De Navorscher: Een middel tot gedachtenwisseling en letterkundig verkeer, tusschen allen die iets weten: iets te vragen hebben, of iets kunnen oplossen ...

J.C. Loman, Jr., 1853

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Página lxii - There is a mystic thread of life So dearly wreathed with mine alone, That destiny's relentless knife At once must sever both or none. There is a form on which these eyes Have often gazed with fond delight ; By day that form their joy supplies, And dreams restore it through the night. There is a voice whose tones inspire Such thrills of rapture through my...
Página xcix - Volens etiam causam Donatistarum ad ipsius humillimi vulgi et omnino imperitorum atque idiotarum notitiam pervenire et eorum quantum fieri posset per nos inhaerere memoriae, Psalmum qui eis cantaretur, per latinas litteras feci (a.
Página cxlv - Gedrukt tot waarschouwinge voor de Nakomelingen, in 't noodlottige Jaar, voor veel Zotte en Wyze. 1720.
Página xvi - Capgrave and Alexander of Esseby sayth, that for castynge of fyshe tayles at thys Augustyne, Dorsett Shyre menne hadde tayles ever after. But Polydorus applieth it unto Kentish men at Stroud by Rochester, for cuttinge of Thomas Becket's horse's tail.
Página xvi - I have shewed afore. That an Englyshman now cannot travayle in an other land, by way of marchandyse or any other honest occupyinge, but it is most contumeliously thrown in his tethe, that al Englishmen have tailes.
Página lxii - Hath pillowed oft this aching head, A mouth which smiles on me alone. An eye whose tears with mine are shed. " There are two hearts whose movements thrill In unison so closely sweet ; That, pulse to pulse responsive still, They both must heave — or cease to beat.
Página cviii - Herrings, herrings," &c., often repeated. As soon as they receive any largess, they begin the chorus, — " Here sits a good wife, Pray God save her life ; Set her upon a hod, And drive her to God.
Página xlii - ... wanneer ieder in zijn hof en in zijn huis en in beschermende holen trekt, en het wilde dier den hollen boom zoekt en de luwte der heuvelen, waardoor het zijn leven behouden kan; terwijl dan het onjarig kind weent en schreit en wijst op zijne naakte leden en zijne huisloosheid en zijn vader, die hem bewaren moest tegen den honger en tegen den wintersenen kouden nevel, dat die, zoo diep en duister, met vier nagelen onder eik en aarde besloten en bedekt is...
Página lxii - Such thrills of rapture thro' my breast, I would not hear a seraph choir, Unless that voice could join the rest. There is a face whose blushes tell Affection's tale upon the cheek ; But pallid at one fond farewell, Proclaims more love than words can speak.
Página cx - Within that awful volume lies The mystery of mysteries! Happiest they of human race, To whom God has granted grace To read, to fear, to hope, to pray, To lift the latch, and force the way; And better had they ne'er been born, Who read, to doubt, or read to scorn.

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