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Parliamentary Proceedings.

233 He then recapitulared the amount of tion was made for discharging the Call, all the proposed taxes thus

which gave rise to a debate, negatived by On Collateral Succession, L.250,000 a divilion, and the Call was fixed for Ten por Cent. on Afleffed

Monday next. Taxes,

140,000 Double present duty on Saddle

The following Message was delivered and Coach Horses,


from his Majesty. Two Shillings on all other

“ GEQRGE R. Horses,

100,000 His Majesty, relying on the assuran. Tobacco, Fourpence per Ib. - 170,000 ces which he has received from his faithTwopence halfpenny on

ful Commons of their determination to Printed Linens and other

fupport, his Majesty in those exertions Printed Goods,

135,000 which are necessary under the present Reduction of the Discount

circumstances, recommends it to this on the payment of Salt

House to consider of making provision Duties,

32,000 towards enabling his Majesty to defray Reduction of one-fourth of

any extraordinary expences which may the Drawback on Sugar, 180,000 be incurred for the service of the enfür

ing year, and to take such measures as

L.1,123,000. the exigency of affairs may require.Mr Pitt then entered into a minute His Majesty, on this occasion, thinks and accurate ftatement of the Loan, proper to acquaint the House, that the which he averred was made on the beft crisis which was depending at the compoffible terms, and such as, considering mencement of the present Seffion has led this to be the fourth year of such a war to such an order of things in France, as as the present, were incomparably advan- will induce his Majesty (conformably to tageous to the Public. He defended his the fentiments which he has already deconduct with respect to Mr Morgan, as clared) to meet any disposition for Negothe effect of a necessity operating to the ciation on the part of the enemy, with advantage of the Nation ; and conclud- an earneft defire to give it the fulleft and ed, that the true way to judge, was to ipeedieft effect, and to conclude a Treaty look to its revenue, and it would be found for a General Peace, whenever it can be that, in the midst of this expenfive and effected on just and suitable terms for unparalleled war, the diminution of the himself and his Allies. produce of the taxes was not greater

“ It is his Majesty's earnest wish, that than the common variation in times of the spirit and determination manifefted peace.

by Parliament, added to the recent and The taxes laid on since the commence- important successes of the Austrian Ar. - ment of the war, had kept pace with his mies, and to the continued and growing most fanguine expectations. In 1793, embarrassments of the enemy, may speedthey came within 20,000l. of the esti- ily conduce to the attainment of this obmate; in 1794, they exceeded it by ject on such grounds as the justice of the 50,000l. and, in the present year, the cause in which this Country is engaged, two quarters which were paft had pro. and the fituation of affairs may entitle duced two thirds of the eftimated taxes. his Majesty to expect."

Instead of following the example of Mr Pitt moved, that the Message the enemy; and living upon our capital; fhould be taken into con Gderation to instead of cating out the finking fund, morrow, which was agreed to. we had produced supplies equal to the Dec. 9. M Pitt moved the Order of service of the year, and provided for the Day for reading his Majetty's Mertheir payment. He took no credit to fage, and moved an Address, which was himself, he attributed the whole to the agreed to. energy of the country, and to the firm -. 10. The Order of the Day, for the ness and perseverance of Parliament. third reading of the Bill for the Safety of

The several Resolotions being read and his Majesty's Person and Government, agreed to in the Committee, and the being road, House having resumed, the Report was A long debate ensued, after which the brought up, and ordered to be received House divided : tomorrow .

For the third reading, 276 Dec. 8. 'The House was engaged till Against it,

45 fix o'clock on the Call, which food for this day in the course of which, a Mo Majority,

Ed. Mag. Merck 1796.

Mr Sheridan then proposed a Rider Against it,

184 to the Bill, the object of which was to extend it to Scotland, which was nega Majority,

157 tived:

The Bul was then passed, and the For the Motion,


House adjourned.






PARIS, 19 Feb. 1796.

following manner :-The Subscribers of THE THE establishment of a Bank at Paris the Bank Mall receive two per cent. in

under the following regulations has tereft, half yearly, and the old holders of been proposed and agreed to by the Exe- shares in the Caiffe d’Escompre, the fix cutive Directory:

months, which shall be paid by the Na1. To form an association, under the tional Treasury as the interest of their name of a Bank, to which each of the subscriptions. The surplus of the profits subscribers binds himself to the cxtent of of the Bank shall form a common divithe shares he subscribes for.

dend for the two classes. 2. The shares of the Bank shall be 600 5. The Bank shall issue such bills at livres each, real value ; payable, 200 liv- fight, or after date, as shall be neceffary res as soon as the cashier's office shall be for their operations. Such bills, howopened, 100 livres within fix months, and ever, thall never exceed their realised va100 at the end of a year. The first 200 lue when they become payable. may be paid in national specie, in foreign 6. The Bank finall be directed by a specie at the proportioned rate of ex- Council of Administration similar to that change, in gold or silver articles, in bills of the Caisse d'Escompte. This Council on foreign countries, or in aflignats ac shall be composed of ion Administrators, cording to their currency. The subíe-. and a Director General. quent 4001. shall be paid in bonds Tube 7. The Subfcribers shall delegate to fcribed by the holders of shares, bearing the Council the power of treating with an intereft of five per cent. per annum, the Government in such a way as that in A bonus of one per cent. will be allowed no case the Bank engagements shall exto those who make the last payments in ceed the half of the real value of the afadvance.

sets lodged in the Bank itfelf. 3. The holders of shares in the Caille 8. They empower them to organize all d'Escompte, whose names are inscribed, the parts of the establishment, the form on the registers of liquidation, and who and mode of emiflion or subscription for are still interefted in that establishment, sares, the emission of bills, the current acfall be admitted into this affociation, in counts, the discounts, the credit in Bank the proportion of five shares of the Bank or depoli', and the general and particular for each mare of the Caisse d'Escompte, refpontibility of each part. The Council from whence they shall transfer the value is authorised to frame all the regulations to the Bank, with six months arrears of relative to these different parts of the adthe dividends to be received. To be eno ministration, and to put them in force. titled to this advantage, the holders of These regulations to be printed and thares in the Caisse d’Escompte shall pay transmitted to each subscriber having a into the Bank, as foon as the Cashier's vote. books shall be opened, 200 livres for each 9. To be entitled to a vote in the geThare of the CajíTe d'Escompte.

neral meetings of the Bank, it is neces4. The dividends fhall be made in the lary to hold cwenty Fares.

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Interesting Intelligence from the London Gazettes.

235 10. The Council will hold a general 30, it appears, that a Suspension of meeting, every three months. It shall, arms has been agreed upon between the befi les, call extra meetings when it shall Austrian and French Generals in that think fir.

quarter, with liberty to either party to 11. On the demand of fifty fubfèribers put an end to it, on giving ten days nohaving votes, the Council shall be ob- tice. frged to call a general meeting within ten From the London Gazette, Feb. 2. duys; and,

Admiralty-Office, Peb. 2. 12. The accounts of the establishments Copy of a Letter from Capt. John Clarke Mall be balanced daily:

Searle, commander of his Majesty's

Sloop Feb. 20. At ten o'clock this morning,

Pelican, to Mr Nepean, dated off Domiall the forms, plares, matrices, and pun

nica, Dec. 15, 1795. ches, which were employed in the manufacture of affignats, were broken at the Place Vendome, and afterwards melted writing to you, by Capt. Warre, on

I avail myself of the opportunity of in a vart furnace, which had been built board inc Earl of Sandwich, packet, on there for the purpose. A great coile course of people was present at this ce quaint you, that I yesterday captured one

his passage to England, merely to acremony. 21. In conformity to a mandate of the terras of Marygallante. She is a fchoon

of the enemy's cruizers, under the batDirectory, the Central. Ofice has just

er of eight guns, and 56 men. fixed the price at which the butchers are

[This Gazette contains four congrato fell their meat per pound; the regu- tulatory addresses from England, to their 1ation commenced yefterday:

Majesies, on the birth of a Princess ; In assignats.

In money. and one to his Majesty, on his late Beef 143 livres,

It fols (d.) escape from the ouirageous attack on his Mutton, 145 livres, II sols

perfon.] Veal 130 livres, 10 sols (5 d.) From the London Gazette, Feb. 16.

22. The price of bread in this capital Carleton-House, Feb. 16. is fixed for the present decade at 40 liv. On the evening of Thursday last, be. ses per pound in affignats, or 3 sols (three tween eight and nine o'clock, her Royal halfpence) in specie, at the choice of the Highness the Infant Princess, daughter consumer.

of their Royal Highnesses the Prince March 4. The Directory have officially and Princess of Wales, was chriftened announced that Stoffer, and five of his in the great drawing-room by his Grace accomplices, were tried at Angers on the the Archbishop of Canterbury: her Roy*26th of February, and were fhot the al Highness was named Charlotte Augus. Rext day, with the exception of a young ta: the Sponsors were their Majesties in attendant on his person, whom the Mili- person, and her Royal Highness the tary Council condemned only to be im Duchess of Brunswick, represented by prisoned till the return of peace. From her Royal Highness the Princess Roya!. the sentence of Stofflet it appears, that he From the London Gazette, March. 19. was in his 44th year, that he was born at

WEST INDIES. Lunevill, in the department of La Mar

Horse-Guards, March 17, 1796. the. The names of the four officers were Charles Lichtenhen, aged 24,"born

A letter, of which the following is at Prade, formerly an officer in the fer

an extract, has been received by the viee of the Emperor; Joseph Philippe Right Hon. Henry Dundas, one of his Devannes, born at Ancenis, formerly Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, Commis, of that district; Joseph Mo- from Major-General Leigh, command-.. reau, aged 20, born at Chantelon; Pierre ing his Majesty's troops in the West In

dies : Pinot, aged 21 ; and Michel Grolleau, aged 14.

Extrait of a Letter from Major-General ENGLAND.

Leigh, to Mr Secretary Dundas, dated

Martinique, January 21, 1796.
London Gazettes.

I this day received Brigadier-General From the London Gazette, Jan. 26.

Stewart's statement of the attack on his

Camp at St Vincent's, on the 8th inft. Downing-Street, Jan. 26. and the return of the killed, wounded, By advices received from the Austrian and missing, in that unfortunate affair. Army on the Rhine, dated December The Governor, and a Committee of


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the Legislature of St Vincent, having this time a French Officer had got over written to the Commanding Officer at our works, and was taken prisoner ;) and Barbadoes on the first notice of this dif- not being yet certain whether the eneafter, Brigadier-General Knox immedi- my had taken possession of the battery to ately sent off 260 men of the 63d regi- the left, I directed Major Harcourt to ment, who had arrived there, under the reinforce that post with the picquet of command of Lieut.-Col. Gower, to their the 40th ; but before this could be done; affiftance.

I had too much reason to believe it was Extract of a letter from Major-General taken, and immediately dispatched a Hunter, to his Excellency Major-Gene- bring up the whole or part of the second

messenger to Lieu. Colonel Graham, ta ral Leigh, dated Head Quarters, King. Weå India regiment; but before the fton, St Vincent's, Jan. 19, 1796. messenger had got many yards, a firing Herewith I have the honour to inclose was heard on the right from the enemy, to your Excellency a letter from Briga. and all along the front. In this situation dier-General Stewart, with a list of the I left Captain Harrison, of the light comkilled, wounded, and miffing, in the un. pany of the 54th regiment, most activefortunate action of the 8th inst.

ly employed in using every exertion to I have made the best arrangement I keep his men to their duty, and was procould think of for the safety of Fort ceeding to the right, by the 40th regiCharlotte and the protection of the ment, to know what was doing there, town, to effect which, I was under the but I had scarce reached this regiment, neceffity of evacuating the new Vigie, when I heard the battery that I had left perceiving the enemy's intention of cut

was taken. I instantly turned about, diting off our communication with it. recting Major Harcourt, with all the

I also judged it prudent to withdraw men of the 40th he could collect, to fol. the party from Morne Ronde, so that low me, and retake the battery. I again my whole force is now concentered at met Brigadier-General Struit betweco the pofts of Dorsetshire Hill, Millar's some men, who informed me his leg Bridge, Lion Hill, Cane Garden, Keane's 'was shattered, and Captain Harrison thot House, Kingstown, and Fort Charlotte. through the shoulder. I ftill pushed forI muft, however, observe, that the very ward, using my best endeavours, with hard duty the men and officers are obli- other officers, to animate the men so ged to do at present, cannot be support- their duty, many of whom at that mo, ed for any length of time, and if some ment were killed and wounded. At this reinforcement is not sent, I much fear time, the troops in the front and on the that I shall be under the necessity of re- right of the line gave way, and the enetiring with the troops into Fort Char- my took poffeffion of the remaining batlotte, which is a poft, in my opinion, not tery. In this dilemma, nothing but a re.. to be taken by all the force the enemy treat could be thought of. cao bring against it.

We reached Biabou with inconsider

able loss. The enemy hung on our rear Extra& of a Letter from Brigadier-Gen. and right; but, from the judicious atStewart to Major-Gen. Hunter, dated tention of Licut.-Colonel Fuller, (who Kingston, Jan. 13, 1796.

on every occasion afforded me the most About three o'clock in the morning of ready affiftance,) and Lieutenant-Colonel the 8th inft. the enemy made an attack Graham, they were kept off. on our left, where we had a three-poun, Bjabou being upwards of twelve miles der and a cohorn placed upon a tongue from Kingston, without provision, and of land, which ran out about 50 yards, little ammunition, it appeared by no thought, from the freepness on each side, means prudent to take post here; Iihereto be almost inacceffible. On the first fore, as soon as the men had got fomc shot, I immediately ran out as fast as the little rest, and it became dark, (after have darknefs would permit "me, and I was ing ordered fires to be kindled,) resumed met by Major Harcourt, Field Officer of our march towards Kingfon unmoleftthe day. I found the men all paraded, ed. and Brigadier-Gen. Strutt, who had juft Permit me, before I conclude, to 'exthen received a wound in his face, exert. press the heavy loss I sustained in the ing himself much with the 54th regi- want of the able affiftance of Brigadierment. I fill proceeded to the left, but, General Strutt, who was severely wound.. from the darkness, could not diftinguish ed foon after the commencement of the the enemy from our own soldiers, (about attacks, as weli as that of Major Hat


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London Gazettes ----Scotland.

237 couri, and other brave officers specified troops and a great quantity of foldiers in the return of our loss, which I have clothing on board for that place. thé honour to send with this.

[Here end the Gazettes.] Return of the Killed, Wounded, and Mif: Execution of the Mutineers of the Defiance fing, in the attack of the Enemy on the

when in Leith Roads. Camp before Mount William, fand of

Sheerness, March 8. St Vincent, Fan. 8, 1796.

At nine o'clock this morning, the figRoyal Artillery, 4 rank and file killed; nal for execution

was made on board the 3 ditto wounded ; 3 ditto misling.- 40th Defiance man of war, by firing a gun, Regiment, 1 serjeant, ut rank and file, and hoisting a yellow flag at the forekilled; I major, i subaltern, ! surgeon, top-gallant-malt head : a Lieutenant, in a ferjeant, 1 drummer, 14 rank and file, a boat manned and armed, was immer wounded ; 8 rank and 'file, missing. diately sent from each ship to witness the 54th Ditto, 6 ferjeants, i drummer, 24. awful scene: the crews of the respective rank and file, killed ; 1 captain, 4 su- ships were called on deck, and the artibalterns, s ferjeants, i drummer, 44 rank cies of war read to them by their Capand file, wounded: 4 ferjeants, I drum- tains, who afterwards warned them to mer, 40 rank and file, missing. 59th take example from the fate of the unDitto, s ferjeant, 5 rank and file, killed; happy men who were about to suffer. 2 subalteros, 19 rank and file, wounded; The Rev. Dr Hatherall, Chaplain of 4 rank and file, missing.--2d Weft In- the Sandwich, (who has conftantly been dia Ditto, I. rauk and file, killed; ! Cap. with the prisoners fince their condemna- : tain, 3 subalterns, 7 rank and file, wound- tion,) administered the facrament to all ed; is ferjeants, 123 rank and file, mis- of ghem, except Michael Cox and Marfing. Total, 8 ferjeants, I drummer, 45 in Ealy, who were Roman Catholics : sank and file, killed; ! major, 2 cap. after praying with them until near cletains, 10 subalterne, I surgeon,6 serjeants, ven o'clock, they were brought on deck, 2 drummers, 87 rank and file, wound, and the ropes fixed around their necks, ed; 19 ferjeants, i drummer, 180 rank when John Flint, George Wythick, Joha and filt, miffing,

Lawson, and William Handy, were made (Signed) Ya, Stewart, B. Gen, acquainted, that his Majesty had been Names of the Officers wounded, Bri- pleased to pardon them. Handy, who gadier-General Strutt, Brigade - Major had a wife and child on board, immediStewart, Brigade-Major Walford, (not ately ran down to ber, and fainted in her included in the above return,) Major arms, which presented a most affecting Harcourt, Captains Harrison and David- scene. The rear of thankfulness and joy fon, Subalterns Simmonds, (fince dead,) adorned the cheeks of the hardy tars-Frederick, Spence, Cairnes, Verity, Chap- and Lawfon, addressing the clergyman, lain, Panton, Darley, Murroud, and Le said, “ I am afraid I mall never again Cader, Surgeon Bollon, Capt. Cumming, be so well prepared for eternity." aslistant to the Quarter-Major General, At a quarter past eleven, the fignal missing. Volunteer Ashburner (40th re. for the execution of the remainder was giment) killed.

made, by firing a' gun, when Michael

Cox, Robert M.Laurin, John Sullivan, Admiralty-Office, March 18.

Martin Ealy, and William Morrison, Extrait of a letter from the Hon. Robert were launched into'eternity. After hang

Stopford, Captain of his Majesty's ship ing the usual time, their bodies were
Pbaeton, to Mr Nepean, doted at Sea, fent on shore, to the agent at fick quara
Mar. 11,1796, Cape Finisterre, E.N.E. ters, for interment.
40 leagues.

This awful spectacle had a due effect I have to request you will inform my upon the several thips companies, who Lords Commissioners' of the Admiralty; behaved in a very proper and becoming that the French Corvette called La Bonne manner on this occasion. Citoyenne, mounting 20 ninc-pounders, and carrying 145 men, was captured

SCOTLAND. yesterday by the squadron under my orders, Cape Finnistérre N.58 leagues.

HIGH COURT of. JUSTICIARY. She left Rochefort on the 4th instant, in

Trial of Fobn and Arthur Oneils, company with La Forte, La Seine, La

for Murder. Regeneree frigates, and La Mutine brig,

Monday, Feb. I. dçdiocd for the Ine de France, and have This day, the Court proceeded in the


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