The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schüssler: Comprising the Theory, Therapeutic Application, Materia Medica, and a Complete Repertory of These Remedies. Homoeopathically and Bio-chemically Considered

Boericke & Tafel, 1914 - 450 páginas

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Página 201 - Otology, speaks of this medicine as "one of the most effective remedies we have ever used for chronic catarrhal inflammation of the middle ear, especially the form designated proliferous;
Página 178 - Colic of children, with symptoms of acidity, such as green, sour-smelling stools, vomiting of curdled milk, etc.
Página 152 - In August, 1877, a young man who had suffered from sciatica some years ago, and had been in the habit of having subcutaneous injections of morphia, developed a boil on the seat. This discharged freely, and would not heal. When at last it seemed to be healed and was comparatively well, -the patient took cold. While at a military review he was caught in a heavy rain. Suppuration began again, and this time the discharge was excessive. His mother became alarmed, as he was very- weak and had no appetite....
Página 78 - Nightly rheumatic pains; worse from warmth of bed ; lightning-like from small of back to feet ; must get out of bed and sit up. Hands get stiff while writing.
Página 259 - In September last autumn I was in the Highlands. The dairymaid of a farmer there spoke to me, saying she had hurt her thumb while sharpening a scythe. The case proved to be this : — The whole thumb of the left hand was swollen, and of a bluish-red colour, and very painful when touched, much inflamed, and there was a small wound at the extensor side at the joint above the nail On pressure there was a -whitish-yellow discharge mixed with white shreds. Both phalanges were easily displaced, and a peculiar...
Página 195 - I requested the father to mfonn me without fail of the result, which he promised to do. Two days after, I received a letter from him, in which he informed me that the child had completely recovered. October, 1879. — Treatment of the bite of insects. — Moisten the parts affected with a little water ; put a small quantity...
Página 261 - Dr. Kock, of Munich, reports : — In thirty-five cases of measles which came under my treatment, coryza and bronchial catarrh were very slight in the premonitory stage. Conjunctivitis and intolerance of light along with it were the more prominent symptoms. Within a few days after, the rash appeared, lasting five or six days, and then disappeared. But either during the blush of the rash or the fading of it, painful swelling of one or both glands below the ear set in. The children again became feverish,...
Página 306 - Was formerly treated by external remedies, but has repeatedly broken out again with small, hard herpetic vesicles, forming into a thin scab, with itching and some moisture. The eruption appears in the left axilla, about the neck and on the backs of both hands. She has a sensation of faintness at stomach and befogged feeling in head, fearing to lose her reason. Very vivid dreams.
Página 38 - ... whether of the skin, the connective tissues, or the walls of the blood vessels, etc. Thus: all ailments which can be traced to relaxed conditions of any of the elastic fibres, including dilatation of the blood vessels, arterial and venous blood-tumors and piles, varicose and enlarged veins, indurated glands of stony hardness. Malnutrition of bones, especially of the teeth. Exostosis (bony growths) after injury.
Página 133 - Gastric bilious conditions, accumulation of water in the areolar tissues, yellow, watery secretions on the skin, or yellowish scales forming an eruption of vesicles. Excessive secretion of bile, liver affections, gravel, sand in the urine, diabetes, gout, figwarts, etc. The chief characteristic is a dirty greenish-gray or greenish-brown coating on the root of the tongue and aggravation from lying on the left side.

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