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and directed the Galatea to lead down Brig, name unknown,, 300 tons bordedig for that purpose ; but the enemy bore from Biefi, bound to Rochfort. away, and made all fail posible from us, Brig, name unknown, 200 tons burden, and stood into the narrow part of the from Breft, bound to L'Orient. Raz de Fontenay among the rocks; I Brig, name unknown, 150 tons burden, was, however, enabled to cut off their from Breft, bound to L'Orient. rear ship: Night approaching, and being

John Warren. unacquainted with the passage, I did not think it proper to continue the pursuit La Pomone, Falmouth, 24 March 1796. further, at the risk of losing some of our An Account of Oficers and Men killed fhips in so difficult a pass.

and wounded on Board the Squadron Í have every reason to be convinced,

under the command of Sir Joon Bor. from the firm support and zeal I have

lafe Warren, Bart. K. B. on the 20th of always experienced.from the officers and

March 1796, in an engagement with men of every Mip of the fquadron under my command, that the issue of the con

a Squadron belonging to the French Res' teit would have been more complete, if

public. the enemy had been more disposed to La Pomone, none killed or wounded. give them an opportunity of trying their Arrois, no return made. force.

Galatea, Mr Evans, Midshipman, and 1 I have inclosed an accou:t of the ene- framan, killed: Mr Burke, ecling Licu. my's force, together with the vesels of tenant, and s feamen, wounded. the convoy taken; and a list of the kils Anson, none killed or wounded. led and wounded on board his Majefty's

John Warren. Mips, whose damages I shall nake all La Pomone, Falmouth, 24 March 1796. dilpatch poffible in repairing. I have the honour to remain, &c. Copy of a Leiter from Captain Draper, of

(Signed) Fohn Borlaje Warren. his Maj+Sty's thio Porcupine, to Evan P.S. A Thip corvette, two brig cor

Nepean, Esq. dated in Mount's Bay, 21

March 1796. Veties, and a lugger, remained with the convoy

Admiralty-Ofice, 24 March 1796. 4 List of Republican Men of War engngo,

ed by the squadron under the command I beg you will be pleafed to acquaint of Sir John Borlase Warren, Bart. K. my Lords Commiffioners of the Admi-. B. on the 20th of March 1796.

ralty,that on the 20th inflant, about seven

A. M. the Lizard bearing NNE, three La Proserpine, Captain Dogier, Commodore, 44 guns, eighteen pounders, 500 from the Fox Excise cutter, that a French

or four leagues, I received information men, tscaped. L'Unite, Capt. Durand, 40 guns, eigh. English brig, then bearing sw. I ac

privateer fied that morning captured an teen-pounders, 400 men, etcapi.d. Le Coquille, 40 guns, eighteen-pounders, nine o'clock recook the Diamond of

cordingly gave chace to both, and about 400 men, escaped. La Tamife, Captain Fradiee, 32 guns, sent a petiy officer and men on board,

Aberdeen, George Killar, master, and twelve.pounders, 300 men, escaped. with orders to make the neareft port, L'Etoile, Captain Berthelice, 30 guns, and then food after the privateer. About

tuelve pounders, lo men, taken. twelve o'clock the carried away her Le Cygnone, Capt. Pilet, 22 guns, twelve inain - top - mift, owing to her being

pounders,, escaped. La Mouche, brig, to guos, fix pounders,

over-preffed with fail ; about one' took

por ffon. 80 men, went off with the convoy at the commencement of the action.

She proves to be Le Couteur brig, of

one hundred and forty-four ions, and (Signed) John Warren. eighty men, pierced for fourteen guns, A Lift of Vessels taken by the Squadron has but ten on board. She fails remark

under the command of Sir John Bor. ably faft, and left St Maloes the day belase Warrens, Burt. K. B. on the 20th abovementioned, but was in chace of a

She had only taken the vefsel of March 1766, being part of a convoy large English fhip when we saw her. belonging to the French Reputlic.

There were several merchant ships in Ship, name unknown, co0 tons burden, fight, which she must have taken had from Brest, bound to Nantes.

We not prevented her.



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* East Indies.

ly of the success of the expedition, under Horse-Guards, 31 March 1796. his own and Major Browne's orders, of Dispatches from Major-Gen. Stuart, the Hon. Company's infantry against commanding his Majesty's and the East Malacca, this place being now in the India Company's troops in the Illand of poffeffion of the British troops. Ceylon, datéd Trincomalé, 10 October I feel a more than ordinary satisfac1795, have been received by the Right tion in announcing this event for their Hon. Henry Dundas, one of his Ma: Lordships" information, as, on account jesty's Principal Secretaries of State: by of the original force deftined for that ferwhich it appears that the Fort of Batti- vice being reduced, my expectations were caloe, in that island, surrendered on the less fanguine; and also of its great im18th of September to a detachment un- portance; from the security thereby af der the command of Major Prafer of the forded to the trade of his Majesty's sub72d regiment. That on the 24th of the je is in the Streights of Malacca and the fame month General Stuart embarked Chinese Seas. from Trincomalé with a considerable Being doubtful of the propriety of my detachment of troops and artillery on conduct in not having corresponded with board of the Centurion man of war, the the Right Hon. Henry Dundas on the Bombay frigate, the Bombay store ship, fubject of the late expeditions, in which and the Swallow and John Packets, and I co-operated in council and execution, on the 27th ditembarked the troops at in obedience to the King's orders by him Point Pedro, about twenty-four miles transmitted, and as therein prescribed, from Jaffnapatam, of which important (not having even then received their place he took pofféffion on the following Lorchips directions fo to do, and which day. That on the rst of October Cap- are also silent on that head) I have to retain Page of his Majesty's ship Hobari, queft you will please to intercede with with a part of the sad regiment, under their Lordships to use their influence to the command of the Hon. Captain Mon- remove any culpability that may reflect fon, (on their return from Point Pedro upon my conduct for this omiffion; in to Trincomalé) touk poffeffion of the which if I have errei, it has been my infactory and military post of Moiletivoe: experience in the reci ipt of such kind of and that on the 5th of the fame month orders. the fort and Ifand of Manar surrender.

On the success of his Majesty's arms ed to Caprain Barbuit, whom General at Trincomale and Fort Coltenberg, and Stuart had detached on that service, on receiving account of the fame from with the flank companies of the 72d re- Malacca, I took upon me to order falutes. giment, and 2 companies of fepoys, im- to be fired by his Majesty's ships then in mediately on his having obtaincu poficio port; and on the 13th instant, at the fion of Jaffnapatam.

fuggestion of my Lord Hobart, I directA briter from Colonel Brathwaite, el Captain Lambert, of his Majesty's dated Madras, 17 O&ober 1795, announ ship Suffolk, to fire seventy-eight guns, ces the furrender of Malacca, and its de- funeral-wife; on the melancholy occapendencies, on the 17th of August, to fion of the death of his Majesty's faiththe troops fent on that service, under the ful Aily his Highness the Nabob Wallacommand of Major Brown.

jah, late Nahob of the Carnatic, (the By dispatches from Bengal it also ape Port of St George, by his Lordship's orpears, that Chinsurah and its dependen. ders, paying the same honours,) that para cies have been takers, and that the Dutch ticular number of guns being appointed forces at those settlements are prisoners as corresponding to those of the years of of war.

his late Highness's age : which I trust

their Lordships will approve, and notify Admiralty-Office, s April 1796. copy of a Letter from Rear Admiral ed in the several gunner's monthly ex

to the Board of. Ordnance, to be allowRainer, dated on board his Majesty's Ship Suffolk, in Madras Roads, the,

pences. 15th of October 1795, to Evan Nepean, the Presidency here have just received

Please to acquaint their Lordships, that E/q.

accounts of the surrender of Manar, in Sir,

the Gulph of the same name. Yefterday, on the point of sajling, I I have the honour to be, &c. received the inclosed letter and papers

Peter Rainier. from Captain Newcome, giving an ac.. count of his procesdings, and particulare Te Peter Rainier, Elg. Commodore and



Commander of his Majesty's Ships em- ters is confirmed as heretofore. But the ployed in the East Indies.

public property in Malacca, and the

Thipping in the roads, is relerved to the I arrived here on the 15th inft. with British troops to be acknowiedged Com.

Britih.The commanding Officer of the his Majefty's ships, under my command, mandant of the Fort and Garrison, and the Ewer and Carnatic transports, and a

all the Military Pofts. The Military part of the convoy, having parted with Stores to be delivered to him, and the his Majesty's ship Refiftance, in the night Dutch garrison to be wholly at his disof the 13th, between the Sandheads. polal. The British and Duich fags to Captain Pakenham joined company, again be ditplayed together. in Malacca Road on the 17th in the morning.

[Here end the Gazettes.) By the inclosed letters you will see, that we were obliged to commence hof

SCOTLAND. tilities, which began by the Refiftance firing a few guns at the Conftantia, (a fious here, a trial of confiderable importe

Ayr, March 30. Last Quarter Sefer Dutch Indiamen run into the Mud,) which the returned by firing two guns from a sentence of the Juftices, against a

ance to the country, came on by appeal and then ftriking her colours. From the great aflifance afforded me by the boats decifion, finding farmers and others, oco from the China flect, &c. I was enabled cupiers of land, liable in tolls at pafling to land all the troops, with two lixe through the rurnpike bars with farming. pounders at the same time. They left utensils, dung, lime, and grain, to and the ships at seven P. M. on the 17thi

, and from the mill: when, parties being heard reached the shore by nine P. M. At half at great length, the Court were unanipaft nine P. M. an officer came on board of that fort was illegal, and in direct

mously of opinion, that every exaction the Orpheus tiom the Governor to fur. contradiction to the turnpike laws. tender the place on cur terms; they then delivered over St John's post, a com- Auchtermuchty, was committed to the

- 31. John Marshall, labourer, near manding work, well turpished with can. non, about 1300 yards from the Fort, poisoned his wife. Her body was taken

tolbooth there, on suspicion of having and 200 from the place of conference, to a fubaltern with a party of our grena

up after interment, and examined by lur. diers, and we entered the Fort with the geons, upon whose report Marshall was remainder of the British detachment.

next day sent to Cupar jail. The garrison being thus completely in paid a visit to Edinburgh Cattle, and was

April 1. The Duke D'Angulefme our power, and unconditionally, furiher than the securing of property, the Dutch received with a Royal salute. guards were permitted to remain armed

JEDBURGH, April 2. at their posts, until the Governor, whom

The Circuit Court of Jufticiary was we then accompanied to his house, gave, Scott was accused of forgery. The Ju

opened here by Lord Efkgrove.- Joha: in his hand-writing to Major Browne, a detail of his guarde, which were then ry found the libel not proven, and he was relieved by the British troops.

dismissed. Elisabeth Elliot was accused

From the anxious desire of complying with his of child-murder, on the rift act of the Majesty's orders, we have agreed to the ad feffion of the first Parliament of King following capituiation, and everything «. That if any woman thall conceal


William and Queen Mary, which enacts, now appears perteetly quiet, and all

paro ties reconciled.

“ being with child during the whole I have the honour to be, &c.

“ space, and shall not call for, and make, (Signed) Henry Newer me.

“ ule of help and affiftance in the birth, Orpheus, Malacca Roads, Aug. 25. 1995.

" the child being found dead or amis.

“ fing, the mother shall be holden and! [Here follows the Capitulation :


“ reputed the murderer of her own is stated, that the Dutch Garrison are in 6 child." The prisoner presented a pee the same predicament of having furren. tition, praying for banishment; and the dered prisoners of war, but, in obedience Advocate-Depute having consented to to the commands of his Britannic Ma: her being banished from Scotland for 14 jefty, to cultivate the alliance so long years, sentence was passed accordingly. happily established between the two na- John Wright was accused of forgery; tions, the Dutch Government, its efta. but fome material witoefles being absent, bliihiacot and authority in all civil mat the Advocate-Depute deserted the diet ..


pro loco et tempore. This concluded the through the freets of Glasgow, and business of the Court.

thereafter to be banished from Scotland April 8. The Circuit Court of Justi- for life. ciary was opened at Inverary, by Lord 15. The Circuit Court of Jufticiary Dunlinnan. There was no business be- was opened at Ayr, by the Right Hon. fore the Court.

Lord Methven. There was no bufineso 9. The Circuit Court of Justiciary was before the Court. opened at Perth, by the Right Honour- 17. This afternoon, the church of able Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Craig. Cranston, four miles south of Dalkeith, Andrew Kellock, journeyman weaver, was totally consumed by accidental fire, was found Guilty, upon his own confef- which was occafioned by the beadle have fion, of stealing a number of webs of ing left some coal in the ftove. It was cloth from the warehouse of Andrew observed in fames about half an hour af. Melville, manufacturer in Kennoway, at ter the congregation had left it, and by several times. He was sentenced to trans. five o'clock was all in alhes. portation for life, under the pain of

High Court of Justiciary. death in case of his return.

-Jas. Lou. den, iate keeper of the

tolbooth of Cu- Nominal and Fictitious Votes. par of Fife, and Janet Taylor, his wife, April 21. This day came on the trial of were indicted for allowing the preceding Lieutenant James Fyffe, of the Elgin criminal to escape from prison ; the Court Fencibles, prosecuted by Patrick Duft, found, that no specific facts were char. of Carnousie, Esq., with concourse or his ged fufficient to constitute a crime a- Majesty's Advocate, for Perjury, in tak. gainst James Louden, and thereby dif- ing the Trust Oath at the cléction for missed the libel; but remitted to the the County of Banff, in July 1795.-AfSheriff of Fife to inquire into the con- ter the Indictment was read, Licus duct of Janet Taylor, and if guilty, to tenant Fyffe pled Not Guilty, and alinflict such punishment as fhe fall ap- so objected to the prosecutor's citle to pear to deserve.-William Brand, thread prosecute in this instance:- -Mr Gora. miller, David Low, servant to John don opened the care of the pannel, and Shand, weaver, and Joseph Petrie, wea- objected to Colonel Duff's title, as an ver, all in Montrose, were indicted for Association had been entered into respecbeing concerned in a mob, collected for ting the election, of which Colonel Duff the purpose of seizing grain ; but owing was a member, for prosecuting Nominal to some particular circumstances, the diet and Fictitious Voters, and for other purwas deserted, pro loco et tempore, and poses this Association, Mr Gordon conthey were dismissed. This was all the tended, was illegal that it was in fact criminal business before the Court. the Association, and not Colonel Duffy

9. Tbe Circuit Court of Jufticiary who were the prosecutors, and therefore, was opened at Dumfries, by the Right Colonel Duff had no right to profecute. Hon. the Lords Eskgrove and Methven. Mr Gordon then urged several objeco, Isobel Pead, was accufed of child-mur. tions to the revelancy of the libel-Me der, and petitioned for banishment. The George Ferguson (poke on the same fide Advocate-Depute ftated, that, in the Mr Charles Hope replied, and cons particular circumstances of this case, he tended, that the Association alluded to was induced to consent to the prayer of was legal and meritorious-that Colonel the petition, and that the prisoner be ba. Duff had a full right to prosecute and nished from Scotland for fourteen years, that the libel was perfectly relevant.and the is sentenced to be banished ac- The court ordered printed'Informatione cordingly. There was no other business. to be given in.

13. The Circuit Court of Justiciary [We are happy in announcing to the was opened at Glasgow, by the Right public, and the relations and friends of Hon. Lords Swinton and Dunfinnan. William Ker, jun. of Kerfield, LieuteWilliam Jackson, portioner of Milntown nant and Paymaster of the 26th Light of Kilbride, accused of murder, and Dragoons, that the accounts of the FowJohn Tweddle, tenant in Nimphlar, ac. ler transport, one of Admiral Christian's cused of theft, not appearing, were both fleet, having been wrecked on the coast outlawed. John Carruthers, or Cro- of Cornwall, in January laft, and every thers, soldier in the firft battalion of the perion on board loft, were entirely un. First, or Royal regiment of foot, accused founded. The Fowler, having Mr Ker of theft, being found Guilty, on his own and part of the 26th dragoons on board, confcfüon, wą lentenced to be whipped was well, at Madeira, thc 8th of Febru




ary laft, after a passage of 60 days, with William Wylie, farmer end Nater theres only the loss of one man, who fell over. aged 8ı years; and, at twelve at night, board. After re-watering, &c. the Fow. Anne Wyllie, his wife, aged 26 years. ler, with several other traníports, was to They had lived together 58 years in great procecd immediately for Barbadocs.] harmony, and were efteemed by all cheie BIRTHS,

acquainiances. They have left four.

teen grandsons, and eleven grand-daughMarch 26. Lady Burnett of Leys, a daughter at Cratles.

March 16. Rober: Hunter of Hunter. 29. Mrs Alexander of Ballamyle, a ftown, in the 86th year of his age. fon.

17. At Edinburgh, Ann Innes, spouse 30. Mr3 Taylor, wife of John Taylor, of Alex. Seton, Esq. of Preston. Elq. late of Jamaica, a fon at Craigo.

18. At Invernels, Major Geo. Munro, 31. Lady B: uce of Sienhouse, a fon at late of the 68th regiment. WEtiquarter House.

19. At Greenock, Mr James Frazer, April 3. Mrs Forbes of Blackford, 3 Land Waiter, in the service of the Culfon. 9. At his house in Duke S.reet, West

20. At EJinburgh, Mrs Janer Home, minster, the Lady of the Honourable daughter of the deceased George Hoine, Lemenant-Colonel Forbes, of the Cold- Esq. of Kello. ftream regiment of Guards, a son.

21. At Greenhill, near Glasgow, Miss MARRIAGES.

Ann Napier, daughter of the late Mr Lately at Edinburgh, the Rev. Mr

Thomas Napier: Thomas Kennedy, of St Madoes, to

22. At Edinburgh, Capt. James Ha.

milton of Broomhill. Mifs Sarah Morgan Murray, daughter of the deceated Bailie Robert Murray, daughter of the late James Murray, Esq.

23. Ac Edinburgh, Miss Jean Murray, Canongate.

oi Cherrytrees. March 14. A Oban, Captain Nie! Livingstone, late of the Brigantine Marquis of Torrance.

24. A Edinburgh, Alex. Stuart, Esq. of Lorn,.to Mi's Jean Campbeil, daugno fer of Mr Donald Campbell, E!q. of E.

ASt Andrews, Mrs Janet Linde.

fay, wite to DMelvill, physician there, xfkz. 21. A. Ayr, Mr Andrew Wilson, mer

At Glasgow, Neil Somervell, Esq.

in Kirkaldy. chant. Renfrew, to Miis Janet Macdermeit, fecond daughter of the late Rev. cal well

, minister of the gospel there.

25. At Norrieftown, the Rev. Patrick John Mardermeit, minister at Straiton.

Ai Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Simfon, 29. At Edinburgh, William Balder. fon, Esq. clerk to the lignet, to Miss relict of the Rev. Mr Dav. Plenderleath, Helen Gilmour, second daughter of Wil- late one of the miniiters of Edinburgh.

At Aberdeen, Mifs Turner, daughviam Charles Litile Gilmour, Esq. of Libberton and Craig millar.

ter of the deceased George Turner, E?q.

of Menie. 30. At Edinburgh, Francis Napier, writer to the fignet, to Miss Hamilton,

26. At Dumblane, Mr Jas. Pearson. eldeft daughter of the late Colonel Archi- widow of the late Rev. Mr Rob. Paton,

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Seron, bald Hamilton.

minister of Laslwade. April 4. Ar Liverpool, Andrew Hun. ter Aiken, Elq. to Miss Freeland, daugh- bet, late merchant in Evemouth.

Ar Tweedmouth, Mr John Nife ter of the late Peter Freeland, Elq.

A! Edinburgh, Mrs B. Douglas, DEATHS.

daughter of the deceased James Douglas, Lately, on his passage from Jamaica, Etq. nf Dornock. Charles Hay, second fon of the late Wila A: Hook, in Hampshire, Jane Rats liam Hay, of Newhall, county of Edin- tray. youngest daughter of Captain Rate burgh.

tray of Arthurstone. Dec. 6. In the island of Tobago, Mr 27. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Kay James Collow, youngest fon of ihe late tharine Anftruther. Mr John Conlon, minister of Perpunt. 28. A. Leith, Mrs Susan Dalrymple,

28. A: Demarary, Mr Harry Robert- relict of Dugald Maxwell, E!q. of Cow. son, third son to the Rev. Mr Harry Ro- hill, in the 94th year of her age. bertson, minister a: Kiltearn, after reco- At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Fering twice from the yellow fevera Graham, daughter of the deceased Wil.

Feb. 15. At Kilbryde, Ayrshire, Mr iam Graham, Efq. ot Shaw.

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