The Life of Matthew Prior

Sir Isaac Pitman, 1914 - 295 páginas

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Página 302 - In each of the handbooks in this series a particular product or industry is treated by an expert writer and practical man of business. Beginning with the life history of the plant, or other natural product, he follows its development until it becomes a commercial commodity, and so on through the various phases of its sale in the market and its purchase by the consumer.
Página 39 - Memoirs to compose, and no Post-boy to move, That on Sunday may hinder the softness of love; For her, neither visits, nor parties at tea, Nor the long-winded cant of a dull Refugee: This night and the next shall be hers, shall be mine, — To good or ill-fortune the third we resign : Thus scorning the world and superior to fate, I drive on my car in processional state.
Página 267 - I HAVE no hopes," the duke he says, and dies; " In sure and certain hopes," the prelate cries: Of these two learned peers, I prithee, say, man, Who is the lying knave, the priest or layman ? The duke he stands an infidel confest, " He's our dear brother,
Página 297 - THE LIFE OF SIR ISAAC PITMAN (Inventor of Phonography). By ALFRED BAKER. In demy 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt top, with about 50 illustrations, including photogravure and steel plates, 7s. 6d. " The book is very well done. It gives a life-like picture of a strenuous reformer, an original personality, an inventor to whom every newspaper, every public body, and every great business house owes an incalculable debt.
Página 312 - CONSIDERATIONS FOR ADVENT. Devotional Readings for the Season. By the same Author. Cloth, Is. 6d. net; leather, 2s. 6d. net. A BOOK OF THE LOVE OF JESUS. By Mgr. RH BENSON. In foolscap 8vo, leather gilt, gilt top, 3s. 6d. net ; cloth 2s. net. " An anthology of some old Catholic devotions, slightly modernized, which will appeal to many by reason of its simplicity and beauty." — To-day. A BOOK OF THE LOVE OF MARY. By FM GROVES. Preface by His EMINENCE CARDINAL BOURNE. In foolscap 8vo., cloth, with...
Página 310 - In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt top, 6s. THE OLD TESTAMENT AND MODERN LIFE. By the same Author. In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt top, 6s. THE LIFE SUPERLATIVE. By the same Author. In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt top, 6s. THOUGHTS ON SOME OF THE MIRACLES OF JESUS. As MARKS OF THE WAY OF LIFE. By the Right Hon. and Most Rev. COSMO GORDON LANG, DD, Lord Archbishop of York. In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt top, 6s. " A delightful book, full of helpfulness and cheer.
Página 295 - CENTURY AND THEIR PAINTINGS. By LEONCE BENEDITE, Keeper of the Musee National de Luxembourg. With over 400 illustrations and 13 coloured plates. In large demy 4to, cloth gilt, gilt top, 10s. 6d. net. " It is a splendid survey of the progress of painting in Europe and America during the nineteenth century, and combines art criticism with biography in a scholarly and instructive manner, — Western Mail. THE HISTORY OF MUSIC : A Handbook and Guide.
Página 309 - OESTERLEY, DD, and GH Box, MA In demy 8vo, cloth gilt, with eight illustrations. Second, Revised, and Cheaper Edition, 7s. 6d. net. " It is not often that a large book can be written on a large subject in the field of religion, which is so entirely new and fresh as this important volume. ... Its novelty and freshness lies in its point of view. It is a study of Judaism by Christian scholars of the Church of England, written for a Christian public, and it is a sympathetic, even a loving study.

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