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Página 38 - ACCOUNT of the only known Manuscript of Shakespeare's Plays, comprising some important variations and corrections in the "Merry Wives of Windsor," obtained from a Playhouse Copy of that Play recently discovered. By JO HALLIWELL. 8vo. 1*. KIMBAULT'S "Who was 'Jack Wilson,' the Singer of Shakespeare's Stage?
Página 2 - Solos for a German Flute, a Hoboy, or Violin, with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsicord or Bass Violin; being all choice pieces composed by Mr.
Página 35 - Improv'd : wherein is shewn the Italian manner of Fingering, with Suits of Lessons for Beginners...
Página 39 - ENGLAND'S HELICON : a collection of Pastoral and Lyric Poems, first published at the close of the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Página 35 - The Compleat Tutor for the Harpsichord or Spinnet, wherein is shewn the Italian manner of Fingering, with proficients on that Instrument & the Organ, with Rules for tuneing the Harpsichord or Spinnet.
Página 43 - Gascoigne's Princely Pleasures, with the Masque, intended to have been presented before Queen Elizabeth at Kenilworth Castle; and Dugdale's Antiquities of Warwichshire.
Página 44 - Typographical Antiquities ; History, Origin, and Progress of the Art of Printing, from its First Invention in Germany, to the end of the Seventeenth Century ; and from its Introduction into England, by Caxton, to the Present Time...
Página 2 - With divers Elegies, set in Musick by sev'rall Friends, upon the | death of William Lawes. | And at the end of the Thorough Base are added nine Canons of | Three and Foure Voices, made by William Lawes.
Página 21 - The Musical Miscellany; being a collection of choice songs, set to the violin and flute, by the most eminent masters . . . , 6 v., London, 1729-1731.
Página 6 - OF PSALMES, collected into English Meeter, by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others, conferred with the Hebrew, with apt notes to sing them withall.

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