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Questions. 1. Which is the highest mountain in the world? 2. Which is the highest in America ? 3. What is the hright of Chimborazo ? 4. Which is the highest mountain in Europe ? 5. What is the height of Mont Blanc ? 6. Which is the highest mountain in the United States ? 7. What is the height of Mount Washington ? 8. Which is the highest mountain in Great Bri. tain ? 9 What is the beight of Ben Nevis ? 10. What is the height of Mount Etna? 11. Of Vesuvius? 12. Did a balloon ever ascend as high as Chimborazo ? 13. Did a Condor ever fly as high? 14. How high is the highest spot of earth ever trod by man? 15. How high on the sides of mountains will pines grow under the equator? 16. How high above the level of the sea is the city of Quito ? 17. How high are the pyramids ?

III. COMMERCE. The following table exhibits at one view the principal exports of the various countries of the world, arranged in geographical order.

Countries. Greepland,

Hudson's Bay,

Nova Scotia,
New England,

Middle States,
Southern States,

Bay of Campeacby,
West Indies,



Whale oil and whale bope, the produce

of the fishery.
Furs, purchased from the lodians.
Cod-fish, caught near the sbore, and on

the banks,
Flour, pot and pearl ashes, and furs.
Lumber, fish, and plaster of Paris.
Lumber, beef, pork, fish, pot and peral

Wheat, four, and from Maryland tobacco.
Cotton, to an immense amount, tobacco

and rice.
Silver and gold to an immense amount.
Sugar, rum, molasses, coffee, cotton and

Cacao, the chief ingredient in chocolate ;

indigo, coffee and tobacco. Sugar, rum, cotton and coffee. Cotton, sugar, coffee, tobacco and dye

woods, from the portbern provinces; gold and diamonds, from the middle; wheat, hides and tallow, from the

southern. Silver and gold, hides, beef and tallow. Silver, gold and copper, from the nor

thern provinces ; wheat and hemp

from the southern.
Silver and gold.
Furs, procured from the Indians.
Furs, procured from the Indians.
Silk and cotton goods, japan ware and

Tea, silk goods, cotton goods, and por-

celain ware. Pepper, cloves, ginger, nutmegs and

Teak timber.
Cotton goods, sugar, cotton, diamonds, in-

digo and saltpetre.
Beautiful carpets.
Coffee, aloes, myrrb and frankincense.
Slaves, gold, ivory, gums, myrrh and


Buenos Ayres,

Columbia river,
Northwest coast,


Asiatic islands,

Birman empire,

East Africa,

Wine and brandy:
Slaves, gold, ivory, gums, wax and hides.
Leather, goat-skins, gum and fruils.

Cape of Good Hope,
West Africa,
Medeira, and the

Algiers and Tripoli,
Egypt, ,


Ostrich feathers, wax, hides, dates, wool.
Rice, linseed, grain and fruits.
Carpets, muslins, swords, corn, wine and

Silks, wine, corn, oil and fruits.
Silks, woollens, linens, wines and brandy.
Silk, wool, wine, olive oil, fruits and salt.
Wine, salt, wool and fruits.
Fine linen, laces, woollens, and other

Linens, various manufactures, and corn,
Corn, fish, horses and live hogs.
Hemp, sail cloth, tallow, iron, corn and

Iron, lumber, copper, train oil and her-

Lumber, fish, hides and copper.
Woollens, cottons, iron ware, tin and ele-

gant earthen ware.
Linen, beef, tallow, butter and hides.



Great Britain,


Remarks. Manufactured goods come from thickly settled countries, as China, India, Japan, Great Britain, and the Nether, lands. Thinly setiled countries commonly export raw materials, the produce either of agriculture, mines, or the forest. The best furs come from cold climates. They are expor:ed from the northe ern parts of Asia, Europe, and America, Sugar, cotton, coffee, spices, wine, &c. require a bot climate.

Questions. 1. What countries export silver? 2. What countries export gold? 3. What countries export furs? 4. What countries, sugar, rum and molases ? 5. What countries export cotton ? 6. Woollen goods? 7. Cotton goods ? 8. Laces ? 9. Silk goods 10. Sail cloth ? 11. Where do the most beautiful çarpets come from? 12. What countries exgort tin? 13. Iron? 14. Diamonds ? 15. Tea ? 16. Porcelain? 17. What articles are exported from Great Britain ? 18. What, from Mexico ? 19. Wbat, from China ? 20. from Kamtschatka ? 21. from the West Todies ? 22. from the Cape of Good Hope ? 23. from Madeira? 24. from the Northwest coast of America ? 25. from the southern provinces of Brazil?

IV. PROTESTANT MISSIONS TO THE HEATHEN. The following table shows at one view the various societies of Protestants ene gaged in supporting missions to the Heatben. The first column gives the name of the society; the second, the country in which it is instituted; the third, the year in which it commenced operations; and the fourth, the number of missionaries and teachers in its employ, stated generally for 1819,

Country. Year. Mis. 1. Christian Knowledge Society, England, 1701 8 2. Danish Mission College,

Denmark, 1715 2 3. United Brethren,

Germany, 1732 85 4. Methodist Missionary Society, England, 1786 65 5. Baptist Missionary Society,

England, 1792 72 6. London Missionary Society, England, 1795 84 7. Scotch Missionary Society,

Scotland, 1796 19 8. Church Missionary Society,

England, 1800 14 9. American Board of Foreign Missions, (nited States, 1810, 31 10. Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, United States, 1814 3 11. United Foreign Missionary Society, United States, 1817 3

[blocks in formation]

Remarks. Besides the 440 missionaries and teachers, above enumerated, there are farmers,, mechanics, physicians, and the wives and children of the missionaries, who are supported in whole, or, in part, from the funds of the Societies. The Unued Brethren, sometimes called Moravians, are about 16,000 in number. They live principally in Germany. The United For. eign Mission Society is composed of the Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed, and Associate Reformed churches. The other pames explain themselves.

According to the above statement, England supports 303 missionaries ; Germany 85; the United States, 37, &-c.

Questions. 1. In what countries are Societies established for sending Missionaries to the Heathen? 2. What are the names of the Missionary Societies in England ? 3. Which is the oldest Foreign Mission Society in the United States ? 4. When did it commence its operations ? 5. Which Societies employ most Mis sionaries? 6. When did the United Brethren commence their missionary labors ? 7. When was the London Missionary Society established ? 8. What is the whole number of Protestant Mis sionaries to the Heathen? 9. How many of these are supported by England ? 10. How many by the United States ?



V. The following table shows the countries in which the missionaries are stationed, stated generally for 1819. Number of

Number of Country missionaries. Country.

missionaries. West Africa, 17 Ceylon,

22 South Africa,


Asiatic islands, Mauritius island, 1 New Zealand,

5 Madagascar,

Society islands,

16 Malta, 3 Sandwich islands,

8 Jonian islands, 1 Guiana,

14 Palestine, 2 West Indies,

75 Constantinople,

Cherokee lodians,

8 Russia in Asia, 18 Choctaw Indians,

6 Tibet,

O-age Indians,

3 China,

1 Delawares and Chippewas, : Farther Inília, 10 Labrador,

19 Hindoostan, 151 Greenland,


Total, 440 Remarks. The missionaries in Hindoostan are principally Baptists and English Episcopalians. l'hose in the West Indies are Methodists and United Brethren, Those in South Africa were sent out principally by the London missionary society. Several of the Missionaries in Ceylon were sent out by the American Board, but most of them are Methodists. Those in Labrador and Greenland are exclusively United Brethren. More than half of the missionaries in South Africa, and all those in the Society islands, are employed by the London Missionary society. The missionaries of the American Board are in tbe Sandwich islands, among the Cherokee and Choctaw Indians, in Hindoostan and Ceylon.

Questions. 1. What country contains the greatest number of Protestant missionaries? 2. Of what denomination are tve missionaries in Hiodoostan? 3. What society employs most missionaries in South Africa? 4. Of what denomination are the missionaries io Labrador and Greenland ? 5. Where are the missionaries of the Scotch Missionary society employed? 6. Where are the missionaries of the American Board of Foreign Missions employed ? 7. What Society sent out the missionaries to the Society islands?

Winds. In the temperate and frigid zones the winds are rariable, blowing irregularly, sometimes from one point of the compass, and sometimes from another. But in the torrid zone they are very regular. In all parts of the Atlantic and Pacitic oceans which lie in the torrid zone, except near shore, the winds blow constantly at all seasons of the year from the east. Under the equator they are due east; as you approach towards the northern tropic they incline to northeast, and towards the southern tropic, to southeast. These winds are called Irace

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