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State of the BAROMETER in inches and decimals, and of Farenheit's THER

MOMETER in the open air, taken in the morning before sur-rises and at noon; and the quantity of rain-water fallen, in inches and decimals, from June ift to 30th, within one mile of the Castle of Edinburgh.

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1796. June 1




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58 60 65 67 68



9 1ο

49 57 49 50 51 52 55 52 53 54 52 SI 50 So 50 51 45 52 51

60 56 58


0.04 0.03 0.05 0.02 0.025 0.1




29.225 29.35 29.4125 29.45 29.7 29.875 29.8 29.45 29.425 29.725 29.48 29.43 29.625 29.525 29.5 29.73 29.8 29.775 29.65 29-325 20.45 29.375 29.56 29.825 29.675 29.475 29.675 29.825 29.975 29.5

57 59 59 57 65 63 57

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15 26 27 28 29 30

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57 58 66 67 75


Quantity of Rain 0.795


[ 409 ]





FOR JUNE 1796.





Car quoique affasline, ce lache scelerat TERMED by Dumourier, the Vic finir ses jours par LA CORDE.

Medusa's head of the Revolu. tion, and whose brutal wishes, and Ci.git Marat, cet insigne aflaffing barbarous actions, have been eminent. Le chef ardent des Patriotes, ly differviceable to the cause of li. Qui reçut sa mort dans son bain, berty, throughout Europe, was not, Et parlant, mourut Sans-Culottes. as is generally imagined, a French

MESDAMES, He was born at Neufchatel, The aunts of Louis XVI. were the the sovereignty of which, ever since first of the royal family that took the diet of 1707, bas appertained to the alarm, and emigrated from France. the house of Brandenburg. He was Belle Vue, the villa, or rather patherefore a Prullian.

lace, in which they refided, was one It is well known, that he was a of the most beautiful in the kingcoward, who could speak dag. dom, being built by their father, gers, but not use them,” yet it is not Louis XV. for one of his many milof such general notoriety, that his trelles. It is situated on a riling hideous countenance was the exact

ground, between Seve and Meudon, counterpart of his heart. His body

road leading

from Pa. was placed in the French pantheonris to Versailles; the river Seine for under the monarchy of Robe. winds along the bottom of the hill, spierre, Marat was a god! It has and by its ferpentine course, feems as fince been removed to a more obe if desirous to linger in so charming a scure fituation, and his character is

neighbourhood. The building was now jufily odious in France, Το

erected by one of the most celebratthe Royalists and Girondists, this ed architects of that day; the marble man was equally detestable; and the busts and bas-reliefs, were cut by the former, as usual, expressed their joy, chiffel of Couflon; the statues, by by means of puns, &c. immediately. Adam and Falconet; the paintings after his death. Here follow two of

are by Vanloo; and as to the gardens, them:

they were laid out by M. de Life, Le Ciel, dans sa Miséricorde,

the Capability Brown of France. Comme il le meriioit, viens de traiter It was here that Pompadour, reo Marai;

velling in the wealth of plundered


near the

3 F2

provinces, presided over the revels interestedness, Carnot was elected of Comus, and endeavoured to vary almost unanimoudly, to a feat in the the pleasures, and also to dilsipate directory. the satiety of her royal lover. At He was, originally, an officer; and one time, the would surprile him having enjoyed a good education, with a theatrical exhibition, in which and being attached to mathematical the appeared as Venus, while he was pursuits, he entered into the corps of the favoured Adonis of the drama : engineers, in which, however, he at another, by a kind of candle light never attained any high rank. entertainment, on the recovery of his The Revolution, by fubftituting fon, in which an illuminated dolphin, genius in the room of birth and in. by a happy pan, represented the heir trigue, gave full scope to the talents apparent of the monarchy; certain of Carnot; and he has effentially fiery monsters, his late disease; and served his country, under all the an Apollo, with a torch in his hand, forms of government, and all the the god of physic, by whose interven- ebullitions of party, to which it has tion he was recovered.

been subjected; in this inftance, perOn the accession of Louis XVI, haps, following the opinion of a the daughters of the former monarch great English Admiral, who acted were allowed to occupy this enchant. both under Cromwell and the coming spot, formerly the residence of a monwealth, and was accustomed ta father's mistress, and the fcene of say, that it was the chief business of a their expensive gallantries. Unlike good citizen,“ to keep foreigners that father, in every thing but in from fooling us."! good-nature, they were constantly On the execution of Robespierre, at the feet of their confeffor, or at and the profcription of his party, when their crucifix; and the spot which the convention, after giving orders had so often blushed with the de. to arrest several of its members, who bauchery of its former, now edified were Jacobins, care to bim, they the pious, by the devotion of the all exclaimed, “He has organized present owners.

victory, let him persevere in his At the approach of the storm, they exertions in favour of his native repaired to the centre of catholicism country!" This, at such a moment, for shelter, and now share at Rome was the greatest of all pellible comthe benedictions of the Pope, the pliments. prayers of the Abbé Maruy, lately To the exertions of this indivi. made a bishop, by Pius VI. and the dual, the conquest of Holland and palace of Cardinal Bernis, hereto. Auftrian Flanders, the victories in fore ambasador from France to the Spain, and the almolt uninterrupted Holy See.

feries of luccesses in Italy, have been Good, charitable, pious, perhaps attributed. The late brilliant, but to excess, they, in character, cxhibit deffsuctive passage of the Rhine, oca close affinity to their amiable mo. curred at a period when he was out ther, the daughter of the unfortunate of favour ; on resuming his power Stanislaus, king of Poland :--there is and popularity, he repaired the mila family likeness, cven in their mif- carriages of less enterprising med; fortunes !

and such seem to have been either

his powers, or bis good fortune, that The DIRECTOR CARNOT.

he has, in a manner, .chained vicory On the resignation of the Abbé to the charice wheel of France. Sieyes, who, on that cccafion, gave Under him, Pichegru ard Jouran unequivocal telimony of his dit dan were ble better than mere


Anecdotes of Persons connected with the French Revolution. 411 agents. They, indeed, executed vast nevertheless, has not been exempted plans, but they were first conceived from the most bitter calamities that by Carnot; who, fitting in a commit- can afllict fuffering humanity. tee at Paris, with the elder Rocham. When la Fayette refifted the com. beau and a few more able inen, di. mands of the sole remaining legitirected the movements in the Palati- mate power in France, his “ widownate, the United Provinces, and ed wife” was arrested. Under the Flanders. Louvois attempted to do despotism of Robespierre, the escapthe same thing, during the reign of ed death only by a miracle, (part of Louis XVI. and failed. It is the her family was actually immolated to property of fuperior talents, undif- his vengeance,) but what to some mayed by ineficient examples, to will appear more terrible, she expefucceed.

rienced an unremitting captivity of Carnot is a man of a good family; fifteen months, during which, the luf. but yet he detefts the claims built fered all the horrors of a close conupon pedigree. When he entered finement, being immurred within four into the engineers, those of noble def- walls, subjected to a scanty and cent only were eligible, He has precarious diet, secluded from her lived to fee different times, and to children, and prohibited even from patronize one of the greatest generals the light of heaven. France ever pofleiled, whom he drew On the death of the tyrant, the from a fubordinate situation, to carry voice of humanity was once more his theories into practice.

heard, and she was liberated, and reHe voted for the death of Louis stored to the arms of her afflicted XVI. as did all the present directory, daughters. But she was a wife as one only excepted; who, however, well as a mother! and her beloved transmitted a letter of adhesion to the husband was still in bondage ; for he fentence, and lamented that his mif- who had endeavoured to avert the fion prevented him from giving it vi. execution of Louis XVI. (such is

the gratitude of courts,) was lanMadame la Fuyette.

guishing in an Austrian prison !

She accordingly repaired to HamThis lady, the wife of a man, whose burgh, accompanied by her children history is blended with two import- only, for she had not wealth sufficient ant révolutions, was a Marchioness to hire a single domestic, and she pose before the late changes in France; fefies a lofty sense of independence, the family name of her husband was which taught her to reject pecuniary also both spelled and pronounced dif- alistance, even from her few remainferently, being then De la Fayette; ing friends. As foon as her health but the de being a mark of nobili- was a little restored, she posted to ty, as having a feudal allusion, (the Vienna, and prostrated herself at the French term it a momme de terre,) it feet of the Emperor. was, of course, omitted on the ex Francis III. is in the flower of his tinction of titles.

youth. The chilling hand of age Madame la Fayette is an eminent has not yet rendered him morose; and instance of the inftability of great- furely victory cannot have blunted ness, the mutability of fortune, and his feelings, and made him at once the inefficacy of wealth. Descend- haughty and intensible! No! no! there ed from an ancient lineage, united to is not a prince of this house, from an amiable and illustrious husband, the obscure Count de Hapfburg, of a who pofleffed eflates in Europe, A. former period, to the late powerful izerica, and the West Indies; the, tenant of the Imperial diadem, who


sa vace.

has had nore occasion to find and to strophe that ensued, this officer re. feel that he is a man.

paired to England, where he expectWeeping beauty did not supplicate ed to be received with open arms i in vain; the German monarch rais- but he now execrates the day that ed her from her lowly posture, and he left his native country. When promised better days. With his per. all his Louis d'ors were expended, he mission the flew on the wings of endeavoured to procure subsistence affection, and strengthened by conju. by means of his pen ; but failed, as gal love, knocked at the gate of the he was entirely ignorant of our vena. fortress that confined her dearly be- cular tongue, and his own is not so loved husband, whose speedy deliver- generally understood in this country, ance (vain idea!) she hoped instant- as to reward a French author for his ly to announce.

labours. The massive bolts of the dungeon I met him one day, merry as usual, give way, the grating hinges of the and to the full as jocular as ever, re: iron doors pierce the ears; Thę and specting his own misfortunes ; but her virgin daughters are eyed, fearch, yet there was an air of chagrin in his ed, rifled, by an odious and horrible countenance,a fqualidness in his looks, goaler; and those, who but a mo. and a degree of negligence, if not ment before, deemed themselves da- misery, in his dress, that betokened liverers, now find themselves cap. indigence. After a few minutes contives !

versation, I learned, that my furmiReclining in the bottom of thy fe's were but too true; for he told dungeon, these tears cannot be seen, me frankly, that being reduced in these fighs cannot be heard, nor can point of circumstances, and having a the quick decay of youth and beau- turn for mechanics from his early ty, cankered in the bloom, and dif. youth, he was determined to convert solving amidst the horrors of a Ger. his former attachment into a trade, man prison, be contemplated. But and gain his livelihood by the faw the heart of sympathy throbs for you, and the plane. On expresling my ye lovely mouincts; the indignation surprise, he assured me that he did of mankind is aroused; the present not blush at such a situation, but, on age shudders at your unmerited suf. the contrary, took credit to himself ferings; and posterity wiil shed a ge. for his resolution of living indepen. nerous'tear at their recital. Anguish dent of his friends. “ But by what may not yet rend the bofoms of your means are you to secure this indepenpersecutors, but a dreadful futurity dence?" " Loyalement, comme un awaits them, and, were it políible to charpentier !” And on saying so, escape the scourge of offended hea. he solicited to be employed by me. ven, they will yet experience all the I respect the misfortunes of a man vengeance of indignant history! whom I esteem, while I differ with

him in opinion; the sorrows, even of The ci-devant Count de

an enemy, oughi to be held sacred; This nobleman was one of Louis and I poffefs too much delicacy, ta XVI's. Aids-de-camp, and remained mention the name of a nobleman, in the Thuilleries during the attack who has become the victim of a blind of the palace, converted into a fort- attachment to royalty. ress by that part of the noblesje which The Count de is not the one liad not emigrated, but remained ly person of rank and family who has hrmly attached to what they deem- been reduced to the most humiliat. ed their interest, and, perhaps, their ing situation, in consequence of a fin duty. After the melancholy cata. milar partiality. A ci-devant duke

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