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your boasted constitution; the blessings of civil and religious liberty? What but the bold fidelity of our Reformers, who under God, in the face of danger and death, lifted up their voices and echoed the cry through the length and breadth of England, NO POPERY? (Loud cheering.)

. But it is unkind-but it is illiberal-but it is uncharitable to our Roman Catholic fellow subjects ! Now let as just ask this simple question-do we really count the conduct of our Reformers to our forefathers—do we count their honest fidelity to them and to God illiberal and uncharitable? Do we not consider those Reformers the noblest benefactors of ourselves and our ancestors—the best and brightest ornaments of their country; and for what, but for their resolute discharge of faithful duty to their God, in lifting up their voices to cry NO POPERY. (Loud and repeated cheers.)

. And is that which was faithful, and christian, and charitable in them, unfaithful and unchristian in us? I can lay my hand upon my heart before my God, and say, that, not in a spirit of hostility, but that as I love and value the best and dearest interests, the temporal and eternal welfare of my Roman Catholic fellow-subjects, so in direct proportion, I feel called upon to raise and maintain the cry, NO POPERY. (Loud cheers.)

If I could follow my heart wherever it would go, I would visit every spot where my Roman Catholic fellow subjects are deluded and enslaved, and there, as I value their salvation and their freedom, I would cry NO POPERY. (Cheers.)

I would go into the mass-house, where that minister of idolatry, a papal priest, takes a thing like this

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in his hand (holding up a wafer), this idol of paste with an image stamped on it-and while he blasphemously mocks the incarnation of the Son of God

-mocks that wondrous“ mystery of godliness, God manifest in the flesh,” pretending to embody in this, at his fiat, the “ whole body, blood, soul, and divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ,”-I would tell him that this idol is like other idols, the work of men's hands, “having eyes it sees not, having ears it hears not, neither is there any breath in its mouth-they that make it are like unto it, and so are all they that put their trust in it." I would tell him this. I would warn him to turn from this accursed idol, to serve the living God, and in the name of that God I would shout out NO POPERY. (Loud cheering.)

'I would go into his dark and damnable confessional-(hear, hear, hear), where my poor Roman Catholic countrymen entrust their wives and daughters to him, under the awful delusion of false religion, and while the tyrant was pressing his obscene, infernal investigation, putting the heart and feeling of the helpless creature on the moral rack, till she sunk enslaved and powerless at his feet, I would drag the victim forth in triumph from his grasp, and ring in the monster's ear, NO POPERY. (Immense cheering.)

• I would go to the dying bed of my poor Roman Catholic fellow-sinner, and while the light of truth is shut out from his eye, and the light of heaven from his heart-while this blessed book is denied him, or taken from beneath his pillow, as it was in Ireland by a Romish priest, and committed to the flameswhile masses, and oils, and refuges of lies like these are set before him, as the hope of his immortal soul.

I would tell him faithfully and affectionately of the glorious finished work of a crucified and risen Saviour. I would tell him of that righteousness that could cover all his nakedness, that precious blood that could cleanse him from all his sin. I would proclaim to him the glad tidings of free and full salvation in the Lord Jesus. I would exhort him to,

turn from those refuges of lies to the mercy of his - Saviour and his God; and as I loved and valued his soul and his eternal happiness, I would cry, NO POPERY. (Hear, hear, and loud cheers.)

But it is not only for the happiness, for the salvation of the Roman Catholics, but for the sake of every blessing we value in our Protestant empire ; as I value the blessings of civil and religious liberty; as I value the maintenance of the Established Christian Church; as I value all that is dear to man; as I value even life itself; I would make my voice echo, if I could, from every rock upon the shores of the United Empire ; and the words it should resound should be NO POPERY. (Loud cheers.)

'I would go into the conclave of the Popish bishops, where they concoct their secret statutes and their traitorous and cruel laws, and shout in their ears NO POPERY. (Loud cheering.)

'I would go into their conferences with their priests, and while I saw them with their Dens' Theology and Canon Laws in their hands, holding their conclave to concoct their cruelties and crimes, I would lift up my voice, and in the name of the Holy God I would cry out NO POPERY. (Loud cheering.)

· I would go into the Ribbon Lodge, and tell my poor unhappy countrymen that their popish nasters,

instead of leading them as they ought, to truth, and peace, and happiness, in time and in eternity, were leading them to guilt, and misery, and blood, and everlasting perdition ; and I would make the Ribbon Lodge resound with the cry of NO POPERY. (Hear, and loud cheering.)

'I would go into the House of Commons. (Loud and continued cheers.) I would look Papal perjury in the face, and while I gave notice of a motion to expel its pollution, (hear, hear,) in the name of England, and of England's God, I would shout out NO POPERY. (Deafening cheering.)

• I would go into the House of Lords. I would take with all deference the report of their own committee in my hand. I would appeal to them whether it did not furnish demonstration of the cause of our misery. I would lay before them the authors and movers of the crimes they had detected ; and even in the midst of that august assembly I would cry NO POPERY. (Loud cheering.)

I would go into the Privy Council; I would tell the Papal Privy Councillor, that he must be of necessity a traitor, for if he was not a traitor to his master, the Pope, he must be a traitor to the Protestant Queen of England, and I would cry NO POPERY. (Loud and repeated cheers.)

“I would go to the very footstool of the throne, (hear, hear, and cheers,) and with a heart as full of loyalty and love to our gracious Sovereign as any subject in her realm; prompted by these very feelings, I would tell her how her confidence had been basely dishonoured and betrayed by the men that ought to have laid down a thousand lives in her defence. (Hear, hear.) I would remind her gracious

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Majesty of the sacred principles of eternal truth, for the defence of which her royal ancestors were placed upon the British throne. I would remind her, that the throne that is founded on eternal truth, alone can look with confidence for its stability to God.

• I would remind her of the high and holy covenant that ratified her sacred title to reign over a free and Protestant nation. I would tell her that the best security for the love and loyalty of a people to their Sovereign was based on pure religion, and their faith and fealty to their God. I would tell her that the Protestant religion was, under God, the only solid bulwark of the British throne, and that on the very heart of Britain's Monarch ought to be engraven the words, NO POPERY. (Loud cheering.)

'I would go to the very Vatican, and warn that Man of Sin, the Pope, to renounce the horrid blasphemy. O, think what blasphemy it is; a miserable sinner of the earth daring to call or think himself the Vicar of the Lord of Life and Glory. I would warn him, as a fellow sinner, to “ flee from the wrath to come;" tell him, that,“ all manner of sins and blasphemies should be forgiven unto men;" that there was mercy for his guilty soul in the very Saviour whom he dishonoured, and that if there was hope for his soul, he must cry NO POPERY. (Hear, and cheers.)

'In fine, sir, as a Brother, as a Man, as a Christian, above all, as a Minister of Christ, I trust I shall never close my lips upon the subject till they are sealed in death, or till that day shall come when heaven and earth shall take up the song of praise, that Babylon is cast, like a millstone, into the deep, when the Lord of Glory shall appear; when she shall

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