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young soldier, and afford an easy means of reference to the old, is the professed design of the “ MILITARY HAND-Book.” Its plan will embrace every subject immediately connected with the Art of War. Terms employed in Fortification, Engineering, Field Exercise, Artillery Practice, &c., shall be explained ; the leading incidents of the battles and sieges of modern warfare particularised; a condensed Memoir of distinguished Officers annexed; a correct Return of the Killed and Wounded in the different actions during the Peninsular and Belgian campaigns shall be added ; the whole interspersed with such anecdotical and explanatory details, as may assist the neophyte just entered on his honourable profession, and interest the veteran, who, “ with war's red honours on his crest,” has retired to the bosom of domestic quiet, to wear his latter days away among those who watched his manlier career with pride, and now ręgard his honoured age with reverence.

Nor would we confine the “ MILITARY HAND-Book” exclusively to the soldier's use. In its pages the civilian will find much to interest him. Although designed for persons of different pursuits, it will recal the triumphs of his country's arms, and facilitate his under.' standing details of past battles, which, from the frequency of military parlance in these descriptions, might otherwise be found unintelligible.

In point of execution, the “ HAND-Book” will be beautifully brought out, and every pains bestowed upon it by the Publishers, with a total disregard to expense, to render it worthy of the approbation and patronage of that honourable body for whose especial service it is principally intended. Its size will prevent its being an incumbrance to the soldier, even when on service ; while the extreme moderation of its price will render it attainable by all.

The MILITARY HAND-Book,” in One Volume post 8vo., handsomely bound, price not exceeding Eight or Nine Shillings, will be published in May, 1839.

Bradbury and Evans, Printers, Whitefriars.

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