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Dragoons-Consternation of the Citizens-Negotiations

between the Magistrates and the Prince-The City

Captured Prince Charles takes possession of the Palace

of Holyrood-Appearance of his Army,.....

CHAP. LXXVIII.-Proclamation of James VIII. at the

Cross of Edinburgh-Supplies raised from the City by

Prince Charles-Landing of Cope's Army at Dunbar-

Battle of Preston-Total Rout of Cope's Army,......... 145

CHAP. LXXIX.-Prince Charles's Proclamations on re-

turning to Edinburgh-Results of his Victory at Preston

-his Plans and Levies-his Council and Court at Holy-

rood House-Arrival of French Vessels with Supplies-

Duplicity of Lord Lovat-Resolution of Charles to

March into England-his Arrival at Carlisle-at Preston

-at Manchester-Alarm of Government-Resolution of

George II. to take the Field in Person-Arrival of Charles

at Derby-Lord George Murray urges Retreat,.......... 177

CHAP. LXXX.-Retreat of the Highland Army from

Derby-Dejection of the Prince-Pursuit by the Duke

of Cumberland-Skirmish at Clifton-Reinforcements

left with the Jacobite Garrison in Carlisle-the High-

land Army re-enter Scotland,..

CHAP. LXXXI.-State of Affairs in Scotland-Spirit of

Resistance to the Jacobites-Fines levied by Prince

Charles from Dumfries and Glasgow-Levies for his Ser-

vice assembled at Perth-Failure of Richelieu's projected

Expedition-Junction of the Jacobite Forces, at Stirling

-Surrender of Carlisle to the Duke of Cumberland-

General Hawley appointed to the Command in Scotland

-Battle of Falkirk-The Duke of Cumberland appoint-

ed to the Chief Command in Scotland,.....

CHAP. LXXXII.-Retreat of Prince Charles's Army from

Stirling into the Highlands-The Rout of Moy-Arrival

of Hessian Troops-Council held at Edinburgh by the

Duke of Cumberland and the Prince of Hesse Cassel-

Disappointment of Prince Charles's hopes of Assistance

from France-Lord George Murray seizes the Military

Posts in Athole-invests the Castle of Blair-The

Prince's suspicions of Lord George Murray's fidelity,.... 280

CHAP. LXXXIII.-Dispersion of the Forces under Lord

Loudon, and Occupation of Sutherland by the Earl of

Cromarty-The Duke of Cumberland's Army crosses the

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