgh, Pa., Carnegie Inst. 20+578 p. il. pls. (1 col., incl. 33 maps) fo, (Carnegie Museum memoir.) $10.75; hf. mor., $12; pap., $10. Eighteen months' work. Commons, J: R. gratis.

Milwaukee Bu. of Economy and Efficiency. Elderkin, G: Wicker. Problems in Periclean building. Princeton, N. J., Princeton Univ. c. '12. 58 p. il. Q. (Princeton monographs in art and archæology.) hf. cl., $1.75, bxd.


Dwight, H. B. mulas. $2 n.

Heather, H. J. S.

$3.50 n.

Transmission line forVan Nostrand. Electrical engineering. Van Nostrand.


Electro-therapeutics for practitioners. Hum-
phris, F. H. $2.40 n.
Electron theory of magnetism. Williams, E:
Univ. of Ill.

H. Elliott, Howard. Address before the fiftysixth convention, American Association of General Passenger and Ticket Agents, Hotel Saint Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota, September 20, 1911. St. Paul, [The author,] 'II. 16 p. 8°, gratis.


Ellis, Eliz., ["Beth Ellis," pseud.] king's blue riband. N. Y., Doran. c. '12. 5+304 p. D. $1.25 n. Ely, Mary S. See O'Hara, Edith Cecilia. Emery, Frederic Barclay. The violinist's dictionary; containing nearly 2,000 words, phrases, references, etc., used in the study of the violin, fully explained, with a list of important composers of violin music, and of old violin makers, also rules for pronouncing foreign terms. N. Y., Scribner. III p. O. $1 n.

Emery School Art Company. Photographic reproductions; paintings, sculpture and architecture, by eminent artists of the past and present, foreign and American natural scenery and places. Bost., Emery Sch. Art Co. c. '12. 80 p. il. 8°.

Empery. White, S: A. $1.25 n. Outing Pub. Empire of India. Fuller, Sir B. $3 n.

Employers' manual. (Priv. pr.)

Little, Brown. Blackford, K. M. H. Emerson Co.

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