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phetic denunciations of Isaiah and Jeremiah respecting literal Babylon with those of St. John as regards the mystical city; thence proceeding with a train of inferences in which we cordially concur. We wish we could place many of our truly pious English clerical friends for a short time in the land where Mr. Caulfeild is privileged to minister among his own countrymen. It would marvellously clear their vision and quicken their zeal preparatory to the fearful struggle in which we must shortly engagesuch, at least, of us as are not given over to the enchantments of the golden cup of papal abominations.

MONTHLY SERMONS, by the Rev. Francis Trench,

Perpetual Curate of St. John's Church, Reading. Seeleys; Hamilton and Co.

A SMALL, pleasing and profitable volume of short sermons; such as we can with pleasure recommend for family reading or for private edification. They are concise and comprehensive.

GOD'S HISTORY OF MAN. Sermons preached in

Eaton Chapel, by the Rev. John Edward Sabin, B.A. Minister of the Chapel, and Rector of Preston Bissett, Bucks. Hatchards.

THESE discourses, published at the request of the congregation, are consecutive, and their object is one-to inculcate belief in God's word on God's sole

authority. Mr. Sabin thus comes into direct collision with philosophy, falsely so called : he does not spare those modern geologists who fancy the excavations they have made in the earth's crust entitle them to correct certain presumed errors in the Mosaic history: he rejects the subtle reasonings, however

well grounded, of men who would establish the | divine authority of the Bible by a process of logical

deductions : he throws himself on the “ Thus saith the Lord,” by which holy men of old enforced their inspired declarations; and he has with great boldness and fidelity carried out the principle to the end of his volume.

THE TEST OF FAITH; Israel a warning to Bri

tain; and other Poems. By S. B. Hall. Hamilton · and Co; Crofts.

The author modestly disclaims any pretension to the peculiar characteristics of a regular poet: he has thrown his opinions and meditations into verse, during the intervals of a busy professional life: and desires to be judged by them rather than by his versification. Of the latter we cannot complain : it is often very pleasing ; and as to his views they are eminently Christian and Protestant. We love to meet with men of this stamp, who are not afraid to acknowledge the God of their lives and the God of their families as the God of their country also. The poem entitled “Israel a warning to Britain' pleases us much : as do some very sweet versions of select Psalms.

A TOUR TO KILLARNEY. A Narrative of Facts.

Robertson, Dublin.

A FAMILY party, a journey, some pleasing description, and much pious conversation, form this small book; to which is prefixed a very pretty engraving of the far-famed lake, with its magnificent mountain scenery. We perceive one great object of the writer has been to encourage the spread of the gospel among her countrymen by means of their own native tongue. This, with the circumstance of the profits being devoted to charitable purposes, furnish a strong recommendation.

THE HOPE OF THE NAVY : or the true source

of discipline and efficiency, as set forth in the articles of war, provided for the government of the fleet of Great Britain. An address to the youth now rising in the naval profession. By Rear-Admiral Sir Jahleel Brenton, Bart., K. C. B. Lieutenant Governor of Greenwich Hospital. Nisbet and Co.

The veteran and Christian officer who thus labours to advance the spiritual good of the service to which he has long been devoted, has happily seized on that clause in the articles of war which provides for the due performance of divine worship on board H. M.'s ships, to make a very powerful appeal alike to the judgment, the feelings and the consciences of his countrymen. Sir Jahleel has produced a volume which we trust will be richly blessed, not to the navy

alone, but to many other classes of society. The manly tone, Christian spirit, and patriotic object of the work will commend it to the attention of all who can appreciate them.

CONFESSION OF THE NAME OF CHRIST, in the sixteenth century and in the nineteenth century. By J. H. Merle d'Aubigné, President of the Theological school, Geneva, and author of the History of the Great Reformation in Germany,' and ' A Voice from the Alps,' &c. Lord.

This is a discourse, delivered at the centenary commemoration of that glorious event, the plain protestation of the German princes, who, assembled at the Diet of Augsburg, openly and solemnly made confession of the principles which had brought them out from the communion of Rome. The scene is beautifully described by M. d'Aubigné, and with a feeling well worthy the great champion of orthodoxy in Geneva. The subject is well handled, and closely applied, in a very solemn spiritual way. It would be well for Protestants to acquaint themselves a little better than they usually do with the events of the sixteenth century. It might be the means of imbuing them with a greater portion of the spirit that moved and spoke, acted and suffered, in the Reformers whom they profess to follow.

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THE WAY OF SALVATION. By Henry Forster Burder, D.D. Third Edition. Religious Tract Society.

We are happy to announce a new edition of this work, in a small pocket volume. Its merits are well known.

We have seen four numbers of a series of tracts, entitled “Puseyism; or the New Apostolicals. By a Layman of the Church of England,' more remarkable certainly for the caustic severity than the spirituality of their general style: but truth, unwelcome yet irresistible truth, streams from their pages with a startling light. We have given, at page 70, the conclusion of No. 4, entitled “The Jesuits,' and our readers may decide whether we are wrong in characterizing it as most powerful writing.

We have been much gratified by a little sixpenny work of the Rev. Daniel Bagot's of Edinburgh, called 'A Protestant Catechism. A more conclusive overthrow to the dogmas of Popery could not be desired ; and the constant appeal to scripture renders it doubly valuable. The Appendix gives much information as to the nature and working of the system. The whole is adapted to the simplest capacity, and is moreover written in a truly Christian spirit. The same excellent minister has finished a • Catechism explanatory of the leading truths of the gospel,' smaller than the foregoing, which we cordially recommend to all families and schools.

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