Politica, Volumen 27

Francesco Coppola
Società editrice politica., 1927
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Página 337 - Power. 2. China, being in full accord with the principle of the so-called open door or equal opportunity for the commerce and industry of all nations having treaty relations with China, is prepared to accept and apply it in all parts of the Chinese Republic without exception. 3. With a view to strengthening mutual confidence and maintaining peace in the Pacific and the Far East, the Powers agree not to conclude between themselves any treaty or agreement directly affecting China or the general peace...
Página 335 - Application of Chinese laws The powers concerned should administer, so far as practicable, in their extraterritorial or consular courts such laws and regulations of China as they may deem it proper to adopt.
Página 254 - ... susmentionnées que de leurs établissements religieux, de bienfaisance et autres dans les Lieux Saints et ailleurs. Les droits acquis à la France sont expressément réservés et il est bien entendu qu'aucune atteinte ne saurait être portée au statu quo dans les Lieux Saints.
Página 254 - La distinction des croyances religieuses et des confessions ne pourra être opposée à personne comme un motif d'exclusion ou d'incapacité en ce qui concerne la jouissance des droits civils et politiques, l'admission aux emplois publics, fonctions et honneurs ou l'exercice des différentes professions et industries, dans quelque localité que ce soit.
Página 260 - ... ses généreuses intentions envers les populations chrétiennes de son empire, et voulant donner un nouveau témoignage de ses sentiments à cet égard, a résolu de communiquer aux puissances contractantes ledit firman, spontanément émané de sa volonté souveraine.
Página 335 - The extraterritorial powers which do not now require compulsory periodical registration of their nationals in China should make provision for such registration at definite intervals.
Página 349 - II. The governments of the two contracting parties agree to hold, within one month after the signing of the present agreement, a conference which shall conclude and carry out detailed arrangements relative to the questions in accordance with the principles as provided in the following articles.
Página 337 - In conformity with the agenda of the Conference, the Chinese Government proposes for the consideration of and adoption by the Conference the following General Principles to be applied in the determination of the questions relating to China: "1. (a) The Powers engage to respect and observe the territorial integrity and political and administrative independence of the Chinese Republic, (b) China upon her part is prepared to give an undertaking not to alienate or lease any portion of her territory or...
Página 337 - ... 7. In the interpretation of instruments granting special rights or privileges, the wellestablished principle of construction that such grants shall be strictly construed in favor of the grantors, is to be observed. "8. China's rights as a neutral are to be fully respected in future wars to which she is not a party. "9. Provision is to be made for the peaceful settlement of international disputes in the Pacific and Far East.
Página 335 - ... and procedure of the modern Chinese judicial system. Lawyers who are nationals of extraterritorial powers and who are qualified to appear before the extraterritorial or consular courts should be permitted, subject to the laws and regulations governing Chinese lawyers, to represent clients, foreign or Chinese, in all mixed cases.

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