Sporting Magazine, Volumen 27

Rogerson & Tuxford, 1806
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Página 207 - But these are helps to pleasure, join'd with thee. Let Sloth lie soft'ning till high noon in down, Or, lolling, fan her in the sultry town, Unnerv'd with rest: and turn her own disease, Or foster others in luxurious case.
Página 143 - in, the act of secreting a card, the company, in the warmth of their resentment, threw him out of the window of a one pair of stairs room where they were playing. The Baron, meeting Foote some time afterwards, loudly complained of this
Página 230 - adopted the eastern method by which camels are made to dance, by heating the floor. In the course of six months teaching, he enabled a turkey to fetch and carry like a dog ; and having chalked the floor, and
Página 201 - all languages. She is the best interpreter and most profound politician in this island. She was always Oliver Cromwell's ambassador. She is the wisest minister of state that ever existed, and .never tells a lie: nor will she suffer the proudest Frenchman, or Spaniard, or Dutchman, to bamboozle her, or give her a saucy answer.
Página 60 - And like the baseless fabric of a vision, Leave not a wreck behind.
Página 207 - Thus, through change of exercise I range. And strength and pleasure rise from ev'ry change. Here, beauteous Health, for all the year remain— When the next comes I'll charm thee
Página 143 - They may say what they please, above stairs or below stairs," replied the cook, " but I was never ten miles from Dover in all my life."— " Nay, now, that must be a fib," said Foote,
Página 156 - father should try to recover me, Sure it wont be by describing my clothes. The music I hear now, takes hold of my ear now, And leads me all over the world by the nose! So I follow'd his bag-pipe so sweet. And
Página 230 - applause to crowded houses ; and in a few days Bisset found himself a gainer of almost a thousand pounds, as a reward for his ingenuity. This success created a desire of extending his dominion over other animals. He procured a leveret, and taught it to beat
Página 143 - dinner.— The cook, understanding that he was about to embark for France— and perhaps willing to have a satirical stroke at French travellers— was bragging that, for her part, she •was never once out of her own country. Foote, who had humour of every kind ready on all occasions, instantly replied,

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