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on counteracting every effort of theirs for the promotion of God's cause, at home or abroad.'

“Yes,' replied my uncle, and when on the recent occasion in Exeter Hall I looked from the platform to the spaces filled by delicate females, wbose dearest connections were exposed to the hostile aim of those infatuated Chartists, I cannot say that I at all repented my own little share in rousing those ladies to a sense of the awful importance of that sacred cause in which their fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, were at the moment placed in peril before their eyes. I wished you bad been there.'

“Nothing kept me away, sir, but a mistake as to the day of meeting.'

Protestant feeling is not half roused yet,' observed my uncle. McGhee's last masterly exposure of the system by which Popery is gliding on her rapid path to domination in these lands, ought to be circulated in every village--read in every house. Yet when a publisher”, zealous for this good end, ventures on printing a large edition of the corrected report, and offers it at as low a price as could be desired, be is unable to get the impression off his hands. This does not shew well for the cause.'

' It is difficult, perhaps, for those who were not present to estimate the importance of that day's disclosures. To me they were startling, and I knew something of the enemy's devices too.

'Well, the time is at hand when we must needs submit to have our eyes opened. Meanwhile a solemn duty devolves on you, Christian ladies, for the performance of which you are accountable before

1 Baisler, of Oxtord-street, has published a full and correct report of all the speeches,'at 16s. a hundred.

God. You are aware that the grand object in view, in this insidious scheme of national education, is to leave the people as much neglected as possible with regard to religious instruction, and to provide that where it is required it should be so given as to nourish up every child in the peculiar errors of his parents or guardians. Thus the youthful member of a Romanist family is to have a Douay Bible, full of the fulminations of Popery against what she deems heretics, and of exhortations to idolatry. The offspring of a Socinian is to be accommodated with a mutilated version, where the Lord Jesus Christ is undeified, and the sole hope of a sinner taken away. The child whose parent unhappily belongs to the increasing thousands who have imbibed the deadly poison of the socialists, is not to be insulted by having any Bible at all placed before him, seeing that the sect disclaim all belief in a divine revelation. In like manner the unbappy little one whose father knows not, or confesses not, the being of God, will be allowed to continue in the gross darkness of Atheism ; for such must be the actual working of this atrocious device!'

• And another class, uncle, you have not named, concerning whom the Lord will, as he ever has done, shew himself jealous. Oh, what must that plan be which would spurn at the blessed opportunity of setting before the Hebrew child his own Messiah already manifest in the flesh, and gathering the tender lambs of outcast Israel into the fold!' • I should not have omitted them, my dear, had

you not interrupted me: for the crowning sin would surely be to rend asunder the inspired volume, and give the infant Jew the shadow, while the substance was witb

held in submission to the blindness of his fathers. This is a brief, a very brief and imperfect outline of what will be thrust upon the country, unless the Lord interpose to avert the ruinous calamity ; and your duty clearly is to be instant in season, out of season, in pressing both upon parents and children-all within your reach-the preciousness of God's word, as we, by bis mercy, still have it in a full, faithful version, unaccompanied by note or comment. You must urge on them the necessity of a close acquaintance with what will prove the only secure defence against the wiles to which they must often be exposed : for always remember, the TEACHERS are to be taught according to the peculiar errors and heresies that may prevail; and wherever the teacher is a conscientious believer in what he professes, he will pursue a proselyting plan in the school. I would not lead them too abruptly upon controverted ground; for that might engender a curiosity to hear what opposers have to say; but I would specially seek to strengthen them against Popery, by pointing out the grand doctrine of justification by faith alone; the allsufficiency of the Lord's atonement and mediatorship, and the fulness of peace which they, and they alone, enjoy, wbo are simply trusting ip him. Not but that I would direct attention to whatever is most broadly opposed to Popery in detail. Again, as a safeguard against Socinianism, dwell on the innumerable proofs of our Lord's divinity, and the personality of the Holy Spirit: shew the necessity of the Godhead subsisting in One whose mortal life was an efficient ransom for the whole human race. As for the wretched crew who follow in the Socinian track, striking out here and there diversified paths, the excellency of the scripture will bear its own testimony; and the more deeply you lead the endangered individuals to imbibe their precious truths the stronger will be their security. The bible is the real object of attack : it stands between our allied foes, Popery and Infidelity, and the souls which they seek to devour. Be it then your care to magpify the word of God; and let no day pass unmarked by some effort to plant that standard of the Lord in the tents of our national Israel.'

And to stir up our friends to the same work.' “Yes: and also to impress on them the necessity of becoming acquainted with some of the usual devices of Satan, in the way of false doctrine, in order to be supplied with weapons for the occasional aid of our less educated neighbours. The unclean spirit is traversing our land, and not a cottage will escape his searching eye, if peradventure he may there find some soul to delude, preparatory to enlisting the individual as a helper in the evil work of anarchy. It is no time to sit still and embroider canvass, when your Bibles are likely to be wrested away or contaminated by erșor surreptitiously introduced. The refusal to renew the patent of the Queen's printer lays us open to a fearful danger. Every copy of our authorized version will soon become doubly precious, when wicked or ignorant hands have defiled the pure stream of a faithful translation. On every side darkness gathers, and tempests seem to lour; but the Lord is King, be the people as unquiet as they may; and those who trust in bim shall never be desolate. Only let us be found engaged in his work, and be will provide for us in the day of trouble. In Him we shall find "a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.” »



AUGUST, 1839.


When the shadows of evening fell upon our prospect, as we lay quietly at anchor over against a fine fort in Halifax harbour, a scene of awful grandeur burst upon us. It was not new to me, for I had looked on it during a whole day's inland journey ; but its effect was incalculably beightened by the darkness of night, and the position which we now occupied. The woods were burning, to what extent I know not; but the track that sent up that continuous sheet of flame could not have comprised less than fifty miles. It had burnt for more than a week, and was blazing still, presenting a ridge of blazing forest-ground along the hill-side, as far as the eye could reach. These fires generally, take their rise from some spark unintentionally allowed to fall among dry brushwood, which rapidly communicates the fearful element to all within its reach, and thus AUGUST, 1839.


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