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13 And leaving Nazareth, he came and dwelt in Capernaum, which is upon the sea-coast, in the borders of Zabulon, and Nephthalim :

14. That it might be ful. filled which was spoken by Efaias che prophet, saying,

15 The land of Zabulon, and the land of Nephthalim, by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles :

16 The people which fat in darkness, faw great light : and to them which fat in the region and shadow of death, light is sprung up.


Jesus dwells at Capernaum. He instructs the Galileans, and incúl

cates the necessity of Repentance, by reason of the speedy coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. He cures one possessd with a Dæmon, as also Peter's Mother-in-law, who was sick of a Fever, with many others both there and in other parts of Galilee ; and forbids the Dæmons to own him as the Christ. He makes choice of Peter, Andrew, James, and John, to attend him conftantly, and continues to preach the Gospel, and heal the Sick throughout the whole Country of Galilee.


ESUS having again left Nazareth, dwelt at Capernaum a place situated on the in which City he continued longer than he had done at any other : So that what was formerly said by the Prophet Isaiah upon another occasion concerning this place, may be more truly applied to it on this account: ch.9.1,2. The Land of Zabulon, and the Land of Nephthalim,by the way of the Sea beyond Jordàn, in Galilee of the Nations, The People that walked in Darkness have seen a great Light : They that dwell in the Land of the shadow of Death, upon them bath the Light shined. For the divine Light of



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Christ's Doctrine expeld the Ignorance of many of the Galileans, it being custo--
mary for him to go into the Synagogue every Sabbath-day, and instruct the Peo-
ple, who were ravilh'd with admiration of his Doctrine: for he did not preach
te them after the manner of the Dotors of the Law, who prefels'd to have had
all their knowledg harded down to 'em from their Ancestors, and supported what
they faid with their futhority ; but he taught them as one endued with Divine
Power, and every thing he said kem'd to have been reveald unto him immediatly
by God himself,

From this time, John being detain'd in prison, Jesies began to urg: the necesity of Repentance among the Jews with grater vehemency, and plainly to declare upto 'em that the heavenly Kingdom of the Molish was at hand.

At a certain time, being in the Synagogue at Capernium, they brought unto him one possess'd with an evil Spirit, who making use of the Man's Organs, cried al ud : Depart from us, what have we to do with thee, O Jesus of Nazareth ? art thou


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art chou come co de- thou come to destroy
stroy us? I know thee us? I know thee who
who thou art, the ho- thou art, the holy one
ly one of God. of God.

25 And Jesus re 35. And Jesus re-
buked him, saying, buked him, saying,
Hold thy peace, and hold thy peace, and
come out of him. come out of him

26 And when the And when the devil
unclean spirit had torn had thrown him in the
him, and cried with a midft, he came out of
loud voice, he came him,
out of hiin.

and hurt him not.
27 And they were 36 And they were
all amazed, infomuch all amazed, and spake
that they questioned among themselves, fay-
among themselves, lay- ing, what a word is
ing, What thing is this? this? for with autho.
what new doctrine is ricy and power he com-
this ? for wich autho- mandeth the unclean
rity commandech he spirics, and they come
even the unclean spi- cut.
rits, and they do obey

28 And immediate. 37 And the fame
ly his fame spread a. of him went our into
broad throughout all every place of the
the region round about countrey round about.

come to destroy us? We know thee well enough to be that holy person God has promis'd to send to set the Jews free. But fefus not ftanding in need of any fuch Suffrage, and not being willing to have that Truth as yet divulg'd among the Jews, commanded the evil Spirit to be silent, and leave the Man. The Damon obey'd, but with a terrible Outcry, and after having tormented himn with strange convulsions, tho without doing him any further harm. All were immediatly struck with astonishment at the Miracle, inquiring of one another what this new Doctrine of Jesus was, so eminently confirm'd by God himself, who had given him so great Power over the evil Spirits, that he only commanded 'em to depart, and they obey’d. In this manner his Fame was spread abroad round all the neighbouring Countries.

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29 And forthwith, 38 And he arose

when they were come out of the synagogue, 14 And when Jesus out of the synagogue, and entred into Simons was come into Peters they entred into the house: house,

house of Simon

and Andrew, with

James and John.
he saw his wives mo 30 But Simons wives and Simons wives mo.
cher laid, and sick of mother lay sick of a ther was taken with a
a fever. .

fever, and anon they great fever; and they
tell him of her. befought him for her.

39 And he stood
Over her, and rebuked:

the fever,

31 And he came 15: And he couched and cook her by che her hand, and the fe- hand, and lift her up;

and" ver left her : and she and immediately the it left her. And imarose and ministred un- fever left her, and the mediately she arose and to them,

ministred unto them. ministred unto them. 16 When the even 32 And at even,

40 Now when the was come, they brought when the sun did fet, fun was setting, all unto him many that they brought unto him they that had any fick were poffelled with all that were diseafed, with divers diseases, deyils :

and them that were brought them unco **
pofseffed with devils. him :

33 And all the city
was gathered together
at the door.
34 And he healed

and he laid
many that were sick of his hands on every one
divers diseases,

of chem, and healed

There liv'dät that time in Capernaum four Fishermen who were Partners, Peter, Andrew, James, and Fohn, all together in one House, where Peter's Mother-in-law. was then sick of a Fever. Peter and Andrer being now both known to Jesus, they brought him directly to their House from the Synagogue, and desir'd him to cure her. Jesus complied with them, and found the Woman, as they had told him, fick and in bed; but coming to the bed's side, he commanded the Fever to leave her, and taking her by the hand, bid her raise her self: The immediatly perceiving her self cur'd, rose accordingly; and having recover'd all her former Strength, administred to Jefus, and the rest, whatever they had accasion for.

After the Sun was set, there was a Concourse of People from all parts of the Gity, who brought those that were fick of any manner of Disease, and fuch as

were ,







and cast 41 And devils also he cast our the spirits our many devils,

came out of many, with his word,

crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the son

of God. And he re

and buking them, suffered suffered nor the devils them not to speak: for to speak, because they they knew that he was knew him.

Chrift, and healed all that were fick :

17 That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the propher, saying, Himself. took our infirmicies, and bare our ficknefses.

35 And in the morn
ing, rising up a great

42 And when it was
while before day, he day, he departed, and
went out and departed went into a desert
into a solitary place, place :
and there prayed.

36 And Simon, and
they that were with
him, followed after

were poffess’d, and laid 'em before the Door of the House where Jesus was, who cur'd'em all severally, laying his Hands upon them.

Now the Demons, who knew what Office he was invested with by God, making use of the Organs of those that were possess’d by 'em, loudly proclaim'd him to be the Messiah, or Son of God; but he baving severely checkd them, commanded 'em to be filent. By these Cures that Prophecy of Isaiah, ch.53. 4. He hath born our Griefs, and carry'd our Sorrotos, may be said to be in a manner fulfild, inalmuch as out of compassion to the Sick he freed 'em from their Distempers.

Early the next morning before break of day, he went out of Capernaum; and retir'd into a solitary place, that he might worship God without disturbance from the importunity of the Crowd that flockd to him from all parts of the City. - But Peter and his Companions, together with a promiscuous Multitudefollow'd after him; and having found hím, they complained to him of his having withdrawn

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