Modern Hinduism: Being an Account of the Religion and Life of the Hindus in Northern India

Unwin, 1887 - 494 páginas

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Página 417 - What the horns are to the buffalo, what the paw is to the tiger, what the sting is to the bee, what beauty, according to the old Greek song, is to woman, deceit is to the Bengalee. Large promises, smooth excuses, elaborate tissues of circumstantial falsehood, chicanery, perjury, forgery, are the weapons, offensive and defensive, of the people of the Lower Ganges.
Página 124 - There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.
Página 42 - I thank the goodness and the grace That on my birth have smiled, And made me in these Christian days A happy English child.
Página 107 - Brahmins was contrary to the practice of their ancestors, and the principles of the ancient books and authorities which they profess to revere and obey.
Página 108 - ... for the worship and adoration of the Eternal Unsearchable and Immutable Being who is the Author and Preserver of the Universe but not under or by any other name designation or title peculiarly used for and applied to any particular Being or Beings by any man or set of men whatsoever...
Página 21 - ... wife, a son, and a slave, are declared by law to have (in general) no wealth exclusively their own; the wealth which they may earn is (regularly) acquired for the man to whom they belong.
Página 325 - But a widow, who, from a wish to bear children, slights her deceased husband by marrying again, brings disgrace on herself here below, and shall be excluded from the seat of her lord.
Página 378 - She remained sitting upon a bare rock in the bed of the Nerbudda, refusing every kind of sustenance and exposed to the intense heat of the sun by day and the severe cold of the night, with only a thin sheet thrown over her shoulders.
Página 323 - BY a girl, or by a young woman, or by a ' woman advanced in years, nothing must be done, ' even in her own dwelling place, according to her
Página 116 - Hate not, and love ye one another, and be ye one in spirit and in truth even as the Father is one. All errors and impurities ye shall eschew in whatever church or nation they may be found, but ye shall hate no scripture, no prophet, no church. Renounce all manner of superstition and error, infidelity and scepticism, vice and sensuality, and be ye pure and perfect. Every saint, every prophet and every martyr ye shall honour and love as a man of God. Gather ye the wisdom of the east and the west, and...

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