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tain Crawford of the Mary Anne, and ** At Dublin, Daniel Corneille, . Era. 10 ordered him to pilof her into the first Miss Stewaitlaughter of Charles Rofs British port, with an intention, it is faid; Stewart, Esq. of the East India Compaof delivering up the vellel to Govern- ny's tervice. ment, and entering themselves volunteers At London, John M.Kenzie, Esq. of on Board the Britih navy. On her arri- King's-Arms-Yard, Coleman-street, to val in the Road, the mutineers hoifted Mils Vandam, of Guildford-street. the British over the Dutch fig, and fired

At Dumbarton Catile, Mr John Turna Royal falute; they then brought their bull.jun. of Cordale, to Miss Roberilon, officers on shore, and have since afilted daugiter to Captain Robertson of that in removing their ammunition and ware place. like stores on board of one of his Mjef- Sir Hectos M'Kenzie of Gairloch, ty's cutters.

Bart, to Miss Cariftian Henderfon. June 16. This morning, a duel was At Aberdeen, Mr Robert Gordon, fought in the neighbourhood of Elin- Craighead, to Mils Janet Wright, niece burgh, betwixt Major Crichton and Mr to the late Dr Garrow'. Bennet furgeon in Edinburgh; wlien May 17. At Invernetrie, William Fora the Major was unfortunately thot through refter, Eq. of Culmore, Captain in the the body, the ball having penetrated near: 2d battalion of the 4th Fencible regt. 10 his breast, and come out at his back. İt Miss Gordon, daughter of Alex. Gordon, is with pleasure we add, that great hopes Elq. of Invernertie: äre entertained of his recovery.

20. At Edinburgh, Jas. Pierson, Esq.

eldent son of James Pierson; Elg. of ABIRTHS.

bington, Cambridgeshire, to Miss MarMay 6. The lady of Alexander Allar garet Ouchterlony, fecond daughter of dyce, Elq. of Dunnottar, M. P. for A. the deceased John Ouchterlony, Esq. of berdeen, a daughter at Aberdeen.

Guvnd. 9. Mrs Grant of Congalton, a son. June 2. At Borrow stounnels, Mr Jis.

16. The Right Hon. Lady Balgonie, Taylor, jun. Sheriff-Clerk of Linlithgow; a daughter, at Balgony, Fifeshire. to Miss Janet Hart, young ft daughter

20. At Bradford-hall, Worcester-thire, to Mr Robert Hart, merchant in Bo:the lady of Lieut.-Colonel M‘Donell of rowllounness. Lochgary, a daughter.

6. At Rosemount, Ayrshire, Robert 22. Mrs Richardson of Keithock, a Caldwell, Esq. to Miss Hunter of HunTon.

teifione. 23. Mrs Wemyss of Wemyss, a son. At Paisley, Mr Ebenezer. Richard.

June 1. Mrs M-Kenzie, younger of fon, manufacturer in Clafzow, to Mi's Applecross, a fon.

Agnes Carswell, daughter of Mr Robert 8. Mrs Stothart of Cargen, a daugh. Carlwell, manufacturer in Pailley. ter.

4. At Perth, Daniel M‘Farlane, fast9. Mrs Glaffell of Long Niddry, a dler, Perth, to Miss Margaret Renney, daughter.

daughter of the late Captain Renney, of 12. Mrs Smith, spouse of the Rev. Mr Foretank; by Dundee. Smith, a daughter at Musselburgh. 9. Mr Peter Jamieson, of Kinghon,

16. The lady of Sir John Sinclair of in Jamaica; to Miss Barbara French, U biter, Bart. a daughter.

daughter of the late Mr John French, Mrs Lockhart, wife of Mr Walter advicate in Aberdeen. Lockhart, writer in Edinburgh, a daugh- 13: At London, Licuti-Colonel Al x. ter.

Graham, of Duchray, to Miss. Moncriet . Mrs Brown, North-Callic Street, of Suuchope.

At Glasgow, Mr Wm. Cuthell; MARRIAGES.

mercht. to Miss Christian Forie, daughA: Lambeth Palace, George Wright, ter of Mr Robert Farie, bookseller. Esq. only fon of Sir James Wright, Bart. - Mr Jobn Lamb, merchant in Glafto Miss M.Lane, only daughter and fole gow, to Miss Janet M Cormick, daughheiress to the late Charles M.Lane, Eld. ter of the deceased Mr Wm. M.Cor. of Oakhampton in Berks, with a for- mick, merchant. tune of 50,0$ol.

14. Ar Lethen House, Lewis Dunbar, At London, Nathaniel Bihop, Efq. Efq. of Grange, to Miss Sophia Brodie, of Gloucester. Place, to Miss Mary Eliza: second daughier of the decealed Alexane heth Douglas, daughter of the late Sir Her Brodie, Elg. of Letlen. James Douglas.

17. Henry William Hardy, E'q. to 3 P 2


a son.

Mifs Eleanor Douglas, youngest daugh- him.Dr Ponton was for of Vir Alezier of the late Dr Erskine Douglas, and ander Ponton, architect. Madras Gaz. niece of the late Sir Jobo Douglas of Feb.10. 1796. At Martinico, Licut. Rois -Kelhead, Bart.

Gillepie, of General White's regiment,

fixth lon to Dr Tnomas Gillespic, phyDEATHS.

sician in Edinburgh. A: Hyderabad, 14th Oa.lall, Licut. March 6. Ac Martinique, Mr Francis William Steuart, of the Royal Establif- Hart, surgeon. ment, youngest son of Mr James Steu- 18. On his passage from Cork to the art writer in Edinburgh ; a gentleman West Indies, Jas. Smith Baillie, younger whofe excellent talents were exerted dur- of Dochfour, Licut.-Cot of the 99th re. ‘ing a long course of official duty, to the 'giment of foot, bencfit of his employers, and whose pri- Lately at Pondicherry, where he com. 'vate virtues, and endearing qualities, manded, Lieut-Col. Stirling of the 741 have rendered bis loss a subject of regret regiment. to the public; and of fincere forrow to On his passage to Barbadoes, Mr Jas. his friends. Lieutenant Steuart was for Smollet, Maie of the Phoenix East India. fome years attached to the Relidency with man, fourth fon of Alexander Smollets Madajee Sindia, and, fince the middle of Elq. of Bonhill. the year 1790, has served as affiftant to April 14. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elliot, the Refident at the court of the Nizam; widow of Mr Willian Elliot of Woclee, in which stations his abilitics, natural and writer in Edinburgh. acquired; and his knowledge of the po- . Ac his house in Chapel-Itreet, Me litics and languages of Hindoftan, en. Alexander Paliner, aged 83. ·abled him to fulfil his duty with credit 15. At Fenwick, Dirs Dewar, wife af to himself and advaritage to the public the Rev. Mr James Dewar, minifter in interests. As a surveyor, his merit was that place. conspicuous, and in particular, his sur- - At Perth, Mrs Jean Richardson, vey of the rout from Ågra to Hyderabad wife to Mr John Rofs, merchant. through paths till then um: xplored, has At Muir house, near Hamilton, in proved a valuable acquisition to the Geo-' the 94th year of her age, Mis Ann Hagraphy of India. His condod in every milton, daughter of the deceased James fituation, whether referred to a public Himilton, q. of Dalzell. or private life, obtained him the ap- 16. Ac Aberdeen, Mr David Ogilvie probation of his superiors, the respect of the Royal Navy. and affection of his acquaintances ; an At Perch, Mr James Marshall, juuncommon liberality of mind, joined to nior, manufacturer. manners the moi amiable ; and an ar. 6. After a Mort illness, aged rio years, dent attachment to the friends of his Mrs. Mary Turner of Church-Linch, choice, will ever endear to them his me- Worchestershire. mory, and keep alive in their minds the -. At his house in London, the Right fincereft sorrow for his lofo. Calcutta Hon. James Lord Somerville. His Lord. Montbly Journal.

ship was one of the Sixteca Representa08: 1795. Ai Charlestown, S. Carolina, tives of the Scots Peerage in Scotland, Mr Edw. Jaffray, manufacturer in Glalo and a Bachelor. He succeeded his father gow, third Ton-in Dec. a1 Charlestown, in 1766, and is fucceeded by his nephew, South Carolina, Mr James Jaffray, se- who will be the fifteenth Lord Somer. cond fon- and in Jan. 1796, at London, ville. Their ancefor came over with Mr John Jaffray, eldeft ion, ot Provost the Conqueror, and at one period-enjoyJaffray, Stirling.

ed very large estates both in Scotland At Fort Monghir, Me James and England. Their progenitor was the Clidsdale, alliftant furgeon in the East famous Sir Philip de Somerville, proprieIndia Company's service in Bengal. tor of the lordship of Whitch nour, who

Nov. At the Physician General's bequeathed a flitch of bacon to every Houfe, after a fhort but fevere illness, hulband and wife in the manor who Dr Andrew Ponton, furgeon in the Hon. could say they had no difference for a Company's service. A young man much year and a day after marriage; and at this and fincerely lamented; whole humani- day the claim is often made at Whicche ty and attention, in the line of his pro- nour House. feffion, warmth of heart, and strict prin- -. At Mansfield, the Rev. Mr Rociples of honour and probity, had gain, bert. Buchanan, one of the ministers of ed him the cleem of all who knew Itímahago, of a hort illassa, in the 720


fear of his age, and zift of his miniftty May 7. At Mount Pieafant, near Edioin that parish.

burgh, John Hepburn Lockhart, eldert April 18. At'Stromness, Mr Jeremiah fun of Walter Lockhart, writer in EdinSinclair, shipmaster.

burgh, in bis eleventh year. His discon20. At Edinburgh, Geo. Douglas, Esq. folate parents have had occafion to la22. At Cullen, Mrs Margaret Hay, ment the death of other three promising widow of Mr John Forbes, late minister fons, and a daughter, within the laft 13 at Dier.

months. . At London, after a short illness, Mr -At Bath, Kenneth Murchison, Efa. "David Walker, láte of Montrose. of Tarradale,

23. At the Manfe of Kippen, Mrs 9. At Newton, Emsign Philip Thom. Christian Innes, wife of the Rev. Johnson, second son of Colonel Thomson of Campbell, minifter of Kippen.

Charleton. At Edinburgh, Mr John Johnftone, At the Cottage of Linclouden, wine-merchant.

Miss Margaret Maitland of Eccles. 24. Miss Sarah Hamilton, daughter of ? - At Corftorphine,' Mits. Ann Aur. the late Rev. William Hamilton, minif- tin, daughter of the late Hugh Austin, ter of Douglas.

Efq. of Burdwan, Bengal. 26. At Craigcrooks Mr David Allan, Mrs Jean Hofs, wife of the Rev. farmer.

Mr Jofeph Taylor, minister of the gospel 27. At Tain, Bailie George Miller, at Watten. merchant there.

II. At Glasgow, Mr Alex. Grindlay, 30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Gray, widow merchant, of Alexander Gray, Esq. of Overskibo. 13. At his houfe at Drumsheugh; aged

-. Alexander Fergusson, Esq. advó- feventy-three years, the Hon. Jas. Erf'cate, unfortunately killed on the road kine of Alva, one of the Senators of the Cola from Duinfries to 'Craigdarroch, by the lege of Justice. In the year 1748, he was overturning of the carriage.

appointed Sheriff-depute of Perththirç, At the House of. Cartíburri, Mrs upon the abolition of the heritable jurifChristian Crawfurd, of Crawfurdfburn, dictions ; 'in 1754 he was made a Baron in the gift year of her age.

of Exchequer, and, in 1761 a Lord of Scha At his House, London, Geo. An- fion. derton, Esq. accountant to the Eaft In- 14. At Edenfide, Mrs Agnes Martine, .dia Board of Controul.

daughter of the decealed James Martine, May 1. Ai Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes of Clermont, Esq. Banclay, widow of the late Wm. Grain- --..At Edinburgh, the Hon. Miss Mam ger, Esq. of Warriston,

rianne Serpill, daughter of the decea- At his house at Simpfton, Da- fed Hugh Lord Sempill. vid Carnegie, Eig. late in the service of -. A: Waterton of Stonywood, Mr the Hon. Eafi India Company.

Alexander Smith paper-manufacturer. 2. At Huntly in the 19th year of her -. Ai Edinburgh, Mr William Ain. age, Miss Fortyth, eldest daughter of Al. Nie, saddler, Forsyth, Esq. late merchant in luntly. 16. At Geise, in the county of Caith

At Hope-Park, after a fhort illne seg nefs, George Sinclair, Esq. aged 76. James Ogilvy, E.q. depuiy receiverige. 19. At Ballyshannon, J. Campbell, Esq. neral of the Customs.

zí. At Canalbank, Mrs Grizei Baillie, 3. At Edinburgh, John Ruffel, Esq. daughter of Hugh Baillie, Esq. latè of clerk to the fignet.

Monkton, At Letham, near Hadington, Mrs Ar Edinburgh, Mrs CalderDawkins.

wood Durham of Largo.' Alexander Pott, Ero. of Borth.. 22. Mr Archibald M Gilchrift; young wiekshiels, late surgeon in the hospital, est son of the late Arch. M'Gilchrix, West Indies.

Efq. town-clerk of Glasgow. 4. At Aberdeen, Hary Lumsden, Esq. . At Old Hamstocks, the Rev. Me of Auchindoir.

John Cocirane, minister of the gospelo - Mr William Watson, fen. manu. At Balfiuig, John Burkei, fon of facturer at Glafgow.

William Burnet, late in Whitewell. 5. At Blackadder, Miss Mary Bufwell. 23. At Edinburgh, after a ffrort ill

At Tooting, near London, Mr Jas. ness, the Right Hon. Primroie Lacy Veitch of Elliock.

Lovat, at the age of eighty-fix.. 6. At Edinburgh, Samuel Charters, . At the Ilot Welle, Britrol, where Esq. latè fplicitor io che Customs. he had gone for the recorery of t:15

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health, Arthur Nicolson, Esq. younger 64th year of his age, the Right Hon.
of Lochend.

William Burton Conyngham, one of the
May 23. Alexander Laurie, Esq. of Commissioners for executing ihe office of

Lord High Treasurer in Ireland.
24. At Skelf hill, near Hawick, Mrs June 2. Mr Thomas Pringie, cabinet.
Scott, spouse of Mr James Scott. maker in Edinburgh.

At Edinburgh, Miss Chriftian Gar- Mrs Elizabeth Orr, wife of Mr
den, daughter to the late Mr Geo. Gar. Daniel M'Arthur, one of the Masters of
den, merchant in Banff.

the Grammar School of Glasgow.
23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Smith, reliet - At Morningside, Mr Thomas Rat.
of Mr William Smith, late merchant tray, writer in Edinburgh.
there, aged go.

At Woodside, near Paisley, Mrs
26. At Jedburgh, Mr William Chif- Mary Wilson, widow of Mr Robert
holme, merchant, and one of the Ma. Shadden of Woodside.
giftrates of that burgh.

3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Bell, widoy
- At Glasgow, Mr Andrew Craig, of the late Rev. Mr William Bell.

At his house, Tobago Sireet, in
27. At Poplar, Angus M‘Nab, Erg. the neighbourhood of Edinburgh, Geo.
late Commander of the Henry Dundas Kirkpatrick, Esq. one of the Depute
Eat Indiaman.

Clerks of Seffion.
- At Prefton, West Lothian, Mar. 15. At Gullen, East Lothian, suddenly',
garet Seton, relict of Patrick Baron, Esq. Mrs Aitken, lately from Jamaica, and
of Preston.

(poule to Captain Peter Aiken.
- Dr Alexander Eason, physician in At Glasgow, Mrs Margaret Watt,

wife of Mr James Miller, merchant.
30. At Edinburgh, James Moir, Esq. At Inverleithen Manfe, the Rev.

Robert Scott, minister of that parith.
- At Spring Garden, near Ayr, Miss At Inverness, Mrs Frazer of Far-
Katharine Young, daughter of the late raline.
Rev. James Young, minifter, New Cum- 6. At Leith, Mrs Isobella Patison, wife

of Mr Alexander George Milne, mer-
31. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander chant.
Molle, late surgeon in the service of the Adam Paterson, merchant in Dun-
Laft India Company.

At Carntyne, John Gray, Esq. in 8. Miss Christian Hutchison, daughter
the 8rd year of his age.

of the Rev. Dr Alexander Hutchison,
At Cairnhill, John Nisbet, Esq. minister at Hamilton.

Mr James Brown, linen printer in 9. At Leith, Mr James Pinkertori,

At Johnstone, Stirlingshire, Miss Eli- - At Glasgow, Mrs Agnes Halybur-
zabeth Murray, daughter of Capt. Mur. ton, relict of the deceased Mr George

Cuthbertson, late merchant in Edinburgh.
At Bath, the Right Honourable Hen. 11. At Cocklick, Agnes Gordon, spouse
ry Thomas Cary, Viscount Falkland, to John Muir, Esq. of Cocklick.
and Baron Cary in Scotland. He was 12. The Lady of Sir Henry Hay Make
born in 1776, and succeeded his grandfa- dougall of Makerfton, Bart.
ther, the late Viscount, in 1785. Dying At Edinburgh, Mr William Co.
without issue, the Hon. Charles John Cd- ming.
Ty succeeds to the title, &c.

13. Mrs Margaret Bonnar, wife of A-
At his house, Canongate, Col. George lexander Chalmers, Esq.of Inverdunning
Gordon, of the late Scots Brigade, in At Bath, Johnston Fairholm, Erq
the 820 year of his age.

only son of the deceased Thomas Fair-
Lately, Mr Richard Muir, surgeon, holm of Pilton, Esq.
Guave, Grenada.

14. At Craigston, William Urquhart
June 1. At Bunaw, Mr John Gardner.. of Craigston, Esq.

2. At Dumfries, Mr Thomas Huddle- 16. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Grant,
fon, confectioner, in the 96th year of bowyer, aged ninety.five years.

-. At Greenholme, Mis Helen Sellere,
At his house in Harcourt-Place, relict of the late Mr John Wylie, mer-
Dublin, after a few days illacsi, in the chanr in Kilmarnock.

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his age.



From January to June, (inclusive,) 1796.

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ty of,


3 35

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