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Interesting Intelligence from the London Gazettes.

403 rage when close engaged: the chearful- this time much crippled, her mizen-mast, nels with which he put himself at the and main-top-maft being shot away ; the head of the boarders, promised me the Indefatigable was not much less disabled, happiest success; if that event had been having loft her zaff and mizen-top.maft, secessary, and which was only ftopped the main-top-fail was rendered useless by by the enemy's calling to surrender. an unlucky shot cutting both lecch-ropes.

In this short conteft, the highest praise In this situation we passed the enemy is due to my officers and ship's compa-' without the power of avoiding it, have ny; and the effect of their iteady con- ing no after fail to back, and I had long duct is striking in the number of killed discovered we had not only to combat a and wounded, of which a lift is annex- fhip of large force, but that her comed.

mander was completely master of his I cannot fufficiently express my own profession, in whose presence I could not good fortune, in not having. loft an offi- commit myself with impunity, by throw-cer or man, which is to be attributed to ing my ship in the wind, without subthe enemy's firing at the mafts and rig- mitting to be raked by him. She had ging.

I am &c. Fra. Cole. not at this time ftruck, and we kept Sir Edward Pellew, Bart. &C.

close a-head of her, receiving new braces L'Unité, Citizen Durand, Commander,

to enable us to bring the ship to, to re

Acw the attack.
Killed 9-Wounded 11.

At this period La Concorde appeared Indefatigable, Falmouth, 23 April 1796. in fight, clole under her stern; and,

upon the enemy seeing her, the firedá I have moft fenfible pleasure in defiring gun to leeward, and struck her light, as you to inform my Lords Coinmissioners a fignal of surrender. of the Admiralty of my arrival at this Although a very few minutes would port, accompanied by the French nation- have placed the Indefatigable again al frigate La Virginie of 44 guns, eigh- alongside of her, I am confident, the teen and nine pounders, and 340 men, would not have surrendered without furcommanded by Citizen Bergeret, capi- ther resistance, had not the Concorde to taine de vaisseau, who failed from Breft timely come up. four days ago, to cruize off the Lizard in

I am extremely indebted to Captains this favourite frigate, which is consider. Hunt and Reynolds, for their very pared the fineft fhip and fafteft failer in the ticular attention in keeping after us duFrench navy, and of the largest dimen- ring the night on so many courses, which fions, being 158 feet long, and 43 broad. nothing but the most delicate observance

On Wednesday morning the 20th in- of my signals would have enabled them ftant, after I had fealed my dispatches to do, their distance aftern being so for their Lordships, laying to under the great. Lizard, with the squadron, waiting for Their Lordships are well aware how the French frigate La Unité, our prize, difficult it is in a night action with a flyto weather that point, I observed a ship ing enemy, whose rate of failing is little corning in from the sea, which, in my inferior to her antagonift, to chufe a fimind, looked rather suspicious; and, on tuation ; and, when it is remembered her not answering the private fignal when how often this ship changed her's in the He tacked from us, I immediately gave action, I need scarcely fay what great chace to her, accompanied by the Ama, attention was paid to my orders by every zon and La Concorde, (having by fignal officer under my command. directed La Revolutionnaire to attend her To Lieutenants Pellowe, Thomson, prize into port, and the Argo to proceed and Norway, my thanks are above exio Plymouth.) The superior failing of pression. Lieutenant Williams of the the Indefatigable gave me the fatisfac- marines, and Mr Bell the mafter, who tion of coming up with her, after a chace were immediately about my person, renof fifteen hours, and running one hun- dered me the most essential services.died and sixty-eight miles. Fortunately The thip's company, who have been my the wind prevented her from steering for faithful companions during the war, and Ushant, or the must have escaped. are endeared to me by their uniform

A little past midnight I commenced exertions, manifefted on this occafion no-action with the enemy, which was close- thing but ardour and zeal.

Ty continued, under a crowded fail, for But above all other pleasures I feel is one hour and forty-five minutes. The that of informing their Lordships that I enemy, who fought gallantly, was by have loft neither officer nor man in the Ed. Mag. May 1796. 3 E


contest. The enemy suffered considera- it proven, that the prisoners were prebly, having 14 or 15 killed, 17 badly rent at the meeting, and art and part in wounded, and so llighily: The tip committing the assault: but, from the much thattered in her hull, and four feet particular circuinstances of the cale, unawater in her hold from thot holes. nimously recommended them to the mere

I have sent La Concorde tu Plymouth cy of the Court. They were fentenced with La Virginie, and thall proceed with to imprisonment for three inonths, and the Amazon, who has lost her head, for to fiud curion to keep the peace for the same place, to-morrow, in order to one year, under the penalty of 200 merks repair the damage's we have fuftaired in each. the action. I am, &c. Edward Pellew. John Donaldson, barber, Jof. Kynoch, [Here end the Gazettes.]

shoemaker, William Roís, Fanny Rois,

his fifter, and Hugh Maclean, failor, ail SCOTLAND.

in Aberdeen, were accused of being code Aberdeen, April 15.

cerned in a riotous mob which happen

ed in Aberdeen on the 13th of F bruary The Circuit Court of Justiciary was laft, and which bruke into the shops of opened here this day by the Right Hon. William Rae, meai seller in Aberdeen, Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Craig. and James Smith, meal-seller there, which James Grant and James Graham, accuf- they den: olished and destroyed, and car. .cd of breaking into the shop of John ried away therefrom all the articles of Lyall, and stealing a quantity of yarn goods therein contained. Hugh Marien and other goods, were both found guilty not appearing, was outlawed. William upon their own confeffion. Grant was Ross and Fanny Rols confeffe their fentenced to transportation for life, and guilt. John Donaldson alíu confeiled Graham was banished from Scotland for his being concerned in the proceerlinge 14 years.

at one of the shops, but Jod-pb Kynoch James Caflie, twift-miller, Alexander having denied his guilt, his trial proMonro, Margaret Monro, and John ceeded, and the Jury found it proven, Hendrie, late iheriff-officer, all in Peter that he was present at the procerings head, were accused of being concerned which took place at the shop of William in a riotous mob at Peterhead, collected Rae: the Jury considering the fituation for the purpole of rescuing John Greig, of William Rofs and Fanny Ross, and weaver in Peterhead, who was then in the confestions made by them, unanicuftody, under examination before the mously recommended them to the mercy Sheriff of the county. Alexander Mone of the Courie: Josep: Kynoch was fenro not appearing, was outlawed; Maiga- tenced to be imrrioned for one month, ret Monro confessed her guilt, and lub. William Rois and Finny Rofs to be im. mitted to mercy; and Cassie and Hen- prisoned jor two months, and the whole drie were found Guilty by the Jury. three wire ordered to find caution to kerp Margaret Monro was lentenced to im the peace for a year. John Donadion prisonment for two months, and Cassie was fentenced to banishment trom Scot. and Hendrie were banished Scoriand for land for 7 years. Jife.

There were three more trials for fimi. William Watt, John Lamb, John lar offences, that should have come beo Brand, and John Robb, weavers, Mar- fore the Court ; but his Majesty's Advogaret Cowie and Margaret Murray, all care, considering that a number of perretiring in Stonehaveri, were accused of fons had already been sentenced to be being concerned in a riotous mob which punished for crimes of the like nature ; collected at the mill of Cowie, in Feb- that the offences of these persons were ruary last, and assaulted George Philp, not so atrocious as those of the former ; in Meagraw, and his servant, tor the and thit there were other particular cirpurpose of compelling them to sell meal cumstances in their favour, he was induat a reduced price. John Brand was ced, from these considerations, to desert confined by a fever, and could not ape the diets againft thele persons pro loco et pear. The Jury found, that a number tempore ; but at the same time in mared of persons did assemble at the said mill tu ihem, that their afterwards being on the day lib-lled, and in a riotous brough: to trial or not would much demanner, wounded and assaulted Mr pend upon their good behaviour as peacePhilp, for the purpose above mentioned, able fubjects. and attacked and prevented his servant The Judges expressed their reat optrom procuring assistance to him. Found nion of the utility of the Aber een Vo


Births and Marriages.

405 Junteers, and of the important services April 27. This forenoon, the Berwick which ihey had rendered the communi. Wagkon, owing to an alteration making ty on a laic occafion.

on the road at the cast end of Calder

bridge, about five iniles from Glaigow, Stirling, April 16.

tumbled over a precipice of about forty The Circuit Court of Justiciary was fect; one of the horses was killed on the opened here this day, by the Right Hon. fpoi, another had his legs broken, and Lo d Swinton. There was no befineis the waygoner had his left collar' bone before the court.

fractured, and was otherwile much brui

fed. The goods received no injury. Inverne/s, April 11. The Circuit Court of Justiciary was

Fedburgh, April 27. opened here this day, by the Right Hon. This morning, between nine and ten Loru Craig; James Mackenzie, appren- o'clock, a dreadtul fire broke out in this tice to Joho Frater, weaver, Alexander town. It was discovered in a house in Macgregor, wrighi, Thomas Fraser, gar- the Smith Wynd, blazing out at the dener, Grizel Chifholm, spouse of Wm. root, which being thatch and very dry, Fraser, carter, and David Morrison, wea- burnt with great violence, so as to prever, all in inverness, acculed of being con vent the pollibility of getting it under: cerned in a riotous mob which happened the furniture was with difficulty saved. in Inverness in March lait, concerning The wind being very high, carried the the scarcity of meal, ani of assaulting sparks down the street, and fet fire to the Magißrates anu Volunteers. David other three thatch houses, which were Morrison not appearing, was outlawed; conlumed in a very short time, together the trial proceeded as to the others: the with some stacks of wood behind the Jury found that Thomas Fraler was very louses.-A tannage workhoule, which active at the commencement of the mob, Atood at a considerable distance, thared particularly on the shore, and in the ma the lame fate. nufactory of Mackintosh, Jaunielan, and

BIRTHS. Co.; but found it not proven that he took any part along with the mob after Lately, Mrs Abbast, wife of George the clapse of one hour from the reading Abbatt, of Prettun, corn-dealer, a girl of the riot act; and found the libei proven being her child, and the 21st year against the other persons. The Court of her marriage with Mr Abbatt. fentenced Thomas Fraser and Grizel

the wife of Isaac Hainiworth, of Chitholm to four months imprisonment, Cookridge, near Leeds, of 3 tine boys, and to find caution to keep the peace for all likely to live. They have been namone year; and James Mackenzie and ed Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Alexander Macgregor were banished from

April 15. Mrs Cochran of Kirkfield a Scotland for life.

daughter, at Kirkfield Houte. Marion Henderson, accused of child

18. Mrs Cachcart of Genoch, a daughmurder, was, upon her own petition ter. and the consent of his Majesty's Advo

19. At his house of Drumpellier, the cate-depute, banithed from Scotland for Lacy of Andrew Stirling, Esq. a son.

Mrs Major Maclean, itle of Monk, James Mackintoh, mason, Janet Wil- a fon at Mufelburgh. fon, daughter of James Wilson, vintner, 23. Lady Margaret Maclean, a son, at Mary Macphail, and Margaret Mor Letham. riton, residenters in Nairn, were accused May 4. The Lady of William Charles of being concerned in a riotous mob in Reoch, Eig. a son. Nairn, in March, collected for the pur 6. The Right Hon. the Countess of pose of seizing grain lying in a house in Caflillis, a daughter, at Cullean Cattle. the neighbourhood, and of assaulting one

MARRIAGES. of the Magistrates of Nairn. The Jury found the prisoners guilty of assembling Lately, at Chunar Gar, in the East Inthemselves in a riotous and feditious dies, William Preston, Esq. Captain of manner as libelled; but found the other Infantry on the Bengal Eitablishment, points of the likel not proven. The and Major of Brigade at Cawopore, to Court lentenced the prisoners to 3 months Miss Charlot. Harvey, of Golden-Square, imprisonment, and to find caution to k-ep London. the peace for one year, under the penalty April 4. At Logan, in Wigtonshire, of 100 merks Scots each.

Captain John Hathorn of Cafticwigg, to


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seven years:

Helen M.Douall, daughter of John this public-spirited gentleman, for seveM.Douall of Logan, E?q.

ral years past. April 13. At Dublin, Major Stark, of zi. At Kilmarnock, Mr John Muir, the Derry militia, to Mrs Boiton. sen. merchant, aged 86. He has beq!lea

19. Ai Montrose, Mr Robert Jamie- thed 3000!. in small donations, among fon, jun. writer to the fignet, to Miss which are so!, to the pour of the parish, Jane Christie, daughter of the late Alex. and an equal lum to the senior minifter. Christie, Esq. Provost of Montrole. April 2. Mr John Cross, surgeon in

23. At the house of Kinnaber, Cap- Hamilton. tain Carnegie, of the Royal North Bri. - Ar Ochrchill, near Glasgow, Mr tish dragoong, to Miss Fullarton of Kin- George Hamilton, merchant. naber.

At St Andrews, Mr David Frazer, DEATHS.

writer. At Hyderabad, in the East Indies, in 4. At Stirling, Mr James M.Vean, September last, Lieu'enant Wm. Steuart, Cashier to Messrs Campbell, Thomfois, youngest son of Mr James Steuart, writer and Co. Bankers. in Edinburgh.

5.At Whitehaven, Mrs Jane Tweedie, At Calcutta, East Indies, in September spouse to Robert Tweedie, Esq. of Antilaft, Mrs Margarer Leslie, widow of John gua Street, Edinburgh. Rose, Esq. and daughter of Cha. Leslie, At Brechin, George Mercer, mer. Esq. Elgin.

chant. Ac Surat, about the 9th of December - At Edinburgh, Alexander Forbes, last, Mr George Paton, son to Jo. Paton Ecq. of Kirkpotic. of Grandhome.

At Auchiries, Mrs Irvine, widow At Naples, where he had gone for the of the deceased Alexander Irvinç, Esq. recovery of his health, the 27th February of Drum, aged 75. laft, Lieut. Duncan Forbes Mitchell, of 6. Ar Aberdeen, in the 77th year of his his Majefty's ship Victory.

age, George Campbell, D. D. F. R. S. Lately, Alexander Grant, tacksman Edin. late Principal and Professor of Diof Bellnellan, parish of Inveraven. vinity in the Marischal College and Uni

at London, Simon Fraser, jun. versity of Aberdeen, and one of the mi. Ifq. of Quebec.

nifters of Aberdeen. March 78. At St Andrews, Mrs Jean 7, At Edinburgh, Miss Nancy Rebecca MCormick, widow of the late Rev. Ms Kerr, youngest daughter of the deceased John Hill, minister of that city.

William Kerr of Chatto, Erq. 29. Ac South Kiscadale, in the illand At Glasgow, John Ferguson, Esq. of Arran, Licut. George Walker Stuart, merchant, formerly of the island of Jaof the latę 8zd regiment of foot.

maica. . The Reverend Dr John Gillies, - At Bishop Auckland, Miss Mary one of the Ministers of Glasgow, in the Home, daughter to the deceased Mr A. 84th year of his age, and the 54th year lexander Home, Prince's Street. of his ministry.

8. Mrs Lucas, Lady of Charles Lucas, -. At Arthurlie, Mr William Adair Esq. and daughter of Major Ogilvie, of of that place.

Hemmington. At Port-Glasgow, Mrs Colhoun 9. Ac Granton, Mrs Alexander Hufof Kenmuir, daughter of the deceased ton. Isaac Thibou, Esq. late of the illand of m. At the house of Carade!), in ArAntigua.

gyleshire, Dugald Campbell, Esq. of Ca30. At Kindrochet, Duncan Robert- radell. son, Esq. of Kindrochet, in the gad year 11. Mr Matthew M‘Innes, surgeon in

Crieff. - At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret At London, Dame Hefter HeathMoubray, widow of the late Mr Walter cote, wife of Sir Archibald Edmonftone Ross, writer to the signet.

of Duntreath, Bart. 31. James Macintosh, Esq. of Kensing At Edinburgh, Miss Ano Nairne, ton-square, London, aged 69.

youngest daughter of Colonel John - Thomas Tod, Esq. merchant in Nairne of Murray Bay, in the province Edinburgh, Treasurer to the Orphan of Quebec. Hospital. This nifeful and humane infti At the Bloom, Livingston, Mrs tution has been indebted, in an eminent Gardner, spouse to Mr Alexander Garddegree, to the indefatigable exertions of ner, jeweller in Edinburgh.

of his age.





FOR JUNE 1796;

With a View of DALHOUSIE CASTLE, the Seat of the Eart







Register of the Weather for June, 408 An Account of the Literary Con-
Anecdotes of Persons connected troversy concerning the Au.
with the French Revolution, 499 thenticity of certain Miscella-

ib. neous Papers, &c.attributed to


Shakspeare, Queen Elifabet!),
The Director Carnot, 410


449 Madame la Fayette;, - 411

Account of the Indian Women, 454
The ci-devant Count de---, 412 A New Description of the Bea-
Ode on his Majesty's Birth Day,413 ver,
A Scrap concerning the Chi Books and Pamphlets publithed

in My 1796,

459 Description of the View, - ib. Bianca; a true Story, Remarks on the Condition and

Character of the Peasants and
Clergy in Rusia,
415 The Remembrance,

464 Description of the present deso Verses-written in a blank Leaf lated State of Versailles, 417

of Epictetus,

ib. Thoughts on the Disappearance

occasioned by the Death of Swallows,

of a Friend,

ib. Letter from Dr Hawkesworth to Lenora; a Ballad,

465 a Young Lady,

421 Life of Linnéus,

425 Proceedings of the Sixth Sellion Narrative of the Adventures of of the Seventeenth Parliament

the Mutineers on board his Ma. of Great Britain, jesty's fhip Bounty after their

feparation from Capt. Eligh, 431 Curious Particulars respecting the

Accounts from the French Army
Lazaroni of Naples,

in Italy,

475 Minutes of Agriculture, from the Interesting Intelligence from the Reports of the Agricultural London Gazettes,

442 Affairs in Scotland,
447 Births and Marriages,

481 ib. Deaths,





. 476



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