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ous Order, by the subtle Infuences of Attraction :

I would only, like the Herald before that illuArious Hebrew *, proclaim at every Turn, Bow the Knee, and adore the Almighty Maker ; magnify his eternal Name, and make his Praise, like all his Works, to be glorious.


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A Delightful Evening Walk; the unmolested

Enjoyment of such Pleasures owing to our late Victory over the Rebels, 1,&c. to 6,- The setting Sun,6-Twilight; its Usefulness; serious Confideration, 8-The dewy Coolnefs ; its beneficial Influence on Nature Returns of Solitude equally useful ta Man, 10—Angels our Spe&tators ; GOD ever présent, comfortable Improvement of this Truth, 13– The Day ended; the Swiftness, the Shortness of Time; the Work to be done while it lasts ; to squander it away, the most destructive Extravagance, 16-Theprofound Silence, 23-Universal Cefsation of Business, 25-The Variations of Nature, pleafing and advantagious, 28-Darknefs ; the ob liging Manner of its taking place; wild Beasts of the Defert, and Savages in human Shape, make ufe. of this opportunity, 31-Darkness renders the leaft Spark visible, and at the same time fratches from our Sight all the lovely Diftinations of Things, 35– Sleep ; its cbearing Nature; the Gift of Heaven; the fine Preparatives for its Approach; the Kinda nefs of Providence in guarding our Slumbers, 39–

Dreams ;

Dreams ; their unaccountable Oddness ; many

Peoples waking Thoughts ng less chimerical, 44-

A very fingular, and very happy Circumftante, et
tending Sleep and Dreams, 48-Ghosts ; our unrca-

fonable Timoroufness on this fanciful Occasion ; the

true Object of Fears tbe Reality and Defign of

Apparitions, deduced from a Pasage in Job, 50.-

The Owl; its glognay Difpofition ; the Unholy inca-
pable of relifding the Delights of Heaven, 58Owl
Screaming, supposed to be a Taken of Death; the

real Presages of this great Change i Prepara-
tion pointed out and prefjed, 60-The Nightingale;
her charming Sang entertains the Lovers of Ree
tirement ; how to have a sweeter Melody in our
own Breafts, 64-The very different circumstances
of Mankind, particularly of the Gay, and the Af-

flifted ; Address to the Devotees of Mirth and Sena

suality, 66The Glow-worm, and Ignis fatuus ;

the Pleasures of the World, and Powers_of. unen-

lightened. Reafon, 715 A Comet į imagined to be the

Eorerunner of Judgments Licentigusness abound-

ing in a Nation, a much more formidable. Omen; the

Diftemper among the Cattle, 73-Northern Lights;

the Paric they occasions the general Conflagration,

77--The Moon rifing ; brightens as the advances a

such phould be our moral Conduct,81sMoon opens.a.

majestic Scenes bow worthy-vár Admiration, 82

Mgon, moft: ferviceable: Appendage to our Globes:

844Meon, fbines with derivatiue Light ; Christians


receive their All from their Saviour, 86--Moon al-
ways varying ; the Things of this World liable to
"perpetual Vicissitudes ; our own Righteoufness une-
qual and imperfelt, our Redeemer's complete and
always the same, 88–Moon under an Eclipse ; ga-
zed at by Multitudes ; the Faults of eminent Per-
fons seldom escape Observation, 94-Moon reflected
by the Ocean ; the Virtues of Perfons, in diftin-
guished Stations, influential on others, 96- Moon
actuates the Sea ; the everlasting Joys of Heaven
attract and refine the Affections, 97Prayer a
reasonable Service, Praise a delightful Duty ;
with devout Recollections proper for the Night.




N I G H T.

SHE Business of the Day dispatch

ed, and the sultry Heats abated, T invited me to the Recreation of a

Walk : A Walk, in one of the

fineft Roceles of the Country; and in one of the most pleasant Evenings, which the Summer-Season produced.

The Limes and Elms, uniting their Branches over my Head, formed a verdant Canopy, and cast a most refreshing Shade. Under my Feet lay a Carpet of Nature's Velvet; Grass intermingled with Moss, and embroidered with Flowers. Jessamines, in Conjunction with Woodbines, twined around the Trees, displaying their artless Beauties to the Eye, and difVOL. II,



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