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but committed yourselves to him that judgeth righteously, for vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.




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Spirit of storm! Spirit of might!
Where art thou winging thy dreadful flight?

Over the valley and over the hill,
Over the city and desert still-
I have travelled forth on the whirlwind's blast,
And the nations shuddered as I rode past!
And away to my Master's throne I go,
To tell the deeds that are done below.'

Spirit of storm! Spirit of fire !
What hath enkindled thy dreadful ire ?
I marked the wild glance of thy lightening eye,
Bursting in fire as thy pomp went by;
I heard the deep voice of thy thunder tone
Muttering a threat as for evil done.
Spirit of storm! Spirit of fire !
What hath enkindled thy dreadful ire ?
• Over the ocean and over the earth,
Ev'n as I said, I have journeyed forth;
But wherever I and my train have been,
I have marked the fell track of despair and sin!


The shriek of the prey, the victim's groan,
Have smote my ear as I journeyed on;
But the proud oppressor's laugh of scorn
Has louder than even that cry been borne.
Man hath left off to walk with God,
And bis path o'er the earth is marked with blood;
And the name that archangels scarce may say,
Is (oh horror !) blasphemed by a thing of clay!
The poor beasts groan, and all nature's cries
To heaven for judgment and vengeance rise-

Spirit of storm! Spirit of power! When shall it be that judgment-hour?' • Mortal! 'tis not for thee to pry In the secrets dark of infinity. It is bid from hell, it is hid from men, It is hidden, that hour, from angel ken; But the time is fixed, and the day is set, It will surely come though it tarry yet; And every day, as it journeys on, Hath brought thee more near than the former one! Mortal, that askest thus of me, Where, in that hour, shall thy soul be?'



That God made the world—is a proposition which none but an atheist will deny; the very pagan freely asserts it.

That God dictated a book, wherein he gives his own account of the making of that world-is another proposition which only the infidel or the pagan will deny; all other men agree to it.

That he who made a thing is the best qualified to describe such making, and cannot err in the description, if he be an infallible Being,-is a self-evident proposition, which will not be denied by any man whatsoever, unless he have taken leave of his reason.

There is, however, a certain science abroad among men, which professes to give a better account of the world's creation than the Infallible Creator himself has given. . Whether it have taken leave of reason, or not, is not for me to decide ; but it determinately contradicts and puts aside God's own narrative of his own proceedings, and declares itself competent to give one much more philosophical, and more correct.

God declares, that “in sIX DAYS he made heaven and earth, the sea, and ALL that in them is ;” and this is not only related at length, in His history of the creation, but is succinctly and most emphatically repeated, as a reason for man's obedience, in that portion of his commands which is allowed to be of the most universal obligation. No, says The Science, OCTOBER, 1839.

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this is quite a mistake; the world was made gradually, during long successions of ages,' quite indefinite; or, at any rate, during ‘six long periods' of many hundreds of years, and it is quite impossible that it could have been done in less time.

God says, that in one and the same day he created “ grass, and the herb yielding seed, and the fruittree yielding fruit." Oh no, by no means, says The Science, that could not be; for we have discovered that reeds, rushes and aquatic plants were the only vegetation in existence for some ages; land plants, herbs, and trees were the growth of after periods.'

God says that “ by man sin entered into the world, and DEATH by sin.” No, says The Science, death took place long before man's existence; we have discovered that there were ' long periods, during which animals lived, multiplied, and died,' before man was created at all.

God says that all the animals were created within two days of each other, and all were beautiful of tbeir kind; for when he saw them he pronounced them all to be " very good.” Oh no, it could not be so, says The Science; for huge, hideous, unshapely“ lizards and fish were the only animals existing on the earth' for some ages; the more beautiful and higher forms of life' were gradually produced,' after the lapse of long periods, which constituted what we call “ the age of reptiles.'

God says, that once upon a time, and only once, some two thousand years after the creation, a deluge came “ upon the face of the whole earth,” and the “ waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth, and all the high hills that were under the whole heaven were covered,” because “ the fountains of the great

deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.” As to that, says The Science, the convulsions of nature, which have occured during • the age of reptiles,' and other similar periods, while the earth was 'gradually preparing for human inhabitants,' are quite sufficient to account for those disruptions of the strata' which we find everywhere, without any deluge at all. Some of us, certainly, consider all these to have • arisen from the action of water;' and if so, you may as well have half-a-dozen deluges as one. As for that deluge that Moses talks about, it is a great deal too recent to have produced these effects which we have discovered, so it is no great matter which way we take it.

God says that “ ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine,” that is, for teaching or instruction. Perhaps, says The Science, it may be profitable ' to teach men morality;' but as for philosophy, it knows nothing about it-how should it? Our present days are the days of knowledge, and of the march of intellect;' the bible was written a long time ago, according to the ridiculous notions of those times. · The semi-barbarians of Palestine, who wrote it,' could know nothing of real science; it is absurd to imagine such a thing. We know better, and we can tell you all about creation, and strata, and fossils, a hundred times more correctly than this obsolete book of Moses. And this is MODERN GEOLOGY!

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