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os Such is the histry of your loyal Louse,

Whose presence breeds such tumult in the house."
The poet then notes the ill reception which this speech experienced ;
infomuch that the life of the little orator was endangered; when, lo!

Zephyr, so anxious for his life, drew near,
And sudden bore him to a distant sphere,
In triumph rais'd the animal on high,
Where Berenice's locks adorn the sky;
But now he wish'd him nobler fame to share,
And crawl for ever on BELINDA's hair.
Yet to the Louse was greater glory giv’n ;
To roll a planet on the splendid heav'n,
And draw of deep astronomers the ken;

The GEORGIUM SIdus of the fons of men !!!! Such is the conclusion of this heroic poem: but there is a great deal of comic matter in the preceding part of this fifth canto, which we have not room to particularize, and for which we must refer to the pamphlet.

FOREIGN LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. MR Roschmann, keeper of the ar- who had writen on the fishes of the

chives of the household to the Mediterranean. Emperor, has published at Vienna, Fred. James Baft has published 1792, 8vo, a History of Tirol, with at Vienna, 1794, 8vo, a critical Ela Map of Rhætia.

say on the Text of Plato's SympofiZürich and Leipfic. Travels in va um, with an Investigation of Readrious Provinces of the Kingdom of ings in Three MSS. in the Imperial Naples, by C. Ulyffes von Salis Mar- Library. fchlins. Vol. I. 8vo, 442 pages with Mr Tham, at Stockholm, 19 plates plates. 1793. The obfervations and of Gothic antiquities, containing 38 accounts here given, in which the fubjects. author very properly endeavours to Jená. A Collection of the most avoid all beaten ground, render this remarkable Travels in the East, transwork highly pleasing and instructive, lated or abridged, with felect Maps tho' it cannot be commended for pur and Plates, and the necessary Introsity of style, and abounds with typo- ductions, Remarks, and Indexes; by graphical errors. The present vo-. H. F. G. Paulus Prof. Th. Ord. at lume is divided into two parts; the Jena. Vol. III. 8vo, 420 pages. 1794. first contains a tour through Apulia, *This volume contains two journeys Bari, and Otranto; the second, a 'to Egypt by J. M. Wantleb, one in journey through part of Abbruzzo. 1663, the other in 1672 and 3. The At the end is a catalogue of thell-fifli former is now published for the first from the sea-coasts of Naples, illuf. time, from a MS. in the library of trated by some neat plates. This the university of Cottengen, and to the author gave, because he found it are added some remarks of Ludolf, many kinds not mentioned by those which he wrote on the MS. itself. It Ed. Mag. Jan. 1796. G


is principally valuable for it's ac- engravings are faithful representations count of Abyssinia, from which The. of well-chosen scenes. venot appears to have taken his, and Breslam. Account of every Thing of Fohr, or Darfoor, as Ledyard calls remarkable in the Rehdiger Library it. The latter journey has been pub- at Brellaw ; by its principal Librari. lished in French.

án, J. Eph. Scheibel, Member of seErlangen. Letters on the Two veral Societies, &c. Part I. 4to. 80 Franconian Principalities of Bayreuth pages. 1794. Mr S. parpofes to give and Anspach, written during a Sum- an ample account of every thing pårmer-tour in the Years, 1792-3; by ticularly deserving notice in the libJ. Godfrey Kæppel. 8vo. No 1. 48 rary under his care, which contains pages, 4 plates; No II. 40 pages, 6 about 800 volumes and bundles of plates ; 1794. Both the plates and manuscripts, 20,000 printed books, descriptions of these two numbers of and 15,000 prints. He means to Mr K's antiquarian and picturesque publish a number regularly every tour deserve comm

mendation. The half




1795. Theology. Morals. Letter to Mr Blyth, on the fame. SErmons delivered at the Sunday

Id. ib. Evening 'Lecture in the Old Sermons by G. Hill, D. D. 8vo. 6s. Jewry. By Joseph Fawcett. bds. Cadell and Davies..

vols. 8vo. 125 bds. Johnson. Chriftian Philosophy, or the Evi. Observations on the Increase of Infi dence and Excellency of Revela

delity. By J. Priestley, LL. D. tion. By V. Knox. D. D. 2 vols. 8vo. 2s 6d. Johnson.

120m. 6s. sewed. Dilly. Exercises of Piety for the Use of en- Principles of Antipædobaptism, in

lightened and virtuous Chriftians, Answer to P. Edwards. 12mo. Is. translated from Zollikofre. By 6d. Button.

J. Manning. 8vo. 3s. Rivingtons. Hiftorical defence of Experimental A Sermon on the Death of Dr Har Religion. 2 vols. 12mo. 6s. bds. ris. By the same, is. Johnson. Priestley.

at Coddington. By E. H. Motives for leaving the Church of Hoare. 8vo. 6d. Chapman.

Rome, and acceding to the Church on the Eternal Generation of England. By R. Norris. 1s 6d. of the Son of God. By the Bp. of Vernor and Hood. Chester. is. Rivingtons.

Enquiry into the Second coming of OE. 25. before the Universi. Christ. By the Author of Antity of Cambridge, on the King's christ in the French Convention. Accession. By E. Pearson. 6d. Is. Cadell and Davies. Rivingtons.

Consistency, the Test of Truth; Reto the People on the Way flections on French Atheism, and to obtain Peace. By Lady Wal. English Christianity, 6d. Scatch

lace. 6d. Reed St. James's-street. erd. Legal Rights, consistent with Na. The Hiftory of the Church of Christ.

tional Liberties : a Sermon by W. By J. Milner. Vol. 2. gs. 6d. bds. Hawkins. 1s. Rivingtons.

Dilly. Sermon before the Rutland Yeo. An Alarm to Britain, or Inquiry in

man Cavalry. By. R Blyth. Is to the rapid Progress of Infidelity, Newberry.

By J. Jameson, D. D. 28. ib.


3s. bds.

New Books and Pamphlets published in Dec. 1795. 51 Remarks on a Treatise by W. Bell, ty, as Guardian of the Duchy of D. D. on the ilt and 20 Chapters Cornwall. By C. Watkins, is. of St. Matthew. By J. Williams, Butterworth, D. D. is. Johnson.

Selection of Rules in the ProfecuThe French Revolution exhibited in tion and Defence of Personal Ac.

the Light of the Sacred Oracles. tions. By M. Hands.
By A. Pierce. 2s.6d. Vernor and Brook.

Symonds's Abstract of the Two Bills The Apprentices Companion. 6d. for suppresling Meetings, &c. 18. Button.

Symonds. Address to the Liecester Volunteer Appendix to the 17th Edition of

Infantry, with a Prayer. By T. Burn's Justice. 8vo. 3s 6d bds.
Robinson. 6d. Matthews.

Cadell and Davies,

Supplement to Williams's Justice, Illustrations of Mr Hume's Essay on

8vo. 3s sewed. Robinsons, Liberty and Necessity, in Answer Medicine. Surgery. Midwifery. to Dr Gregory of Edinburgh. 8vo. Medical Extracts. Vol. 3. 8vo. 6s

is. 6d. Johnson, Efay on the Progress of the Human A New Method of operating for the

bds. Johnson. Understanding. By J. A. O'

Femoral Hernia, from the Spanish Keeffe, m. d. 8vo. Is. 6d. Griffith.

of Gimbernat. By Dr Beddoes. History. Travels. Biography. 8vo. 2s 6d. Johnson. Historical Differtation on the Irish Domestic Midwife, By Margaret

Parliament, by Viscount Mount Stevens is 6d. Fores, morres. 35. 6d. Debrett.

Observations on the Hooping Cough, Gleanings through Wales, Holland, By J. G. Jones. 15. Allen and

and Westphalia. By Mr Pratt. 3 Weft. vols. 8vo. Il. is. bds. Longman. Evidence of the superior Efficacy of Narrative of M. Dechaumereix, of Yellow Bark. By W. Vaughan, the Massacre of Aurai and Van

M. D. Is 6d. Cox. nes. Is. 6d. Debrett.

Hints respecting Human Diffections The Life of Milton, by W. Hayley,

Darton. Efq. 4to. 155. on Royal Paper. il. Hints on the Chlorosis of Boarding Is, bds. Cadell and Davies.

Schools. 8vo. The Life of Samuel Johnson, L. L. D. Observations to thew the MismanBy Robert Anderfon M. D. 8vo. agement of the Medical Depart55. bds, Arch

ment in the Army. By N. SinLaw.

noto, M. D. is 6d. Murray and Esay on the Rights of the Prince of Highly. Wales Relative to the Duchy of

Painting: Cornwall. By G. Moore, Esq. Guicciardini's Account of the An25. Clarke,

cient Flemish School. 8vo. 3$ Essay on Ufes, by W. Cruise. 8vo.3s

common, 5s fine Paper. Herbert. bds. Butterworth.

A practical Treatise on Painting in The Practice of the Court of Exche

Oil Colours. 8vo. Os bds. Whires. quer. By D. B. Fowler. 2 vols. 8vo.

Natural Knowledge. 13s.

bds. ib. Reports of Cases in Chancery, 1795. The Studies of Nature, from the By F. Veley, Vol. 11. Part III. 145.

French of Abbe St Pierre. By Brooke.

Dr Hunter. 5 vols. 8vo. il. Enquiry into the Powersof his Majes 10s bds. Dilly. G 2


8vo. Is.



dar. 4to.


Austenburn Castle. 2. vols. 12mo. Robin Hood : a Collection of Anci. 6s fewed. Lane.

ent Poems, with Notes, and his Mysterious Warnings. By Mrs ParLife. By L. Minot, 2 vols. small fons. 4 vols. 12mo. 12s lewed. ib. 8vo. 125 bds. Egerton.

Cicely, or the Role of Raby. 4 vols. Poems written in 1354. By L. Mi 12mo, fewed. ib. Small 8vo.


bds, ib. The Haunted Tavern. By J. Pal. Joan of Arc, an Epic Poem. By mer, Jun. Crosby. R. Southey, 4to. Il is bds. RóArville Cafle. 2 vols.

12mo. 65 binson.

sewed. ib. Liberty's Laft Squeak. By P. Pin. Antoinette. 2 vols. 12mo. 6s few.

Is 6d. Walker. ed, Lane. The Royal Visit to Exeter. By the Susanna, or Traits of a Modern Miss. fame. Is 6d ib.

ib. Saint Guerdon's Well. 8vo. Is. Wanderings of Imagination. By E. Printed at Dumfries,

S. Gooch. 2 vols. 12mo, 6 few. Mensa Regum, or Table of Kings. ed. Crolby. 4to. Is 6d. Hookham.

Politics. Political econimy. Travels of Cyllenius. Canto 41 to

60. Is each. 4to. Baton. The Plot discovered: an Address a. The Roses, or K. Henry the Sixth, gainst Ministerial Treason. By S.

a Tragedy. Is 6d. Elmiley, P. Colridge, 9d. The cries of Belona. By Quintus War no Policy. 8vo. Persius. 4to.

2s 6d. Ridgway. Dialogues on the Two Bills now The Monopolist. Is.

Cadell and pending, By W. Wilson, Jasper's Davies.

Brother. Is 6d. Owen. The Works of the British Poets, The last Advice but One, respect

with Prefaces, Biographical and ing the same. 6d. Symonds. Critical. By Robert Anderson, M.D. Letter to the High Sheriff of Lincoln

13 vols. Royal 8vo. 81, bds. Arch, on the same Subject. By Major Bagatelles. By W. Butler.

35 Cartwright. 8vo. 15. Johnson. fewed. Cadell and Davies.

Politicians Creed. Vol. I. 8vo. 75. Poem on a Monastery now building bds: Johnson.

in Dorsetshire, for Monks. 6d. Ri Political Instructions, in Three Parts. vingtons.

6d each. Cox, Savellon's Elegies and Poemis. Svo. The Constitution Safe without Re. 75 6d. bds. Hookham.

form, in Reply to Major CartThe Monkey, a Satire. 6d. Long wright. By Arthur Young, Esq.

IS 6d. Richardson.
Romances. Novels.

Narrative of the Examination of P. The Sorcerer, a Tale from the Ger Lemaitre is. Eaton.

man of Y. Webar. 8vo. 3s 6d. Conciones ad Populum, or Address to - sewed. Johnson.

the People. By S. P. Colridge. Les Chevaliers du Cygne, ou la Cour

de Charlemagne, Par Mad. de The Doctrine of Equality Exam. Genlis. I 2mo,

ined, by J. Pilkington. fewed. ib,




Is 6d.

3 vols.

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HE cities of Paris and of Lyons, zard bowers profaned; the orange-grovet Vendee, were not the only scenes of hor- the waters are tinged with blood; the ror which France exhibited during the hollow moans of calamity issue from the tyranny of Robespierre ; alas, there was caverns, and the shrieks of despair re-echo scarcely a valley of that desolated coun- from the cliffs, the guillotine has arisen

i whose flowerers were not bruiled amid those confecrated shades where love with the tread of hostile paces!' Robe. alone had reared its altars !--no longer fpierre could not have fo long maintained with the name of Vaucluse is associated his iron fceptre, had he not found, to use the idea of Petrarch ; that of Maignet, the words of Shakespeare,

the destroying Maignet, presents itself to

the shuddering imagination, and the afto. • Slaves that took his humours for a war- nished foul starts back with horror

rant, To break into the bloody house of life,

• I see, where late the verdant landscaps

smil'd, And, on the winking of authority,

A joyless defart, and a dreary wild; To understand a law.'

O'er all the air a direful gloom is spread; While Carrier ravaged the country of the Pale are the meads, and all their blossoms weft, and Collot d'Herbois laid the


opulent city of the east in ashes, Le Bon hung The clouds of April shed a baleful dew, like a destroying vulture over the north, And nature wears a veil of deadly hue.' feait ng his savage foul with the fight of One of the first acts of Maignet, upon mangled carcases; and Maignét consum- his arrival in the department of Vaucluse, ed the lovely villages of the south in the was the destruction of the village of Beflames of a general conflagration. The douin, fituated in a country of the most scene of Maignet's proconsulate was the romantic beauty, and where the benign departments of Vaucluse, and the mouth climate fosters all the rich productions of of the Rhone-ihole celebrated regions summer, and forins a striking contrast to for ever dear to the lovers of the elegant the eternal fnows which cover the mounarts, where, cheering the gloom of go- tain of Ventoux, at the foot of which the thic barbarism, to use the language of village is placed. Olsian, the light of the song arofe ;? A Imall tree of liberty, which had been where the Troubadours ftrung their ear- planted on a solitary spot near Bedouin, ly harps, and where the immortal Pee was, during the night, torn from the trarch poured forth his impassioned ftrains. ground by fome wretches who know that Divine poet! no more thall the unhappy this incident would furnish a pretext for lover seek for consolation in shedding de- pillage and devastation. At break of day licious tears on the brink of that foun- the very perfons who were the perpetratain where thou hast wept for Laura ! - tors of this act, one of whom was the no more hall he haunt with penfive en- president of the popular fociety, founded thusiasm that folitary valley, those crag a general alarm, and accused the guiltless by rocks, those hanging woods, and tore inhabitants of Bedouin, of the facrilege rent streams, where thou hast wandered committed against the hallowed symbol with congenial feelings, and to which thy of freedom. tender complaints have given everlasting Revolutionary troops were instantly renown! -mihofe enchanting dreams,those fummoned to carry fire and sword thro' dear illufions have for ever vanished the village and territory of Bedouin. A that delicious country, the pride of municipal commission was immediately France, the garden of Europe, the classical organized by Maignet, which presented haunt of Petrarch, no longer presents itself wherever there was the hope of the delightsul images of beauty, of poetry, spoil, spreading every where defolation of paffion; the magical spell is broken, and death. Five hundred habitations the foothing charm is dissolved; the were delivered to the flames; the fruits fairy scenes have been pulluted, the wiz- of the harvest were consumed, and the


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