The Regulations and Establishment of the Houshold of Henry Algernon Percy, the Fifth Earl of Northumberland: at His Castles of Wresill and Lekinfield in Yorkshire. Begun Anno Domini M.D.XII.

[Privately] printed, 1770 - 464 páginas

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Página 414 - I myself thought good to imitate the Italian fashion by this forked cutting of meate, not only while I was in Italy, but also in Germany, and oftentimes in England since I came home...
Página 42 - My Lordes Chapleyns in Household vj. viz. The Almonar, and if he be a maker of Interludys, than he to have a servaunt to the intent for writynge of the Parts ; and ells to have non. The maister of gramer, &c.
Página 415 - First, 1641. At eleven o'clock in the forenoon the castle gates were shut, and the tables laid ; two in the dining-room ; three in the hall ; one in Mrs. Watson's apartment, where the chapJains eat (Sir Toby Matthews being the first) ; and two in the housekeeper's room, for the ladies
Página 427 - I know not whether the above offer was accepted, or the faid WillijKn WORME committed to durance in Alnwick Caftle : bu^ there is a tradition in the place, that an Auditor was formerly confined in the Dungeon under one of the Towers, till he could make up his Accounts to his Lord's Satisfaction. Page 330. It is perhaps needlefs to obferve that " Yeven," or Yoven," was anciently ufed for " Given:" fo " Yef,
Página 419 - The great chamber being served, the steward and chaplaine must sit down in the hall, and call unto them the gentlemen, if there be any unplaced above, and then the servants of the strangers, as their masters be in degree. " THE USHER'S WORDS OF DIRECTIONS. " First when they go to cover, hee must go before them through the hall, crying ' By your leaves, gentlemen, stand by.
Página 414 - For while with their knife which they hold in one hand they cut the meat out of the dish, they fasten their fork which they hold in their other hand upon the same dish...
Página 430 - Immedyatelye after the whyche, they go eyther to reasonyng in problemes or unto some other studye, untyll it be nyne or tenne of the clocke ; and there, beyng wythout fyre, are fayne to walk or runne up and downe halfe an houre to gette a heate on their feete whan they go to bed.
Página xii - My father was a yoman, and had no landes of hys owne ; onely he had a farme of iij. or iiij. pound by yeare at the uttermost, and hereupon he tilled so muche as kept halfe a dosson men. He had walke for an hundred sheepe, and my mother milked xxx. kyne. He was able, and did finde the king a harnesse, with him selfe and his horse, while he came to the place that he should receyve the kinges wages.
Página vi - As the king had his lords and grooms of the bedchamber, who waited in their respective turns ; so the earl of Northumberland was attended by the constables and bailiffs of his several castles, &c. : who entered into waiting in regular succession.
Página 431 - Henry had made for her a house of wonderfull working ; so that no man or woman might come to her, but he that was instructed by the king, or such as were right secret with him touching the matter. This house after some was named Labyrinthus, or Dedalus worke, which was wrought like unto a knot in a garden, called a Maze...

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