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At the close of 1835, when our Magazine had been two years in existence, we were assailed on all sides with kindly-meant remonstrances on the course pursued. It was suggested both by avowed and anonymous correspondents that such a sustained outcry against Romanism would inevitably prove fatal to the existence of our periodical : that ladies required a more lady-like style—that is to say, something less calculated to agitate their minds upon topics so uncongenial as those of controverted creeds and political events ; and that, above all, the Christian Ladies of England were wearied with the repetition of Ireland's woes and Ireland's claims. We gave all due and anxious consideration to these remonstrances; for we desired to keep our little bark afloat, and to shun all threatening rocks and quicksands. Still the conviction was forced upon our mind that a crisis had arrived when the very fact of our female

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