Thinking about Yugoslavia: Scholarly Debates about the Yugoslav Breakup and the Wars in Bosnia and Kosovo

Cambridge University Press, 8 dic. 2005 - 328 páginas
The Yugoslav break up and conflict have given rise to a considerable literature offering dramatically different interpretations of what happened. But just how do the various interpretations relate to each other? This ambitious new book by Sabrina Ramet, an eminent commentator on recent Balkan politics and history, reviews and analyses more than 130 books about the troubled region and compares their accounts, theories, and interpretations of events. Ramet surveys the major debates which divide the field, alternative accounts of the causes of Yugoslavia's violent collapse, and the scholarly debates concerning humanitarian intervention. Rival accounts are presented side by side for easy comparison. Thinking about Yugoslavia examines books on Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo which were published in English, German, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, and Italian, thus offering the English-speaking reader a unique insight into the controversies.

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1 Debates about the war
2 The collapse of East European communism
3 The roots of the Yugoslav collapse
4 Whos to blame and for what? Rival accounts of the war
5 Memoirs and autobiographies
6 The scourge of nationalism and the quest for harmony
7 Miloševićs place in history
8 Dilemmas in postDayton Bosnia
9 Crisis in Kosovoa with Angelo Georgakis
10 Debates about intervention
Bosnia Croatia Slovenia Serbia
Macedonia and Montenegro in contemporary history
controversies methodological disputes and suggested reading
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Sabrina P. Ramet is a Professor of Political Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway, and a Senior Associate of the Centre for the study of Civil War, PRIO. She is the author of nine books, including Balkan Babel: The Disintegration of Yugoslavia from the Death of Tito to the Fall of Milosevic (4th ed 2002).

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