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Of Tiberius, 18. from of Antipas and

After Christ according The Tear of Rome, 781. the 28th of August. Philip, 31.

to the Vulgar Æra, 28 MATTHEW,



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6 But when Herods. 21 And when a conbirth-day was kept,

venient time was come,
that Herod on his
birth-day made a
supper to his lords,
high captains and
chief estates of Ga-
lilee :

22 And when the the daughter daughter of the said of Herodias danced Herodias came in, and before them, and danced, and pleased pleased Herod.

5 and chem-thar

far with him, the
king said unto the
damsel, Ask of me
whatsoever thou will,

and I will give it shee. 7 Whereupon he 23 And he sware promised with an unco her, Whatlo

oach to give her what- ever thou shalt ask foever she would ask. of me, I will

thee, unto the half of

my kingdom.

CH A P. XXXI. The third year of Christ's Ministry. John the Baptist beheaded by

Herod.' The Opinion of Herod and his Courtiers concerning Jesus. A

pel, Herod the Tetrarch made a great Fealt for the celebrating his Birthday, to which he invited all his Courtiers and chief Officers of his Army, and the Nobles of Galilee. In the midst of the Banquet, Salome the Daughter of Herodias by her former Husband Philip, enter’d the Room, and danc'd fo gracefully, and fo much to the satisfaction of the Company, and especially of Herod himself, that he commanded her to make whatever Request The had a mind to, affuring her that the should not be denied, tho it were to the parting with half his Kingdom to her ; which he also confirm’d by an Oath. Salome, without making




Јону. .


24 And she went forth, and said unto her mother, what Shall I ask? And she said,The head of John

the Baptist. 8 And she being be. fore instructed of her mother,

25 And she came in straigheway with hafte

unto the king, and

said, asked, saying, I will Give me here John that thou give me by Baptists head in a and by in a charger, charger.

the head of John the

Baprift. 9 And the king 26 And the king was forry : neverthe- was exceeding sorry, less for the oaths sake, 'yet for his oaths sake, and them which fat and for their fakes with him at meat, he which fat with him, commanded it to be he would not reject given ber.

her. 10 And he sent, 27 And immediately and beheaded John in the king sent an exethe prison.

cutioner, and commanded his head to be brought : and he went and beheaded

him in the prison, 11 And his head 28 And brought was brought in a his head in a charcharger, and given to ger, and gave it to the damsel, and the the damsel, and the

any demand upon the spot, went out of the Banqueting-Room to consult her Mother Herodias, who bore a mortal Enmity to John the Baptist for the reason we have before related. Instructed therefore by her Mother, she return'd, and requir'd that the Head of John should immediately be deliver'd to her in a Charger. Herod, who little dreamt of such a Request as this, and was very much concern'd at it, yet by reason of the Oath he had taken, left his Guests should think him guilty of a rash Oath, and that he might not seem to be perjur'd by them, forthwith commanded one of his Guards to repair to the Prison in which John was confin'd, and fee Execution done upon him. The Officer accordingly, perform'd his Task, and brought the Head into the Room, and presented it to her. She immediately carried it







CHA P. XIV. C H A P. VÌ. brought it to her mo- damsel gave it to her ther.

12 And his disci. 29 And when his
ples came, and took disciples heard of it,
up the body, and bu- they came and took

up his corps, and laid
it in a comb.

ried it,

and went, and cold Jesus

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T that time 14 And king He

7 Now Herod che Herod the te. rod heard of him, tetrarch .heard of all trarch heard of the

that was done by fame of Jesus,

him :
(for his name
was spread abroad)

and he was

because that ic 2 And said unto his and he said, That was said of some, That servants, This is John John the Baptift was John was risen from 1 the Baptist, he is risen from the dead, the dead :

risen from the dead,

and therefore

and therefore mighty works do fhew mighty works do fhew forth theinselves in forch themselves in him.


to her mother, who feasted her Eyes with the horrid Spectacle, having thus gratified her Revenge by the barbarous Murder of this holy and innocent Perfon. The Disciples of Fohn hearing of this Difafter, came to Herod, and beg'd the dead Body of their Master, which they buried in a Sepulchre, and afterwards came and acquainted Jesus with it, whom they knew John always look'd upon as the Meffiah.

About this time the Fame of Jesus being fpread far and near, came at last to the ears of Herod; and several of his Courtiers fufpecting that Jesus was the very person he had not long ago ordered to be beheaded, Herod told them he was also of the fame opinion, and that he verily believ'd God had raised him from the Dead, and that it was he who under the name of Jesus was the Author of the many Miracles reported to have been wrought by him in the Land of Po keftine.


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15 Others said, 8 And of fome,chat
That it is Elias. And Elias had appeared :
ochers said, Thac it and of others, that
is a prophet, or as one of the old pro-
one of the prophets. phers was risen again.

16 But when Herod 9 And Herod said,
heard thereof, he said, John have I belicaded :
It is John whom I be-

but who is this of
whom I hear such

he is risen from the

and he desired to see

30 And the apostles 10 And the apostles
gathered themselves when they were re-
together unto Jesus, turned, told him all
and told him all that they had done.
things, both what
they had done,

what they had taught.

Others there were who took him for Elias the Timbite, whom the Fews expected before the arrival of the Meffiah, from a mistaken Prophecy of Malachi. Others thought he was a new Prophet, and some believ'd him to be one of the old ones rais'd from the Dead. But Herod, as we said, reflecting upon the matter, was confirm'd in his fufpicion that it was John whom he had commanded to be beheaded, and who was restor’d to life; for which reason he greatly desired to see Jesus, that he might be satisfied of the truth of it: but Fesus would not suffer himself to be seen by him.

The Return of the Apostles. Five thousand persons miraculously fed

with five Loaves and two Fishes. Jesus walks upon the Lake of

Gennefareth, stills the Wind, and cures several fack People.
SHortly after, the twelve Apostles, whom Jesus had sent abroad to publish the Gof-

pel, return'd to him, and gave an account of all they had faidand done, and also of the success they met with in this their first preaching of the Gospel. Iefus

Ff 2




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31 And he said
unto them, Come ye
your felves, apart into

a defert place, and
rest a while : for there
were many coming
and going, and they

no leisure fo
much as to eat.

C H A P VI. 13 when Jesus 32 And they depart

And he

FTER these heard of it, he de- ed into a desert place cook them, and went

things Jesus parted thence by ship by ship privately.

aside privately into a went into a desert place

desert place, apart:

A belonging to the city
called Bethsaida.

0 over the sea of

Galilee, which is the

fea of Tiberias. and when 33 And the people il And the people 2 And a great multhe people had heard saw them departing, when they knew it, titude followed him, thereof, they followed and many knew him, followed him: him on foot out of and ran afoot thither the cities.

out of all cities,
and outwent them, and a
came together to him.

because they saw his miracles which he did on chem

that were diseased. 14 And Jesus went 34 And Jefus, when ♡ forth, and saw a great he came out, saw 'multitude,

much people,

having heard them, commanded them to retire with him apart from all others into a certain Solitude to repose themselves; for in the more frequented places such a concourse of people resorted to him, and so great a number of fick persons were presented to be healed by him, that he had not so much as any time left for his necessary Repasts. Taking boat therefore, they put off to the Eastern fide of the Lake of Gennefareth, and landed in a desert part of the Country about Bethsaida: But many who had seen the miraculous Recovery of an innumerable Company of sick People, would not forsake him, but taking notice of the place he steerd his Course to, went round the Lake on foot, and repaired unto him. Jesus being come alhore, perceiv'd the Multitude fock to him; and


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