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V. Morning Hymn.

Milton. 303
VI. Satan's Soliloquy.

ibid. 304
VII. Juba and Syphax.

Cato. 309
VIII. Cato's Soliloquy

ibid. 311
IX. Southampton and Essex. Earl of

Essex. 312
X. Jaffier and Pierre. Venice Preserv'd. 314
XI. Edward and Warwick. Earl of

Warwick. 317
XII. Orlando and Adam. Shakespeare: 321
Scroop and Richard.

ibid. 323

Hotspur and Glendower, ibid. 325
XV. Hotspur reading a Letter. ibid. 328
XVI. Henry IV's Soliloquy on Sleep. ibid. 329
XVII. Henry IV. and Prince Henry. ibid. 330
XVIII. Henry V. to his Soldiers. ibid. 333
XIX. Henry VI. Warwick, and Cardinal

ibid. 335
XX. Wolsey and Cromwell. ibid. 336
XXI. Lear.

ibid. 339
XXII. Macbeth's Soliloquy. ibid. 340
XXIII. Macduff, Malcolm, and Rosse. ibid. 341
XXIV. Antony's Soliloquy over Cæsar's

ibid. 344
XXV. Antony's Funeral Oration over Cæ-

sar's body:
XXVI. The Quarrel of Brutus and Cassins.

ibid. 347
XXVII. Othello and Iago.

ibid. 351
XXVIII. Hamlet's Soliloquy on his Mother's

ibid. 356
XXIX. Hamlet and Ghost.
XXX. Hamlet's Soliloqry on Death. ibid. 360
XXXI. Soliloquy of the King in Hamlet. ib. 361
XXXII. Ode on St. Cecilia's Day.

Pope. 362
XXXIII. Alexander's Feast,

Dryden. 346
The Country Life.

Cowbtg. 270

Parnell. 372
On Pride.

Pope. 3-4
Picture of a good Man. Young. 375

ibid. 345

ibid. 357

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