The Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England: From the Earliest Times Till the Reign of King George IV.


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Página 152 - Ambition this shall tempt to rise, Then whirl the wretch from high, To bitter Scorn a sacrifice, And grinning Infamy. The stings of Falsehood those shall try And hard Unkindness...
Página 45 - I will conform to the liturgy of the Church of England as it is now by law established.
Página 451 - By assuming and exercising a Power of dispensing with and suspending of Laws, and the Execution of Laws, without consent of Parliament.
Página 498 - To this sad shrine, whoe'er thou art, draw near, Here lies the friend most lov'd, the son most dear: Who ne'er knew joy, but friendship might divide, Or gave his father grief but when he dy'd.
Página 91 - That king James II having endeavoured to subvert the constitution of the kingdom by breaking the original contract between king and people; and, by the advice of jesuits and other wicked persons, having violated the fundamental laws, and having withdrawn himself out of this kingdom, has abdicated the government, and that the throne is thereby become vacant.
Página 671 - No thought advances, but her eddy brain "Whisks it about, and down it goes again. Full sixty years the world has been her trade ; The wisest fool much time has ever made : From loveless youth to unrespected age, No passion gratified except her rage : So much the fury still outran the wit, The pleasure miss'd her, and the scandal hit.
Página 323 - Booth to his box, and gave him fifty guineas for defending the cause of liberty so well against a perpetual dictator.
Página 86 - I have heard one of the greatest geniuses this age has produced,* who had been trained up in all the polite studies of antiquity, assure me, upon his being obliged to search into several rolls and records, that notwithstanding such an employment was at first very dry and irksome to him, he at last took an incredible pleasure in it, and preferred it even to the reading of Virgil or Cicero.
Página 100 - Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the laws of God, the true profession of the gospel, and the protestant reformed religion established by law ? And will you preserve unto the bishops and clergy of this realm, and to the churches committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain unto them, or any of them? — King or queen. All this I promise to do.
Página 414 - Poor Mrs Manley, the author, is very ill of a dropsy and sore leg ; the printer tells me he is afraid she cannot live long. I am heartily sorry for her ; she has very generous principles for one of her sort; and a great deal of good sense and invention : she is about forty, very homely, and very fat.

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