The Edinburgh New Dispensatory: With Additions of the Most Approved Formulæ from the Best Foreign Pharmacopoeias ... Being an Improvement of the New Dispensatory

W. Creech, 1801 - 622 páginas

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Página 186 - ... in half a pint of cow's milk warm. After thefe four dofes are taken, the patient muft go into the cold bath or a cold fpring, or river every morning failing for a month.
Página 178 - ... white woody fibre that runs in the middle of each piece : the cortical part is compact, brittle, looks smooth and resinous upon breaking: it has very little smell ; the taste is bitterish and subacrid, covering the tongue as it were with a kind of mucilage.
Página 224 - Two sorts of rhubarb are met with in the shops. The first is imported from Turkey and Russia, in roundish pieces, freed from the bark, with a hole through the middle of each ; they are externally of a yellow colour, and on cutting, appear variegated with lively reddish streaks.
Página 311 - ... these pungent oils superadd a fresh stimulus. Volatile oils are never given alone, on account of their extreme heat and pungency, which in some is so great, that a single drop let fall upon the tongue produces a gangrenous eschar. They are readily imbibed by pure dry sugar, and in this form may be conveniently exhibited. Ground with eight or ten times their weight of...
Página 202 - The matted fibres (which are the pans, chol'tn for medicinal purpofes) are fuppofed by fome to be the head or fpike of the plant, by others the root : they feem rather to be the remains of the withered ftalks, or...
Página 350 - ... which is given in the Memoirs of the French Academy of Sciences for the year 1703, of a deaf and dumb young man in the city of Chartres. At the age of...
Página 437 - This naufeous relilh does not begin to rife till after the purer fpirituous part has come over j which is the very time that the virtues of the ingredients begin alfo moft' plentifully to diftil : and hence the liquor receives an ungrateful taint.
Página 225 - They put about two drams of the dried ihrub in an earthen pot with about ten ounces of boiling water, keeping it near a boiling heat for a night, and this they take in the morning. It is faid to occafion heat, third, a degree of delirium, and a peculiar creeping-like fenfation in the parts affected.
Página 152 - The feeds abound with a mucilaginous fubftance of no particular tafte, which they readily impart to watery liquors ; an ounce will render three pints of water thick and ropy, like the white of an egg. A mucilage of the feeds is kept in the (hops.
Página 324 - A drop of the oil may be dissolved in spirit of wine, or received on a bit of sugar, and dissolved by that intermedium in water. The quantity of liquor which it thus impregnates with its flavour, or the degree of flavour which it communicates to a certain determinate quantity, will be the measure of the degree of goodness of the oil. Medical use.

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