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Hopfen, H. Die Siegerin; eine Wiener
Geschichte. 1896. (Engelhorns allgemeine

Jensen, W. Unter der Tarnkappe; ein
schleswig-holsteinischer Roman aus den
Jahren 1848-50. 1906. 2 v.

Mulholland, R., pseud. Des Vaters Ehre;
und, Licht von oben; [aus dem Englischen

von A. L.] [c1906.]

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Translation of The adventures of Tom


Little journeys to

Russia and Austria-Hungary. [c1906.]
Greenwood, G., pseud. Stories from fa-
mous ballads, ed. by C. Burnite, w. illus.
by E. H. Garrett. [c1906.]

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public library. It is filled with inspiring, beautiful, pathetic and humorous stories of the man who gave his life, daily, for his country. The pictures, by Jay Hambridge and others, are usually adequate and artistic.-Outlook. Otis, J., pseud. The minute boys of the Wyoming Valley. [c1906.]

Pyle, K. Nancy Rutledge. 1906.

Sidney, M., pseud. Two little friends in
Norway. [c1906.]

Herrick, R., and Damon, L. T. Composition and rhetoric for schools. 1901.


Lodge, H. C. A frontier town; and other essays. 1906. 75a

Contents:-A frontier town. -Good citizenship.- -The Senate of the U. S.-History.

-S. Adams.- -T. Roosevelt.-Senator
Hoar. -American history.- -Certain prin-
ciples of town government.—Franklin.-
The U. S. at Algeciras.

Smith, G. The beautiful story of Doris and Maxwell, W. H., and Smith, G. J. WritJulie. 1906. ing in English, a modern school composition. [c1900.] (Maxwell's Eng ser.) Reifsnider, Mrs. A. C. pave the way to success.

Smith, L. R. Bunny Boy and Grizzly Bear.

Tale of Bunny Cotton-Tail. c1905. Smith, N. A. Nelson the adventurer; a story for boys. 1906.

Welsh, L. D. Some of our friends. [c1895.]

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73a Gilgal; stones that 4th ed. 1897.


Roosevelt, T. A square deal. [c1906.]


Selections on various subjects from President Roosevelt's writings, illustrating his views on ethics, duty and morality.


Sargent, J. W. Toasts for the times in pictures and rhymes. 1904. Scott, F. N., and Denney, J. V. Composition-rhetoric for use in secondary schools. [2d ed.] [c1897.] 77

College entrance requirements in English, 1909-1911: (for study and practice.)

n. d.

Contents:-The tragedy of Macbeth, by Shakespeare; L'allegro, Il penseroso, Comus and Lycidas, by Milton; Conciliation with the American colonies, by Burke; Farewell address to the people of the United States. by Washington; The first oration on Bunker Hill monument, by Webster; The life of Johnson, by Lord Macaulay; An essay on Robert Burns, by Carlyle. The requirements in English for entrance into nearly all colleges in the United States are uniform. The works required are divided into two groups-the first group for careful study, the second for reading merely. The first group is included in this volume.Pub. Weekly.

Ewald, C. My little boy; tr. fr. the Danish by A. Teixeira de Mattos. 1906.


Harrison, F. Memories and thoughts. 1906. 75b

This is a companion volume to his wellknown choice of books." It is in part autobiographical and descriptive of famous men and women, visits to foreign cities and people, criticisms of books, studies in topography, architecture at home and abroad, result of a wide experience over the last 25 years. -Pub. Weekly.


Shute, H. A. Letters to Beany; and, The love-letters of Plupy Shute. 1905.


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Webster, W. F. English composition and rhetoric. [c1900.] 73ȧ

TRAVEL AND DESCRIPTION. Austin, Mrs. M., (H.) The flock. 1906. 83c The book rambles on through a shepherd's year, leaving you with a sense of refreshment, with a desire to lie under the sky with dogs and flocks, lulled to sleep by the "blether" of ewes and the bark of distant coyotes. The charm of the whole lies in three qualities: the novelty and interest of the subject, the picturesque texture of the author's mind, and in a style which is both cultivated and racy, and adapted to conveying her unusual sense of beauty.-Nation.

De Forest, K. Paris as it is; its people, its home life, and its places of interest. 1900. 84b

Author has lived long in Paris, and her interpretation is interesting and her account of many phases of Parisian life unusually accurate. -Nation.

Greely, A. W. Handbook of polar discoveries. 3d ed., rev. and enl. 1906. 82c Following the topical method of treatment, General Greely has compiled from original narratives "such data of accomplished results as may subserve the inquiries of the busy man who often wishes to know what, when and where, rather than how." All important Arctic geographic additions to knowledge are given as well as the more important scientific investigations.-Bk. Rev. Digest.

Hale, E. E. Tarry at home travels. 1906. 83c

Six chatty, familiar papers, one on each of the New England states. Many good illustrations, historical and picturesque. Appeared

in the Outlook.-A. L. A. bk. list.

Hoffman, W. Leisure, hours in Russia. 1883.

84g -Russian su

Contents:-St. Petersburg perstitions. -Nadeschda, fr. the Swedish of Runeberg. -Finland.-The Kalevala. RUNEBERG, J. L. Döbeln at Juntas; Lieut. Zieden; The cloud's brother; Our land. Smith, R. Tour of four great rivers; Hudson, Mohawk, Susquehanna and Delaware in 1769; ed. w. a short hist. of pioneer settlements by F. W. Halsey. 1906.


A careful account of what he saw and learned on the route, including much of Indian life, and the narrative is of great interest as a contribution to the history and geography of the time.-Putnams.

Tissot, V. Voyage au pays des milliards. 54e éd., revue et augmentée. 1892. 84e Verne, J. Histoire des grands voyages et des grands voyageurs. n. d. 6 v. 82a Wells, H. G. The future in America; a 83c search after realities. 1906.

He studied the great problems which the American people will sooner or later have to solve the problems relating to immigration, the negro, the growth of plutocracy, the corruption of political life. His book proves that he is an exceptionally keen and accomplished observer. . His journey was a failure . His

so far as prophecy is concerned. lucid and discriminating description of the present in America is probably worth more than his intended prophecy would have been. -Athenæum.

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Bérard, V.

Russian empire and ċzarism; tr. by G. F. Davies and G. O. Pope; w. introd. by F. Greenwood. 1905. 94h

M. Bérard's work, which we recently reviewed at length and pronounced timely, high-class and valuable," now reaches us in an unusally competent and elegant translation, accompanied by one map showing the different agricultural zones of Russia proper, and another showing the general outlines of the various nationalities therein; also by an introduction which adds greatly to the worth of the volume because of its good sense and justice.Nation.

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Blair, E. H., and Robertson, J. A., eds.
The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898. v. 42-43.
1906. 2 v.
Ref. 95e
Bliss, W. R. Quaint Nantucket. 1901.

91b Brinkley, F. China, its history, arts and literature. [Library ed.] 4 v. S. S. 95c Japan, its history, arts and literature. [Library ed.] 8 v. 1903-4. S. S. 95c The historic point of view is that of one who surveys the Japan known to Europeans, its financial and economic conditions, foreign politics, steps of progress, creed and caste, religion and rites and superstitions. The ceremonial side of life and a history of commerce are presented in the concluding volume. The same mastery of his abundant materials, equal power of insight and interpretation, delight in his task, and clearness of expression characterize Capt. Brinkley's work.-Nation.

Calthrop, D. C. English costume. 1906.

2 V.

Ref. 96d

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ing from the medieval to the modern, and is one of the most important and interesting eras in history.

Lee, G. C., ed. History of North America.
v. 15-16. [c1905-6.]
S. S. 92
Contents:-v. 15. THORPE, F. N. The
Civil War; the national view.

v. 16. HAMILTON, P. J. The reconstruction period.

Oman, C. W. C.

History of England, from the accession of Richard II to the death of Richard III, 1377-1385. 1906. (Political history of England. v. 4.) 93a

Sinding, P. C. The Northmen, the seakings and vikings, their manners, and customs, discoveries, and wars; the discovery and the 1000 years' anniversary of Iceland. 6th ed. 1884. 94g Tout, T. F. and Johnstone, H. State trials of the reign of Edward I., 1289-1293. 1906. Camden Society. Publications. Ser. 3, v. 9. Ref. 93a

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women. 1904-05. 2 v. Nearly half of her life has been spent by Agnes Dunbar in collecting the "Dictionary of saintly women."

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The author's principal source of information has been the Acts Sanctorum" of the Bollandists, and also the histories, legends, &c.. of the countries from which the saints came. Every statement is accredited to a certain writer.-N. Y. Times.

Holloway, L. C. The ladies of the White House; or, In the home of the presidents. 1880. 97 National cyclopædia of Amer. biog. Conspectus of Amer. biog.; containing complete indexes; comp. by G. Derby. 1905.

Ref. 97a


Class 97b

Geronimo, A. Geronimo's story of his life; taken down and ed. by S. M. Barrett. 1906. Geronimo is the famous Apache chief, born in 1829 in Arizona, and for many years the Scourge of the Mexican and American borders. Captured at last, he has been for twenty years a prisoner of war, in latter years at Fort Sill, Oklahoma Last year Mr. Barrett, who is superintendent of education in Lawton, Okla.,

obtained permission from President Roosevelt to have Geronimo tell the story of his life for publication. Accordingly, the Indian from day to day would dictate to the Indian interpreter, and to Mr. Barrett.-Pub. Wkly. Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst, C., Fürst zu. Denkwuerdigkeiten, hrsg. von F. Curtius. 1907. 2 v. S. S.

The picture of the Prussian autocracy in the later days of Bismarck's rule. . . is a very sombre one. It is a picture of suspicion, treachery, vacillation, and calumny in high places which reminds one of nothing so much as the Court of the later Bourbons. It is a régime of violence abroad and dissensions at home.-London Spectator.

Lennox, G. Practical life work of Henry Drummond; w. an introd. by H. W. Mabie. 1901.

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Although a fitting testimony to the interest expressed in the recent eight hundredth anniversary of the death of Rabbi Rashi, this work is not a product of circumstances. It is designed to take its place as the second volume in the "Biographies of Jewish worthies" series of which "Maimonides" was the first. "Jewish history may include minds more brilliant and works more original than Rashi's. But it is uncontestable that he is one of those historical personages who afford a double interest; his own personality is striking and at the same time he is the representative of a civilization and of a period. Rashi forms, so to say, an organic part of Jewish history.". Cum. Bk. Rev.

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Morris, C., pseud. The life of a star. 1906. In all this bright rush of recollection and easily voluble femininity one is always conscious of the writer. The tone is as conversational as a dinner talk-and one is tempted to say at times as perceptibly elevated.-N. Y. Times.

Mueller, F. M. Aus meinem Leben, Fragmente zu einer Selbtsbiographie; Uebers. von H. Groschke 1902.

Goethes Unterhaltungen mit dem Kanzler Friederich von Müller; hrsg. v. C. A. H. Burkhardt. [Vorw. 1904.] Ober, F. A. Vasco Nuñez de Balboa. 1906. (Heroes of Amer. history.)

O'Farrelly, A. Leabhar an Athar Eoghan; the O'Growney memorial volume. [pref. 1904.]

Father O'Growney gave the best part of his short life to the teaching of Gaelic and to the

struggle for its restoration, and an account of his work necessarily contains much of the history of the movement in which he took an important part. Miss O'Farrelly has made a very substantial volume, including biographical material and appreciative notices of Father O'Growney in both English and Irish, and the collection is interesting, though the pieces are of very unequal value.--Nation.

Osbon, B. S. A sailor of fortune; personal memoirs of Captain Osbon by A. B. Paine. 1906.

Captain Osbon, whose memoirs are given practically as he detailed them to the writer, Mr. Albert Bigelow Paine, lived among some of the most stirring scenes of the past century, and his narrative presents with extraordinary vividness events of which he was an eye-witness... the redactor of these stories of sea life has succeeded admirably in preserving the personal quality of the actor-narrator.-Literary Digest.

Perry, T. S. John Fiske.


Because the theme was a man of letters rather than affairs, the qualities of an extended essay are more conspicuous than those of biographical narrative. One feels in the spirit and outlook which form the background of the little book the peculiar qualifications of Mr. Perry for undertaking what he has performed so well.-Atlantic.

Pollard, A. F.

Eng. reformation.

Thomas Cranmer and the 1904.

The book can rightly claim to be the first considerable biography of Cranmer which has been written according to the canons of modern scientific historical work. It is clear, and for the most part consistent and convincing; and though it contains nothing that is startlingly new, it arranges in useful and readable form a vast amount of hitherto scattered and not always trustworthy information. Mr. Pollard's treatment of the archbishop's career under Henry VIII seems to us... much less satisfactory.-R. B. Merriman, in Am. Hist.

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Here is full justice done to the versatility of the man and to his noble qualities, while yet we are made to understand why in the days of the Armada he was more cordially hated than any one of the Queen's followers. In the speech delivered just before his execution, Raleigh said in extenuation of his vanity and other faults that he had lived a sinful life in such callings as were most conducive to it. "For I have been a soldier, a sailor, and a courtier, all of them courses of wickedness and vice; but I trust He will not only cast away my sin, but will receive me into everlasting life."-Nation.

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