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CHAP. V. 6 Buc chat ye may 10 Bur char ye may

24 But that ye may know that the Son of know that the Son of know that the Son of man hath power on man hath power on man hath power upon earth to torgive fins, carth to forgive fins, carth to forgive lins, (then saith he to the (he faith to the fick (he said unto the fick lick of the paldie) of the palíie)

of the pallie) I say unto thee, I say unto thee, Arise, Arise, and take up Arise, and take up take up thy bed, and thy bed, and go thy thy couch, and go go to thiné house.

way into thine house. inco thine house. 7 And he arose, 12 And immediate 25 And immediand departed to his ly he arose, took up ately he arose up behouse. the bed, and went

fore them, and took forth before them all, up that whereon he

lay, and departed to

his own house,

no glorifying God. 8 But when the

infomuch multitude faw it, they that they were all a.

26 And they were marvelled, and glo- mazed, and glorified all amazed, and they rified God, God,

glorified God,


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had given such power unto men.


We never saw it on
this fashion.

and were filled with fear, saying, we have seen strange things to day.

temptible as I appear to you, have receiv'd Authority to remit the punishment for Sins in this World (then turning towards the Paralytic, he said unto him) Go home, take up thy Bed, and carry it away with thee upon thy Thoulders. Which he perform'd immediately before 'em all, giving, thanks publickly to God for fo great a Mercy, and not concealing by whom he had been cur’d. The whole Multitude în like manner were feiz’d with admiration at it, praismg God, who had endued Man with so great Power, as to be able to heal with a word all manner of Distempers, confesling that they had never seen the like before, being also ftruck with a certain religious awe at the sight of so unexpected a Miracle.


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13 And he went forth again by the sea-side, and all the multitude reforced unto him, and he taught them.

27 And after these

things he went forth, 9 And as Jesus par 14 And as he parsed forth from thence, fed by, he saw Levi and saw a Publican he saw a man named the fome of Alpheus named Levi, fitting at Matthew, fitting at fitting at the receit of the receit of custom : the receit of custom : custom, and said un- and he said unto him, and he faith unto him, to him, Follow me. Follow me. Follow me. And And

28 And

Of he left all, he arose, and followed him. and followed him. and followed him.

10 And it came to 15 And it came to 29 And Levi made pass, as Jesus far at pass, that as Jesus fat him a great feast in his meat in the house, at meat in his house, own house : and there behold, many Pubé many Publicans and was a great company licans and finners came finners fat also coge- of Publicans, and of and fac down with cher with Jesus and others thar sat down him and his disciples. his disciples :

with them.

for there a were many, and they followed him.

he arose,

rose up,


The Calling of Matthew. Why Christ and his Disciples were conver

sant with the Publicans, and did not fast like the Dijciples of the Pharisees, and John.

A Fterwards Jefus went out to the Lake, and a great Multitude follow'd him,

whom he instructed in the Precepts of Morality. At his going out of the Town he sawa Publican whose name was Levi, or Matthero, sitting in the Customhouse, and commanded him to follow him, and become his Disciple; which the Publican, quitting his Imployment, immediatly obey'd. Not long after he made a great Feast, and invited Jesus and his Disciples to it, as also many Publicans, and others of that stamp, Men generally of loose Lives: Which being taken notice of








11 And when the 16 And when the 30 But their scribes Pharisees law it,

scribes and Pharisees and Pharisees mur-
saw him

mured against his


with Publicans and

they said

faid unto his disciples, unto his disciples, How why do ye eat and
Why eateth your is it that he eateth drink with Publicans
master with Publicans and drinketh with and finners ?
and sinners ?

Publicans and finners ? 12 But when Jesus 17 When Jesus 3! And Jesus anheard that, he said heard it, he faich un- swering, laid unto unto them, They that to them, They that them, They that are be whole need nor a are whole have no whole need not a physician, but they need of the phyfi- physician, but they that are fick.

cian, but they that that are fick.

are fick.

I came

* For I am

32 I came noc to not come to call the not to call the righ- call the righteous, buc righteous, buc finners teous, buč finners to finners to repentance. to repentance. repentance.

13 But go ye and learn what that meanech, I will have mercy,and not sacrifice :*

by the Pharisees and the Doctors of the Law, they ask'd Fesus's Disciples how it came to pass that they and their Master, who seem'd to make profession of a stricter sort of Life, thus kept company with Tax-gatherers and others, whose Morals they very well knew were none of the best, and who made no account of the Cleansings requir'd by the Law. Which Jesus overhearing, without staying for his Disciples Answer, he told 'em he was conversant with them for the same reason that the Physician visits his Patient, namely to convert 'em to a sound Mind, as the other restores the Sick to the Health they wanted. I am fent, faid he, not to exhort the Pious to a change of Manners, but thofe whofe Vices have made such a Reformation necessary to 'em: and this I do out of a principle of Good-will to Men; which Virtue God himself has signified is more acceptable to him than all the external Offices of Religion which you fo greatly magnify, in these words of the Prophet Hosea, ch. 6.6. I desired Mercy, and nat Sacrifice : Which you would do well to consider seriously, instead of carping at my Actions.


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OG 18 And the disciples

of John, and of the

Pharisees used to fast : 14 Then came to

and they come,

33 And they said him the disciples of and say unto him, unto him, why do John, saying, why why do the disciples the disciples of Joha do we and the Phari. of John, and of the fast sees fast Pharifees faft, * and likewise the

disciples of the Pha

risees, oft,


and make prayers, but thy

but thy

but thine disciples fast not? disciples fast noc? eat and drink?

15 And Jesus said 19 And Jesus said 34 And he said ununto them, Can the unco them, Can the to them, Can ye make children of the bride- children of the bride- the children of the chamber mourn, as chamber fast, while bride-chamber fast, long as the bride- the bridegroom is while the bridegroom groom is with them with them? as long is with them?

as they have the
bridegroom with them,

they cannot faft.

but 20 But the days 35 But the days the days will come, will come, when the will come, when the when the bridegrooın bridegroom shall be bridegroom shall be shall be taken from taken away from them, taken away from them, them, and then shall and then shall they and then shall they fast in those days.

faft in those days.

36 And he spake also a parable unto

they fast.

Now the Disciples of the Pharisees and of John fasted often upon the account of their Prayers, which those of Fesus were not wont to do : they came therefore to Fesus, and told him, They had frequent Fasts, that they might be the more imployed in Prayer, whereas his Disciples observ'd none; which they wonder'd at, lince he did not pretend to allow them a softer or more voluptuous Life ; and therefore desir'd him to acquaint 'em with the reason of this Difference. Jesus anfwer’d’em in these Similitudes : As the Friends of the Bridegroom that have been invited to the Wedding, observe no Fasts while they continue with him, but defer 'em till another seafon fo likewife am I unwilling to impose any Fafts upon my Disciples while I continue here among them, but their time of fasting will come when I shall be taken from them. He added also, that he had reasons not to require such an austere way of living of them as yet : for, said he, as no

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16 No man putreth 21 No man also them, No man pucteth a piece of new cloth seweth a piece of new a piece of a new garunto an old garment: cloth on an old gar- ment upon an old : if for that which is put ment : elle che new otherwise, then both in to fill it up, takech piece that filled it up, the new maketh a rent, from the garment,

taketh away from the and the piece that was

taken out of the new,

agrees not with the old. and

and the rent is made worse. the rent is made worse,

17 Neither do men 22 And no man 37. And no man put new wine into purreth new wine in- putteth new wine into old bottles; else the to old bottles ; else old bottles; else the borcles break, and the the new wine doth new wine will burst wine runneth out, and burst the bottles, and the bottles, and be the bottles perish:

the wine is fpilled, spilled, and the bottles
and the bottles will shall perish.

be marred : but they put new

but new wine 38 Bur new wine wine into new bottles, must be put into new must be put into new bottles.

bottles, and both are

and both are preserved.


39 No man also having drunk old wine, straightway desireth new : for he faith, The old is better.

one patches up an old tatter'd Garment with a new piece of Cloth, and of a different Colour from it, left the Rent thereby become the worse, and the Coat look the uglier for it; and as men do not put new Wine into old Bottles, left the Bottles burst, and the Wine be spilt, but chuse rather to put new Wine into new Bottles, whereby both are preserv’d: So also I am unwilling to alienate the Minds of my Disciples by these Severities ; and therefore will wait till my Disciples have been inur'd to my Doctrine, and their Minds confirm'd to the practice of it, before I expect an Obedience to these Injunctions, which are as yet too grievous to be complied with, lest by an unfeasonable Austerity they should reject my Doctrine, and thereby involve themselves in utter Destruction. Besides, those who have been a long while habituated to one way of living, are not presently induc'd to embrace the contrary : As he that has accustom'd himself to old Wine cannot relish the new, but prefers that which he has a long time been us'd to. For these reasons cannot my Disciples, who have but lately follow'd me, as yet make so thorow a Change in their former way of living,

C H A P.

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