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History may be defined as the biography of nations. Arnold.

Jesting Allowable, If Harmless.

Jesting, when not used upon improper matter, in an unfit manner, with excessive measure, at undue season, or to evil purpose, may be allowed. When jesting is so handsomely and innocently used, as not to defile or discompose the mind of the speaker,—not to wrong or harm the hearer, not to derogate from any worthy subject of discourse, not to infringe decency, to disturb peace, to violate any of the grand duties incumbent on us—viz., piety, charity, justice, and sobriety, it cannot be condemned. Barrow.

A Hint To Charity.

Let the charitably-minded do what, when, where, how, to whom, and how much, God and their own goodness shall direct them. Thomas Fuller.

The Strength Of Custom, I

He ought to be very well molunted who is for leaping the hedge of custom. ( Hill. Inutility Of General Maxims.

Every man who has seen the world, knows that nothing is so useless as a general maxim. If it be very moral and very true, it may serve for a copy to a charity boy. If, like those of .Rochefoucauld, it be sparkling and whimsical, it may make an excellent motto for an essay. But few indeedof the many wise apophthegmswhich have been uttered, from the time of the Seven Sages of Greece to that of Poor Richard, have prevented a single foolish action. Macaulay.


As you see in a pair of bellows, there is a forced breath without life, so in those that are puffed up with the wind of ostentation, there may be charitable words without works. Bishop Hall.


"Fine village, ma'am, fine village," said Mr Wagg, "and increasing every day. It'll be quite a large town soon. It's not a bad place to live in for those who can't get to the country, and will repay a visit when you honour it."

Thackeray, n

Industry And Idleness.

Mary Busybody never wants a bad day, and

Mary Drone has God to give and bring to her.

Spanish Proverb.

Dutch Windmills.

Do the Dutch grind their coffee, or chop turnips for their cows by wind? No: these baby mills are pumps; they are always at it; in an infinitesimal degree parts of that huge Waterstaat which is perpetually saving Holland from being swallowed up by the sea. The country sprung a leak in the year one, and all hands have been at the pumps ever since. Sola.

A Proverb Defined.

A proverb is much matter decocted into few words. . . . Six essentials are required to the completing of a perfect proverb, namely, that it be—

1. Short.

2. Plain.

3. Common.

4. Figurative.

5. Ancient.

6. True.

Otherwise it is
no proverb,
but a







Thomas Fuller. The Healing Power or Money.


Money makes a man laugh. A blind fiddler playing to a company, and playing but scurvily, the company laughed at him ; his boy that led him, perceiving it, cried, "Father, let us be gone, they do nothing but laugh at you." "Hold thy peace, boy," sa:d the fiddler; "we shall have their money presently, and then we will laugh at them." Seiden.

The Influence Of Music.

The powers of music are felt or known by all men, and are allowed to work strangely upon the mind and the body, the passions and the blood; to raise joy and grief; to give pleasure and pain; to cure diseases, and the mortal sting of the tarantula; to give motions to the feet as well as to the heart; to compose disturbed thoughts; to assist and heighten devotion itself.



When by night the frogs are croaking, kindle

but a torch's fire— Ha! how soon they all are silent! Thus truth silences the liar. Longfellow.

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