Musical Bibliography: A Catalogue of the Musical Works (historical, Theoretical, Polemical, Etc.) Published in England During the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries

Stockley and Sabin, 1892 - 68 páginas

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Página 31 - Tom") WIT AND MIRTH ; or, PILLS TO PURGE MELANCHOLY. Being a Collection of the best Merry Ballads and Songs, Old and New. Fitted to all Humours, having each their proper Tune for either Voice or Instrument ; most of the Songs being new set.
Página 33 - I hope I may be forgiven, that I have not made my opera throughout unnatural, like those in vogue; for I have no recitative...
Página 20 - WORKS. --Musick's Monument ; or, a Remembrancer of the Best Practical Musick, both Divine and Civil, that has ever been known to have been in the World.
Página 33 - Beggar. This piece I own was originally writ for the celebrating the marriage of James Chanter and Moll Lay, two most excellent ballad-singers.
Página 7 - There is not any Musicke of Instruments whatsoever, comparable to that which is made of the voyces of Men, where the voyces are good, and the same well sorted and ordered.
Página 14 - Cathedrall and Collegiat Churches of this Kingdome. Never before printed. Whereby such Bookes as were heretofore with much difficulty and charges, transcribed for the use of the Quire, are now to the saving of much Labour and expence...
Página 14 - Cathedral Music, and several anthems of his are extant in MS. But the work by which he is best known is his Briefe and Short Instruction of the Art of Musicke, to teach how to make Discant of all proportions that are in use : very necessary for all such as are desirous to attaine...
Página 25 - ... that he is too much given to horseplay in his raillery, and comes to battle like a dictator from the plough. I will not say the zeal of God's house has eaten him up, but I am sure it has devoured some part of his good manners and civility.
Página 17 - Cantus Songs and Fancies To Three, Four, or Five Parts, both apt for Voices and Viols. With a brief introduction to Musick, as is taught in the Musick-school of Aberdeen. The Third Edition, much Enlarged and Corrected. Printed in ABERDEEN, by JOHN FORBES...
Página 7 - Psalmcs, as they are ordinarily soung in the Church : most excellently by him composed into 4. parts. In which Sett the Tenor singeth the Church tune.

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