Code for Classifiers: Principles Governing the Consistent Placing of Books in a System of Classification

American library association, 1928 - 128 páginas

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Página 78 - In the present work the attempt has been made to collect, arrange in order, and for the first time print in full all the actual quotations from the books of the Old Testament to be found in Philo's writings, and a few of his paraphrases.
Página 96 - THE GREAT DAYS OF VERSAILLES. Studies from Court Life in the Later Years of Louis XIV. By GF BRADBY, Author of " The Marquis's Eye," " Dick : a Story without a Plot,
Página 117 - The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. By J. Henry Lea and JR Hutchinson. (Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1909, pp.
Página 118 - The rulers of Strathspey; a history of the lairds of Grant and earls of Seafield.
Página 112 - Pp. viii -f- 209. LAW AND ITS ADMINISTRATION. By HARLAN F. STONE, LL.D., Dean of the School of Law, Columbia University. Pp. vii -|- 232.
Página 101 - The Stewardship of Life," " Finders of the Way," etc. Demy 8vo. Cloth boards, gilt top, 7s. 6d. net. Hampstead : Its Historic Houses ; Its Literary and Artistic Associations. By ANNA MAXWELL. Large foolscap 4to. Cloth boards gilt top. Four illustrations in colour and 32 full-page illustrations. 7s.
Página 4 - Salter Emma Gurney. Nature in Italian Art. A Study of Landscape Backgrounds from Giotto to Tintoretto.

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