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ted and driven his party from the works; Nicholls, dated St George's, 17th October and that Lieutenant Carr, with several of 1795 his men, were badly wounded; all which I am this moment honoured with your circumstances were confirmed to me by the letter of this date, in aniwer to which I beg arrival of Captain Hamilton at Gouyave, leave to state, that I joined the guard on House, who made me a similar report. Du- Gouya ve-hill after dark on the night of the ring this transaction, a report prevailed that 15th inft. and, on inquiry, found it confittthe insurgents were advancing from our ed of one ferjeant, two corporals, and thir: rear, and the part of the works below; and ty-eight men, of which eleven were blacks. I was confirmed in it by firing being heard I then detached one corporal and three Brifrom the latter-mentioned place.

tish soldiers to a path pointed out by Capt. This prevented me from calling up Col. Pinuber, to Colonel Schaw, with orders, Webster's black corps, who had the defence that should the eneny approach that way of the town and the protection of the hof- to give them their fire, and then retire to pitál; as also Capt. Angus's black corps, the huts, and alarm the men there, and im. who had been posted to defend the Sugar mediately to join Colonel Schaw at the Works, (and, as I had been informed, had Houfe, it being impoffible for them to reperceived an enemy approaching) to make join me, from the nature of the ground. an attempt to recover the hill again. An This left me with one lerjeant, one corattempt, however, was made by all the men poral, and thirty-fivc mcn, including the I could muster of the 68th regiment; but blacks. they were not able to advance farther than I then fell them in round the break-work, the post already mentioned, on the left of in order that each man fhould know his poit the ridge, which was gained with great dif- in case of an alarm ; on doing which I found ficulty, from the very iteep and flippery state that I was obliged to leave a space of two occasioned by the constant rains: and find- yards and better between each man, to ena. ing the enemy so superior in numbers, and ble me to occupy the whole of the ground in poffesfion of a field-piece, from which within the brcalt-work; and, as the night they fired grape, as to make it too hazard- was extremely dark, I thought it necessary ous, and no probability of success.

to put thirteen fentries. At a little after it It was then the general sense of the offi- o'clock, Lt: Carr, (who was my fubaltern) cers under my command, whose opinions [ visited the sentries, and, on his return, severally took, to retreat to Sauteur, but informed me he had found them perfectly that afterwards being found impracticable, alert; in about five minutes after which we it was resolved to march to St George's. heard one of them fire, on which we immeThis, Sir, is a decail of fa&s, as nearly as diately turned out, and had time to fire

can state to you, of this unfortunate from four to five rounds per man, previous business, but which, however to be la- to the enemy's getting up to the breastmenced, will not, I trust, appear to you ci- work, after which we disputed it with our ther to have proceeded from any want of bayunete, until overpowered by numbere. vigilance or neglect of duty on my tide. Some confusion took place among the gun. I have the honour to be, &c. ners, which prevented them fiom firing the

field-piece (the only gun we had) imme(Signed) John B. SCHAW.

diately on the attack; and, on the enemy's Major of the 68th regiment, and getting near the breast-work, it was imposa

Lieuttnant.-Colonci. able to fire it without endangering our own P.S. I have the honour herewith to send little'avail, as we were attacked on all sides.

men ; and, indeed, it would have becn of you a state of the 68th regiment.

With respect to our loss, or that of the eneReturn of the 68th regiment of foot, of Of- my, I cannot take upon me to say what it

ficers, non- commissioned Officers, and may have been, as the night was so dark as rank and file, on the 16th of October to prevent me from feeing; neither can I 1795.

attempt to say what was their ftrength.

Before Lieut.- Carr and I quitted the poft, Present-10 officers, 17 ferjeants, 13 drum- there appeared to he at leait one hundred of mers, 107 rank and file.

the enemy within the breast-work, and from Milling—2 serjeants, 34 rank and file.

the noise without they seemed to be advanSick at Gouyave-29 rank and file.

cing in great force. I am inclined to think TOTAL-10 officers, 19 ferjcants, 15 drum. their loss must have been confiderable, as mers, 170 rank and filc.

our fire appeared to he well-directed, and (Signed)

our men disputed the breast-work bravely JOHN B. Schów.

with their bayonets, befides which, they,

the enemy, fired on each other for fome Copy of a letter from Captain Hamilton of time after we had been obliged to quit the the 68th regiment, to Brigadier-Generál post. Lieutenant. Cari remained with me


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in the works (though wounded) until we along a steep sandy beach, from a distance found that our med were all driven out, af. of three miles; nor has any act of open

horter which we retired. The man who ba- tility taken place. yonered him attacked me, when I fortunate- We are till employed in the same fer. ly shot him, by which I escaped.

vice, as well as in preparing materials for I have the honour to be, &c. necessary to reduce the forts ; and if the

the construction of such works as may be From the London Gazette Extraordinary, refuse us admittance as friends, I hope to Jan. 7, 1796.

have it in my power to begin our apCapture of Trincomale.

proaches against the Fort of Trincomale to. Horse Guards, 6 Jan. 1796.

morrow night.

I cannot too strongly express my obligaDispatches from Colonel Stuart, of which tions to Commodore Rainier, for the reathe following are copies, have been this day diness with which he has afforded every afreceived by the Right Hon. Henry Dun- fiftance which could be given by the fquaddas, one of his Majesty's Principal Secreta- ron of his Majesty's ships under his comie ries of State :

mand, in conveying and landing the troops,

stores and provitions, and in every part of Camp before Trincomale, in the Ifand the service where his aid and co-operation

of Ceylon, 17 August 1795. could be of use; and hls zeal has been ably SIR,

seconded by the exertions of the Officers In obedience to the orders and instruc- and seamen employed in carrying bis orders tions froni the Government of Fort St into effc.ct. George, and Colonel Brathwaite command.

I have the honour to be, &c. ing the King's and Company's forces on the coast of Coromandel, I have the honour

J. STUART. to acquaint you, for his Majesty's informa.

(To be continued.) tion, by the Royal Admiral under difparch for Europe, that the armament, with the

SCOTLAND. command of which I am intrusted, embark. ed the 30th ultimo, at Fort St George, on

Dec. 27. This evening about five minutes hoard his Majesty's ships of war upon that before ten o'clock, there was observed in ftation, and the transports taken up for the

the neighbourhood of Edinburgh, a most

beautiful Prismatic Rainbow of confider purpose of conveying it to this place. The fleet arrived in Back Bay, to the

able extent, in the north-west quarter of Dorthward of the forts of Trincomale and

the horizon, directly opposite to the Moon,

then two days past full, and shining very Oostnaburgh, on the ift inftant; and as Commodore Rainier and I were particularly dazzlingly from the south-east through cold anxious that the Commandant of those forts stormy dying, clouds or showers. This phæ.

nonjena, which is believed to be a very unushould not misapprehend the object of the

sual one, continued with little alteration for armament under our command, every precaution was taken to prevent any misappre. in appearance from a faint Solar Rainbow,

more than five minutes, differing nothing hension upon that head, by explaining to him the nature of it; and two days were

the red, yellow, and green colours, and even

a fhade of the blue or purple being distinctspent in communications between the fort and fieet for that purpose.

ly marked, without any resemblance what. As the Commandant, however, did not

ever to an Aurora Borealis. think proper to accede to the requisitions made, in the name of the King, by the

Lanark, 2 Jan. 1796. Commodore and me, and refused obeying Yesterday (New Year's Day,) we witnes. the commands of his superior, Mr Van An- fed a very pleasing scene; the whole Boys geloeck (the Governor of Columbo,) to de- and Girls, to the number of four hundred, liver

up the fort of Oostenburgh to a de- employed by the benevolent Mr Dalę, in tachment of his Majesty's troops, on ac- his extensive Cotton Manufactory in this count of an informality in the order, the neighbourhood, walked in procession thro' Commodore agreeing with me in the pro- the principal streets of the town, accompapriety of landing the troops, they were dif- nied with music and the ringing of bells; embarked on the 3d, about four miles to the the Boys and Girls being all newly clothed, forthward of the fort of Trincomale, with the former in new Blue Suits, and the latout opposition.

ter in White Mullin Frocks and Caps. OpNeither the garrison of Trincomale or posite the Black Bull Inn, they were enterOostnaburgh have hitherto given us any tained wieh a suitable repast

, and thereafter moleftation in the laborious service, in returned in their ranks to the Mill, where which the troops have been employed, of they dined, and spent the remainder of the conveying provisions, ordniudce, and stores, day much to their own fatisfaction, and

no less to that of their worthy patron Mr of every article since the year 1968, when Dale, then present, a Gentleman who is the Justices had fixed the price at 1 s. per truly an ornament to his country. Chil- mile. The Court repelled the objection, dren are received at the age of seven years; of the Poftmasters as to the jurisdiction they are well educated, cloathed, and fed, of the Justices; and after hearing a variand the greatest care taken of their morals, ey of observations from the Counsel on as well as their health. Indeed, it is wor. both sides, with respect to the other point, thy of remark, and argues strongly the they ordered the interdict to be taken healthfulness of their employment, that out off in fo far as the Justices prohibited the of the number of four hundred, not one is at Puftmasters from charging more than prefent upon the sick lift. Jan. 6. This morning the Jason frigate, C.

I s. per mile, and allowed them to charge Stirling, Esq. Commander, arrived in Leith

I s. 2 d. till the different allegations of Roads, with the Count d'Artois on board. the parties should be properly atcertainHis Royal Highness was faluted with twen.

ed; and, for that purpose, remitted the guns from the battery, and with the cause to the Lord Ordinary. like number at two o'clock, 'on his landing

The Counsel for the Poftmasters an. at Leith, where he was received by Lord nounced to the Court, that the PoftmalAdam Gordon, Commander in Chief, and ters proposed to bring the question of conducted, in his Lordship’s carriage to the jurisdiction immediately under their repalace of Holy Rood House, where apart- view, they finding it impossible to carry ments are fitted up for his reception. As on businels, and submit to retrictions, His Royal Highness entered the Palace, he unless they are intitled to call upon the was faluced with twenty-one guns from the Justices of Peace to regulate the price of Caitle. We hear, the Windsor Forcíters every article einployed in the trade. and the Hopetoun Fencibles were in readi

Counsel for the Pollmasters; the Hon. ness to line the approach to the Palace, but Henry Erskine, and David Cathcart, Esq. His Royal Highness, withing as little cere- advocates, Mr John Somerville, agent. mony as possible, their attendance was dif

For the Procurator-Fiscal; Lord Ad. pensed with.

Charles Philip Count d'Artois was børn vocate, William Tait and Charles Hope, OA. 9, 1757, married in 1773 Maria The Efyrs. advocates. Mr Robert Dundas, resa, daughter of the King of Sardinia, by writer to the

fignet, agent. whom he has two sons.

Jan. 18. This being the day appoint12. This day came on the election of the cd for celebrating her Majesty's birthDean of the Faculty of Advocates. The day, it was observed here with every deCandidates were, the Right Hon. the Lord monftration of joy.--- In the morning, the Advocate of Scotland, and the Hon. Henry flag was displayed, and at noon the great Erskine, late Dean of Faculty. The Lord guns were fired from the Castle; and at Advocate was elected by a great majority, half past iwelve, the Windfor Forresters the numbers being

fired three vollies, at Piers-Hill Barracks, For the Lord Advocate,

in honour of the day. In the evening,

123 For Mr Erskine,


there was a very brilliant asembly and

ball, at the rooms in the New Town, at Majority,


which her Grace the Dutchefs of Buc

cleugh presided, which was uncommonly 14. Jan. The Court of Seffion had fuil. His Royal Highness Monsieur, atunder consideration, the cause at the in- tended by his suite, by Lord Adam Gore ftarce of the Procurator-fiscal of his don and his faff, and by the Lord Procouniy, against the Poftmasters, who vost of Edinburgh, and other Gentlemen, had entered into an agreement to raise the came at an early hour. The Duke and price of posting from 19. to Is. 3 d. per Duchess of Buccleugh, the Earls of Eglinmile. The Justices of Peace having gi- ton and B:eadalbane, the Eari aud Counven judgment against the Poftmalters, tess of Glasgow, Lord and Lady Daland pronounced an interdict, prohibiso keith, Counters Dowager of Dalhousie, ing them from charging more than is. Lord Montagu, Ladies Elizabeth and Caper mile, the Poftmallers brought a fuf- roline Montagu, Lady Jane Belsches, and penfion of that judgment upon two almoft all the fashionable Company of grounds, ift, That the Justices had no both sexes in town were prelent, and the power to regulate the prices in this in- dancing continued till a late hour.-In francé ; and, adly, Suppofing such power justice to Monfieur, it must be remarked, was vefted in them, that the rate at that his Royal Highness not having been which they had fixed the price of posting at any public place fince his arrival in was by far too low, considering ihe nile Britain, paid the most marked attention


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in his power to our moft amiable Queen, ble down. It is yet imposible to say what
gratifying at once his own feelings, and may be the consequences of this confe-
the expectations of a very great number deracy againft us of wind and water,
of the first people here, who seemed all
highly sensible of his Royal Highness's

polite attention and affable manners. Nov. 27. At Leeds, the Lady of Sir

19. This morning about five o'clock, R. B. Johnston, Bart. a daughter. a dreadful fire broke out in the shop of Dec. 15. Mrs Cruickshank of Stracao Mr Bowman, a goldsmith in the Parlia- thro, a daughter. ment Square. It had got to a great 18. At Kimbolton, the Duchess of height before it was discovered, and Manchefter, a daughter. from the situation it was particularly a. 19. At Newbyth-house, Mrs Baird of larming ; in the same tenement is the Newbyth, a son. Goldsmiths Hall, the Affay Office, and 26. At Kings-Cramond, Mrs Ramsay some shops. It is fituated in a narrow younger of Barnton, a daughter. lane on one fide; the Parliament House, At Murthly, Mrs Stewart of the 'Advocates Library, the Council. Grandtully, a son. Chamber, and several Churches, are in- 28. Mrs Erskine younger of Mary a imediately adjoining. The wind was fon. very high-Upon the firft alarm, the Ma

Jan. 4. Ar Caville, Mrs Thomas Ro. giftrates, the Royal Edinburgh Volun- bertson, a daughter. teers, a detachment from the Hopetoun - At Aberdeen, the Right Hon. the Fencibles, the City Guard, together with Countess of Aboyne, a daughter. the Firemen and Fire-Engines, immedi- 8. At Kinnaird, the Lady of Sir Daately attended, but the fire had got to vid Carnegie of Southekk, Bart. a daughsuch a height, that it was in vain to think ter. of saving the building in which it began. At Eccles, Mrs Marjoribanks, a Their attention was therefore directed to daughter. preserve the valuable adjoining buildings, 9. At Mount Riddel, Mrs Riddel, a which, by the most vigorous and judi, fon. cious exertions, was happily effected,

MARRIAGES. tho' at one time the flames had reached

Marriages in the East Indies.--Lieut.. the windows of one of the Churches.- Colonel Younge, of the cavalry, to Miss

The whole tenement, confifting of the Davidson, daughter of the late Alexan-
Goldsmiths Hall, with their records, pa- der Davidson, Esq.-Major Stevenson,
pers, &c. the Aslay Office, and shops of of the cavalry, to Miss Wet.-- Licut.
Mr Bowman and Mr Downie were to- Bagshaw, to Miss Hepe.- Lieut. Cale
tally confumed, with every thing that craft, Judge Advocate General, to Miso
they contained. The loss is very confi- Bremer.
derable. The greateft praise is due to Lately at Wakefield, Allan Cameron,
the Gentlemen, the Soldiers, the Fire- Esq. Captain in the 132d regiment, ii
men, &c. for their spirited exertions, by Mifs M. Dundas, daughter of the late
which one of the modi alarming fires that Colonel Dundas of the Royals, and niece
has happened in Edinburgh for many to the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, Se-
years, was extinguilhed in less than iwo cretary of State.

Dec. 15. At Inch, near Stranraer, John
Inverary, Jan. 25: The tides, for

some Aitken, aged eighty-one years, to Catha. time paft, in Lochfine, have arisen torine M Clunie, aged seventy-three. fuch an extraordinary height, accom- 22. At Edinburgh, Mr James Menepanied, and indeed chicfly occafioned, by laws merchant, partner in the house constant gales of wind from the south of Meff. John Watt and Co. to Miss Jean weft, that, besides wrecking fome vessels, Gibson, daughter of, William Gibson, a great deal of damage has been done on Morton. the north-west fhores of the Loch; the 24. Mr Wm. Walker, Orchardhead, military and other roads, have been in to Miss Alison Cunningham, daughter many places entirely deftroyed; and to John Cunningham, of Balbougie, Esq. much mischief done otherwise ; at this Advocate. moment the tide is at least fix feet high- 28. At Glasgow, Mr Wm. Jack, maer than ever remembered by the oldeft nufacturer, to Miss Marianne Rogers,

person living; the street of Inverary is daughter of Mr James Rogers, manufaca .. a continuation of the Loch, and one turer there. bouse is every moment espected to tum. --. At Glasgow, Mr James Gentle

writer in Edinburgh, to Miss Marga- of the Honourable Eaft India Compa, ret Brisbane, daughter of Mr Alexander ny. Brisbane, Supervisor of Excise, Glai- June 28. At Martinique, of fatigue in gow.

St Lucia, Lieut. Robert Stewart, of the 28. At Edinburgh, J. Besley, Esq. 61 ft regiment, son of James Stewart of to Miss Baker, daughter of J. P. Baker, Urrard, Esq. Perehshire. Erq. of Grove Place, in the Inand of Ja. Aug. In Jamaica, George Weir, M.D. maica, Counsellor at Law.

Apothecary to the Forces: 29. William Tweddell, Esq. only Sept. 14. At St. Domingo, Lieu: Rofon of John Tweddell,

Esq. of Untank- bert Mackenzie, of the Royal Artillery, hall, to Miss Anne Cradock, second eldest son of the late Captain Mackenzie daughter of Sheldon Cradock, Esq. of of the 13th regiment of foot. Hartforth.

20. At Martinico, Mrs Ramsay, wife - At Campbeltown, Mr William of Captain Nicholas Ramsay, of the ad Langlands, second son of Mr George regiment of foot. Langlands, land-surveyor, to Miss Mar- 22. At St Vincent's, David Gardiner, garet Temple.

Esq. a Captain in the 34th regiment of Jan. I. At Binny, David Falconer of foot. Cariourie, Esq. to Miss Jane Stewart, se- 02. The Rev. Mr Matthew Hendera cond daughter of the deceased Robertson, minifter of the Associate Congrega, Stewart of Binny, E'q.

tions of Chartiers and Buffaloe, near 4. At Glasgow, Mr Andrew Thomp. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was ate son grocer, to Miss Margaret Lockhart, tending the cutting down of a tree on his daughter of the deceased Mr George citate, and by standing top pear it when Lockhart, writer.

falling, he was crushed to death by one - Mr William Dunbar merchant of its branches. He was a native of Kinin Leith, to Mrs Janet Doig, reli&t of rossshire, and died much regretted, the late Mr Hugh Paterson, merchant 4. At Grenada, Lieutenant Col. Hugh there.

Scott of Gala. At Maybole, Robert Thomson, 12. At St Vincent's, Lieut.-Col. John Esq. late of the island of Jamaica, tó Ritchie, of the 60th regiment, of a wound Miss Jane Kennedy, daughter of the de- received in an action with the enemy on ceased Robert Kennedy, Esq. of Daljar, the 230 September. He behaved very rock.

gallantly, and is much regretted. 8. At Kilmarnock, Mr Robert Boyd, Nov. 7. At Edinburgh, Miss Beatrix from the island of Jamaica, to Miss Jean Strachan, daughter of the late Mr John Paterson, daughter of the deceased Bailie Strachan, merchant in Edinburgh. Robert Paterson.

14. At Aberdeen, Mr Jas. Thomson, 12. John Wilkie, Erg. of Hetton, to merchant, Broadstreet. Miss Terrot, of Berwick, daughter of 15. At Peterhead, Lieutenant and Ad. the late Captain Terrot of the invalids.. jutant Charles Abernethie, of the 74th re,

giment. DEATHS.

16. At the Manle of Ardchatrain, Ar. Deaths in the East Indies.-ATrichie minister of that parish.

gyleshire, the Rev. Mr Ludovick Grant, nopoly, Edward Stewart, Esq. furgeon in the Hon. Company's service; Captain daughter of the late George Crawfurd,

At Glasgow, Mifs Peter Crawfurd, Hay, of his Majesty's goth regiment; Efq, author of the Peerage of Scotland, Major Shaw.-Ai Berampore, Lieutenant of the History of the Family of Șicwart, Reid, Barrack-master. At Cananore, and of Renfrewshire. Lieutenant J. I. Jackson, of the ad regi.

19. At Exmouth, in Devonshire, the ment of Bombay European infantry- Hon. Alexander Abercromby, one of At Calicut, Captain Forrester, of the ith the Senators of the College of Juftice, battalion of Bombay native infantry.

and one of the Lords Commissioners of April 27. At Mafulipatam, in com- Jufticiary for Scotland. mand of the Northern Division of the 18. Major John-Charles Ker, Military Army, Colonel Charles Fraser.

Commandant of Hospitals in the Lee May 30. At Palycatchery, Ensign ward Islands, and third son of the late Michael Seton, eighth son; and, on the Alexander Ker, Esq. of Blackhiell. On işth of July, ai Bombay, Licutenant Ed- the same day, died Lieut. James Ker of ward Seton, Malabar interpreter, seventh the 40th regiment of foot, the Major's fon of the late Mr Daniel Seton, mer. youngest son. The Major and his son chant in Edinburgh, both in the service were on board the Venus transport, bound


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