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newspaper, to state that in consequence of nearly in the middle of the garden, and a few fatal accidents having been reported of about the height of 30 or 40 feet, which to have happened from the bite of a species being veither rooted up nor beut, had not of Sea Snake, (a shoal of which appear to suffered the sliglitest alteration even in its have entered the river on the opening of foliage; but exhibited the same freshuess the bar, Pandauls have been erected oppo as ou the day preceding the storm. This site to the Land Custom House, and at the coutrast was so striking, that one could head of the lane leading from the river to scarcely believe one's eyes, the Mount Road, immediately behind the

It is 42 years since I witnessed this phe, warehouse of Messrs. Ashton and Smith, nomenon, and never could I forget it. at each of whiclı, a peon, and a skilful Na

I have ever been surprized, that among tive Assistant are statioued by day and by

a great number of persons who must have night, who are (in case of accident occurring), proviried with the proper remedies, been informed of this prodigy, there has under ihe medical Superintendence of Mr.

not been found any physician, chymist, or W. Mackenzie, the Surgeon to the Police mariner, who has reflected on the utility Establishment.

that might be drawn for navigation and We trust the above will be particularly

commerce from this disrovery, and that attended to, as we understand several Na

on this subject veither inquiry por trial bas tives have already perished, in consequence have attracted enquiry at Borneo, Japan,

been made. How cioes it happeu not to of being bitten by ihe Snakes alluded to.

or China, where the camphor tree is indiWe have formerly given iustance's genous, whether it experiences no alteraof the fatal effects attending the bite of the tion from storms or tempe-sts and if it be sea sn ke; but do not recollect to have so, wherefore have neither me: hants vor

mariners made experiments upon shipping, seen them described before, as going to

to ascertaill whether the gum, the eaves, gether in shoals.

or the wool, of this wonderfu Tree hare December 5 1815.

any power of preserving ships at sea On Sunday last Divine Service was from the fury of storms and tempests? performed at the College, according to the

A SUBSCRIBER. forin of the Church of Scotland, by the Mauritius, 15th, Sept. Reverend Mr. Alian. A numerous congregation attended. At each of the other

CUINA. Presidencies, temporary arrangements have been made for the same purpose; but we

Translation of a Letter from the China Caplain, at understand, buildings are immediately to be

Tring-gana, addressers in Chinese to "ajor Far. erected at Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay, quhar, Resident at Malacca, in consequence of which will be appropriated to the Scottish his having forwarded to the writer a book of Church.

Chinese Nere Testaments and Tracis, on the MAURITIUS.


The Ruler of the vile conutry Tring CAMPHOR TREE.

Guna, whose surname is Chung and bis In 1773, some days after one of the most the throne

name Shing hèèn, presents this letter up to

of the exalted King of the dreadful storms ever experienced in the Isle of France, being in the quarter of l I was a short time ago graciously favoured

pearl nation. Respectfully con menring Pamplemousses, in the neighbourhood of with the receipt of a book of sacred Books, the Jardin du Roy (Botanical Garden) and a letter + valuable as the gems I bow had the curiosity to go to see its ravages in this vast garden, which already interested It is the custom in (hinese correall the colony, by the prodigious assem- spondence and polite conversatioii, 10 use blage which the Intendant of the Colony some term that denotes meanness, or raM, Poivre, had made, of every descrip-ther expresses a deep degree of humility, tion of foreign trees and plants, and by the when a man has occasion to speak or write astovishing industry with which Mr. Cere of himself, his parents, his bildrell, his the Father, Superintendant of the Garden, House, or Country; and on the coutrary, reared them --- All were bent, rooted up to bestow some honourable epithet og all and torn up-but in the midst of this ge- that belongs to another; even his Dogs neral wreck, it was doubtful which ought and Poultry are honourable, while ihose of to have excited most surprise, the frightful the writer or speaker are all mean aud vile. devastation, or the state in which was † Literally (“ the Dragou's Seat") a term then beheld a young camphor tree placed given to the throne of the Emperor.


the head, worship, and read; and accord- bars of silver; part of the latter proceed ing to order have divided the hooks, and to Calcutta in the Revolutionaire. The presented them to the multitude to deliver Court of Spain is determined, that tio more to their children and friends, that all may Gaileons shall leave Manila for New diligently read the classics of the virtuous Spain on the Royal account, and that the sages 1. Io days of old the province of Shan. commerce of the Phillippines shall be open tung s in the adorned middle wation (Chi- to the Spanish Merrhalits ouly, to South na) produced the holy and virtuous Sage, America and to the East tudies. lo conseConfusius, who taught to read the ancient quence of this decree, many of the most classical books, and deliver them down lo opulent Merchants at Manilla intend to ten thousand generatious During a former become extensive Ship Owners, and orders Dynasty (viz. that of Sung) appeared the inave been sent by a few persons to pargreat literary character, called Chow-foo. chase Vesse's at Calcutta. The latest intsze, who paraphrased the said books. telligence from South America, states the

But I knew not before, that the nations Insurgents to be still in considerable force withoutside il had virtuous sages, who under Muriliio, though they only appeared could make moral books to be handed iu stragyling parties-some few Europeans down to myriads of ages, to exhort the who jowed them are sent às prisouers to people to reform their evils and return to the Phillippines by the last Galleon. goodness.—such merit and virtue are inex On my way to China froin Malacca haustible -'The bird Hung ** being at I discovered a cluster of small Coral hand, I purposely adorn this inch letter, patches, having I imagine, not less than 5 and respectfully offer it up to the Ruler of fathoms upou them their Latitude is the pearl nation to examine it fis humble

14, 12, North, and Longitude 112, 32, E, subject Captain Ching Shiny hèèn bows of Greenwich-however, the Longitude I and pays his respects.

will not pronounce as very accurate-this MANILLA.

spot appears to have been much frequented

by ships bouud to and from China. Royal Trade RELINQUISHED. The following information is obtained from a letter of a gentleman at Manilla, HINTS, PLANS, and PROCEEDINGS dited August 23, 1815. The intelligence is important to our merchants, especially

Benevolence. to those who have establishments at Calcutta.

Homo sum : The Naofor-Galleon from Acapulco had Humanum nihil a me alienum puto. arrived the middle of July last), with upwards of 21 millions in specie and large The following are extracts from a Report

made to the BomBAY AUXILIARY BIBLE I A Chinese Letter addressed to bim by Society, at a meeting held in the vestry of a Friend to the propagation of the Gospel, the Church, Jan. 29, 1815. The difference

$ In Chinese Books it is commonly called Loo Kwob, that is the Kingdom of Lon, the between that country and our own, cannot chief theatre of the actions of the great be pressed too earnestly on the intelligent Chinese Philosopher.

reader. | The Chioese, being generally extremely ignorant of Geography, call their own The Committee upon entering on the Country the “midile nation," and consider arduous duties of the sacred office they had all the world beside, as its suburbs only – undertaken, were soon convinced, from a hence the term “out side"

variety of local consideratious that it be. Hung,” this phrase refers to a story hoved them to move with a cautious and among the Chinese ; they say that a prudent, thouyb certain step, till doubts certain man, cut off from all communication should be dispelled, prejudices allaved, and with China, wished exceedingly to send the benefits intended to be conferred by a Letters thither, but kuew not how: at diffusion of the glorious Light of the Goslength he caught this Bird and tied his pel, better understood by those to whom it Letters to its fert, by which means his would be the first object of the Society to object was accomplished.-Hence when conmunicate them. the Chinese send a letter they generally Uuder these impressions the first year of say, “ this comes by a convevient bird"— the institution has been chiefly devoted i. e. a favorable opportunity.

to the collection of such useful informa


on, as may be a guide to their future spread over the island, at present bred up coceedings.

in ignorance aud idleness. Some of their The state of the Protestant population in reasons for this may be estimated from a ais Presidency first attrarted the atteution letter of one of their most judicious mem

the Committte, and necessarily led to bers to the Secretary.] ome enquiries regarding their capacity of

Among other thiugs, says the writer, enefiting His Majesty's and the Hononte

• lo Britain they have a religion, long ble ('ompany's European Regiments; ad avourable and encouraging replies having happils, fixed by the almost unanimous been received to communications made to consent of the people- nearly all are Chrishe officers commanding these corps, En- tians, and protestant Christians of different glish Bibles aud Testaments were arcord secis~ Every class of men bas been educatugly distributed, and the Committee have el, ill one degree or oiner, in the kuowhe satisfaction to fiud that they have provjerits doctrines.- ven the ignorant, even

jedge of Christianity, and in a reverence ed so yrateful and acceptable a present the dissolute, even those abandoned to vice hat the whole of their stock has already been distributed, and application made sud to crime, have yet in early lie bac' the for more ih:n they were able to supply.

seeds of the purest doctrives of the Cospel The Committee had for some time, cause

implanted in their hearts.—They have been to regret that their endeavours to circulate obscured, or neg erted, or smothered for a the Scriptures among the Portuguese Chris series of years, but still the seedis remain, tians of the two islands of Bombay and and under favourable circunstances, when Salsette, were not attended with corres

time and opportunity have been given them

to recover themselves, io sorrow or in sick. ponding success, but they are happy to state that they have recently had reas n to

Dess, they are ever ready to push out, and think that the chief obstacles will soon

aided by all the force of conscience, to bear cease to operate, aud they look forward, the fruits of repentance and of a better life. with reviving hope, to the happy accom

- Let it be considered, also, that the soplishment of this interesting object of their cieties at home, constituted as they are, labours in the ensuing year.

could not without deviating from a more

useful course, concern themselves in the These pleasing expectations they are the establishment of preachers, or of public more encouraged to entertain in conse

Schools.-The different parts of Great Bri. quence of the permissiou granted by the tain and Ireland have each its owo reliArchbishop of Goa for the circulation of gious establishment, and particular socithe New Testament among the native eties of different denominations already Roman Catholics of Ceylon.

exist for the purpose of spreading more exA few copies of the Arabic Scriptures tensively the benefit of generai instruction. have been given in Bombay to learned na

In the same manner, numerous associations tives who intimated a curiosity to peruse bave been formed in every quarter, by them, and the Committee having reason to think that a few copies in the Sanscrit, and writing ibeir own language bave been

means of which the elements of reading Persian, and Hindoostanee, may be distri- taught to the humblest and poorest classes, buted to advantage, proper means have who are thu's put in the way of being able been taken for procuring a supply.

to assist the public instructions which The Committee have also turned their they receive, by private or solitary reading. views to a more distaot object, and endea. In such circumstances, all that was wanted voured to diffuse a knowledge of the was to put the Scripture into their hands; Divine truths of the Gospel amongst the the road was aiready cieared. patives of Arabia, and the coasts of the “ In this country, however, we are very Red Sea ; and for this purpose they for. warded in March last a few copies of the lishments are small, aud, except at the

differently situated-Our regular estab. Bible io the Arabic tougue, to the Honour. Presidency, the means of religious instrucable Company's Resident at Mocha, but tion are in certain and imperiect. There they are sorry to say that uo success has

are two classes of men who possess strong attended their views in that quarter.

claimis ou those who are fully persuaded [The Committee state their experience of the beneficial effects of Christiau moraof the almost insurmountable difficulties at-lity, even if cousidered only as doctrmes tending the attempt to circulate the Scrip-conducive to the happiness of man in this tures among the natives, to whom they had world, and as making upright and virtuous access ; they, therefore, determined on pa- members of society; these are such as are tronizing with all their power, schools for aiready nominally Christians, and the une the instruction of the numerous children converted beathen inhabitants of this coun.

try. In order to limit as much as possible sons is often little less that a mockery of the subject under observation, it may per their condition. A different remedy is to haps be advisable at this time merely to be sought; the want of domestic instruc. regard the first of these, and to ask our tion is to be supplied, and some kind of a selves how are they to be most effectually public school, under proper superintegserved. The Island of Bombay is most im-dence, set down in the midst of them, mediately under our observation, and let with one or more Catechists attached to it, it be further limited to that island, and to according as the wants of the lower classes its Protestant inhabitants.

may require. In such an institution the This island, besides the upper classes teacher, if he be also the Catechist, which, of Europeans, contains a number of Eur particularly at first is very desirable, might ropean soldiers, many peusioners of the be required to employ an hour or two of Company's Miitary and Marine Services, two different days, weekly, in instructiag several inariners, and others connected his scholars in the most plain aud essential with the country service, and a consider- doctrines of Christian morality and faith; able proportion of the children of all of it would be his duty to keep a watchsal those, some by European, and others by eye on the language and behaviour of his native mothers. It is reinirkable how few scholars, and to train them up to the desire of these children have riseli to fill any re and the capacity of profiting, by an atteit spectable, or decent situation. The pa dance on the public ordinances of the reuts are genorally ignorant, have many of Church, and of a sincere and profitable them been driven to this country originally perusal of the divine volumes, at every fuby their crimes or vices, and in general, ture period of their lives. have contracted so many evil propensities, “ It seems but justice to our pastors that especially an excessive fonduess for intoxi- such an assistance should be afforded to cating spirits, that they bave neither in them. clination nor means to pay the expence of “ The performance of the indispensible their childrens' education. Their ristauce and solemn duties of their office, has long from the Fort at which most of them live, been more than in some instances an Euwould prevent them from availing them- ropean constitution can safely undergo in selves effectually of the means of daily in this climate. struction from the Charity School, even if “ It would be unpleasing to admit a they were better inclined than they are, to doubt, that young persons trained up early avail themselves of it. It is melancholy to in some knowledge of GOD and Religion, observe the early habits of intoxication, should not be likely to become better and of low profligary, exhibited by mere members of society, than those who have boys of this class. To disperse the Scrip- been abandoned to ignorance and idleness. tures among these men is doing little, uil Even if any unfortunate circumstances in less they be taught also to read and under future life throw them back into thought. stand them.

lessness and vice, they have a monitor “ A little reflection will perhaps satisfy deeply fixed within, and ready to awake any one, that the earliest religious impres- them to a sense of their danger and misery sions made on young minds, are those that at every moment of cool reflection. They are made in the bosoms of their families, may sin, but they cannot sin without aud from the mouth of a mother. But the hope." ferings of respect and reverence with which the warm infint mind turus to the The Society has been indebted to the instructions of a parent, can have no place Auxiliary Society of Calcutta for a supply here. The mother is often of no religion, of 199 English bibles, 289 English testaand seldom has any means of bestowing an ments, and 172 Portuguese testaments, acquaintance with even the first and plain and to the Government of this Presidency, est truths of religion. She is often pro- for 200 Arabic bibles, and 11 Arabie terfigate, and more likely to corrupt than to taments, which they have distributed in improve those who are near her. There the followiug manner:-To his Majesty's are instances of surb mothers breeding up and the Hon. Company's European regitheir children as Mahometans, and others ments, 140 English bibles, 170 English may be considered as devoting them from testaments. To prisoners in gaol, 4 Cogtheir earliest years to prostitution. Some lish bibles.- To individuals, 52 English of them become Roman Catholics: few in- bibles, 16 Arabic ditto, 66 English testadeed, become respectable members of Soments, S Arabic ditto, 97 Portuguese ciety. It is plain, that it is not mere ditto. Total, bibles, 196 English, pireaching that is to correct these evils. To 16 Arabic. Testaments, 236 English, bestow copies of Scripture on such per- 3 Arabic, 97 Portuguese.

The Committe also acknowledge with sible. It was from a consideration of the reat thankfulness, a munificent donation great difficulty of making accurate transom the Parent Society in England, of lations, that the Romish Church disap1,000, forwarded by means of bis Excel-proved frequent translations of the whole ncy the Governor:

of the sacred text, but never prohibited

the translation of some passages proper for The funds belonging to the Society at the edification of the faithful; neither did his date amount to Rs. 8,967. O 18; thus she prevent translations being made from mple means are at command for the pro- the Old and New Testaments, provided ecutiou of the great objects of this losti: that proper notes were made upon the difution for a length of time to come, and it ficult passages, giving them the same sense to be hoped, that the more its principles which was given to them by the ancient End views become known, the more fre- Fathers-In a word the Romish Church quently will the opportunity of applying seeing that the faithful were discouraged hem occur; for the Committee have the from charity, and that already they have atisfaction of knowing that the apprehen not the same respect for those books as was ions entertained, or reported to be enter- entertained for them by the Christians of ained, on the first establishment of the the primitive ages, saying as St. Augustine Society, among the natives of this and the said to GOD before he read them, Deus, adjacent islands, not professing Chris- lumen cordis mei! Luz tua non tenebræ meæ, cianity, have entirely subsided, and that loquentur mihi. Sana oculos meos, et congau=10 obstacles will be opposed to a diffusion deum luci tue." — It proved to be better of the light of the gospel, by those uncon

in the time of ardent disputation, not to strained and gentle means which will alone give food to the curiosity of turbulent spigovern the proceedings of this Society.

rits, who sought to find in the Scriptures Copy of a Letter from the Archbishop of not the words of GOD, but proofs of sys

Goa, on the subject of distributing Bibles tems, which every one framed according and Testaments in the Portuguess lan to his fancy, and in proportion as this guage, among the Portuguese population party spirit began to subside, there were under his charge, 10 Rev. N. Wade, learned men in all nations who, knowing Secretary to the Bombay Auxiliary Bible the spirit of the Church, were not afraid Society

of making translations of the Bible; neverMost Illustrious Sir,—On the 26th the translation of Calcutta should not be

theless, my only fear in this respect is, lest of December I received the copies of the entirely accurate with regard to the idiom sermon preached by the Reverend Henry of the Portuguese language, but this might Martyn, and the plan of the Calcutta Aux- beobviated should the society be willing to iliary Bible Society, together with the let reprint the Portuguese translations which ter which you addressed me.

have been made in Portugal, or at least In the first place I return thanks for the correct, from the translation, a copy of distinction and attention with which you which I could send to the Society if it treat me, and in answer to the subject of should be desired, and I apprize you that the above-mentioned letter I reply, saying, there is a Portugueze translation made by that the Romish Church has always ac a Portuguese Jew in India, which contains knowledged the utility which resulted to many notable errors, and which I suppose its members from possessing and meditat- cannot be unknown to your Soriety. ing on the sacred writings; for this rea With respect to the translation of the son, in the primitive ages, the Greek and Bible into the language of Canara which Hebrew texts were translated into Latin, you propose to me, it appears to me to and if after the Latin language ceased to be be absolutely useless, since the Canarese common, the translations were not pu- Christians do not know how to write or merous, the reason is very evident, since read the Canarese language except in the it is quite certain that in order to a trans- Roman character. The Gentoos only write lation being perfect, it is not sufficient to the Canarese language with its proper be acquainted with the two languages, alphabets, and they make use of words it is besides absolutely necessary that the which the Christians do not understand. translator should understand and feel the Moreover the language of these latter is a work which he translates, in order to ren mixture of different languages, and all of der it faithfully in a translation, which be them who can read at all the Canarese ing difficult, generally speaking, is much language, can read and understand Pormore so with respect to a translation of tuguese ; whence it results that in my the Bible, the sense of which is in many judgment so difficult a translation would places obscure, and in some, incomprehen not be of considerable utility; as a proof,

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